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July 2007


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Remarks from Past & Current Chairmen

Benny Vanecek

Past Chairman 2006-2007

Hi to All, What an enjoyable two years as Chairman of the Texas Ranger Association Foundation. The Foundation has now grown by $500,000 to a now $2,000,000.00 Foundation. The Ranger Captains brought in a great bunch of new board members. Captain Richard Sweaney, Company "B" brought in Steve Sikes, Gary Crawford, Danny Chandler and Randy Watson. Captain Randy Prince, Company "C" brought us Scott Egert. Captain Clete Buckaloo brought us Henry Tindall and Ken Rice. Captain Barry Caver, Company "E" brought us Tom Sloan. Captain Kirby Dendy, Company "F" brought us Michael Lam, Jack Layne and Jim Chionsini. Captain Tony Leal of Company "A" brought us Russell Molina. I have been on the Board for 20 years and I believe this is the most enthusiastic board we have ever had. Mr. Randy Watson with the Justin Boot Company brought the Foundation a check for $250,000 from their foundation. Board member Vern Foreman and Captain Barry Caver had an "Evening with the Texas Rangers" in Odessa that made almost $200,000.00. Byron Johnson with the Ranger museum has become a great friend of our Foundation. He has

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Texas Ranger Reunion 2007

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Texas Ranger Association Newsletter Chairman's Corner, cont. from p.1

July 2007

offered his assistance to us on many occasions and has been very instrumental in obtaining funds for the new Knox Hall. Ms. Constance White and her committee members have done a remarkable job awarding scholarships to the children of the Texas Rangers. It has been truly rewarding to work with our new Executive Assistant Jessica Shaw. She has done a remarkable job for our Foundation including our June Annual Reunion. I sincerely appreciate everyone's cooperation and support these two years. The Foundation is very fortunate to have Ed "Bubba" Hudson as our new chairman. He will lead us to great things. All the best, Benny Vanecek, Past Chairman


E.E. `Bubba' Hudson

Chairman 2007-2008

I am very honored and pleased to be the new TRAF Chairman. I follow behind a man whose dedication and hard work to the TRAF will be hard to match. Benny Vanacek's exceptional leadership helped the foundation move in an upward direction. It is my challenge to maintain that positive course. Looking to the future, it is hard not to reflect on the past.... The foundation would not be successful without the hard work of all of its members. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize a small handful of members whose hard work has contributed to the great success of the TRAF. Russell Molina, our new finance chairman, worked diligently to set up our banking relationship with Frost Bank and streamed line procedures to provide up to date financial information to the board. Gary Crawford took charge of the raffle sales for our annual fund raiser, bringing in high dollar revenue for the


foundation. The food at the reunion was excellent, and our heartfelt thanks go out to Constance White and Spindletop Charities, Inc. for donating the food, their time and their support. We thank them for their continued support of the TRAF. The Midland Odessa gala was an outstanding event. Cpt. Barry Caver and Vern Foreman and all their assistants did a superior job organizing the event and raising funds for the foundation. The future holds so much potential for TRAF.... Next years reunion, while still in Waco, will not be at Knox Hall due to renovations of the hall. I am in the process of finalizing other arrangements for the reunion and will notify you all with the final plans. I have already began working on ideas to get the raffle tickets out sooner so everyone has more time to sell more tickets. I believe in the commitment to TRAF and sharing that commitment by being on a committee. It is that dedication that makes the TRAF successful. In the near future, I will be issuing the list of committees and chairpersons. I look forward to working with each committee to meet our unified goal to make the TRAF the best ever. The TRAF offices will be under renovation soon. Steve Sikes is currently working with an architect to draw up plans for the renovations, and I will keep you informed as the project gets underway. I am pleased to announce the addition of Jessica Shaw as our administrative assistant. She is not only friendly and caring, but very committed to the TRAF. Her drive, motivation and commitment make her a great pleasure to work with. I am proud to call her our little "Rangerette". In closing, I would like to say that it is indeed an honor for me to be a part of the TRAF and be your Chairman. I am dedicated to working hard the next two years to continue the positive drive and ensure the success of the TRAF.

