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January Recognition & Results Our Mary Kay 2010 Goal: Our Goal is to Hold 5 Million Parties Nationwide!! We've held over 333,000 as of February 15th!

This translates to just six parties per month for Star Consultants and two to three classes per month for Consultants who are working toward a Star.

Divinely Inspired Victorious Angels

March Calendar Queen of Sharing: And Bronze Medalist! March Newsletter

Katie Smith

Queen of Wholesale:

Let's Help MK Meet Our Goal! Let's Party with a Purpose!

Katie Smith

Congratulations to Our On-Target Star Consultants: Finish Your Star By 03/15/10

Consultant Name KATIE SMITH BEVERLY GONZALEZ KORTNEY HYSELL VONETTIA CALLOWAY NONYE GALI ANNA SANDOVAL TAMMIE KLINOCK FLORISTINE WARREN CHRISTEL TANNER QUAILLA ABRAHAM Current Wholesale $2,480.00 $2,105.75 $2,015.50 $1,220.50 $614.00 $604.50 $584.25 $471.50 $437.00 $413.50 Sapphire ***** STAR STAR $579.50 $1,186.00 $1,195.50 $1,215.75 $1,328.50 $1,363.00 $1,386.50 -- Wholesale Production Needed-- Ruby Diamond STAR $294.25 $384.50 $1,179.50 $1,786.00 $1,795.50 $1,815.75 $1,928.50 $1,963.00 $1,986.50 $520.00 $894.25 $984.50 $1,779.50 $2,386.00 $2,395.50 $2,415.75 $2,528.50 $2,563.00 $2,586.50 Emerald $1,120.00 $1,494.25 $1,584.50 $2,379.50 $2,986.00 $2,995.50 $3,015.75 $3,128.50 $3,163.00 $3,186.50 Pearl $2,320.00 $2,694.25 $2,784.50 $3,579.50 $4,186.00 $4,195.50 $4,215.75 $4,328.50 $4,363.00 $4,386.50

Pacesetters Challenges for March:

Add at least six new customers, sell at least $600 suggested retail, and hold at least two team-building appointments.

h ift Wit Free G se: A a Purch Facial kup Chec riends! with F

Select two people at every appointment.

Make a point of incorporating your review facial (check-up or second) at least seven times during the appointment. Develop an attitude of assumption: everyone who purchases a basic has also purchased a checkup facial within the next week to 10 days. With all of MK's new products, these are so easy to book! You can "customize" your follow up appointment by offering their choice of a Spring Tips & Trends Class, Spring Glamour Tips, Eye Makeup Tips, etc.

Dear Divas,

It's time to make this month your lucky month! March is all about Miracles: Miracle Sets, Making Things Happen, and Finding Your Pretty Place! Make it your goal to contact each of your customers this month! Book those parties! Ask for new contacts. Share about our fabulous new products! Let's spring into action and keep those customers happy! Remember, nine out of ten customers say they are satisfied with Mary Kay products. In fact, they are more satisfied with their Mary Kay products than with other products that they use! Take advantage of "spring cleaning" and encourage your customers to get rid of others' products and switch to ours that they love! kids this summer. Some need extra spending money. Some have husbands who just lost their job and are looking for something to do to help in the meantime. Don't forget- some girls just want to have fun!! Spring brings out the best in everyone! While our weather outside may not spell spring just yet, the fashion, clothes and our spring trend report can get women thinking in that direction. It's time for new growth! It's time to get excited about what's coming... and in some cases it's time to change things so you have something to get excited about. anything you want it to be! How very lucky we are!

It's a time to look for miracles and get out there and make them happen! If you aren't joining us for Career Conference, make a decision today to jumpstart your own business at home. Take advantage of all the great CDs and information Mary Kay provides for us. Soak it all in, and listen to them all week long! If you can't make it to Career Conference, bring it to you in the form of motivation, information, and recognition at our weekly sales meetings! You can make your wildest dreams come true, What do you want to change in starting today. Each day brings a your personal business to grow? Do you want to hold more parties? choice of how you will grow your business. Make this spring a Make more contacts? Learn to tremendous growth opportunity for Remember, you can make your ask for referrals? Meet new women? Have courage to ask for your business starting today! own luck by getting out the door and meeting new people. Women the interview? One of the Love and belief in you, wonderful things about having everywhere are looking for more your own business is that you are opportunities right now, and our always learning and growing. You Mary Kay business can help! Theresa Some want to stay home with their can truly make your business

