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Thermo Scientific Aquakem 200, 250 and 600 Analyzers

Discrete analysis for the water and environmental laboratories

Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific

Increased efficiency and productivity with automated analysis

The Thermo Scientific Aquakem analyzers are sophisticated photometric systems for the precise and easily adaptable analysis of water and environmental samples. Aquakem is available in three models, 200, 250 and 600. These fully automated instruments ensure continuous and reliable operation in any size of laboratory.

Flexibility of analysis

All Aquakem analyzer models have automatic start-up and shut down protocols for true `walk-away' analysis. No reagent priming is required, enabling results from the first sample to be available within minutes of starting the analysis. Aquakem allows users to choose random access or batch analysis and the use of multiple chemistries with excellent automated pre and post dilution features. Automatic change from one chemistry range into another is also possible without user interference.

Continuous operation

The ability to add samples, reagents and reaction vessels at any time during analysis increases efficiency. Up to 84 samples may be loaded into 6 x 14 position segments. Calibrators and controls have their own dedicated positions but may also be placed in the segments. Sample tubes may be bar- coded for easy sample I.D. Reagents can be bar-coded and loaded into either a 35 or 45 position carousel. Cooling of the carousel ensures stable reagent environment. The comprehensive reagent manifest keeps a real-time check of reagent.

Minimised running costs

Aquakem has specifically designed for minimum reagent consumption and low operating costs. The unique low volume multicell cuvette provides true discrete analysis virtually eliminating carryover. Typical total reaction volumes of between 100 µl and 200 µl per test mean extremely low reagent costs in terms of usage and disposal.

Types of matrices analyzed include:

· Clean water · Wastewater · Soil/sludge digests · Effluents · Saline · Process water · etc

Easy navigation

The graphical user interface is clear and provides fast and convenient software navigation. Method set-up and test selection is easy. When a quick data transfer is needed, the Aquakem identifies automatically bar-coded samples and as a standard feature included bi-directional LIS interface is an extra asset. Results can be sent to a Excel file for further calculations and sample and control results as well as calibrations and used reagent lots can be archived.

Ready to use reagents

Aquakem ready to use reagents allow full automation and eliminate time consuming reagent preparation. These system reagents are bar-coded and delivered in pack sizes suitable for a variety of testing throughput. Bar code of reagents allows automatic transfer of vital information, like reagent identification, reagent volume, expiry date and lot number. Aquakem system specific reagents are stable and traceable, they eliminate reagent waste and reduce labour costs associated with reagent preparation.

Wide range of applications

With over 30 years of experience in research, development and manufacture of analyzer systems, the Aquakem 200, 250 and 600 meet customers' expanding needs in analytical testing. All test protocols are based on methodologies recommended by the standard methods in water and wastewater examination in many countries and those published in the U.K Blue Book. The comprehensive application menu as well as the selection of system reagents is developed continuously.

Current range of Aquakem system reagents:

· Ammonia · Chloride · Nitrite · Phosphate · Sulphate · T.O.N · more in development

The right choice for every cost-efficient laboratory

The compact Aquakem needs minimal space and fits easily wherever needed. Ease of use combined with minimal operating condition requirements make Aquakem the right choice for every cost-efficient laboratory. The Aquakem systems can be custom-programmed to meet individual testing needs in each laboratory. The highly qualified professionals at Thermo Fisher Scientific are happy to provide consulting, training and after sales support.

Complete range of proven analyzers

The Aquakem range of photometric analyzers is available in three basic models: Aquakem 200 with an analytical rate of up to 180 tests per hour Aquakem 250 achieves analytical rates of up to 250 tests per hour Aquakem 600 runs up to 600 tests per hour and is suitable for the higher throughput laboratory The models Aquakem 200 and 250 have an added option, a cadmium reduction module, for nitrate analysis and the model Aquakem 600 can be connected to a sample track system using the optional automation interface module.

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