E.E. `Bubba' Hudson

Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Rang anger Te x as R anger Foundation


Each year the Texas Ranger Association Foundation hosts the Texas Ranger reunion in Waco, Texas in honor of the retired Texas Rangers and their families. The reunion kicked off with the 20th Annual Captain Bill Wilson Memorial Golf Tournament at Battle Lake Golf Course Friday morning. The golf tournament was once again completely booked and a tremendous success! "Through tremendous participation we had 144 players. In combination with hole sponsors and raffle items, over $13,000 was raised for the scholarship program. I would like to personally thank all who contributed to the preparation and execution of the tournament." Lt. Alvin (Al) Alexis, Company "F." Later that night the festivities began in Knox Hall at the Ranger museum with a Catfish Fry and silent auction. This year there were over 100 items, and many were custom made for this Ranger reunion. The silent auction also began and lasted the entire weekend. It featured many excellent items which brought out some competitive bidding. During the Friday night dinner, all 100 plus retired Texas Rangers we recognized and those that attended the event were given the gifts of a leather portfolio and shot gun case. Prior to the actual reunion weekend, the organization members had been selling raffle tickets for this year raffle. The gifts included a 4x4 Rhino ATV and trailer, custom made saddle, pair of his and her Justin boots and Kimber Stainless Steel .45 pistol. These gifts raised over $50,000 towards the scholarship program. Next year the raffle hopes to exceed this year's number of tickets sold and plans to even have better prizes than this year. "This years raffle was great and next year I hope we all work real hard and sell over $100,000.00 in tickets." Gary Crawford, TRAF Secretary. Saturday morning the memorial service was held in the rotunda of the museum to recognize all the retired Texas Rangers that had passed away in the last year. Immediately following the memorial service, the board of directors met for their annual meeting. This year Benny Vanecek stepped down as Chairman and E.E. "Bubba" Hudson took over as Chairman. Also Cpt. Jack Dean moved to the Vice Chairman position, Steve Sikes moved to the Treasurer position and Gary Crawford became the Secretary. Each will serve in those positions until June of 2009. "It is indeed an honor for me to be a part of the TRAF and be your Chairman. I am dedicated to working hard the next two years to continue the positive drive and ensure the success of the TRAF." said E.E. "Bubba" Hudson, new TRAF Chairman Immediately following lunch on Saturday afternoon, the ladies hosted their traditional ladies gift swap. Wives of the current and past Texas Rangers and members wives participate in a social event and exchange gifts to get to know one another. Saturday evening there were two guest speakers. One was Lieutenant General (Ret) Ricardo Sanchez, commander of coalition ground forces in Iraq and was the highest-ranking Hispanic in the Unites States Army as of November 2, 2006, when he retired. The second was past scholarship recipient US Air Force Captain Heather Martin, daughter of Texas Ranger Lt. Hank Whitman. Each gave riveting speeches about their experiences and offered thanks to the foundation for this event. Each speaker gave riveting speeches about serving their country and the experiences they have had. Jeffrey Shaw, a Captain in the US Army and a guest at the reunion, said that he thought that both guest speakers were very informative, inspirational and patriotic. Photos > 3

Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Texas Ranger Reunion 2007 - Golf Tournament

Golf Course


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Texas Ranger Reunion 2007 - Retired Rangers


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Texas Ranger Reunion 2007 - Board of Directors Meeting


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Texas Ranger Reunion 2007 - Banquet


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Texas Ranger Reunion 2007 - Banquet


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Hats off !!!

to Texas Ranger Companies A and C

Chances are that if you host a golf tournament, you have the opportunity to raise a lot of money, especially when it involves the Texas Rangers! That is exactly what the Texas Rangers from Company "A" and "C" did last fall, and all proceeds collected from their tournaments were donated to the TRAF Scholarship Fund. Captain Tony Leal and his Company "A" Rangers, TRAF directors and many supportive sponsors held a tournament in Houston, which raised $18,000! Helping to make this possible were Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton who underwrote the player fees. Captain Randy Prince and his Company "C" Rangers, and many supportive sponsors held two tournaments, the first in Lubbock and another in Denver City. Collectively, the tournaments raised nearly $15,000! Company "C" Directors Joe Kay, Scott Egert and Lee Kidd were instrumental in coordinating these tournaments as well as underwriting much of the costs related to them. Even though these tournaments were hosted by two different Ranger companies, each was attended by other active and retired Rangers and TRAF directors from across the state. After all, the proceeds go to a common cause, which is to help educate children of active Texas Rangers while attending a college or university. For the past three years, an average of 45 students have benefited from this fund. During the 2006-07 academic year, Texas Ranger companies "A" and "C", together, were represented by 13 students receiving scholarships. Both Captain Leal and Captain Prince appreciated all of the volunteer efforts and generous support, and they are looking forward to hosting these events again in 2007!


