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Part #1 Individual Assignment (60 points)

1. Define and tell the function the following Key Words: (Organelles) a. Nucleus b. Cytoplasm c. Ribosomes d. Endoplasmic Reticulum e. Mitochondria f. Vacuole g. Cell Wall h. Cell Membrane i. Golgi Bodies j. Lysosomes k. Nuclear Membrane l. Chromosomes m. Chloroplast n. Organelles Points: 1 points each 2. Compare and Contrast the plant and Animal Cell. 3. What are cells? Information and describe. 4. Make a rough draft drawing before starting the final Paper. 5. Cover sheet. 14pts. _____ 5pts. _____ 5pts. _____ 4pts. _____ 2pts. _____

6. Make a Drawing of a Plant and Animal Cell and Label the parts. a. Animal Cell b. Plant Drawing 15pts _____ 15pts _____


Pre Cell Project Assignment:

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Pre Cell Project Assignment: