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The Gamma-Metrics CBX Online PGNAA Elemental Analyzer provides a reliable and accurate means of achieving consistent stockpile and raw mix chemistry to improve kiln efficiency and minimize production costs. This unique system provides minute-by-minute composition analysis of the raw materials used in the cement manufacturing process.

Product Specifications

Gamma-Metrics CBX (CrossBelt Xpert) Online PGNAA Elemental Analyzer

Assuring Consistent Cement Raw Material Chemistry

Benefits · Delivers consistent clinker quality · Increases kiln throughput · Reduces kiln upsets · Reduces energy consumption · Extends refractory life · Extends quarry life · Minimizes use of highest cost, most expensive materials

Features · Belt widths from 600 mm to 2.2 m (24 in to 84 in) · 35-degree or 45-degree idler angle · Tunnel heights from 170 mm to 7 mm (860 in to 34 in) · Superior, robust accuracy (MVIA) · State-of-the-art electronics · Modularity for easy installation · Flexible plant connectivity · Reduced installation costs · Comprehensive user interface

Thermo Electron Corporation's GammaMetrics CBX is a Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) system designed to integrate into an existing conveyor belt line and analyze, in real-time, the composition of raw materials being transported by the conveyor belt. The system analyzes the entire material stream and eliminates errors and the costs associated with material sampling. The Gamma-Metrics CBX brings unprecedented accuracy, reliability and ease of installation to the cement industry for raw material analysis and control.

A new and flexible modular design ensures a perfect fit for any conveyor belt or material size, thereby minimizing installation costs. Each Gamma-Metrics CBX is custom fit and optimized for the application in which it will be installed. Applications Gamma-Metrics CBX systems are typically used in the following applications at cement plants throughout the world: · Pre-blending stockpile control · Raw mix proportioning control · Material sorting

Analyze · Detect · Measure · ControlTM

Pre-Blending Stockpile Applications One of the most popular uses of the Gamma-Metrics CBX is controlling stockpile chemistry to meet quality targets, thus ensuring smooth kiln operation and providing flexibility in quarry operations. Whether the stockpile is longitudinal or circular, the Gamma-Metrics CBX allows the cement producer to achieve consistent composition, with minimal variations within and between piles. Raw Mix Proportioning Applications Kiln efficiency demands chemical uniformity in kiln feed, and feed uniformity comes from precise raw mix proportioning. Located downstream of the last raw mix component addition, a Gamma-Metrics CBX analyzing system provides the precise control needed to minimize raw mix variability, reduce raw material costs, and satisfy multiple QC targets.

The Gamma-Metrics CBX: Advancing the State-of-the-art The Gamma-Metrics CBX represents the most significant advance in cross-belt analysis since the company unveiled its initial product of this type in 1993. The user now looks forward to several unprecedented features: · Elimination of the requirement to install a sunshield or building to protect the analyzer from the elements · New design for supporting the analyzer to minimize structural support costs · Streamlined shielding to reduce complications from rerouting the return belt · State-of-the-art digital signal processor · New MVIA analysis methodology · New modular designed reference standards obviate the need for a crane · Single source and detector access (either side) Designed for peak performance and lower installation costs, this new millennium system sets a standard in online analysis.

Easily Integrates into the Conveyor Line The design of the Gamma-Metrics CBX system is such that its steel framework fits cleanly into a conveyor belt line with few modifications. The framework aligns with the "C" channels on which the conveyor line is supported. Existing steelwork and catwalks around the conveyor are generally not adversely affected. As an option, the user can choose to supply the steel assembly supports. Clearance requirements between the delivery and return strand of the conveyor are minimized so that bend pulleys that clear the lower part of the system are typically not required. In addition, the Gamma-Metrics CBX is uniquely configurable to identically match conveyor idler configurations, thereby ensuring a low stress transition from the idlers to the analyzer. This results in minimum wear of the belt and slider bed. Analysis Zone Configuration -- Tunnel Height, Width and Detector Position · System accommodates all material profiles and processes · Width and height optimized per application · Analysis zone geometry optimized to specific application · Adjustable detector positioning allows optimization to specific application MVIA The Gamma-Metrics CBX analyzer employs a unique and proprietary analysis methodology called Multi Variable Independent Analysis (MVIA). Thermo Electron's Gamma-Metrics CBX system is the only online analyzer in the industry to employ this advanced technology. MVIA utilizes a single calibration and provides accurate and robust analyses as process and material conditions vary (e.g. belt loading/production rate, moisture level, material type, etc.) Information Exchange and PC Interfaces The integration of a Gamma-Metrics CBX online analyzer into a cement production line generally requires a communication interface with a plant control network. The Gamma-Metrics CBX is extremely flexible in this regard and is compatible with most major communication protocols. The most popular protocol in use today is OPC. The system configures easily as either an OPC Server or an OPC Client.