As a result of the selection process for the position of lieutenant, Texas Ranger Division, the following individuals will be on the eligibility list for one year.



Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007


The Texas Ranger Scholarship Fund awarded $148,500 in scholarships during the academic year 2006-07 to 46 children of active Texas Rangers. This represents not only the largest number of recipients receiving a scholarship since the TRAF scholarship program began in 1982, but it also represents the highest dollar amount going to each `full-time' recipient. The increased dollar amount to $3,500 per year is in response to the soaring tuition costs at most colleges and universities. The scholarships are rewarded on a semester to semester basis. Each recipient is required to maintain a "C" grade point each semester and correspond with the scholarship chairman with updated transcript information. Recently, the TRAF Board of Directors approved a policy that a recipient enrolled as a full-time student will be rewarded a scholarship for a limit of 5 years to earn an undergraduate degree. The TRAF Scholarship Fund is funded by the generous support of many individuals, foundations and corporations! During the annual reunion, proceeds from the Captain Bill Wilson Memorial Golf Tournament, the raffle and the silent auction are designated to the scholarship fund. Through efforts of the active Texas Rangers and their designated TRAF board representatives, several events are held across the state to benefit this fund.

"The scholarship fund is a way to show our appreciation to the active Texas Rangers who are protecting us every day. It has been an honor and a pleasure to communicate with their children and realize how much the scholarships mean to each of them."

Constance White TRAF Scholarship Chairman


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Scholarship Recipients

Amanda Ann Authier

Ranger parent: Sgt. Russell Authier, Co. C College: University of Houston Major: Anthropology "Thank you very much for the scholarship you have awarded me. It will help me to continue my education and to pursue my dreams."

Kenneth Bryan Ray III

Ranger parent: Sgt. Kenny Ray, Co. B College: Sam Houston State Major: Journalism "I am honored to receive the Ranger scholarship because of the legacy of the men it represents. Without the Texas Rangers, there might not be a Texas A&M University. And just like A&M, the Rangers are an institution that represents honor, integrity, the importance of tradition, and service to others. To be so closely tied to both is an honor above all else. I could never truly describe what it means to me to have received this scholarship, but if I had to sum it up it with one word, I would say `proud'."

Katelyn Nicole Miller

Ranger parent: Sgt. Arthur J. Miller, Co. H College: Texas A&M Major: Economics & International Business "Thank you for your support in furthering my education. I really appreciate this award."

Amy Leigh Hutson

Ranger parent: Sgt. Joe Hutson, Co. F College: Texas Tech Major: Interdisciplinary Studies "Thanks also for your hard work and support of the Texas Rangers like my father. Your generosity is helping me to afford my dreams."

Christopher Keith Caver

Ranger parent: Capt. Barry Caver, Co. E College: Stephen F. Austin Major: Art "The scholarship you have blessed me with has played a vital role the gratitude that my family and I have for the opportunity."

Stephen Kyle Taylor

Ranger parent: Sgt. Brian Taylor, Co. A College: Sam Houston State Major: Kinesiology/ Sports Medicine "The Texas Ranger scholarship has been a tremendous help to myself and my family, affording me an education and giving me a great start in life. Thank you so much."

Monica Esther Castanada

Ranger parent: Sgt. Rolando Castaneda Jr., Co. D College: Univ. of Texas-Brownsville Major: Medicine "This scholarship has not only assisted me with finances, but it has also given me more of a drive to better myself and my grades!"


