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The Spectra-QuadTM provides real-time information on moisture and other critical product parameters by monitoring product content. With the Spectra-Quad, you can control product quality and enhance process efficiency, which will improve your bottom line.

Product Specifications


Online Moisture and Constituent Analyzer

Benefits · Optimize product quality · Improve product consistency · Save raw materials · Minimize waste · Lower production costs

Analytical tests that were once carried out in the lab can now become part of the online inspection process, which reduces the risk of producing out-of-specification product. The Spectra-Quad online moisture and constituent analyzer from Thermo Electron Corporation provides continuous, accurate, real-time information about the concentration of key product components. Incorporating a patented, industry-proven optical system and other quality innovations, the Spectra-Quad is the standard for online process analysis. Improving Productivity The Spectra-Quad allows you to continuously monitor product quality without having to bring the sample to the lab. Designed for long-

term, uninterrupted duty in the most demanding of process environments, the Spectra-Quad provides a low cost of ownership. Built for Production Environments The Spectra-Quad is a high performance, cost effective analyzer that is simple to install, maintain and use. A full function operator interface permits easy access to all of the analyzer's set-up and diagnostic functions. The display includes the product's name and its measured values, and can be configured to function in several languages. The Spectra-Quad is available with a wide range of environmental options, which enables the analyzer to perform in virtually any production situation.

D300 operator interface option

Formerly Thermo Moisture Systems

Analyze · Detect · Measure · ControlTM

Food Products · Snack foods · Dairy products · Raw materials · Cookies · Cereals · Chocolate · Flours & powders · Grains · Pet Foods · Nuts

Process Monitoring for a Wide Range of Applications

Chemicals · Fertilizers · Polymer chips & powders · Detergents · Soaps · Crumb rubbers

Forest Products · Wood chips · Papers · Hardboard · Orientated strand board · Fiberboard · Laminates · Other engineered wood products

Minerals · Chalks · Ceramic powders · Clays · Cements · Sands · Pigments

Web and Converting · Coatings · Laminates · Corrugated cardboard · Kraft paper · Foils · Films · Textiles

Tobacco Products* · Cut leaf · Strip/Stem · Reconstituted *The Spectra-Quad 4000TA is specially tailored for tobacco applications.

Theory of Operation The Spectra-Quad uses a measurement technique based on Near Infrared (NIR) light absorption. It is a non-contact, nondestructive and non-hazardous method. Chemical bonds absorb NIR light at well-defined wavelengths. · O-H bonds in water and alcohols · C-H bonds in oils, fats, adhesives and plastics · N-H bonds in proteins, ammonias and amines The absorption intensity at a given wavelength is proportional to the amount of the constituent in the material. A quartz-halogen light source emits NIR light. The light from the source passes through a rotating filter wheel. The filters in the wheel allow only a narrow band of NIR wavelengths to pass through. At a minimum, the wheel contains two filters. One filter allows wavelengths that are highly absorbed by the sample to pass through. The other filter is the reference filter and permits a narrow range of wavelengths not absorbed by the sample to pass through. The reference wavelength provides a baseline for the measurement of the sample. It greatly stabilizes the measurement against internal changes in the sensor components, as well as changes external to the sensor. The light, which passes through the filter wheel, is directed to the sample. Some of the light is absorbed by the sample and the rest is reflected. The reflected light is collected and then focused onto a detector. The signal at the detector is processed to provide a reading that is proportional to the constituent concentration. Unique to Thermo's sensors, the Spectra-Quad utilizes patented, industryproven Quadra-Beam technology that further stabilizes the instrument against internal sensor changes which provides more stable measurements over time.

Leading NIR Technique

Spectra-Quad operations diagram

Powder sampler option

Scanning system option

Fluidized bed probe option

Optional Equipment




Sensor Sample Types Measured Constituents Moisture Range* Moisture Accuracy* Coating Range* Coating Accuracy* Fat/Oils Range* Fat/Oils Accuracy* Sensor to Sample Distance Product Codes Response Time NIR Source NIR Filters Enclosure (standard) Enclosure (optional) Power Weight Operating temperature range Operating Relative Humidity Local I/O Operator Interface Data Box Configuration Enclosure Cable Languages Network Communications Optional Equipment

*Subject to application and product type

Solids, Powders, Webs, and Granules Spectra-Quad 4000 and 4000TA: 1 constituent Spectra-Quad 5000: 1, 2 or 3 constituents 0.0-0.1% minimum; 0.0-95% maximum ± 0.1% 0.0 ­ 1 g/m2 minimum; 0.0 ­ 300 g/m2 maximum ± 0.1 g/m2 0.2-85% ± 0.2% 10 cm to 36 cm (4 in to 14 in) 256 maximum 0.05 seconds; Averaging and Integration modes available Quartz Halogen Spectra-Quad 4000: 3 wavelengths Spectra-Quad 5000 and 4000TA: 6 wavelengths NEMA4/ IP65; Painted cast aluminum Kynar coated (food grade) with KEL-F polymer window Electroless nickel with KEL-F polymer window 90-260 VAC; 50-60 Hz 9.1 kg (20.25 lbs) 0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F); Heating and cooling options available 0.0-95% non-condensing 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA (isolated); RS232 Power and sensor indicators; Connections for Ethernet, RS485, RS232, analog, digital I/O; LCD display and keypad optional NEMA4/ IP65 3.5 m (11.5 ft) (standard); 7.5 m (24.6 ft) (maximum) 11 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean TCP/IP; RS485; DeviceNet; Profibus In-line Powder Sampler; Fluidized Bed Probe; Scanning Systems; Validation Check Standards; and Product Loss Detectors Spectra-Quad operator interface physical dimensions

231 mm (9.08 in) Main Cable Connector 143 mm (5.63 in)

Spectra-Quad sensor physical dimensions

343 mm (13.50 in)

185 mm (7.28 in)

305 mm (12.00 in)

ø 33 mm (1.31 in) (for mounting post)

147 mm (5.80 in)

ø 33 mm (1.31 in) (for mounting post)

154 mm (6.06 in)

Power Cable Connector Main Cable Connector SpectraQuad Main Cable Connector Multi-Cable Connector

85 mm (3.35 in)

RS232 Connector

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