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Mark Watson, Vice President, Sales & Service, ESA Truck&Trailer.

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Thermo King tops for Marshalls.


Dear Customer, We are continuing our drive to further improve the life expectancy of our products, for example we have recently worked with our supplier of fan motors to develop a model that operates for 20,000 hours ­ double that of previous models. If you turn to page 4, you will see that life expectancy might be difficult to improve upon ­ one UK customer is still using an original SNWD purchased in the 1970's! Our regular "Tip from the Experts" can be found on page 6, this month focusing on the reduction of operating costs. I hope you enjoy reading this issue of TTC. If you have any feedback or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Yours sincerely,

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Welcome to the latest edition of TTC! I hope you will find it full of interesting new information. You will see the lead story is on a new product range we are introducing for trucks, the MD-200 and MD-300. Designed to give simple, cost-effective operation, we feel this product underlines our mission to respond directly to our customers' needs ­ to help you make your operation more efficient and effective. If you turn to page 10, you will also see we are further developing our range of cryogenic refrigeration units. The ST-CR 300 for rigid trucks is now available in a multi-temperature format, making it the ideal solution for busy urban multi-drop delivery schedules. With zero environmental impact, virtually no noise emissions, combined with extremely efficient operation, we feel that as environmental legislation continues to increase, so will the need for technology such as cryogenics and direct drive.

Tips from the Experts


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Autotransporti Vercesi relies on Thermo King


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Cryogenics Now in Multi-temp


Mark Watson Vice President, Sales and Service, ESA Truck and Trailer

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New MD-200/300

New & Improved MD Range Offers Superior, Cost Effective Operation

In line with Thermo King's policy to continually improve its product range to suit the needs of its customers, Thermo King have built on the proven reliability and quality of the existing MD range, with the introduction of the MD-200 and MD-300. Available now, the MD-200 and MD-300 are designed with simple, cost effective, reliable operation in mind. The new series, suitable for 5-7.5 metre long trucks, features improved fuel efficiency, better performance, and more environmentally friendly operation. The MD-200 replaces the existing MD II, while the MD300 will succeed the KD-II. The units will be manufactured at Thermo King's award-winning Galway (Ireland) plant. Efficient and Economical The new MD series consumes significantly less fuel than comparable competitive products. With fuel consumption contributing approximately 40% of the total life cost of a temperature control system, this could lead to substantial savings over the working life of the vehicle. Using the cube saver evaporator, the MD-200 and MD-300 have been designed to maximize payload space under the evaporator, allowing the operator to get the most out of each journey. In addition, the exclusive space saver condenser provides maximum cab clearance and reduces truck body height on conventional chassis. Operating costs are kept to a minimum with the MD series' innovative design to minimize maintenance requirements. The MD-200 and MD-300 come as standard with Thermo King's Extended Maintenance Interval package, EMI 2000. Using a combination of high quality filters and fluids, oil change intervals are increased to 2000 hours of operation, and coolant maintenance intervals to 12,000 hours. Superior Performance Using two high output, belt driven fans in conjunction with Thermo King's unique Smart Reefer system, the MD-200 and MD-300 deliver superior air circulation, eliminating the risk of short cycle air flow, where the cold air may not reach the goods at the rear of the cargo space. The end result is faster temperature pull-down, faster temperature recovery after door openings, and minimal temperature fluctuations. Thermo King's unique, reliable, high capacity reciprocating compressor at the heart of the MD-200 and MD-300 further enhances performance. Another exclusive feature in all Thermo King Smart Reefer units is the proven TherMax system, offering faster defrost cycles and superior heating capacity when it is required. Environmentally Friendly Operation Noise and vehicle emissions are becoming increasingly important issues, especially for urban deliveries. The MD-200 and MD-300 address these in a number of ways. Unit noise is kept to a minimum by using the quietest running engine available, and offering the Low Decibel Sound Reduction System as an option. With this system in place, the new MD series is 50% quieter than its predecessors. Emissions are kept to a minimum by using the cleanest burning, most fuel-efficient engine on the market. Warranty Protection The MD-200 and MD-300 are fully covered by Thermo King's standard two year warranty on all major components. In addition, Thermo King's range of maintenance packages through Total Kare is available on both units, offering simple, cost-effective maintenance plans.


