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p.o box 8188 columbus, ohio 43201 614.291.8251


Coffee Shops Dinner Guests City Parks Local colleges/Universities City Recreation Centers Local schools (volunteering) Aquatic Centers Neighborhood societies Local Playgrounds Chamber of Commerce Tea Parties Neighborhood Commissions Afternoon/Morning Coffee Neighborhood Blockwatch Local Stores Local Restaurants Book Reading Groups Playgroups/ M.O.P.S. Nursing Homes Soup Kitchens Homeless Shelters Half Way Houses Servant Evangelism Projects ie: Pop give aways, Water bottle distributions, Neighborhood Street / Trash Clean Up Halloween Neighborhood Thanksgiving Dinner Christmas Caroling Fitness Gyms Other things YOU like to do Transitional Housing for Women (coming off drugs) & their children

connecting urban folk to authentic relationships with people and God through an embracing community

p.o box 8188 columbus, ohio 43201 614.291.8251

Where do I start?. . .GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!

1. PRAY PRAY PRAY! For opportunities and be on the lookout for them at all times! 2. Prayer Walk your community to fight spiritual battles. 3. Talk openly and freely to people you meet about what God means to them by asking questions to their questions. 4. Commit to being an integral, contributing part of your community. 5. Meet your neighbors and make ALL efforts to get to know them as real friends. 6. Be open to relationships with people from all backgrounds, race, gender preferences, & social classes. 7. Pray earnestly for your new friend/contact that you can build into their lives and minister to them. 8. Get into an LTG/accountability group. 9. Ask them if they would be interested in reading the Bible with you since you are on the quest to know more about God too? 10. Introduce them to LTG's or Accountability groups as they show more interest and desire to follow to God. 11. As that desire grows, start a Discovery Group with them. 12. Escort them into the family of God!!! 13. Keep on working with them and praying for them! (through LTG's) That means discipling them so they can repeat this cycle quickly with their friends!!!!

connecting urban folk to authentic relationships with people and God through an embracing community


"Light Bright"

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