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The Terry Enright Foundation 181 Donegall Street Belfast BT1 2FJ Tel. (028) 9031 2831 Mobile: 079 19918581 Web: e-mail: [email protected]

Staff Team BJ McKevitt Harry Murphy Rosey McCrory Julie Corbett Jennifer Hislop Jim Morgan

Committee Paul McKinstry Paul Curran Tom O'Dowd Terry Enright sr. Mary Enright Niall Enright Debbie Watters Harry Connolly John Hegarty

Grant Giving Programme Paul McCann Caitlin Cahill Darren Briers Paul Hamilton Anna Marie Burns Michael Fegan Dee McComb

Terry Enright was twenty-eight years old when he was murdered in Belfast. A father of two young children and a devoted husband, Terry was also a dedicated youth worker who pursued and excelled in athletic and outdoor activities. Terry inspired those around him through his dedication, loyalty, tirelessness and good humour. Born in 1969, Terry grew up in the Upper Springfield area of West Belfast. From an early age Terry got involved in different sport and leisure activities such as Boxing, Soccer, Gaelic football, Hurling and Irish Dancing. Terry seemed to have the energy and drive to excel at anything he put his mind to. He became a positive role model and an inspiration to all those young people he worked with. He never judged people from their past actions but recognised the potential that all young people possess. He championed the disadvantaged and marginalised, and worked with young people regardless of where they came from or how they were viewed by society. He embodied the qualities of leadership and represented the best of what communities affected by conflict can offer. Terry had many fine qualities - he was fearless and kind, creative and energetic, thoughtful and principled. The Terry Enright Foundation was set up in April 2002 in his memory by family and friends. Its core aim was to celebrate his life through the pursuit of excellence in youth work and to nurture leadership amongst young people in the most disadvantaged communities in our society. The main objectives of the Foundation are; The support of young people from communities of greatest need to develop leadership qualities and skills and to provide opportunities for challenge and learning. The delivery of quality work with young people as a way to commemorate the volunteering spirit of Terry Enright whose personal qualities of dedication, commitment and humility were an inspiration to those who came into contact with him. The development of policies and programmes that will help to foster good community relations and bring young people together. The empowerment of young people through their involvement in all aspects of the work of the Foundation from programme design to grant giving and decision making. The practical support through the provision of advice, training, support services, advocacy, mentoring, policy interpretation and leadership to communities.

The Foundation has been engaged in a number of key areas of work over the past year that have included community leadership; grant giving; key partnerships with a range of organisations; the delivery of training and education programmes; outdoor adventure; and research and development. The key outcomes of the work of the Foundation in the year to the end of February 2009 are: · 148 young people participated in the Outdoor Education Programme in 2008. The programme was planned, managed and delivered by young leaders and involved young people from throughout Northern Ireland and the border counties. 38 individual young people and 12 organisations were supported by grants given by the Foundation. Applications for these grants and bursaries were assessed by young people and support was given to a range of projects that focused on training and education and community benefit. 48 young people completed their First Aid training with a further 8 young volunteers completing their Defibrillator Training. These young adults were from throughout Belfast. 50 Young Leaders took part in the OCN Level I Play work in the Outdoors which enabled them to work with children and young people in an outdoor setting during the Summer Months. The course included understanding the nature of play, its importance and the need to adhere to good health and safety procedures. A further 26 also completed the OCN Level II Play work in the Outdoors which looked at using the outdoor environment as an aid to creative programming with children and young people.














8 young leaders who were members of the Bursary Award group completed their OCN Level I and 6 went on to finish their Level II in Grant making. 26 young leaders completed their Child Protection Training. They included young people from throughout Belfast. 18 young leaders completed their ASIST training in partnership with the West Belfast Suicide Awareness Group. 67 Young Adults participated in a youth conference that looked at the issue of Community Safety for young people. 42 young people took part in a conference looking at issues facing young people living on interface communities in North Belfast. 340 young people participated in a survey that addressed the issues around the safety and well being of young adults in both rural and urban communities in Northern Ireland. There are currently 138 young people registered through the Text Message Service, receiving regular updates and information on programmes and support available from the Foundation. Foundation staff completed a total of 1040 hours of outreach and detached youth work in communities throughout Belfast. The Foundation completed 9 residentials in the past year with 122 young people.