Thermo King: Still top choice for Marshalls after 22 years

"Quality Assurance" is the key term at Marshalls of Butterwick, premier vegetable producers based in Lincolnshire, UK. With extensive investment in quality control and state-of-the-art cold stores, the company prides itself on its guarantee of product quality, from field to table. This is why, for the past 22 years, the company has been using Thermo King refrigeration units on its transport fleet, to ensure this quality is maintained on the final stage of the cold chain. Pioneers in the pre-packed vegetable industry in the 1950's, Marshalls now supply most of the leading UK multiples. In addition to over 6200 acres of prime growing land in Lincolnshire, the company ensures all year round availability of high quality vegetables by developing growing partnerships throughout Europe. Marshalls' fleet represents Thermo King trailer refrigeration from the 1970's, right through to the modern state-of-the-art such as discharge air control and temperature modulation, the SL-400e is perfect for carrying sensitive loads such as plants and vegetables on trans-European journeys, with no risk of top-freezing. "We have never had a problem with our Thermo King units," says Jim Thackray, Transport Manager at Marshalls, "which is why we keep going back to them. The Marshall Thermo King Spalding depot is only just down the road, making service and maintenance easy to schedule. "We have farms in Cornwall and Spain, and make regular trips to Italy to ensure a constant supply of fresh vegetables throughout the year," he continues. "We've never actually had a problem with the refrigeration units abroad, but it is reassuring to know that with the extensive Thermo King network, help is never far away." Jim concludes: "We couldn't ask for anything better."

SL-400e, all supplied by Marshall Thermo King. The oldest in the fleet, an SNWD mounted on a Gray & Adams body, has been on the road delivering vegetables, nearly every day for the past 22 years. The 1980's and 1990's are represented by Thermo King's simple to operate, reliable SB range: the SBI, SBII and SBIII, all mounted onto Gray & Adams bodies, and all still in regular operation. In 2002, Marshalls added the state-of-theart SL-400e to their fleet. With options

Through the generations - The Marshalls of Butterwick transport fleet represents TK trailer refrigeration since the 1970's. All units are still in use, including the 22 year old SNWD.


Dachser tests the SPECTRUM SL

German operator Dachser LebensmittelLogistik (DLL), in conjunction with Thermo King and bodybuilder Kögel, has developed an innovative solution for their multitemperature deliveries. The lack of standard offerings currently on the market prompted DLL to invite leading manufacturers from the transport refrigeration industry to put their heads together and come up with a brand new semi-trailer concept. Thermo King's Spectrum SL is currently on a six month trial involving five vehicles, with the vehicle that best meets the strict requirements set to determine the direction for future DLL refrigerated semi-trailer design. The trailer designed by Kögel and Thermo King stood out thanks to its flexible bulkhead system in combination with stateof-the-art bi-temperature loading technology, enabling it to deal perfectly with sensitive and more robust cargos simultaneously. The Spectrum SL multi-temperature unit is used with S3 remote evaporators, allowing the temperature of the individual compartments to be controlled individually. Using Thermo King's DAS data logger with six independent sensors, and the R:COM wireless transmission system, temperature in each compartment is logged at all times, providing reassurance to the customer that the cold chain is maintained throughout a load's journey. After the initial six month test phase, which will be overseen by the specialist refrigerated transport section of the TÜV institute for Southern Germany, Dachser will be in a position to determine the optimum combination of the various components required. The Dachser Lebensmittel-Logistik fleet comprises over 1,000 refrigerated vehicles. Alongside semi-trailers and rigid trailers, the company also operates trucks with a total weight of 12 tonnes. The latest generation of these vehicles have all been kitted out with Thermo King TS-200 and TS-300 units.

Herwig Kiesling, Thermo King Ulm; Mr. Schneider, Kögel; Mr. Leikeim,Dachser; Mr. Mendel, Dachser Food Logistik; Mr. Sattler, Daimler Chrysler Charter Way; Mr. Dirr, Kögel.


The message is simple, there is no need to purchase more cooling capacity than is necessary. Having made your choice of equipment it is always advisable to speak with your local Thermo King dealer to make sure that the equipment is set up to match your particular application. This is particularly true for transporters who run dedicated loads such as all frozen or all chilled. The new generation microprocessor controllers can be set up to optimise temperature control, while at the same time reducing overall running time and fuel consumption. A reduction in running time extends service intervals and lowers operating costs. Remember the latest generation of Thermo King trailer products have doubled the previous oil service intervals from 1500 to 3000 hours. This roughly equates to 150,000 km road distance, and a similar package is available on the diesel powered truck range with 2000 hours available as standard. Energy efficiency is the new thinking for all types of equipment. This is especially true for any product that burns fossil fuels. Therefore any reduction in energy consumption is not only good for the environment but also goes to the profit line on the balance sheet. Considering that fuel consumption accounts for approximately one third of the total life cycle costs of a transport temperature control unit, it is remarkable how few transporters actually know how much fuel their equipment actually burns. Thermo King products are very fuel efficient and produce more cooling effect for each litre of fuel consumed which makes them very energy efficient. So remember, in selecting new equipment ask lots of questions - not only about the initial purchase price, but also the costs you will incur throughout the life of the equipment. Use the expertise of the Thermo King dealer to advise you. He has tools that can help you do a professional job, save money, be more fuel efficient and, at the end of the day more profitable.



