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Leyland 255 Tractor UK Market Specifications - 1972 model year

Engine Type Maximum power Maximum torque Number of Cylinders Cubic Capacity Bore / Stroke Compression ratio Fuel pump Air cleaner Clutch Type Diameter Gearbox Type Number of Gears Rear axle Type Final reduction Differential lock Hydraulics Type Draught sensing Pump Capacity at max. Revs Pressure Lift Capacity at link ends Linkage Auxiliary Power Take Off Type Maximum power Maximum power Brakes Type Parking Electrical system Battery Alternator / Output Starter Steering Type Cab Type Front axle Type Drawbar Type Tyres Std. Size Weight Dual Independent dry plate 11 inch Straight spur sliding mesh 10 forward 2 reverse Spiral bevel crown wheel and pinion Spur gear Pedal operated Independent with Position, Draught control and Auxiliary services Double acting top link Gear type in transmission 6.65 galls / min 2600 psi 1814 kg (4000 lb) Category l & ll with stabilizer bars Single acting tipping trailer facility Independent with hand and foot pedal 44 hp @ 540 rpm 48 hp @ 655 rpm Mechanical dry disc on high speed final drive shafts, interlocking foot pedals Hand lever 128 amp/hr Lucas 16 ACR / 34 amps Lucas M50G Worm and peg - Optional Power Assisted Steering Metal clad safety cab Pivoted beam with `A' frame stabilizer. Variable track Universal drawbar. Optional Automatic Pick-up hitch 6.00 x 16 (4 ply) Front 11.00 x 32 (4 ply) Rear Complete with Leyland Safety cab 2425 kg (5335 lb) Estimated Leyland 4/98 DT Diesel 55 hp @ 2200 rpm 160 lbf ft @ 1200 rpm 4 3.77 ltr 98 / 125 mm 17.8:1 CAV DPA Dry cyclonic


Specifications 255

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