Welcome January New Consultants

Name: Sponsored By:

Melinda Barsatan Nonye Gali Beverly Gonzalez Albert Jackson Kayla Juarbe Anna Sandoval

Katie Smith Katie Smith Lilianna Dohlman Katie Smith Kortney Hysell Beverly Gonzalez

Mar. Birthdays Kimberly Coe Quailla Abraham Cynthia Carreira Belynda Rogers Pamela Trevathan Sarah Casey Mar. Anniversaries Vonettia Calloway H. Heidebreicht Christine Woerner Donna Hargrove Belynda Rogers C. Cunningham Jenny Davis Whitney Cox April Niblett Judy Thomas Nancy Wild-Hatton Leanne Ocasio

1 3 4 5 7 15

Welcome Back Consultants

Stacie Berardini Christine Black Darlene Brown Donna Hargrove Jessica Rybak Sheldra Thomas Floristine Warren

2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Our Top 5 Wholesale Orders for January:

Katie Smith

Kortney Hysell

Beverly Gonzalez

Nonye Gali

Vonettia Calloway

Mary Kay always said that booking is the lifeline of your business. If you are out of bookings, you are out of business.

Sample Script for Converting a Facial to a Class "Dana, it's perfectly fine if it's just you and me, but if you will invite three or four of your friends to join you at your appointment, that would mean free products for you. Dana, how does free sound to you? Great! I already know that you can think of 15 to 20 of your friends that you'll want to invite, but so that I can give them my best attention, we'll want to limit your guests to five or six. But I'll tell you, why don't you invite eight, because someone is sure to have to cancel?"

Script By: National Kathy Goff-Brummett

Top 20 Consultants Who Invested in Their Business in January

Katie Smith Kortney Hysell Beverly Gonzalez Nonye Gali Vonettia Calloway Tammie Klinock Floristine Warren Quailla Abraham Jessica Rybak Christine Black Stacie Berardini Melinda Barsatan Darlene Brown Donna Hargrove Cynthia Carreira Sheldra Thomas Albert Jackson Christine Woerner Marie Louise Muir Lilianna Dohlman

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Kortney Hysell Katie Smith Lilianna Dohlman Vonettia Calloway C. Cunningham Beverly Gonzalez Christel Tanner Margarita Gonzalez Tammie Klinock Quailla Abraham Pamela Trevathan Corina Roge Christine Woerner Stepfanie Awald Chasidy Greene Stephanie Devlin Kimberly Sanders Samantha Wilcox Nonye Gali Laura Snow

$8,741.00 $5,744.00 $4,762.50 $4,441.00 $4,307.00 $4,158.50 $2,696.00 $2,371.50 $2,086.50 $2,048.00 $2,032.00 $1,733.25 $1,657.50 $1,614.50 $1,613.00 $1,522.50 $1,511.00 $1,507.00 $1,485.50 $1,443.50

Year To Date Court of Retail Sales Top 20

Inch by inch, it's a cinch! Sell $700 retail each week and you'll be in the Queens Court of Sales! Focus on selling these products this month!

Recruiters and Their Teams

Future Directors Katie Smith Quailla Abraham Melinda Barsatan Christine Black Darlene Brown Cynthia Carreira Nonye Gali Donna Hargrove Albert Jackson Sheldra Thomas Floristine Warren * Tawna Holland

* Means Inactive. A $200+ wholesale order will reinstate your 50% discount & your Active Team Member status.

Senior Consultants Megan Browning Chrystal M Childress Katie Smith * Laura Thomas Chantelle Cunning Samantha Wilcox

The Spring Trends are Bold, Beautiful and Tropical! Mary Kay is helping us stay up to date in fashion and beauty! Their new Spring Trends Report has posted online!

Year to Date Sharing Court

1 Katie Smith 2 Lilianna Dohlman 3 Stephanie Devlin 4 Jenny Davis 5 Kimberly Sanders 6 Christel Tanner 7 C. Cunningham 8 Laura Thomas 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1

Stephanie Devlin Lilianna Dohlman * Amanda E Chrzanowski * Whitney Gabriel * Tracy Nester On Target Grand Achievers Lilianna Dohlman Beverly Gonzalez Pamela Trevathan Callee Trevathan

Katie Smith Quailla Abraham Melinda Barsatan Christine Black Darlene Brown Cynthia Carreira Nonye Gali Donna Hargrove Albert Jackson Sheldra Thomas Floristine Warren * Tawna Holland

January Love Checks: Sharing the Opportunity

13% Recruiter Commission Level Katie Smith 4% Recruiter Commission Level Megan Browning Lilianna Dohlman Stephanie Devlin


Add at least 16 qualified new personal team members from July 1, 2009 ­ Feb. 28, 2010! You'll be recognized at Career Conference 2010 and receive a beautiful gold and crystal bee necklace.

REWARDS FOR BEING A RED JACKET: (3-4 Active) 4% Commissions Star Recruiter Pin $50 Rebate On Red Jacket on 3rd Recruit Team Building Bonus on 4th recruit ($50)

REWARDS FOR BEING A TEAM LEADER: (5+ Active) 9% to 13% Commissions Team Building Bonus ($50) Team Leader Pin Eligible to go ON-TARGET for FREE Chevy Malibu

REWARDS FOR BEING A DIQ: (8+ Active) 9% to 13% Commissions Team Building Bonus ($50) Eligible to go ON-TARGET for FREE Chevy Malibu Special Classes at Seminar & CC

Mary Kay offers so many great rewards for those willing to reach out and share the opportunity!

Which reward will you choose?

+ March 8: Online DIQ forms available at 6am central until midnight on the 10th. + March 14: Daylight Savings Time Begins. + March 15: END OF THE QUARTER! Postmark deadline to earn the second monthly product bonus. PCP last day to enroll online for the Spring 2010 Month 2 mailer, and Premium Tweeze and Soothe Set gift with purchase offer ends. + March 16: Quarter 4 Star Quarterly Contest begins. First monthly product bonus begins. PCP MK personal websites will feature Mini Mineral Eye Color Quad or Sun Smart Travel Set. + March 17: St. Patrick's Day! Make your own luck and call your customers for a special sale! + March 19: Project StarPower Career Conference Week 1 begins. PCP Spring 2010 mailing of the Look begins. + March 20: First day of spring! It's time to spring into action! + March 26: Project StarPower Career Conference Week 2 begins. + March 30: Last day of the month for consultants to place telephone and online orders (until midnight Central time). + March 31: Last business day of the month. Directors can place orders until midnight Central time. Online agreements are accepted until 7pm Central time. Orders submitted my mail or dropped off at the branches must be received by 7pm local time to count towards March production.

Make your own luck! Join us at Career Conference and you'll learn the skills and product knowledge you'll need to be a lucky MK Consultant!

Happiness Is Yours to Create We all want to be happy and fulfilled. Often, though, we demand too much of life. We set strict criteria for what will make us happy. When those criteria are not met, we develop attitudes that only make matters worse. The most basic, most revealing question you can ask yourself is, What does it take to make me happy? Do you have to be happy every minute of every day? Does everyone have to do what you want them to do? Does every aspect of your work have to be fulfilling all the time? Do you have to be making more money than everyone else? Do you have to have more power than everyone else? Do you have to be recognized and rewarded for everything you do? Do you have to be loved by everyone you know? The same attitude spoils many relationships. I've seen many of them fail because one or both of the people involved demanded too much of the other. Not everyone is perfectly neat, beautiful, charming, loving, funny or attentive all the time. Life isn't a romance novel. Barbie and Ken are plastic. Even Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford discovered that beauty, money, fame, and charm don't guarantee a perfect relationship. We often demand too much of love and friendship, and the same is true of happiness. It's easy to be happy if you can find happiness in small doses. If you set impossible criteria for happiness, then it will be all but impossible for you to be happy.

MK Supplements

Highlights from Leadership by Dr. Beth Lange, Dr. Michelle Hines and Yvette Franco

