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Fit the New Universal-R

Version 4.0 suitable for dual voltage supply: 12V or 230V in one controller!

No more hunting around for a replacement controller the Universal-R v4.0 replaces over 150 models of refrigeration (and heating) controls

The new Universal-R v4.0 Dual Voltage is designed to make life easier!

· · · · · · · Direct connection for either 12Vac/dc or 230Vac power supply Easy to programme in 3 Rapid Set-Up steps (see below) 6 facia buttons for direct access to main functions including On/Off Illuminated icons for showing status v4.0 can now control twin evaporator defrost v4.0 with built in compressor/condenser protection onboard v4.0 includes dead band control (with or without defrost)

NEW SIMPLE 3 STEP RAPID SET-UP having connected up the probes and wiring:

1 2 3

Press the `DOWN' key for 3 seconds to automatically detect and set the probe type (PTC or NTC) Press the `AUX/tC' key for 3 seconds to select the type of control you wish the Universal R to be Adjust the Set Point New version 4.0 with added features: · Dual 12V/230V power supply · 6 buttons for direct actions · Twin evaporator defrost control · Compressor protection · Suitable for heating applications

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The New Universal-R v4.0 Dual voltage controller

Designed to replace the majority of refrigeration industry standard 32x74mm format controllers in their most typical applications, the Universal-R offers a convenient and versatile solution, fitting the same size cut out as the controllers it replaces and is suitable for both a 12v or a 230v supply.

Applications The Universal-R has 3 operational relays and one configurable relay. It can work with 1, 2 or 3 probes and can be programmed to operate as any of the following types of controller simply by setting the required application in the "smart" parameter tC Parameter tC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Type of Control On / Off thermostat ­ Cooling Thermostat with Off cycle defrost (timed) Thermostat with Electric / Hot Gas defrost, time initiated / time terminated Thermostat with Electric / Hot Gas defrost, time initiated / temperature terminated Thermostat with Electric / Hot Gas defrost, time initiated / temperature terminated + evap. fan delay Thermostat for Twin evaporator defrost applications (similar to setting 5 but with two evaporators) On / Off thermostat ­ Heating No. of probes 1 1 1 2 2 3 1

Model replacement The Universal-R replaces over 150 other controllers in their most common applications, including: LAE ­ replaces over 30 models from the MTR, SDU, MCDU, CDC, LDU, CDC, MP, LD and A ranges Carel ­ replaces over 20 models from the IR, CR and PJ ranges Eliwell ­ replaces over 25 models from the EWTC, EWPC, EWPX, IC and ID ranges SAE ­ replaces RT31, RC31, RC31-1000, RC31-0100, RC32000, RC33 and DC31 models Intek ­ replaces RK31, RK32, RK33, TK31 and DK31 models Every/Evco ­ replaces 39 models from the EC3, FK and EVK ranges Dixell ­ replaces 20 models from the XR and XR-CX ranges Teddington ­ replaces the EK-R31, EK-R32 and EK-R33 Danfoss ­ replaces the EKC204 and EKC101 Penn ­ replaces the MR1PM12R-1C, MR1PM230R-1C, MR2PM12R-1C, MR3PM12R-2C and MR4PM12R-2C Beta ­ replaces over 10 models from the RD, RT, RC, BL and WH series For a complete list of models that the Universal-R can replace please see the Universal-R Replacement Guide, section 7 of our Commercial price list, or the downloads section of our website. Probe compatibility - with `Automatic Probe Type Recognition' Not only is the Universal-R compatible with NTC or PTC probes commonly used by most other manufacturers, it will automatically detect which type (NTC or PTC) it has been connected to. And should you wish to replace the probes, 2 fully encapsulated NTC probes (range -40°c to +105°c ) are included in the box.

