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Bowtie Onesie Instructions

1. Cut out pattern pieces for desired onesie size. 2. Trace pattern pieces onto fabric and cut out fabric. Transfer markings on larger rectangle to fabric. 3. Fold larger fabric according to markings. Angle folds slightly to give bow shape. Baste folds in place.

4. Iron larger rectangles with folds.

5. Use Wonder-Under to fuse fabric to onesie. Follow the directions that come with the Wonder-Under to fuse the two fabrics together. Place square over the edges of the two folded rectangles. 6. Once the fabric is fused to the onesie, use the zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine set to very close stitches and sew over the edge of the tie appliquéing it to the onesie. Ta-da! The onesie is finished.

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Bowtie Onesie

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