Q: Is age always an indicator for when to benefits so that skin immediately looks more Q: How do I know which eye cream to recommend supplements? radiant. The mask is infused with botanical use? A: While age can be an indicator, in the end, extracts to help deliver visible brightening. A: Both eye creams provide great moisture it is about your customers' needs and these This product is great for everyone, but is a and are formulated with age-fighting may not fit any timetable. You should listen perfect complement for those who are peptides to help reduce the appearance of to your customers' concerns and find already using Even Complexion Essence, fine lines around the eyes. The more solutions based on their problems, which which is formulated to improve skin clarity lightweight Age-Fighting Eye Cream is a may or may not fit into the proper age and minimizes the appearance of skin's great basic product for all ages. However, if range. imperfections, like age spots. This mask is you want a heavy-hitting product to help Q: How do I know whether to sell Night the perfect product to help prepare your skin moisturize, firm, and brighten the skin Solution, Replenishing Serum + C, or the for applying the Even Complexion Essence around the eye, you should be using Microdermabrasion Set to my serum.... Using both products as part of a Firming Eye Cream. customers? skin care regimen will leave your skin Q: How important is the order of A: While it's possible that the current looking more radiant and even toned. application? economy is one reason A: There "The Miracle SetTM is the only set of products that is really is a this question is asked so tested and sold as a set to deliver 11 age-fighting frequently, here are a reason behind few important the order of benefits. This makes it unique in the marketplace. distinctions to know application. From a competitive standpoint, consumers will be about these products: The order we hard pressed to match these 11 age- fighting benefits Day Solution and Night recommend in four products for the suggested retail price." Solution are not applying supplements ­ they are products to part of the Miracle Set. If a customer can Q: In addition to the Miracle Set, what is the skin helps you to attain all of the skin only afford one product, we recommend the one product a woman shouldn't be benefits from each product. After you Night Solution. Customers will likely without? A: Eye cream! cleanse your face with 3-and-1 Cleanser, experience the results and then, depending Q: Is this because the eye area tends to you can use an exfoliation product, such as the Microdermabrasion Set. Afterwards, we on their needs, may try the other products in be one of the first to show the signs of recommend applying supplement products the Miracle Set. aging? such as the Even Complexion Essence or The next product we would recommend is A: The skin around the eye is thinner and Replenishing Serum+C to maximize the the Microdermabrasion Set. The higher level can be more delicate, and we often notice benefits to your skin. Those products can be of exfoliation it provides is critical in keeping the signs of aging there first. As we age, skin from looking dull. Next, we suggest there is a need to add moisture to the skin in followed up during the day with the Day Solution SPF 25* to provide protection from Replenishing Serum +C. This fantastic that area as well as help reduce the supplement is truly focused on firming the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, in the sun or Night Solution at night to help skin. addition to the Miracle Set, you will want to reduce daily environmental damage. Finally, Q: Can you tell us more about the new add an eye cream to your regimen. We offer we suggest applying a moisturizer, like the Age-Fighting Moisturizer, to help lock in Even Complexion Mask? the Age-Fighting Eye Cream and the hydration for your skin. A: The Even Complexion Mask is great Firming Eye Cream formulated specifically because it delivers instant brightening for use around the eyes.

Mary Kay scientists continuously strive to help create technologically advanced formulas that you and your increasingly savvy customers will love. But with all the wonderful anti-aging and moisturizing products, along with those that target specific skin care needs, it might not always be easy to determine which products might be best for you or your customers! While the TimeWise® Miracle SetTM is the first line of defense in antiaging, we recognize that everyone's skin is different and may need additional support. We've developed a great tool to help you determine just which supplements you might want to recommend to your customers based on their main skin care concerns.

Extra Hydration Products

Supplement Comparison Chart

Find the best product for your customers' skin concerns with this at-a-glance comparison chart. The TimeWise Miracle Set provides the foundation for healthy skin; the supplements provide the customization for your customers' specific needs.

Skin Concern

TimeWise Microderm- Targeted- Replenishing Even Even Miracle Set abrasion Action Line Serum + C Complexion Complexion Reducer Set Essence Mask

Fine Lines Wrinkles Skin Texture Needs Improvement Loss of Firmness & Elasticity Uneven Skin Tone Dullness (skin lacks radiance) Dry, flaky skin

* * * * * * *

* * * * * * *

Miracle Set Tips from Leadership by Dr. Beth Lange, Dr. Michelle Hines and Yvette Franco

It's Time for a Miracle!

The Miracle Set is the only set of products that is tested and sold as a set to deliver 11 agefighting benefits. This makes it unique in the marketplace. From a competitive standpoint, consumers will be hard pressed to match these 11 age- fighting benefits in four products for the suggested retail price. It is truly a one-of-a-kind skin regimen! The cleansing beads help to gently exfoliate and freshen the skin and work perfectly along with our Age-Fighting Moisturizer to hydrate and soften the skin. The sun protection and nourishing extracts in Day Solution help to energize your skin, and they work in perfect tandem with Night Solution, which contains age-fighting peptides to help rebuild and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. When we talk about the Night Solution, we also talk about the "Pronewal System" which combines the "protection" and "renewal" benefits which this fantastic regimen provides to your skin. The Miracle Set is the foundation for all skin care for every woman at every stage in her life.