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

An Evening with the

Texas Rangers

The silent auction held during the evening proved to be a great success! Paintings, pistols, spurs, boots and many other notable and custom made items were auctioned off. Many of the bids were highly competitive for items such as the giclee print of `The Ranger Code', by famed cowboy artist Bruce Greene, which was signed by all 118 Texas Rangers from across the State! The overall success of the Company "E" event may have inspired other TRAF directors and Texas Ranger Companies to host events during the winter meeting in future years. "When I asked the board to consider Odessa for the winter meeting, I know that most people want to go to the popular tourist cities like San Antonio, Houston or Ft. Worth. No one would imagine that Odessa could raise this amount of money." said Mr. Foreman.

Hosted by Company E

During the TRAF winter meeting on February 23 and 24th, 2007, in Odessa, Texas, the Company "E" Texas Rangers and its directors hosted a beautiful fundraising event, "An Evening with the Texas Rangers". Coordinated by TRAF Director Mr. Vern Foreman, his wife Charlotte, and Company "E" Captain Barry Caver, the event was attended by over 300 persons, all contributing to its huge success of raising over $200,000 for the Texas Ranger Association Foundation.


Mr. Foreman stated, "If I may boast, we were very pleased with the outcome. We had originally set a goal to raise $100,000 and our final numbers show that we doubled our original goal. It is hard to be disappointed over that." Mr. Tommy Lee Jones, the actor notorious for his role as ex-Texas Ranger Woodrow Call in the motion picture produced from Larry McMurtry's novel The Lonesome Dove, was the guest speaker for the evening. Mr. Jones not only donated his time for the event, but graciously posed for pictures with table sponsors prior to the event. Following his presentation, Mr. Jones participated in a forum style question and answer session. Table sponsors were also treated to having an active Texas Ranger as one of their table guests, which allowed them to learn more about the role the Texas Rangers play today in protecting the citizens of Texas. Additionally, while guests were seated for dinner, they were serenaded by the Satin Strings, the strolling orchestra from Odessa Permian High School. The harmonious sounds from this student orchestra were greeted by an enthusiastic standing ovation! 12

Guest speaker Tommy Lee Jones is serenaded by a member of the Satin Strings of Odessa Permian High School.

Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

An Evening with the Texas Rangers

Many groups and individuals contributed to ensure the success of this event, and Mr. and Mrs. Forman and Captain Caver appreciate all of the volunteer help from so many individuals. They would like to extend a special thank you to the following for their hard work, dedication and generosity which led to the success of this event:

Mr. Tommy Lee Jones Justin Brands Jeffrey Longbotham Bryan Foreman Kyle Lewis Macy Chionsini Sidney Ingram Lambda Alpha Sorority Ray Naizer Dustin Gragg Boy Scout Troop 372

Tom Sloan Odessa Chamber of Commerce BSA Venture Crew 777 Paradigm Badlands Rangers Reenactment Group Greg Mauzy Scooter Murray Terry Johnson Mariachi Band of Odessa High School Odessa Police Dept. & Explorer Post 55 Satin Strings of Odessa Permian High School


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007


February 23-24, 2007


Odessa, Texas

Winter Meeting


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

TRAF Winter Meeting - Dinner Reception and "An Evening with the Texas Rangers"


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

TRAF Winter Meeting - Dinner Reception and "An Evening with the Texas Rangers"


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

TRAF gets


powerful way to its members and potential donors will hopefully help the organization raise more funds to carry out its mission: to ensure that the education and healthcare needs of Texas Rangers and their families are met." Balcom said. Founded in 1993, the Balcom Agency has provided its clients with comprehensive advertising, public relations and marketing solutions to various business challenges. The agency's roster also includes such local, regional and national clients as Justin Boots, Justin Original Workboots, Tony Lama, Texas Health Resources, Alcon Laboratories, the Neeley School of Business at TCU and Colonial Savings. Visit for more details.

