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Download library eBooks for


Borrow Kindle eBooks to read on your Kindle device or free reading app. All you need is an Ocean County Library card and an account with


To see an instructional video go to:

1. Go to or Either URL will work. 2. Login before searching to see eBooks available only to OCL customers! Click `Sign In,' choose Ocean County Library. Type your library card # (no spaces). 3. Click on `Advanced Search' (right side of page). 4. In the Format field, choose `Kindle book' (the only eBook format compatible with Kindle) 5. Click the box `only show titles with copies available,' if you want something to check out immediately. Otherwise leave box unchecked to find all available titles, including those with waiting lists. Click `Search.' 6. Choose a book. Next to Kindle Book, click `Add to Cart' link. 7. Click `Proceed to Check Out.' 8. Choose your desired lending period (7, 10 or 14 days). 9. Click `Confirm Check Out.' 10. Click `Get for Kindle.' This will take you to the website. 11. Click `Get Library Book.' 12. Sign in with the account that the Kindle is registered to or create an account if you don't have one. 13. Choose where you want the eBook to be downloaded (device or reading app). 14. Click `Continue.' The eBook will appear on your device as soon as it connects to the Internet. Note: Public library eBooks require an active Wi-Fi connection for wireless delivery to a Kindle device. Library eBooks cannot be delivered via the Kindle's 3G connection. If you do not have an active Wi-Fi connection, you may load your library eBook to device via USB. Downloading via USB ­ follow steps 1-14, then... 15. Connect your Kindle to your computer with your USB cord. 16. Click `Download Now.' 17. Click `Save.' 18. Go to `My Computer' and double click the `Kindle' drive. 19. Double click the `Documents' folder. 20. Click `Save.' 21. In `My Computer,' right click on `Kindle' drive and click `Eject' to safely remove the Kindle. For technical assistance and frequently asked questions, see Amazon's Kindle Help or eLibraryNJ Help. 732-349-6200



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