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Presbyterian Women National Capital Presbytery

2011 Prayer Breakfast

January 29, 2011


Continuing our Revelation theme

Apocalyptic Hope for Today

National Presbyterian Church 4101 Nebraska Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016 202-537-0800 9:00 ­ 12:00

Breakfast will be served

If possible, please register by January 25, 2011. The hostesses need to know how many women plan to come so they can purchase and prepare the food. Make your $10.00 check payable to Presbyterian Women, NCP and send it with this registration form to Rachel Messman, 2508 Appian Court, Alexandria, VA 22306 or call 703-765-2083. I plan to attend the PW Prayer Breakfast Name ____________________________Church _________________________ Phone number _____________________ email __________________________ I will need childcare for _____ children, ages ____, ____, ____, ____. Requests for childcare must be received by January 22, 2011.

PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN NATIONAL CAPITAL PRESBYTERY 2011 DATES TO REMEMBER PLEASE PUT THESE 2011 DATES ON YOUR PW CALENDAR THE CHANNEL WILL ONLY BE SENT ELECTRONICALLY BEGINNING WITH THE APRIL ISSUE January 8, 2011 Sisters Stand and Walk Together Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church One Chevy Chase Circle, NW Geneva Room Washington, DC 20015 11:00a.m. to 2:00 p.m. January 29, 2011 Prayer Breakfast National Presbyterian Church 4101 Nebraska Av., NW Washington, DC 20016 January 31, 2011 Histories due to Historian, Betty Yurkewitch February 22-March 4, 2011 Commission on the Status of Women United Nations New York City, NY March 1, 2011 The Channel Deadline March 12, 2011 Sisters Stand and Walk Together April 9, 2011 Spring Gathering/Annual Meeting Darnestown Presbyterian Church 15120 Turkey Foot Rd Gaithersburg, MD 20878 May 14, 2011 Sisters Stand and Walk Together June 9-12, 2011 Synod of the Mid Atlantic Summer Gathering Massanetta Springs Conference Center Harrisonburg, VA August 1, 2011 The Channel Deadline September 24, 2011 Fall Gathering July 18-22, 2012 Churchwide Gathering Gaylord Palms Orlando, FL

The Channel

Presbyterian Women of the National Capital Presbytery Winter 2011

PW/NCP Moderator's Penultimate Report

This is the next to the last, or penultimate, newsletter from me as your moderator. It is a time to reflect on where we have been and what we have accomplished, assess where we are now, and chart our course to the finish. Where We Have Been, What We Have Accomplished At an August planning session, the PW/NCP Coordinating Team developed a series of activities for the year designed to fulfill our mission as defined by the PW Manual ­ PW in the Presbytery exists to build community; affirm women's calls to leadership, raise issues and concerns, and to channel information to and from PW in the congregation, synod and church-wide." The Coordinating Team discussed how we could make better use of various means of communication, including the newsletter, the Presbytery website, email and even teleconferencing to improve channeling of information to and from PW/C's. Fall Gathering: The Team developed and conducted the Fall Gathering which included a series of community, leadership, and faith building workshops and other activities. Building Community ­ To gather and hear ideas from all congregations and participants, we conducted a Brainstorming workshop at which women shared best practices ideas while tying edges of fleece to make blankets under Project Linus for seriously ill children in hospitals and shelters (See article by Cluster Leader Marilyn Dorn). A Bullying/Cyber bullying workshop to attract and retain young mothers and grandparents focused on inappropriate use of cell phones and computers by youth to bully others or share inappropriate sexual materials and images. We were delighted to see that on October 11, the popular TV Host, Dr. Phil launched an Anti-Bullying Movement which encourages parents, teachers, students and schools to become more aware and involved in stopping this devastating problem. ffirming Women's Calls to Leadership ­ The Fall Gathering was hosted at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Manassas which is a beautiful, relatively new, church structure. The enthusiastic group of Presbyterian Women planned who experienced and learned quickly from their first presbytery-level leadership responsibility. Sisters Stand and Walk Together held a joint program on multicultural worship which reviewed different styles, form and content of worship by various cultures. Raising Issues and Concerns ­ A workshop focusing on the Campaign Against Sexual Exploitation was conducted as a follow-up to our Spring Gathering presentations and discussion of human trafficking. Nurturing Faith ­ Three workshops were conducted that focused on nurturing our faith through prayer and bible study ­ 1) Rejuvenating our Spiritual Practices through Lectio Divina which invited participants to use scriptural references from The Revelation to engage in creative journaling, meditation and sharing from their experience of divine reading; 2) the PCUSA New Adult Curriculum; and 3) Journeys Through Revelation, which continued from the Bible Study Overview presented for the entire body. Immigration Awareness and Human Trafficking: Immigration awareness and human trafficking have been our major justice and peace issues this year. A series of forums on immigration issues are being sponsored by PW for the public in which we will continue to appropriate presenters such as a legislative representative, a practitioner (non-profit) with current experience and the PCUSA Office of Public