Associations, like public companies or their products, need a brand image. A brand is a promise the organization makes to its constituencies and transcends the services provided by the organization or product. The brand of the Texas Rangers is based on the legacy of heroism and dedication of its law enforcement officers who have served, and continue to serve, the citizens of Texas. In 2006, the Balcom Agency, a fullservice marketing communications agency offered their services to help the Texas Ranger Association Foundation (TRAF) update its brand by leveraging the Texas Ranger brand. The purpose of a new brand is to help the association clearly communicate its mission and purpose. "The Texas Rangers represent an important part of Texas history," said Stuart Balcom, president and chief executive officer of the Balcom Agency. "The men and women who currently serve or have served as Texas Rangers deserve a foundation that represents their ideas and values. The TRAF does indeed, represent the essence of the Texas Rangers. However, the organization needed to communicate their purpose in a more compelling way. A new brand can do just that." As part of the development of the new branding strategy, the agency created an updated logo, new fundraising collateral, foundation presentation materials and public relations tactics. The agency is nearing completion of a new TRAF Web site. "Telling the TRAF story in a more

Old version of TRAF brand

New version of TRAF brand


Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Trade Show in Ft. Worth, TX

On March 23rd-26th the TSCRA held their 32nd annual trade show at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Steve Sikes, a dual director in both organizations was the front runner in joining these organizations. Mr. Sikes said that the TRAF was well represented at the convention. Several new benefactors were added to the foundation and many more were very interested in our foundation and what the foundation contributes to the Texas Rangers and the Museum. The print, "The Ranger Code", was also on display and several of the prints were sold as well. Our total contributions for the weekend were over $6,000. Captains Sweaney, Caver, Dendy, and Buckaloo were present as well as Lt. Byrne and Turner. Rangers, Denning, Harmon, and Clark from Co. B also helped with the booth. Foundation members Joel Jackson, Retired Captain Jack Dean, Gary Crawford, Tony Hill and TRAF employee Jessica Shaw also played a huge role in making the event successful. Mr. Sikes says, "Having the presence of active Texas Rangers made a positive impact to the convention and helped the TRAF become more known and what our foundation does for the Texas Rangers and the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum." "This year's show broke all records with 680 attendees", states Kathy Wood representative of TSCRA. There was 183 companies exhibiting in 305 booths and this makes it one of the biggest shows in recent times. Overall there were more than 1200 people that attended the 4 day convention. The TSCRA and The Texas Rangers have been very closely connected, because the TSCRA Special Rangers/Inspectors receive their commission from the Department of Public Safety DPS and the Texas Rangers. Both law enforcement branches work together and often the cattle raisers call for help from the Rangers and DPS. 18 TRAF & TSCRA recently have been coordinating on membership drives at local farms and events. We pass out membership information and spread the word about what we do as an organization. We hope these efforts will increase knowledge and membership to the organization. About the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association is a 130-year-old trade organization whose 14,500 members manage approximately 5.4 million cattle on 70.3 million acres of range and pasture land, primarily in Texas and Oklahoma.

Recently, Texas Ranger Association Foundation and Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association became allied members and TRAF attended the annual TSCRA trade show.

Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Trade Show

Ft. Worth Texas


Jessica Shaw,

New TRAF Administrative Assistant

My name is Jessica Shaw and I am the new full time employee for the Texas Ranger Association Foundation in Waco, Texas. I am very excited about this opportunity to work with such a prestigious organization and am so honored to be associated with a great group of people. I really look forward to working and meeting each and every one of you, if I have not already met you. To give you an idea of who I am, my husband and I are originally from California. My husband is in the United States Army as an Apache pilot and last January he was stationed at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. We now live in Temple, Texas and really love it here. Prior to working for TRAF, I was the Marketing Director for Obsidian Capital Group in Newport Beach, California. I worked with domestic and international clients (mainly Japan) and helped try to market and brand them through Internet advertising, call center marketing, newspaper, radio and TV ads. I hope to do the same for TRAF as we move forward. I graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in communications-journalism and a minor in political science. I also recently received my master's degree in business communication. 19

Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Texas Ranger Museum News

Texas Ranger Association Gains Office and Formal Relationship with the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

After decades of successful cooperation, TRAF and the TRHFM have formalized their affiliation as the State historical center of the Texas Rangers and the sanctioned support foundation. Following the January TRAF Board meeting, the two organizations signed a memorandum of agreement pledging to work together for their mutual benefit. The agreement sets the following goals: (1) Mutually develop and promote educational, heritage and preservation programs relating to the Texas Ranger service. (2) Enhance communications and service to the public and the Texas Rangers. (3) Increase visibility and interest in the TRAF and the TRHFM. (4) Construct fundraising and public programs that are complimentary and collaborative and not competitive with each other. Each organization retains its individuality and independence while agreeing to share its resources and talents on mutually beneficial goals. To further this relationship the City of Waco, State trustee of the museum, has made available a long-term lease on a 1,400 sf. building in the museum complex to be used as a Texas Ranger Association Foundation Headquarters. TRAF is in the beginning stages of trying to remodel the facility. TRHFM Board and City hope this gesture will facilitate many more years of cooperation between the two organizations.

