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The Vault Gear List


AKG C-1000s (2) AKG C-12 VR (1) AKG C-414 BULS (4) AKG C-451E/CK1 (2) AKG C-451EB/CK5 (2) AKG C-452E/CK2 (1) AKG 10dB in-line Pad (2) AKG D-112 (1) AKG D-12e (2) AKG D-224 (3) Astatic Vintage Dynamics (2) Sony C-800 Tube Mic(1) Sony C-500 (2) Sony C-48 (1) Sennheiser MD-421 (10) Sennheiser MD-441 (2) Sennheiser MD-504 (3) Beyerdynamic M-500 (1) Beyerdynamic TG-X50 (1) Calrec Soundfield IV (1) Soundeluxe U-195 (2) Coles 4038 (2) Audio Technica 4033 (1) Audio Technica 4050 (2) EV "Vintage" Mics (2) EV N/D 408 (5) EV RE-20 (1) EV 668 (1) Stedman N-90 (1)

Teac ME-120 (2) CAD E-100 (1) CAD E-200 (1) Neumann M-49 (1) Neumann M-149 (2) Neumann KM-84 (4) Neumann U-47 FET (2) Neumann U-67 Tube (2) Neumann SM-69 Stereo Tube (1) Neumann SM-69 Stereo FET (1) Neumann U-87 (4) Neumann U-89i (2) Neumann TLM-103 (2) Royer 121 Matched Pair Octava MC-012 (1) Peavey ERO-10 (1) Peavey PVM-T9000 (1) RCA 77 DX (1) Shure SM-7 (1) Shure 300 (1) Shure 51 (1) Shure 849 (2) Shure Beta 52 (2) Shure Beta 56 (3) Shure Beta 57A (2) Shure Beta 87 (1) Shure PE-585 (1) Shure SM-53 (5) Shure SM-57 (7) Shure SM-58 (2) Shure SM-59 (1) Shure SM-96 (2) Shure in-line Pad (2) Schoeps MK4 w/Cut 1 filter Crown PZM-30D (1) Crown CM-700 (1) Kingston 800 (1)


AMS RMX-16 Reverb w/Remote Alan Smart SSL Clone Dual Compressor Alesis Quadraverb II Altec 1612A Limiter/Compressor Altec 5-Channel Mono Summing Mixer Altec 6-Channel Mono Summing Mixer Aphex 104 Aural Exciter Type C API 512c Microphone Preamplifier (2) API 560 Graphic Equalizer (4) API 550b Parametric Equalizer (2) API 550a Parametric Equalizer (4) API 525 Compressor/Limiter (3) ART Pro VLA BBE 422A Sonic Maximizer BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer/Bass Preamp Behringer Dual Intelligate Calrec Channel Strip, PQ145 Pre/EQ (2) DBX 165a Over Easy Compressor (2) DBX 120xt Subharmonic Synthesizer DBX 160x Compressor (3) DBX 160S Compressor (2) DBX 160VU Compressor (2) DBX 172 Dual Super Gate DBX 166 Dual Compressor/Gate DOD RTA Series 2 Real Time Analyzers (2) Drawmer 1960 Tube Mic Pre/Compressor Drawmer DS-201 Dual Compressor/Gate (2) Drawmer DS-404 Quad Expander/Gate Drawmer LX-20 Dual Compressor

Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor Compressor (4) Empirical Labs EL-8x Distressor Compressor (4) Empirical Labs Lil Freq Dynamic/Parametric EQ (2) Eventide DSP-4000 Harmonizer Eventide H-3000S Harmonizer Eventide H-3000 DS/X Harmonizer (2) Eventide H-910 Harmonizer Fender Tank Reverb (Reissue) Focusrite ISA-215 Dual Mic Pre/EQ Focusrite ISA-430 "Producer Pack" Channel Strip (2) George Massenburg GML 8200 Parametric EQ Groove Tubes CL1s Compressor/Limiter Korg DTR-2 Toneworks Tuner (2) Langevin 116B Tube Mic Preamps (3) Langevin "Red" Solid-State Mic Pre's (2) Little Labs PCP instrument interface Line 6 Pod Pro and Bass Pod Pro Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb Processor Lexicon PCM-81 Digital Effects Processor Lexicon PCM-91 Digital Reverb Processor Lexicon PCM-42 Digital Delay Processor (2) Lexicon PCM-60 Digital Reverb Processor Lexicon LXP-15 Digital Effects Processor Lexicon 92 delta-t (2) Delay Processor Leslie 120C Rotary Speaker, circa 1960 Limpander Tube Limiter/Expander, circa 1955 Mackie 1604 VLZ 16-Channel Mixers (2) Manley Mastering Backbone Millennia NSEQ-2 Stereo Tube/Solid State Eqializer Neve 1073 Outboard Mic Pre/Eq's (2)

Neve 1064 Outboard Mic Pre/Eq's (2) Neve 5432 8-Channel Suitcase Mixer (2x 34128, 6x 34149 modules) Nightpro EQ-3d Dual Air Band EQ (2) Orban 672 A Graphic EQ Orban 674 A Stereo Graphic EQ Peavey VMP-2 Tube Mic Pre (Summit Clone) Pultec EQP-1R Tube EQ (2) Pultec EQH-2 Tube EQ (3) Purple Audio MC77 Limiter (2) Radio Systems T-101 Telephone Interface Roland RE-150 Space Echo Roland RE-201 Space Echo Roland SRV-3030 24-Bit Digital Reverb Roland SRV-2000 Reverb Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay Roland SDX-3030 Dimensional Expader Roland SDE-3030 Dimensional Space Delay Sony DPS-F7 Digital Effect Processor Sony DPS-M7 Digital Effect Processor Sony DPS-R7 Digital Reverb Processor Sony DPS-D7 Digital Delay Processor SPL 9842 Transient Designer Dynamics Processor SRS UW-02 Stereo Imaging Processor TC Electronic 2240 Dual EQ/Preamp TC Electronic 2290 Digital Delay TC Electronic Finalizer Mastering Processor TC Electronic M-2000 Multi Effects Processor Telefunken V-72 Mic Preamps (2) Teletronix LA-2A Compressor/Limiter

TL Audio PA-2001 Quad Tube Mic Preamp TL Audio C-2021 Dual Tube Compressor TL Audio Dual Tube Mic Pre/DI Tube Tech CL-1B Compressor/Limiter Tube Tech PE-1C Tube EQ Universal Audio LA-2A Compressor/Limiter Urei "Blackface" 1176LN Limiter (3) Urei 1178 Dual Limiter Urei LA-4 Compressor/Limiters (6) Urei 565 "Little Dipper" Filter Set (1) Urei 545 Parametric EQ (2) Yamaha 2031 Dual 31-band Graphic EQ Yamaha SPX-90 Digital Effect processor Yamaha SPX-990 Digital Effect processor White 4400 EQ (2) White 4200 EQ (2)




Fender 12-String Electric Custom Fender 1959 Telecaster Fender 1960 Jazzmaster Fender 1978 Jazz Bass Fender 1977 Precision Bass Fender American Reissue '61 Stratocaster Fender American Sunburst Telecaster Fender Bass 6 Baritone Guitar Fender Japan Reissue Jazzmaster


Gibson 1963 355 TD Gibson 1969 Dove Acoustic W/ Dearmond pickup Gibson 1971 Gold Top Deluxe W/ Mini Humbuckers Gibson 1972 Dove Acoustic Gibson 1975 F-5 Mandolin

Gibson 1972 SG w/Bigsby Tailpiece Gibson J-200 Acoustic Gibson Les Paul 25/50 Anniversary Custom Gibson Reissue 1960 Les Paul Classic 90


Gretsch "Brian Setzer" 6120 Custom w/Bigsby Gretsch 1958 Nashville Gretsch 1972 Chet Atkins Nashville w/Bigsby Gretsch Duo Jet Roundup w/Bigsby Tailpiece


Martin 1935 0017 Mahogany Martin 1990 D-35 Martin 1993 000C-16 Martin Sigma Acoustic Bass


Rickenbacker 1958 240 Large Body w/Vib-Rola Rickenbacker 1961 345 Large Body Rickenbacker 381 U69 W/ Bigsby Rickenbacker 1962 365 WB Rickenbacker 1967 330 12-String Rickenbacker 1972 360 Burgundy Rickenbacker 1974 420 Rickenbacker 1989 John Kay Limited Edition Rickenbacker 4001 Stereo Bass Rickenbacker Electric Mandolin


Yamaha 10N Nylon Electric Cutaway Yamaha 12-String Custom Yamaha APX-10


Schecter Custom Strat Goya Classical Nylon Hagstrom (David Bowie/Latin Playboy Type) 1964 Hofner 1970 "SuperBeatle" Bass JD Supernatural Bass, Mark King Model

Jerry Jones Electric Sitar Larrivee Cutaway Ovation 12-String Cutaway, Angel Step Walnut Parker Fly Deluxe Taylor A-10 Artist Series Warwick 5 String Thumb Bass Vulcan Harp


6-Piece 1994 all maple clear coat Drum Workshop kit:

10×8 Fast Tom 12×9 Fast Tom 14×11 Fast Tom 16×13 Fast Tom 22×18 Kick Drum DW 7000 Pedal and all stands


Sabian: 14 B8 Hi Hat, 8 Splash, 10 Splash, 16, 18, 20 Crashes, 20 China, 22 Power Bell Ride Paiste: 18 Power Crash, Zildgian: 20 Bell Ride, 18 Wuhan China 4-Piece 1960s all maple Sonor Jazz kit: 12 Tom 16 Tom 20 Kick Drum all stands


'59 14×6 Slingerland Maple & Mahogany Snare '65 14×5 Slingerland Maple Snare '70s 14×9 Tama Maple Snare '60s 14×7 Ludwig Metal Snare '60s 14×5 Sonor Maple Snare


Matador Bongos, 16 Remo Djembe, Remo Guiro, Misc. Shakers, Claves, Tambourines, Titanium Mark Chimes, etc...


Boss Auto Wah Boss Dual Overdrive Boss Super Feebacker/Distortion Boss Metal Zone Boss Digital Delay/Reverb Danelectro Daddy-O Demeter Bass Preamp Digitech Whammy Wah DOD Envelope Filter DOD Vibro Thang Tremolo Jim Dunlop Tremolo/Pan Jim Dunlop "Cry Baby" Wah Wah ElectroHarmonix Echo Flanger ElectroHarmonix Electric Mistress ElectroHarmonix Screaming Tree 1960s Fender Fuzz Wah 1960s Fender Phaser Ibanez TS-9 Original Tube Screamer 1960s Leslie Rotating Speaker Line 6 Pod Pro Line 6 Bass Pod Pro Lovetone Ring Stinger Lovetone Flange with no name Maestro Stage Phaser Matchless Hot Box Class A Overdrive Pedal Mesa Boogie V-Twin Distortion Pedal

Morley Auto Wah Morley Crystal Chorus 1970s Super Fuzz Sovtek Big Muff Smokey Cigarette Pack Amp Sansamp Classic Original 1960s Uni-Vibe Vox Wah Wah


Access Virus TI Synthesizer Akai CD-3000 sample player Akai MPC-2000 XL Akai S-5000 sampler Arp Omni II Boss DR-660 EMU Mo Phatt EMU Orbit 9090 Farfisa Organ Fender Suitcase Rhodes EP Fender Contempo Organ Korg M-3 Workstation Korg Trinity Pro Korg Micro Vocoder Korg Triton Extreme Korg Wavestation EX Nord Lead III Keyboard Oberheim Matrix 1000

Roland Fantom X6 Roland D-50 Roland JD-800 Roland JV-1080 (3 Cards) Roland JP-8080 Roland MC-505 Roland R-8 Roland S-770 Roland XP-50 (4 Cards) Roland Pad-8 Octapad Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 w/MIDI Studio Electronics ATC-1 Tone Chameleon Yamaha C-7 Studio Grand Piano Yamaha U-1 Upright Piano Yamaha TG-77 Yamaha RM1x Yamaha Motif ES6


Ampeg Bass Cabinet 4×10+15 Ampeg SVT I Ampeg SVT III Fender Princeton 1963 Fender Princeton Reverb 1969 Fender Pro Reverb Blackface 1966 Fender Super Reverb 1970 Fender Twin Blackface 1966 Fender Tank Reverb (Reissue) Fender 8×10 Bass Cabinet Hiwatt 4×12, 100-Watt DR-103 Head Hiwatt 50 Custom Combo Hiwatt D100LR Head Krank 50-Watt "Boutique" Head Krank 100-Watt head + 4×12 cabinet Leslie 120C Rotary Speaker 1960s

Magna 10-Watt 1955 Magnatone Esay 1963 Marshall JMP Combo 50-Watt 1972 Marshall 4×12, 100-Watt JMP-900 Head Marshall 1969 Plexi Head, 100-Watt Matchless Clubman Reverb Head Mesa Boogie 4×12, 100-Watt Dual Rectifier Head Orange 4×12, 50-Watt MD120 Head Peavey 5150 II Head (previously tweaked by EVH) Peavey 410 Classic 50 Combo Peavey Classic 30 Roland Jazz Chorus 55 Top Hat Mojo Sound 410 Cabinet Trace Elliot SM-200 Bass Amp Trace Elliot Studio 30 Trace Elliot TA-100R Acoustic Vox AC-10 Combo 1968 Vox AC-30 Combo Rectifier W/Greenbacks Vox AC-30 W/Bulldogs Zinky Mo-Fo 50W head with 2×12 Zinky Cabinet


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