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Want to Move to the Next Level in Every Area of Your Life... But Something Holds you Back? Fortunately, There is a Quick, Easy Way to Eliminate Your Blocks and Realize Your Full Potential!

Feeling frustrated, blocked, fearful, overwhelmed or discouraged? Our beliefs are the "software" that runs our lives. If you change your beliefs, you will change your life. It's really that simple. On some level you may already know this. So now, the question is... "Exactly how do I change my beliefs?" My name is Kathleen Fors and I am an expert in finding and clearing negative beliefs and their related feelings that cause all sorts of personal and professional issues. I can help you in a powerful way because I have overcome my own challenges using cutting-edge technologies I use in my practice today. For instance, when I was six months old, a severe case of whooping cough almost killed me. Although I miraculously recovered, at some level I had it that "to live I have to struggle." This limiting belief operated under the radar all the way through middle age. Once I recognized and cleared it, I was finally able to thrive for the first time in my life. It works this way: Our beliefs--conscious or unconscious--determine our thoughts, behavior and outcomes. While most beliefs are formed by age 7, an upsetting or traumatic incident at any age can have a major effect on your belief system and hold you back. However, when limiting core beliefs are cleared, then those things that you want to have, do or be come naturally without effort or struggle. There are dozens of books about the power of beliefs. Napoleon Hill's 1954 classic, "Think and Grow Rich," has started many people on the path to success. More recently, the popular film "The Secret" made the Law of Attraction a household term. The bottom line is: What you think is the reality that you manifest. Did you know that the binary system used by computers was designed after human beings? Quite simply, your success in life is programmed by thousands of tiny switches deep within you that are either "on" or "off" for beliefs regarding money, career, relationships, health, happiness and so on. Working together, we make sure that you are "off" for sabotaging beliefs, which you may not even know you have, such as: "Life is a struggle," "I can't have what I want," "I am not enough" and "I fear failure." We will also make sure you are "on" for beliefs like: "I am successful," "I enjoy public speaking," "I make good decisions," "Money comes to me easily" and "I always do the top priority task." When we have empowered beliefs that are "on" and limiting beliefs that are "off," our lives just flow magically. Because the positive beliefs are radiating positive energy and like attracts like...that's the Law of Attraction. After just a few sessions with me, an attorney gained more confidence in his negotiations on a huge accident claim case, with a resolution worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars more. For a relatively small investment, he reaped significant benefits for his client and himself. Here's another firsthand example from a client:

"Even though I have worked with competent coaches I am so glad I found Kathleen. I had a lot of financial stress because my sales pipeline was drying up even though I was the #1 salesperson in my company the year before. My thoughts were spiraling downwards and I couldn't do anything about it. I was fearful and stressed out. Since working with Kathleen, my life has changed dramatically. In just 3 or 4 sessions my sales did a turnaround and my thinking became positive and powerful. Sabotaging habits I had that caused me frustration got cleared. We worked together on many areas of my life and things just got a lot easier and I felt a lot better--now I am in the flow of life. Working with Kathleen is an excellent financial investment with an amazing return. Synchronicities are now a common daily occurrence and I love my life." ­ Keith Powell, Financial Advisor, Waddell & Reed; 512-963-6883 [email protected];

Success Through Beliefs--Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life!

So what's holding you back? If you are serious about getting to the next level in every area of your life with ease and speed, contact me, the "Belief Expert," for a 45-minute, no-cost consultation: [email protected] or 512-506-9059, About Kathleen Fors With over 15 years experience, I specialize in taking successful entrepreneurs and professionals to the next level--in business, money, relationships, health, and life balance--with ease and speed! For fast, dramatic, empowering results, I use cutting-edge healing modalities specifically designed to clear out unconscious limiting beliefs, fears and blocks to success! My coaching and healing practice also includes "How to get more clients" and Theta Healing classes. I provide one-on-one sessions (in person or by telephone), seminars and speaking engagements. More testimonials "Working with Kathleen has been an amazing gift. For years I knew what I wanted but felt held back. I couldn't understand what the blocks were or why they were there. Fortunately neither of those two things mattered. Kathleen helped me eliminate the blocks. It took very little time. The impact has been amazing." - Teri Hill, M.Ed., Your Success Coach, 512-497-6695 [email protected], "I just started a new business and I wanted to give myself the best possible chance of success. For a very long time, I've sensed that underlying limiting beliefs along with half-conscious negative habits have been holding me back. I'm 65 years old so I needed to clear this stuff as quickly as possible and get on with it. Kathleen did that for me. In just a few weeks of meetings she helped me sweep a lot of this stuff away. The results were quickly apparent. And, as a pleasant bonus, she's also the best sales trainer I've ever encountered." ­ Gary Blackman, The Curiosity Factory, 512-745-0593 [email protected],

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First Theta Healing Session
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