Texas Rangers Headquarters and Education Center

A number of capital improvement projects are underway at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum. Several will directly benefit our partnership with the Texas Ranger Association Foundation by facilitating joint projects. On April 11th Texas DPS issued the notice to proceed with the construction of the $2.3M Texas Rangers Company "F" Headquarters and Public Safety Education Center. The law enforcement and educational complex is located in a riverfront park on I-35 adjacent to the museum. It will be the largest Texas Ranger Company Headquarters in Texas when completed fittingly a part of the official State museum of the Texas Rangers. Company "F" will gain a 6,000 sf. headquarters --more than three times the size of the current 40year old headquarters. Adjoining this will be a 2,600 sf. Public Safety Education Center designed for youth and adult public safety programs, the in-service training needs of the Texas Rangers and allied law enforcement agencies, and special meetings. The deadline for completion is December 21, 2007. Company "F" Headquarters is, fittingly, the first step in the renovation and improvement of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum. 20

Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

Texas Ranger Museum News

Tobin and Anne Armstrong

Texas Ranger Research Center

Fund Drive

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is privileged to announce a capital fundraising project in honor of two universally respected Texans, the late Tobin Armstrong and Ambassador Anne Armstrong. The museum would be grateful for referrals and assistance from TRAF members in reaching the goal. The heart of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is the Texas Ranger Research Center. This library and archives facility was founded in 1976 to house and preserve Ranger service records, correspondence, photos, criminal case files, books and other irreplaceable documents going back to the 1830's. The Center's staff assists students, teachers, genealogists, authors and movie and television producers on myriad projects, and has assisted the Texas Rangers with decades-old "cold cases". Over the years, the Research Center has outgrown its modest 900 square foot facility and plans call for a modern facility of approximately 4,000 square feet with greatly expanded archive, exhibit and reading space. The new, well-equipped and professionally staffed Research Center will be built by private subscription. Background on the Armstrongs Tobin Armstrong grew up on the Armstrong Ranch in Kenedy County, Texas. He served in the Army Air Corps as a fighter pilot in the 56th Fighter Group of the 8th Air Force in Great Britain in World War II. In 1950 he married Anne Legendre of New Orleans. They made the 50,000-acre Armstrong Ranch their home except when Anne Armstrong served as ambassador to Great Britain. Armstrong made significant contributions to the beef industry. He served on the Federal Department of Agriculture Boards and the board of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association for 48 years. Armstrong received numerous awards including the Soldiers Medal for valor in WWII, election to the International Stockmen's Hall of Fame of the International Livestock Congress, the Texas Legends Award from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and the National Cattleman's Leadership Award. Is grandfather was the legendary Texas Ranger John B. Armstrong who brought in John Wesley Hardin. Anne L. Armstrong served as a United States diplomat, politician, and the first female Counselor to the President during the Nixon and Ford Administration. From 1971 to 1973, she was Cochairman of the Republican National Committee and was the keynote speaker at the 1972 Republican National Convention. (She was the first woman from either major party to Keynote at a national convention.) From 1976 to 1977, she was appointed the first woman United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom. In 1987, she was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Ronald Reagan. In addition to her public life, she has also served on the boards of several United States corporations including American Express, Boise Cascade, Halliburton, and General Motors. Texas Rangers Hall of Fame & Museum 100 Texas Ranger Trail Waco, TX 76706 Phone: (254) 750-8631 21

Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007


The Ranger Code Painting TRAF Memberships


To become a benefactor of the foundation initial contribution of $1,000 is required. In recognition of this participation, a certificate signed by the chairman of the foundation and the senior captain will be issued. Additionally a tie tack, window decal and benefactor card will be issued. The benefactor will receive all newsletters and correspondence from the foundation. An invitation to the annual reunion will be extended to the benefactor.