Of the 11 age-fighting benefits in the Miracle Set, the number one benefit is the sun protection we get from Day Solution. In our mid 20's, although skin degradation is not clearly visible, we are already on the decline. This natural aging is combined with a period in our lives where many of us engage in the risky behavior of tanning. To protect our skin, it is important to start using a daily sunscreen protection as well as a skin health regimen, such as the Miracle Set, to keep skin looking young for the long term. In our 20s and throughout our lives, sun protection is the key to healthy, youthful-looking skin.

In our 30s we begin to outwardly notice the signs of aging. Skin may require more hydration and may have reduced collagen (which can make the skin seem less firm and less elastic). The antioxidant-enriched formula in Age Fighting Moisturizer provides essential hydration that skin needs, and the Night Solution contains two peptides which act together to restore and renew the appearance of skin by helping stimulate collagen. The Miracle Set is perfect for women in their 30s.

In our 40s the signs of aging In our 50s our skin's continue with more support structure noticeable wrinkles, decreases, causing an sagging, dark spots and increased rate of discoloration. The Miracle sagging. We need to Set can help with hydration and enhance collagen. For use products with dark spots and skin ingredients that discoloration, you may want stimulate collagen, to consider adding combat free radicals, supplements like Even and boost hydration. Complexion Essence and The Miracle Set offers Even Complexion Mask. Even Complexion Essence these solutions, but you is clinically shown to restore may also want to skin's natural, even tone in consider adding as little as four weeks. And, supplements such as of course, the Even Complexion Mask provides Replenishing Serum+C immediate brightening to get extra lifting and benefits. Together, the two firming from collagenproducts make the Even enhancing ingredients. Complexion "Power Pair!"

The secret to better skin at this age is moisturization. Cell turnover continues to slow down as we age, so exfoliation also continues to be important. Continued use of the Miracle Set will address these needs, but supplements like the Microdermabrasion Set and extra hydration products will provide additional benefits.

Is age always an indicator for when to recommend supplements? While age can be an indicator, in the end, it is about your customers' needs, and these may not fit any timetable. You should listen to your customers' concerns and find solutions based on their problems, which may or may not fit into the proper age range.

Theresa Huntley

The DIVA's

Independent Sales Director of

478 Kristie Michelle Ln Clarksville, TN 37042 Office: (931) 905-0249 [email protected] Return Service Requested

You Make Your Own Luck!

"Making up your mind is like turning on the ignition ­ that sets the spark ­ that fires the engine ­ to make use of power. A person who has made up her mind ... moves with power toward her goal. She has made up her mind, turned on the ignition, and got on her way toward becoming a star. This can be your story. Let nothing deter you. You can do it."


Here are some questions to help you hone in on exactly what it'll take to make you a star. If you can't answer these questions, your level of commitment isn't what it needs to be. These are questions that should wake you up at night, keep you standing in the shower too long, and run through your head every mile you drive, walk or run: What will your job title be when you achieve it? What will your income level be? Where will you live? How will your professional peers regard you? What will your workplace look like? What sorts of awards and recognition will you have earned? How will you bless/ help others? To find your motivation, you have to study your lines and their meaning just like an actor does. But in your case, your "lines" are the internal dialogue that plays out in your mind constantly. Study the lines below and see if perhaps some of yours need to be rewritten. Do you see how just changing the conversations you have with yourself can motivate you and fire you up to be a star? You've got to get control of your inner motivation and take responsibility for your own success!

Self-Defeating Inner Dialogue: Other people have held me back. I've screwed up my life. There's so much work to do. I'll never be a star of any kind. Getting started is so hard. I'm a disaster! I want to be an overnight star! My friends think I've changed.

Star-Quality Inner Dialogue: I take responsibility for my stardom. It's taken me until now to believe in myself. This is my dream and it's worth it. If I keep the rage burning, I'll make it. This is the most exciting thing! I'm going to show the world! Step by step, I'm going to make it! If they are my friends, they'll believe in my dreams and me!

Article adapted from Shine by Larry Thompson


Theresa Huntley

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