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Shandon TissueWaveTM Microwave specimen processing and staining system

Speed and Quality in: Tissue Processing Decalcification Special Stains Epitope Enhancement








Features · Sleek modern design · Ventilation system to remove dangerous and toxic fumes · Programmable, 40 `Preset' functions · Vacuum chamber for rapid fixation and paraffin infiltration · Temperature and power controls, ability to convert wattage protocols · The most accurate temperature control of any pulsed power microwave · One cycle/one second pulsing power mode · Easy to use display screen and control panel · Handles RUSH specimens effectively · Frees up technical time for more complex procedures · Provides processing and warning messages throughout use · Temperature probe that guarantees accurate temperature control to ± 1° C · Compatible with the Shandon ExcelsiorTM Processor organized baskets Laboratory safety is always an important consideration when purchasing equipment. The Shandon TissueWave has a ventilation system interlock that prevents the unit from operating if there is not adequate air flow established through the microwave chamber. This prevents the unrealized possibility of dangerous and toxic fumes from accumulating. A four inch diameter aluminum ventilation hose comes standard with the unit.

Shandon TissueWaveTM

Speed and Quality in: Tissue Processing Decalcification Special Stains Epitope Enhancement

Shandon TissueWaveTM

Microwave specimen processing and staining system

The Shandon TissueWave Specimen Processing System is used for tissue fixation and processing, decalcification of hard material, routine special stains where heat would accelerate the staining process, and for epitope enhancement during immunohistochemistry staining. It is designed for greater flexibility to meet the growing workload demands. This user friendly instrument will free up technical time for more complex procedures. The Shandon TissueWave will consistently deliver excellent results in a fraction of the time. The Shandon TissueWave has an interactive LCD display screen that directs and instructs the user throughout the operation of the unit. The keypad control panel is easy to use. Universal symbols are used for multiple languages. The system allows for 40 `Preset' steps for multiple processing and staining procedures. These `Preset' steps are user defined and can be run on demand. Air agitation, internal light switch, and vacuum may be defined within a `Preset' or controlled independently from the control panel. Control of the Shandon TissueWave is monitored by two separate parameters; either by temperature or total power control. Temperature may be further defined by measuring total time (including the ramp time to achieve the correct temperature) or by the time at temperature for a particular `Preset'. Shandon TissueWave LCD display.

Shandon TissueWave keyboard control panel.


Results shown using the Shandon TissueWave with Shandon Zinc Formal FixxTM.

Shandon TissueWave Specifications Description Shandon TissueWave Order Number B35200002 B35200001

110-120V, 60Hz 220-240V, 50/60Hz

Shandon TissueWaveTM vacuum chamber.

Dimensions (H x W x D) 19" x 21.5" x 24.5" (48.2 x 54.6 x 62.2 cm) Chamber Dimensions

Good fixation is the key to all tissue processing functions. Fixation occurs from the outer surface inward. The rate of inward penetration during fixation is influenced by many factors. Heat is a physical factor that increases the penetration rate of fixation. Unfortunately, conventional heating also increases the rate of cellular distortion and autolysis of unfixed tissue, because it is absorbed in the same manner as fixatives (from the outside inward). Microwave heating eliminates conventional heating distortion because the heat is generated internally and homogenously. Microwave heating delivers the penetration of the fixative in the same manner. Fixation occurs rapidly and uniformly throughout the tissue sample. A custom designed vacuum chamber is an added accessory that comes with the Shandon TissueWave. This unique chamber allows for more rapid microwave fixation and consistent paraffin wax infiltration. The Shandon ExcelsiorTM Tissue Processor baskets may be used in conjunction with the Shandon TissueWave Microwave to meet all tissue processing needs.

9.5" x 13.5" x 15.5" (24.1 x 34.3 x 39.4 cm) Weight 77 lbs. (169.4 kg) Power Requirements 120V system - 15 amp service minimum (20 amp recommended) 230V system - 10 amp service minimum (15 amp recommended) Included with Product* Air Agitator tubing Excelsior Organized Basket - 2 supplied Air Adjustment screw Fuse, 15A AC Input Fuse Holder Interior Lamp Microwavable Specimen Containers Operator's Guide Temperature Probe Vacuum Chamber Order Number B35240039 See below B35240005 B35240014 B35240013 B35240015 B1002517 B35210021 B35240003 B35210001

* Contents, Packaging, and Quantities of items listed under "Included with Product" are subject to change without prior notice.

Available Accessories Excelsior Organized Baskets - 6 supplied Microwavable Plastic Coplin Staining Jar Microwavable Plastic Spill-free slide Jar - Each - 12 / Pk. - 48 / Cs. Microwave Tissue Processing Starter Kit Microwave Staining Starter Kit Plastic Staining Dish and Cover Plastic Staining Rack-25 slide capacity Rapid Mucin Stain Kit Periodic Acid Schiff's Stain Kit Gomori's Trichrome Stain Kit

Order Number A78410025 194 1001362 1001363 1001361 B35210002 B35210003 195 196 B24208-250 B24200-250 B24205-250

Shandon Excelsior Organized Baskets for use in the Shandon TissueWave.

Shandon TissueWaveTM Protocols

Recommended Protocol for Processing 1 mm biopsy specimens

Periodic Acid Schiff's Microwave Method

Step Step 1 2 3 4 5 Activity Fixation Fixation Dehydration Dehydration Infiltration Reagent Glyo-FixxTM Glyo-Fixx Ethanol Isopropanol Paraffin Wax Temp. RT 55° C 67° C 74° C 84° C Time 30 min 4 min 4 min 4 min 7 min 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Reagent/Activity 0.5% Periodic Acid Schiff's Reagent Wash in 2 changes of .55% K2S2O5 Wash in running tap water Harris Hematoxylin Wash in running tap water Dehydrate through graded alcohols Clear in Xylene and coverslip

Temp. 60° C 60° C RT RT RT RT RT RT

Time 1 min 2 min 1 min 10 min 30 sec 2 min

RESULTS: Glycogen and other carbohydrates: Pink to Fuschia, Nuclei: Blue.

Rapid Mucin Microwave Stain

Gomori's Trichrome Stain Microwave Method

Step 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Reagent/Activity Working Wiegert Iron Hematoxylin Rinse slides in running water Fast Green FCF Solution or Metanil Yellow Acidified Solution Quick rinse in Glacial Acetic Acid 0.5% Basic Fuchsin Solution Dehydrate quickly through graded alcohols Clear in Xylene and coverslip

Temp. RT RT 60° C RT 60° C RT

Time 1 min 1 min 30 sec 1-2 sec 30 sec

Step 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Reagent/Activity Bouin's Solution Wash in running tap water Working Wiegert Iron Hematoxylin Wash in running tap water Preheat Gomori Trichrome Solution Place slides in preheated Gomori Solution Rinse in 0.5% HCl Dehydrate through graded alcohols Clear in Xylene and coverslip

Temp. 60° C RT 60° C RT 60° C RT RT RT RT

Time 5 min 5 min 5 min 10 min 10 min 2 min


8 9

RESULTS: Nuclei: blue-black, Mucin, Cartilage and Mast cells: Fuschia, Cytoplasm: Green or Yellow

RESULTS: Muscle fibers, cell cytoplasm: Red, Collagen: Green, Nuclei: Blue to Black.

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