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Moses' Stone Tablets Paved the Way for the Testaments of Jesus Christ

Enumclaw, WA ­­Author Scott Campbell's new book, The Ten Testaments, identifies and presents ten definitive principles Jesus taught and demonstrated during his ministry over two thousand years ago. Campbell's primary purpose for writing is to inspire others and bring hope to those searching for happiness and peace of mind. "Moses gave us the ten commandments. Jesus gave us the ten testaments. The ten commandments guide us away from what we should not do, whereas Jesus' ten testaments guide us toward what we should do in order to lead better Christian lives." Early in his adulthood, Campbell sought self-fulfillment and purpose through wealth and status. Over time, Campbell's quest for monetary success left him feeling unhappy and empty. Turning his back on materialism, Campbell looked towards religion and the church for happiness. "I eventually discovered true success hidden in the principles that Jesus taught in the New Testament of the Holy Bible." The testaments are ten principles and themes found in Jesus' lessons in the New Testament. Campbell expands on the biblical themes such as: love, forgiveness, humility, faith, materialism, thanksgiving, service, honesty, enthusiasm, and obedience. "Many readers of the New Testament find it difficult to understand the message behind the parables taught by Jesus. I wrote The Ten Testaments to help clarify and summarize Jesus' teachings into ten easy-to-understand principles. My hope is that readers will grow more in the Christian faith by fully understanding and practicing the lessons illustrated in The Ten Testaments." Scott Campbell is passionate about leading a life based on Christian beliefs and then sharing those principles with others. An Account Executive for Modern Office Methods, Inc., Scott and his family make their home in Cincinnati, Ohio. To order visit or call 877-421-7323. For more information, to request a review copy, or to schedule an interview, please contact Adam Cothes by phone at 360-802-9758, or by email at [email protected] ###

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