Joe Grealy


For those readers who make their living by professionally transporting temperature controlled products, the increasing economic competitiveness in the market place is all too obvious. It therefore stands to reason that anything that will reduce operating costs will increase profitability and/or make the business more competitive. In this article we will look at three key areas: equipment selection, settings and maintenance costs. Where should one start? Right at the beginning - before any buying decisions are made. The life costs of temperature control equipment may be divided into three separate categories: capital cost of acquisition, fuel costs and maintenance costs. Depending on where you are based the ratios may vary slightly depending on factors such as fuel costs, labour rates etc. Nevertheless they divide up more or less equally. When considering a new temperature control unit be sure that you tailor your purchases to your actual needs. In the semi trailer business the SL-200e and SL-400e models can cover all current applications. Speak with your local dealer or Thermo King to see what range of cooling or heating capacity you require. Slight adjustments to insulation values or colour of the bodies can make a significant impact on the type of cooling unit required.

Joe Grealy is Director, International Accounts.


Three Cryogenic trailers for


cryogenic refrigeration units against those of trailers with conventional refrigeration units. Freshhouse expects to have a clear idea of how the operating costs of Thermo King's new carbon dioxide refrigeration units compare with conventional diesel-driven units within the year. Freshhouse Versproducten B.V., Deventer (Netherlands), recently took delivery of three trailers with Thermo King's cryogenic SB-III CR refrigeration units. So far, Freshhouse has been putting Thermo King's new refrigeration system through very intensive practical trials. Freshhouse uses its fleet 24 hours a day to deliver fruit, vegetables and all kinds of other fresh produce such as dairy goods to a number of major supermarket chains. In all, Freshhouse supplies some 400 destinations, all over the Netherlands, most of them on a daily basis. The aim is to compare the availability and costs of the new vehicles fitted with But it's not the operating costs which are the most important factor as far as Freshhouse is concerned. The decision to go for Thermo King's cryogenic system was based mainly on its environmentally friendly advantages. Carbon dioxide refrigeration takes carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere and recycles it. This means that it does not increase CO2 emissions, and hence does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. In addition the system does not run on diesel, and its noise levels are well below the standard of 65 dB(A) which PIEK regulations will soon impose for deliveries outside normal working hours. Freshhouse also believes that carbon dioxide refrigeration is efficient, and ensures rapid temperature pull-down after door openings ­ an important factor on the company's multi-drop deliveries. As well as this, carbon dioxide gas is absolutely safe. Freshhouse also anticipates that opting for the environmentally friendly Thermo King cryogenic refrigeration system will boost its corporate image. Freshhouse has plans to build its own installation for filling tanks with carbon dioxide in the near future. The facility will also serve as a regional filling station, the idea being that other carriers who opt for refrigeration systems of this kind will also be able to fill up at Freshhouse.


Autotransporti Vercesi relies on Thermo King

Italian company Autotransporti Vercesi, forty-year veterans of the foodstuff and pharmaceuticals transport sector, relies on Thermo King refrigeration and remote monitoring with Trac-King to ensure the quality of their temperature controlled goods throughout every journey. With head offices at the gates of Milan, the company has grown rapidly over the last six years. It has expanded its fleet from eight to forty vehicles, including one very special Scania: the 50,000th truck sold in Italy by this Swedish company. The Vercesi fleet includes vans and trucks for short and medium-range distribution as well as semi-trailers for long distance haulage. "All our vehicles," says Paola Vercesi, company administrator, "semi-trailers, as well as trucks and trailers, are equipped with Thermo King cooling units and we are very happy with the way they perform." The majority of Vercesi's trailers are equipped with the SL-400 system which, thanks to its air discharge control, prevents top-freezing of high value, sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals. Vercesi operates its refrigerated transportation business in both the domestic (30%) and the international (70%) markets. It counts among its clients leading pharmaceuticals companies (Bayer and Glaxo) and foodstuffs suppliers (such as Fiorucci, one of Italy's leading salami and cold pork meat producers). Explains Paola Vercesi: "We encounter the greatest difficulties on the ferries we use for transport to Great Britain and Greece, where it is often difficult to maintain the right temperatures." This is the reason why the Italian company immediately seized the opportunity offered by Trac-King, with its GSM and GPS technologies, which enable trucks and products to be located, and their discharge, return air and internal cargo hold temperatures to be monitored. The immediate exchange of information between vehicle and base ­ via Internet or SMS ­ ensures that the cold chain is kept intact all the way from producer to consumer. For Vercesi, Thermo King's cooling units and their technology are indispensable tools for maintaining the quality of its service to customers.