Witness or an appropriate person from PCUSA to enlighten our horizons on issues. Fifty persons came for a lively discussion in September followed up with an action strategy encouraged by the PCUSA Stated Clerk of the General Assembly which urges the passage of the DREAM [Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (S.729/H.R.1751)]. This Act, which involves the fate of millions of young people who have lived in the United States for most of their childhood, yet have no right to legal work authorization or higher education since they are caught in a system where no opportunity exists to legalize their immigration status, may take several years to pass. We continue to plant the seeds of awareness for more people. Where We Are Now More Human Trafficking Awareness and Advocacy: PW/NCP including several of our PW/C's are continuing to work on human trafficking issues, including support and shelters for survivors, and supporting specific legislative reform. Wendy Dawson and Barbara Allen, co-chaired a very spirited and well-attended community awareness meeting for churches and groups in Northern VA on human trafficking at Fairlington PC (See article about this program and others in this series) Emphasis on Giving: We also are continuing to be cognizant of our mission pledges, Least Coin, Birthday and Thank offerings as well as Memorial/Recognition Gifts. To assist us in fulfilling our commitment and furthering our efforts, commitment, Tressie Muldrow, Fifteenth St. PC has accepted the call to serve as our Celebration Giving Representative and will be planning with each Cluster and their PW/C's pertinent activities to further this goal. Please give her your best suggestions. Charting a Course to the Finish Annual PW Prayer Breakfast (January 29): Just a reminder to all to come and enjoy the fellowship at our Annual PW Prayer Breakfast, Saturday January 29 at The National Presbyterian Church. In addition to launching a new mission, we plan to commemorate those Presbyterian Women who have died in the faith since our last Prayer Breakfast. We need you there to call out their names and stand in recognition of their service that we may all rejoice in their dedicated lives. Continuing Focus on Immigration: Another immigration series is planned for March 12, 2011 by Sisters Stand and Walk Together in which questions that you always wanted answered but were hesitant to ask" will be answered. And as a preview to the March 12 immigration session, Sisters will meet on January 8, 2011 at the Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church to hear migration stories including the challenges and successes they have experienced in their own personal journeys. This dialogue based on and inspired by a Horizons article is called Soul Keeping. (See flyer).

And so, at this penultimate time of reflection, consolidation, and vision, forgiven and freed by God in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are committed to nurture our faith through prayer and Bible study, to support the mission of the church worldwide, to work for justice and peace and to build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and witnesses to the promise of God's kingdom.


Presbyterian Women of the National Capital Presbytery

Winter 2011

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Dialogue - Nurturing the Enduring Soul

January 8, 2011

11:00am ­ 2:00 pm


One Chevy Chase Circle, NW, Washington, D.C.

202-363-2202 PLAN TO JOIN US!!