The Foundation worked with the following groups and organisations in the past Year: · Upper North Community Empowerment Partnership

The Leadership Programme is the flagship project of the Foundation and has been supported by the International Fund for Ireland during this past year. The key aim of the project is to develop the skills and experience of young people with the potential for community leadership from throughout Belfast. We support young volunteers and provide training, advice and support for their volunteering work across a range of disciplines from youth work to politics and from sports development to outdoor education. The programme included an audit of need and a timetable of training and education for young leaders throughout the year.

The Programme has a number of strands and seeks to identify and foster community leadership amongst young adults in areas of greatest need in the Greater Belfast area. Over the past year the Leadership programme has evolved from the conviction that to change communities and tackle division, it should be done from the inside out. The programme seeks to empower communities and their young people. The Leadership Programme has developed from a humble blueprint into a programme that works at any number of levels and offers something to any young person regardless of their ability or educational attainment. At its most basic it seeks to foster, nurture and

celebrate potential in areas of need across the city. During the year the Leadership programme became the central tenet of the work of the Foundation. The staff team have been working tirelessly to put in place a programme of education and training to best suit the needs of the young people involved.

During the year, the Young Community Leaders Programme has supported 62 young people engaged in voluntary and community activities throughout Belfast. Young leaders from all quarters of Belfast have participated in the programme.

Over the past year we have supported volunteers and organisations through programming, training and advice services. The programme has been a key resource for communities to address issues facing young people and for young adults to gain the skills needed to offer leadership to others within communities.

Outdoor Adventure has traditionally been a tool used by staff at the Foundation to engage with hard to reach young people and to bring out the leadership qualities and attributes of young adults. This year's work has included a series of outdoor education and adventure initiatives from residential training events to the Terry Enright Challenge which took place in the Mournes in September. At the heart of this stream of our work is an intention to engage positively with young adults and to give them the opportunity to challenge themselves, work together and to gain self confidence and outdoor skills. Young people who participated in the residential training programmes and the challenge itself came from across Northern Ireland and the border counties.

The key aim of the Outdoor Adventure Programme was to develop the capacity of young people through team based activities. It was designed to encourage participation and team work and to give young people an appreciation of the natural environment. It is also intended to challenge, give young people responsibility and to help build their self esteem and self confidence. Through participation in the Outdoor Adventure Programme, many young people have been inspired and motivated to get involved at a range of youth programmes

and community initiatives; and to play a positive role in their life of their community. The Terry Enright Challenge offers young people an opportunity to take part in a range of training events and educational activities during summer months and beyond. The programme has been used by a range of youth and community organisations. This has included those working on interfaces with young people susceptible to risk taking behaviours such as perceived anti-social behaviour and recreational rioting. This years Challenge Programme involved youth groups from areas across Belfast including the Lower Falls, Limestone Road, Upper Springfield, New Lodge, Tigers Bay and Twinbrook. There were also teams from Dundalk and Coalisland. In all 148 young adults participated in activities linked to the Outdoor Adventure Programme in the past year. The Challenge itself took place over the last weekend of September 2008 and was delivered in partnership with Challenge for Youth and with the aid of volunteers from

across Northern Ireland. The route took teams from Tollymore through to Rostrevor Forest Park taking in a number of peaks. The final event of the Challenge Programme was the presentation event held at Groundwork NI in October. The winners of the Challenge were a group of young people from Twinbrook. Orlaith Duffy from the Upper Springfield was awarded the Endeavour Award for outstanding contribution to the Programme.

The Grant Giving Programme offers grants to support young people and youth projects from the areas of greatest disadvantage and need in Belfast. The Foundation has awarded £35,302.69 since it was founded in 2002 in the form of small grants to youth and community groups and individual young people involved in voluntary activity within their communities. In the past year, we awarded £13,902.69 to young people engaged in positive activities within their local community. The key aim of the Grant Giving Programme is to offer young people the opportunity either as individuals or as part of a group to gain new skills and to make a difference to the lives of young people and adults within their community. The central tenet of the programme is that the money be used to support voluntary endeavour and community action. Through an open call for applications, we invited young volunteers and community organisations to seek support for youth led initiatives. The young leaders have been involved in every step of the Scheme - from setting the criteria, designing the application, launching the scheme through to assessing the applicants and recommending the awarding of the bursaries. Some of the young people who received support throughout 2008 included: Christopher Bingham Chris was supported by the Foundation to enable him to involve other young people from the Tigers Bay area of North Belfast in the Challenge. They were able to get support and gain some experience in working as a team and they completed the challenge in September. Chris has since been involved in completing his first aid,