Paola Vercesi with the company's latest trailer fleet addition, featuring Thermo King's state-of-the-art SL-400e.


Keeping cool down under

Leading Australian transport company FCL Interstate Transport Services relies on Thermo King refrigeration to keep its temperature sensitive products cool. With high-profile customers such as Cadbury, and deliveries right the way across the continent, accurate temperature control is of prime importance to the company. Established in 1974 with one truck and a hired trailer, FCL today remains a 100% family owned company, employing more than 500 transport professionals. The company is one of Australia's true pioneers in the area of interstate containerised transport, and has been voted the country's leading rail service provider in the last two "Freight in Australia" surveys. FCL currently has a fleet of over 250 refrigerated containers, and a number of refrigerated rigid insulated curtain-sided vehicles, carrying a wide range of temperature sensitive goods, from fresh produce to frozen food and pharmaceuticals, across Australia. The majority of the temperature controlled fleet uses Thermo King refrigeration, including SL-300, SB III, and Thermo King's state-of-the-art SL-400e. Most of the fleet is less than five years old, and features advanced diagnostic and temperature recording technology. Although the company already has substantial frozen and chilled warehousing facilities in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, FCL is currently expanding its national cold chain facilities to accommodate the company's growing number of customers requiring chilled and frozen distribution. Bill Gibbins, FCL's Managing Director, comments: "For us, the future is in temperature controlled product. I reckon inside five to ten years, if you transport perishable products that are supposed to be kept at 25 degrees, 17 degrees, 10 degrees, four degrees or minus 20 degrees, then that is the exact temperature they will have to be all the time." Craig Barrow, FCL's National Fleet Manager, continues: "As Australia's most prominent user of Thermo King products, FCL expects Thermo King's aftersales service levels to exceed our expectations. This challenge has been set for Thermo King Australia, and the results will speak for themselves."

FCL relies on Thermo King for their fleet of temperature controlled containers.

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Thermo King Cryogenics ­ Now available in Multi-Temp!

First two units now delivered to Valio Oy in Finland

Thermo King has just taken its groundbreaking cryogenic technology one step further, with the addition of a fully cryogenic truck unit with multitemperature capabilities to its range. The new unit is ideal for urban retail multi-drop delivery operations, especially where low noise is a key requirement ­ a market sector which Thermo King is actively targeting with this new product. The first two ST-CR 300 MT units in Europe have just been delivered to Finnish dairy company Valio Oy. A further six vehicles are yet to be delivered. Precise temperature management is a key requirement of Helsinki-based Valio, to protect their highly temperaturesensitive loads of dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and ice cream on deliveries to supermarkets, restaurants, retailers and shops involving up to 40 door openings per trip. Early morning deliveries into inner city areas also mean that noise and emission of pollutants are important factors. The new cryogenic units, installed by Thermo King's dealer in Finland, VTA Tekniikka, onto Renault 12T Midlum chassis, promise to meet these very strict requirements. "We are so far very impressed with Thermo King's cryogenic system," says Mika

Thermo King's first cryogenic multi-temperature units at a special event hosted by Valio Oy, Finland.

Jyrkönen, Logistics engineer of Valio. "We have carried out our own comparisons with diesel-powered units, and the cryogenic system is substantially more efficient - which is extremely important to us, as even a small temperature variation can mean a spoiled load." "Now that it is available in multitemperature format, it is the ideal solution for our operation," he continues. "We can deliver mixed temperature loads at the same time, such as milk and ice cream, and the low noise and `environmental friendliness' of the system makes it perfect for inner city deliveries." Thermo King's cryogenic systems are renowned for their efficiency, with pull-down rates up to three times faster than standard diesel-powered refrigeration units, and the ability to maintain set temperatures even with many door openings. As with all of Thermo King's fully cryogenic refrigeration units, which use liquid CO2 as a refrigerant in a unique, patented system developed by Thermo King, virtually no noise is produced by the refrigeration unit itself ­ a key factor in Valio's decision to use the cryogenic system, in order to meet strict noise regulations for deliveries into the inner areas of Helsinki. Established in 1905, the Valio group now employs over 4,200 people worldwide, with subsidiaries in Belgium, Russia, USA, Sweden and Eastern Europe and a turnover in 2002 of 1.6 billion Euros. In Finland, the company operates 18 plants, producing market-leading brands of milk and yoghurt, cheese, ice cream and fruit preparations.