The "Sisters" groups from DC/MD & VA cordially invite you to join us to hear the "migration" stories of some of our sisters, including the challenges and successes they have experienced in their journeys. Lakesha Bradshaw will lead us in a short devotion followed by a presentation by Nina Khouri regarding the various stages one experiences in the process of maintaining cultural identities/practices while learning to participate in American society. We will have an opportunity to fellowship as we share a light "Pot Luck" lunch, after which we will dialogue, in small groups, about how we, as women, can care for ourselves. This dialogue will be based on and inspired by the recent Horizons article titled, Soul Keeping by Kikanza J. Nuri-Robins. What better way to pamper yourself after a busy 2010 holiday season and start the New Year off right ?

There is no cost to attend this event, although participants are encouraged to bring a food item to share with other guests during lunch. RSVP by January 4th to Lakesha S. Bradshaw: [email protected] or call 301-237-3994. The church is located off Connecticut Avenue at Chevy Chase Circle, approximately 2 miles south of the Beltway (Connecticut Avenue South exit). Parking is available in the lot behind the Church and on the street directly in front of the church. We will be meeting in Geneva Hall on the second floor. Elevator access is available and the most convenient entry is via the entrance to the education building near the playground; the elevator is to the right as you enter.

Presbyterian Women of the National Capital Presbytery

Winter 2011

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When Did Jesus Shy Away From Social Justice? According to Julia Thorne, immigration attorney and Director of the PCUSA Office of Immigration Issues, only 15% of the American public has a good knowledge of immigration issues. In an effort to change this situation the Presbyterian Women of National Capital Presbytery (PW/NCP) began a series of social justice awareness events. Thus far, two have been produced. Each featured a presentation by three panel members followed by a question and answer session. Old Presbyterian Meeting House in Alexandria hosted an Immigration Awareness event and Fairlington Presbyterian Church also in Alexandria, hosted a Human Trafficking Awareness event. Both programs were open to the public. The comments from attendees and host churches were completely positive. We have learned from our PW/C Moderators that some churches are joining in to help spread the facts of social justice issues. Lewinsville Presbyterian Church presented a program on Human Trafficking, as did Westminster Presbyterian Church. However, it has come to the attention of the PW/NCP that some churches are reluctant to hold a social justice issue program for fear that the program would be divisive. The PW/NCP believes in disseminating facts on peace and justice issues so that our members can form opinions based on knowledge and, from that knowledge, make decisions to act if they choose. Sisters Stand and Walk Together, a PW/NCP leadership project devoted to the understanding and growth of multicultural relationships in the Church, will be producing a program on immigration on March 12, 2011 at the Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church. We invite you to attend to learn answers to questions like: What is the face of immigration like in the Metro Area? What is the historical timeline of immigration in this country? What are the myths and facts of immigration? What are the common fears about immigrants? What can we do, as followers of Christ, to work on the resolution of immigration problems? PW/NCP would very much like to hear from you if your church has produced an information event on a social justice issue or if your church is interested in hosting a social justice awareness event through the PW/NCP. Let us know, also, if you would like more information on the Immigration Program to be produced by the Sisters in March. Please contact: Barbara Allen PW Issues Communicator 703-751-5776 [email protected] Wendy Dawson Co-Chair, Information Awareness Events 703-548-9681 [email protected]

Presbyterian Women of the National Capital Presbytery

Winter 2011

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Historian Reports from PW in the Congregation

This is the information for Congregations regarding their PW Historian Reports: To be included: Church - name and address Pastor's name Presbytery Synod Names of PW officers OR current contact person and address No. of women in the church No. of Circles Average attendance Life Membership pins given PW Reading Awards given Highlights of the year This information is to be sent to the Presbytery Historian: Betty Ann Yurkewitch 6930 Poppy Drive McLean, VA 22101 Or can be sent by e-mail to [email protected] Also a copy is to be sent to: Archivist Special Collections Columbia Theological Seminary PO Box 520 Decatur, GA 30031 These reports are due by January 31, 2011

What's Happening in PW/C's? Can We Help?--Coming--A SURVEY

All over the nation, Presbyterians have the same question? How can we best prepare ourselves for the rapidly changing society? What do we need to do or how can we better prepare ourselves to keep the good work going that we have initiated in PW and yet make the necessary changes to make certain that 1) all women are welcomed, 2) all women feel free to make contributions; and that 3) all women can help to ensure the vibrancy that is envisioned in PW for years to come? NCP/PW needs to know what you need, whether there are 1) prime movers out there who have found some answers and can help the rest of us, 2) some of us who know we need help but are hesitant to step forward, 3) some of us who know we need something but don't know what that something is and may need help to identify that need. Whatever the situation, PW wants to grow and help Presbyterian USA grow in the service of Christ as stated in the PW Purpose. Send an email, letter or make a phone call to your Cluster Leader, the Channel editor, either of the Moderators or just some other PW who can help. If you can volunteer to help others with leadership, let us know. We will soon send out a survey asking this in a more formal way, but let us know now, informally. We appreciate your participation and candor.


Presbyterian Women of the National Capital Presbytery

Winter 2011

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Brainstorming with Marilyn Dorn

Fall Gathering Workshop - September 18, 2010

In two sessions (morning and afternoon), women came together to share what their PW groups are doing now and what they have done in the past, sharing best practices and inspiring each other for future activities. We ended the afternoon session with some time remembering why PW matters and why we're in this together. I've separated what was shared into several categories: faith development, creative service, the world community, why PW, encouraging others to join. Bottom line: Be open to following the lead of the Holy Spirit.

Faith Development/Fellowship:

Circles - big and small, evening and morning, Sunday or Saturday mornings, with and without babysitting Bible studies-- Horizons and others; some share leading, some have one leader Annual rally to share what we've learned re books of the Bible Join pastor in visiting with other women, including from other denominations Retreats - going away for a weekend, half-days at church Flea Market - recycle and resell at bargain prices to needy members of the community Prayer wall (at Flea Market) - invite those who attend to share prayer concerns, post on bulletin board and pray over them in worship the next day Secret Sister - at annual PW picnic, choose names to be secret sister and then during the year anonymously give that person cards, very small gifts then at next year's picnic learn who your secret sister was. Beth Moore video Bible studies Joint Circles dinner Monthly luncheons for all circles, with a program/guest speaker Sponsor annual vespers service (Sun afternoon/evening) to bless the Thank Offering

Bake bread from your country to welcome newcomers to the church Knit prayer shawls and bless them before giving away Quilt prayer squares that are used like worry beads and come with an explanation card Make and raffle off quilts for charity Knit helmet liners for soldiers - like a headband with earflaps Knit baby caps Sew and sell doll clothes

The World Community:

Church World Service kits - health, school, baby, cleanup, blanket offering Mission work-day Christmas shoe-boxes - Franklin Graham's initiative, fill boxes with small gifts for kids and then distribute AIDS outreach Christmas gift market, alternative gift giving - Heifer Project, SERRV Run soup kitchen

Why PW?

Mutual support Prayers Fellowship Friendship Bible study Reaching community - in and outside the church

Creative Service/Fundraising (lots of needlework and other things):

Pillows to comfort heart patients or those who have had mastectomies-- or just because Vests and vestments for the church Weave baskets Dresses for little girls Join together to make our ethnic food to then sell to church members (Ghanaian women at Ebenezer PC) Prayerful cooking - cook meals to store in church freezer for use by those in need Put soup ingredients in jars to sell (do the same for cookies, brownies)

Encouraging others to join PW:

Personal invitations Offer rides Invite people to individual activities/events, not everyone is able/willing to commit to more Remember that there's a season for everything, including PW : )