Gamma-Metrics CBX Analyzer System

Gamma-Metrics CBX (CrossBelt Xpert) Online PGNAA Elemental Analyzer

Process Control Stockpile Control is accomplished either automatically or with a person in the loop (manually). In either case, the analyzer tracks the chemistry of the stockpile compared to the target chemistry and determines the preferred proportions of the source raw materials. Thermo has solutions for both longitudinal and circular stockpiles. Raw mix proportioning Control is usually accomplished automatically with the system's analysis triggering proportioning changes as frequently as each minute. Software accounts for varying time delays from the feeders to the analyzer and can accommodate multiple raw mix sources and control parameters. The control algorithm utilizes material cost minimization and allows the user to define priorities among the control parameters. Analyzer Components The Gamma-Metrics CBX analyzer system consists of four major subassemblies: Analyzer Assembly A unique modular assembly easily mounts onto a conveyor belt line and contains the detection and measurement mechanics of the system. Electronics Enclosure Advance high-speed digital electronics control, process, monitor and exchange information between the analyzer assembly and the Operator Console.

Operator Console The Operator Console (OpCon) is Thermo Electron's user interface for the GammaMetrics CBX system. The OpCon utilizes Thermo's standard Base Cement software package that provides analysis data on minute-by-minute, rolling average and interval basis; product tracking capabilities; extensive graphic functionality; alarms; and the ability to transfer data to control systems over an OPC link or by .csv spreadsheet files. Optionally, the OpCon can be loaded with process control software that allows either automatic or manual control of pre-blending stockpiles or raw mix proportioning circuits. Each OpCon has the capability for remote connection via a telephone line or the internet for troubleshooting and minor repairs. Reference Standards Unique modular reference standards are used to qualify and monitor the system's performance.

Gamma-Metrics CBX

Physical Overview of Gamma-Metrics CBX

Optional Shield Frame Assembly Analyzer Assembly

Reference Standards

Operator Console

Analyzer Electronics Enclosure Gamma-Link II


Gamma-Metrics CBX -- Online PGNAA Elemental Analyzer


Variable Physical Specifications Belt Size 600 mm (24 in) Length of Unit 2,438 mm (96 in) Width 1,600 mm (63 in) Approximate Height 1,869 mm (74 in) Weight 3,765 kg (8,300 lb) 800 mm (30 in) 2,438 mm (96 in) 1,600 mm (63 in) 1,933 mm (76 in) 3,765 kg (8,300 lb) 1,000 mm (42 in) 2,438 mm (96 in) 1,600 mm (63 in) 1,933 mm (76 in) 3,765 kg (8,300 lb) 1,200 mm (48 in) 2,438 mm (96 in) 2,032 mm (80 in) 1,991 mm (78 in) 4,875 kg (10,750 lb) 1,400 mm (54 in) 2,438 mm (96 in) 2,032 mm (80 in) 2,042 mm (80 in) 4,875 kg (10,750 lb) 1,800 mm (72 in) 2,438 mm (96 in) 2,337 mm (92 in) 2,068 mm (81 in) 5,985 kg (13,190 lb)

NOTE: Either Thermo or the end user can supply the frame to support the analyzer as shown in the picture on page 3.

Standard Physical Specifications Troughing Angle 35-degrees (standard) 45-degrees (optional) Electronics Enclosure NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure 1,096 mm (43.13 in) tall x 762 mm (30 in) wide x 295 mm (11.6 in) deep Electronics Connection to Analyzer Standard 25 m (90 ft) or 50 m (164 ft) cable length; Configurable on request Operating Temperature -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F) Electrical Specifications Electronic Enclosure 230 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, 5 Amps 4 wire (L1, L2, N, GND) Operator console 120 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 5 Amps 1 phases or 230 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 2.5 Amps 1 phase Communication Electronics Enclosure to Operator RS-422 twisted-shielded pair cable (Belden #8104 or equivalent) 2,000 m (1.24 miles) maximum or Console (customer supplied) Fiber Optic 62.5/125 multimode (minimum of 2 fibers) 4,000 m (2.49 miles) maximum Operator Console to Customer OPC client/server link, major communication protocols, ODBC Control System (customer supplied) Offsite Communication One data quality phone line or internet link required Isotope Source Cf-252 neutron source; amount defined per application and performance requirements

Analysis Capabilities

The Gamma-Metrics CBX System Measures and Reports the Following · SiO2 · Fe2O3 · Al2O3 · CaO · MgO · K2O · Na2O · TiO2 · SO3 · Mn2O3 · Moisture (optional) The Gamma-Metrics CBX System Computes the Following · Lime saturation factor · Silica ratio · Alumina-Iron ratio · C3S · C2S · C3A · C4AF · Total Alkali · Percent liquid · Burnability index · Burnability factor · Loss On Ignition · Custom Quality Formulas (customer defined)

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