Eero Alanne, Jens Lillebaek, Pasi Moiso, Rudiger Jehle, Joergen (Shorty) Nyberg, Jarri Naerki, Janne Hakalla, Mika Jyrkoennen, Harri Saviranta.

1 1

Cool units for airport logistics

For its airport logistics applications, Ulm (Germany)-based specialist vehicle manufacturer Kögel Kamag Transporttechnik places its full confidence in Thermo King units, specifically the V-700 MAX range with direct drive from the vehicle engine. The refrigeration units are undermounted on the "Catering Star", a specialist scissor lifting vehicle used to supply provisions to passenger aircraft. The vehicle is based on the Mercedes Atego, with a "half-cab" design, while the box body was designed by Kögel. The V-700 has been specially improved for this specific application with two additional features that are now available factory-installed: the Undermount Kit and the Airport Catering Kit. The former enables the equipment to be mounted between the vehicle axles,

The perfect alternative for Comby Service SRL

Italian company Comby Service SRL has recently taken delivery of five Thermo King A-1050 alternator-driven refrigeration units, for food distribution along the Adriatic coast. The units were installed onto Mercedes Atego trucks by Thermo King's dealer in Cesena, Fabbri. The A-1050 was chosen after evaluation of other refrigeration options, including competitive eutectic systems. Thermo King worked in conjunction with Mercedes Benz in Cesena and the bodybuilder to offer a complete package to Comby Service. Comby Service has depots in Cesena, Ancona and Pesaro, and customers include blue-chip companies such as Danone and Granarolo. The company already has 27 of Thermo King's direct drive V-300 systems in their fleet, with another 20 V-300s to be added in the coming months.

The alternator driven A-1050 provides Comby Service with the perfect alternative for their transport fleet.

A special edition of the V-700 MAX series for lifting vehicles.

whilst the latter offers longer hose lengths: the forward reach height of the lifting platform means that special 12-metre hoses are needed. Before delivering meals to the aircraft, the Catering Star is parked in the store and the cooling unit runs in standby mode. It only operates in on-the-road mode during the short trip to the aircraft. During unloading, vehicle and unit are switched off. When choosing the V-700 MAX series for the Catering Star, the deciding factors were the unit's low weight (roughly 195 kg including evaporator), low operating costs and excellent performance. At an ambient temperature of 30°C, for example, the V-700 MAX uses a cooling capacity of only 3700 watts to reach a setpoint temperature of -20°. And the unit also provides outstanding heating performance, ensuring that meals reach passengers without freezing even in severe frost.

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ny. Therm o o m r

g an d I R in w K

to king get he or

The recent European exhibition "Salon Européen de la Carosserie Industrielle et du Transport (Eurexpo Lyon, France, 8-12 April 2003), proved a great success for Thermo King Europe, with a substantial number of visitors coming to the stand. Thermo King were featuring their comprehensive range of temperature control solutions for the transport industry, from the extremely environmentally friendly cryogenic units, to refrigeration for vans, trucks and the top-of-the-range SL-400e for trailers. Of added interest was an exhibit you wouldn't normally find on a Thermo King stand: a display case of power tools. This was the first example of an ongoing

rfe n pe ct ha ri

and increasing level of cooperation between Thermo King and IR Productivity Solutions. "This was the result of an initiative born in an IR Works council meeting earlier this year," says Laurent Queron, Area Sales Manager for Thermo King in France. "We explored various possibilities for cross-selling and cooperation, and decided that having a presence on each other's stands at major exhibitions such as this one was a positive step forward." "There are many synergies between our market and that of Productivity Solutions," continues Laurent Queron. "Our customers are transport operators most of which have their own workshops

for maintenance, and therefore also have a need for the types of tools provided by Productivity Solutions." "It is a very positive step for both companies," says Philippe Obrador, IR Productivity Solutions General Sales Manager for Western Europe. "Being able to present other market-leading brands from within the IR group to our customers enhances our image, and lends credibility to our objective to provide `total solutions' to our customers." A `return match' is already planned Thermo King are already planning to be part of Productivity Solutions' stand at a major exhibition in October.


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