Specifications Dual 12Vac/dc or 230Vac supply +/-10% 50/60Hz. Front Fascia water protected to IP65. Control range maximum -50°c to +150°c dependant on probe(s) being used. Display resolution to 0.1c; Accuracy better than 1% FS. Anti-tamper keypad protection. Compressor short cycle protection. Energy saving set point. CE approval. BS self extinguishing housing. Ambient conditions 0°c to +50°c, humidity 20 to 85%RH. Relay ratings 8(3)A/230V except fan 7(2)A/230V. Screw terminals for 2.5mm 2 max cables. Size (mm): 32H x 74W x 70D, Cut out(mm): 29H x 71W. Includes Audible/visual high & low temperature alarm plus a volt free relay which can be configured for alarms/auxiliary / light or dead band control. The digital inputs can be configured for external alarms - door switch - defrost - energy saving - remote on/off etc. Ordering · Universal-R complete with 2 NTC probes type NG6, range 40°c to +105°c · Optional 3rd NTC probe for twin evaporator defrost, type NG6, range -40°c to +105°c · Optional 3rd NTC pipe probe for condenser / compressor protection, type NT6-67, range -40°c to +110°c · Optional low temperature PTC probe(s) type S6.S, range 55°c to +110°c · Optional high temperature PTC probe (for heating) type S6.SH, range to maximum +150°c Wiring Diagram




APRIL 2011

DIXELL UNIVERSAL-R REPLACEMENT GUIDE. For guide purposes only. The Universal-R can replace all of the following controllers, providing all of their key functions. Some minor functions may not be offered. Note that the table below is not a comparison between the manufacturers listed.

LAE MTR11 / T1RDS MTR11 / T1RES SDU11 / T1RES SDU11 / T1REBS MCDU11 / T1RDS MCDU11 / T1RDS/1 MCDU11 /T1RDS/2 MCDU11 / T1RDS/3 CDC112 / T1RDS CDC112 / T1R3S CDC112 / T1RBS SPU112 SDU12T0RES SDU12T0REB SDU12T0RD SDU12T0RDC LDU151E LDU152E CDC112T1R2 CDC112T1R3B MP1-15 MP1-15B4EA LD1-15 LD2-15 MTR6 AT1-5 AT2-5 AD2-5 AD3-5 AH1-5 AR1-5 SAE RT31 RC31 RC31-1000 RC31- 0100 RC32- 0000 RC33 DC31 (PTC) INTEK RK31 RK32 RK33 TK31 DK31 (PTC) AKO EKV203 EKV204 EKV213 EKV222 EKV231 EKV241 EKV251 EKV253 FK200X FK203A FK203R FK207Y FK214A FK215A EVERY/EVCO EC3-120 EC3-130 EC3-131 EC3-110 EC3-111 EC3-180 EC3-181 EC3-185 FK200A FK201A FK201T FK202A FK202T FK203B FK203C FK203T FK214A EVK201 EVK211 EVK221 EVK202 EVK212 EVK223 FK209A FK214 DIXELL XR110C XR120C XR130C XR140C XR150C XR160C XR170C XR10C XR20C XR40C XR60C XR02CX XR03CX XR04CX XR06CX XR20CX XR30CX XR40CX XR60CX XR70CX ELIWELL EWPC901 EWPC902 EWPC961 EWPC970 EWPC971 EWPC974 EWPC977A EWTC101 EWPX161 EWPX161AR EWPX170 EWPX171 EWPX174 EWPX174AR EWPX177A EWPX185 IC901 IC902 ID961 ID961LX ID970 ID970LX ID971 ID971LX ID974 ID974LX CAREL IR32S IR32Y IR32C CR32S CR32T CR32X CR32Y PJ32Y PJ32S PJ32X PJ32C IR33FSOEP00/C IR33F7EN00/C IR33F7EN00/F PJ32M PJZERO PJ32V PJ32W PJ32Z PJEZ-S PJEZ-X PJEZ-C PJEZ-Y BETA RD31 RT31 BL21 RC31 BL32 RC32 BL33 RC33 WH31 RD21 BL22 BL23 TEDDINGTON EK-R31 EK-R32 EK-R33 DANFOSS EKC204 EKC101

PENN ­ replaces the MR1PM12R-1C, MR1PM230R-1C, MR2PM12R-1C, MR3PM12R-2C and MR4PM12R-2C.


Universal-R Nov.2010 (Page 1)

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