and volunteers in the Newington Area of North Belfast. Kris has worked as a volunteer on the Challenge Programme for the past number of years. Ann Marie Gibney Ann Marie has been volunteering with Challenge for Youth for the past 5 years and received a bursary from the Foundation towards the cost of driving lessons. This will benefit her not only in her voluntary work but also when applying for jobs in the community sector. Jolene Bunting Jolene is from the Lower Oldpark area and she gained support from the Foundation to organise a project to look at the history of Crumlin Road jail. This involved the young people researching the history, getting permission to use the building, inviting people to the event and culminated in a cross community tour of the jail when the young people dressed up in prison guard uniforms and became tour guides for the day. Jolene has continued to be involved with the Foundations Leadership Programme. Michael Kerr Michael hails from the Twinbrook area and is heavily involved in fitness and boxing groups in his area. Michael received financial assistance from the Foundation to take part in an OCN level III in fitness and circuit training. He hopes to work in the leisure industry but also plans on setting up a group in Twinbrook to engage with young people in personal health and fitness. David Gibney David received support from the Foundation to set up a resource library of books that can be used by anyone interested in youth work. Dee is from the Ardoyne area and has been involved with in youth work for 4 years firstly as a participant in a programme and then as a volunteer and paid worker.

child protection and OCN Level I and II in outdoor play. Jennifer Allsopp Jennifer received an award from the Foundation to support her voluntary work with a school netball team who participated in European tournament in Spain. Jennifer is a young volunteer involved in youth work and community support in the New Lodge and Carrickhill areas of Belfast. Sinead Armstrong Sinead volunteers in her local youth club 4 nights a week and coaches a young women's dance team every week. She received a bursary from the Foundation to cover some of the costs in taking a Dance Teachers Exam and hopes to some day open a Dance studio in West Belfast. John McMahon John has volunteered with both Challenge for Youth and the Terry Enright Foundation and he has gained qualifications in various types of outdoor pursuits. John volunteers each year with the Terry Enright Challenge. He has received support from the Foundation to purchase equipment to further his training. He will also deliver some outdoor sessions for the Foundation. Kris McCoey Kris was awarded a bursary from the Foundation to help with the cost of his Mountain Leadership Training. He has been involved in youth work for a number of years

Research and Development has been a central strand of the work of the Foundation over the past year. We have been involved in the development of a youth led community safety programme in partnership with Challenge for Youth and Northern Ireland Alternatives. This has involved the participation of 340 young adults in a survey that looked at the issue of young people's safety, service delivery and empowerment. We researched the issues with young people through a series of residentials and a conference held at Unison in June. We have since developed a business plan to deliver a youth led community safety partnership.

We plan to deliver an ambitious and innovative programme to address issues around the safety of young people. The project will empower young people to work alongside statutory and voluntary agencies; provide community and family support and deliver a range of educational initiatives and direct interventions. We aim to use a range of models from restorative justice, outdoor adventure and education, leadership, formal and informal education as well as mentoring and volunteering to create a youth led initiative that will address the issue of the safety and well being of children and young adults. We plan to work alongside individual young

people, at risk groups, families, statutory agencies and communities to create a unique, dynamic and far reaching project.

The Terry Enright Foundation, on behalf of all those involved with this project wish to acknowledge the support of the following organisations and individuals over this past year. Organisations The International Fund for Ireland The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation BBC Children In Need Community Relations Council Challenge for Youth Corpus Christi Youth Centre Artillery Youth Centre The Urban 2 Programme Northern Ireland Alternatives Manor Street Community Centre South City Resource Centre The Lloyds TSB Foundation NI PBNI Bernard Tierney and Company The Ulster Bank ASG Co-operative YouthWorks CTC Associates LNBCC Individuals Joe Hynds Banjo Bannon Terry Burns John Bourke Michael McAlinden Deena Soliar Muriel Bowyer Seamus Kelly

The Foundation has also been involved in a research programme that worked with young people to look at issues that affect the lives of young people living in Interface communities in Belfast. We worked with the Two Parks Project and hope to support young people to make a series of recommendations to policy makers in the near future. As part of the Research and Development Programme we are currently developing a range of innovative projects to address the needs of young people in Belfast and further a field. We have submitted a number of funding proposals and are engaged in on-going programming.


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