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I always use an "Absent Folder" and place the missed work inside the folder. I imagine if you had a paper in their that they had to sign upon returning stating that you handed them their work, it would also be a good way to document they received it. The Organized Classroom Blog


I would have to say absent folder with a "sign off" sheet is the way to go!! I would have who ever takes work student, parent, gparent, etc sign off on the form. This way you "cover" yourself. I know teachers stick a "bin" on desks to put papers in all throughout the day for those who are absent. The plastic bin allows other students NOT to forgot to give their fellow classmate a form or important paper. Melissa Freshwater's Class


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I usually write their names on the paper and keep it at my desk so when I ask the others to get out the paper I know I have ones for those who were absent the day before. The kids also know I only make enough copies for 1 per student. If they lose it then they have to redo the sheet by copying the answers in a notebook. Monica A.


Our teachers use the "absent folder" with an assignment summary sheet (list of all classes and what was missed) and set a time frame (make

up work is due back in same number 2 days/due back in 2days) or the

of days a student was out--out for assignment would not be accepted for credit. Works well. Parents need to sign the assignment sheet. Jen T.


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You could have a note that describes what they received and have them sign it. I teach 7-8 year olds and have run into this a couple of times...believe it or not. I found

making them sign a note/contract it helps. I also tell the parents up front that this is my policy. PS...I also have the "While you with the note in it. To make the folder I just used a regular manilla folder and "While you were out..." Susan D.


are out" folder where everything resides.

taped onto it an apple cutout that read

We have a teacher who uses a beach sand bucket. Melody B.

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Love the thoughts! I work with 67 yr olds and I use the absent better for little ones! Wendy J.

It appears most people here work with the lower levels, but I work with middle school. I have used a combination of many of these. I have a letter that goes home the first day with my missing work policy- it's the student's responsibility to ask me when they return. I have a folder with copies and student's names so I can direct them there. If they forget to ask and I get email or calls from parents asking about the missing assignment (in the computer grade book) I can easily tell if the student took the work or not and go from there. I do allow late work to be turned in- with a slight penalty. It teaches the kids responsibility and saves me time. Shawna A. "

folder, but think bins might work


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I have a red file folder pocket chart hanging on the wall and it stays in the same spot all year. There is a folder for each class ( I too teach Middle School) and any absent work goes in there with the student's name on it. I also keep in their extra project assignment sheets, notes home etc. It's kind of obnoxious and I've had it since my first day teaching. Old students come back to visit, and mention the red files. I started last year having the students date and initial when they pick up the work, hand it to me, then I scan it to my desk top as my copy. When they turn it in, I delete it, after the window of time it's due, I print out my copy and write across it not turned in, and have the student sign it and file it. Bethany K. "

I post all assignments on my

website and the students know that if they are out, they are responsible to get it at home, in class or when they get to school. Steven H. "

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Here is a cover offered for an absent folder and she explains what she does: Elva P. " I've taught 6th gr at middle and elementary schools. At this age, I make it their responsibility to pick up assignments. I write their name and date on it and put on their (I've used all 3 ways in different years.) desk, in their mailbox, or in their class folder. Bottom line...students must be taught to be responsible and accountable. I've also been known to have students call home tell their parents w/me present. It only takes 1 or 2 students... Donna J.


when they don't turn in assignments and

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I teach 6th grade math, and I use an absence box. Each class has a folder. Students in my class work in teams. It is a team member's job to gather work for an absent teammate, attach any special instruction, staple it, and put it in the absence box (hanging file crate). When the student returns, it is his/her responsibility to


retrieve it and complete it. Ashley A.

How about a FREE Absent Folder Cover from The Organized Classroom Blog? See the next page! Either make several copies and staple to the front of a 2-pocket folder OR make one cop, place in a sheet protector stapled to the front, and write the student's name/due date on the lines on the outside of the sheet protector for lots of reuse of the same folder! Enjoy! -Charity


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Absent Folder


Directions: While I am so happy that you have returned to school, I also want to make sure that you get caught up with the class and our learning! Please complete the following work located inside the folder, and return to me no later than _______.


Thanks and it's good to have you back in class!

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Absent Folder Book

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