Presbyterian Women of the National Capital Presbytery

Winter 2011

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Sisters Stand and Walk Together (SSWT), sponsored by a grant from PCUSA to develop women leadership in the Presbyterian Church with a special focus on encouraging and preparing women of other cultures to take on leadership roles, is currently in its second year. In year one, groups of 20 or so women met separately groups in Virginia and DC. The meetings focused on establishing relationships among the members, learning and modeling various communication skills, such as mutual invitation, designed to facilitate effective communication, and lay the foundation for years two and three. Year two, which we kicked off Saturday, November 11th with our first meeting at Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church, found both groups ready and feeling the pull to meet as one. This year, the focus is a bit different and will include exploration and discussions of topics important to all women, such as immigration, along with learning about the polity of PC(USA) and its relationship to these topics. It sounds like a tall order and after weeks of planning for our first meeting of 2010-2011, the Coordinating Team members would likely agree. The focus of this joint meeting of the DC and Virginia members was multicultural worship. Dr. Sara Parker educated the attendees by presenting information from the Book of Order ­ which many of us were surprised to discover not only allows for but encourages incorporating both multiculturalism and diversity in worship. As one of the members of the coordinating team for this event, I can honestly say that I was not prepared for the wonderful spirit, excitement, and energy that filled Geneva Hall on that a picture-postcard perfect fall Saturday. The perfect weather was not all that contributed to the day's success. The worship area was set up in the round, at its center was a table beautifully set with colorful woven and dyed cloths and artifacts representing several cultures and countries. Lakesha Bradshaw led us in a carefully and creatively planned worship that incorporated prayers and music from other cultures; other highlights included the spirited hymn singing and dancing led by the Christian Women's Fellowship from Silver Spring Presbyterian Church and the Middle Eastern women from Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church praying the Lord's Prayer in Arabic. Indications are that folks left the meeting energized and inspired. Plans for our January meeting are already underway and due to the positive response, the DC and Virginia groups are once again planning to meet together. Please plan to join this varied group of women!

Presbyterian Women of the National Capital Presbytery

Winter 2011

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Lighting Candles

Today is December 1. What I write today won't be in The Channel until next month, after many of us have taken down our Christmas trees and repacked the ornaments. The sky outside this morning is a deep gray. Bare tree limbs sway in the wind, and rain drops roll down the window pane like tears on a cheek. The morning headlines are of cholera in Haiti, war and rape in the Congo, enduring unemployment in our country and congressional refusal to extend federal unemployment benefits. Last month, I personally met a high-school-age young woman ­ a girl ­ who, I'm pretty sure ­ was being trafficked. I was at my son's house, watching my granddaughters that morning, when the doorbell rang and there she was. There is no heroic ending to any of today's headlines nor is there one to my personal encounter with a helpless and frightened girl. Like the situations in the headlines, the girl remained just out of range of my being able to rescue her, if that was in fact what was necessary. On the window sill in my kitchen, I have a small calendar. Every morning I tear off the page for the day that is past. Each day there is a new page and a new quote. Recently that quote was No candle can light itself. As we enter this new year of 2011, may each of us be aware of the light of our own candle so that we will immediately notice if it is extinguished. Our candle ­yours and mine--shines a light on the path directly in front of our feet, leading us each day. It also provides a light in the dark that others can see when they are walking in darkness. Candles do go out. Sometimes the cause is an unexpected wind. Sometimes it is because of our own neglect -- letting melted wax pool up around the wick. It's up to us to eliminate the causes and to seek help in relighting our candles. It's also up to us to help relight the candles of others, those like us and those different from us. As daughters of God, we recognize that the world is one community. As daughters of God, we weep with and for all our sisters and brothers, and we stand with them and with each other to relight the candles that have gone out. We stand together in the Holy Spirit seeking to bring the kingdom of God to the here and now of our own lives and to the lives of all God's children. May it be so in 2011. ---Bonnie Davis Spiritual Nurture Communicator


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