The Texas Ranger Association Foundation is offering the public an opportunity to own a piece of history while honoring the heritage of the Texas Rangers through the sale of limited edition prints from a commissioned, original painting. Entitled "The Ranger Code" by famed cowboy artist Bruce Greene, the painting is the first time the Texas Rangers has ever endorsed and commissioned a piece or artwork. The Foundation's board of directors set out to commission an original oil painting from a prominent western artist as a way to honor the history and high standards of the Texas Rangers. The painting was to depict a Texas Ranger event and be created by an artist that represented the character of all Texas Rangers: uncompromised ethics and integrity. The board felt Greene personally reflected these standards, so he was selected and commissioned for the painting in 2005. To research his subject, Greene was given access to the archives at the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas. The painting was inspired by the code of conduct implemented and followed by the Rangers, a good example being "Rules and Regulations Governing Company C, Ranger Force" issued by Captain John H. Rogers in 1906. His code included the type of maintenance of equipment, camp duties, protection of state property, condition of quarters and most important, that every Ranger be sober, honest and of good moral character. The board purchased the painting in 2006 and presented it as a loaned gift to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, Texas where it is on permanent display. 22


For an initial contribution of $5,000, a headquarter company benefactor will receive all the benefits of the benefactor. Additionally, recognition of the status will be displayed at the annual reunion.


A distinguished benefactor status will be established by an initial contribution of $10,000 or more. The distinguished benefactor will receive all of the privileges of participation listed above. The name of the distinguished benefactor will be displayed prominently at each annual reunion of the foundation. Each benefactor will be eligible to serve on the board of directors if nominated by a Captain in the Texas Rangers and approved by the board of directors of the foundation. For more information on participation options, please contact Jessica Shaw at (254) 752-1001.

Gifts, Signs, Etc.

The gifts below are available for purchase. There is a limited supply, so act fast! Waco Remodel Clearance! TRAF Jackets $45 (limited supply) Ranch Signs (member only) Shot Gun Cases $65 Reduced! More gifts will be available at a later date. Any questions about how to order, please contact Jessica Shaw at (254) 752-1001.

Texas Ranger Association Newsletter

July 2007

2007 Newest Benefactors

Over the years, we have been honored to have contributions from people around the state and country from all walks of life. This year is no different and we would like to again thank the following people/organizations for helping support our cause and the preservation of the Rangers and their families.

Contributors from January to July 2007

Distinguished Dis tinguished Benefactors actor Benefact ors

Bearing Supply Co. Charles N. Schwarz Hamilton, Mike Holt, Robert B. John Thomas c/o John G. Thomas Family Foundation Jones, Tommy Lee Sloan, Thomas M. Quality Electric Steel Castings, LP - John Sturkie

Benefactors actor Benefact or s

Allison, Les L., III Angelo, Ernest Jr. Armstrong, Anne L. Armstrong, John Barclay Armstrong, Tobin, Jr. Bueno Investments , Inc (Benny Vanecek) Cisco Ford Equipment Double `O' Electric ­ David Olvera Evans, Richard W., Jr. Hartman Newspapers, LP ­ Bill Hartman Hixon, Sarita Armstrong Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez Lucas, Harry Jr. Lucas, Philip B. Lusk III, Charles M. M&M Elevator Co. Martin, Heather McGuire Industries, Inc. McShan, Bruce A. Nolan, R.R. and Bobbie J. Maxie Orms, Clint Othal, Brand Jr. Ryffel, James A. Sanchez, Lt. General (Ret.) Ricardo Shaw, Howard J.-HO BO Ranch Teinert, Cliff The Westchester Foundation Vari, Ron Vince, Edward J. West, Brad Wood, Donald E.


Headquar uart Headq uar t er Benefactors actor Benefact ors

Moore, Jason Cranfill, Johnathan

Dyke, Lester M.

Patterson-UTI Drilling Co. Tyree, Terry Gibbs, Cecile & Mike Sikes Family Income Trust Walton Family Foundation Contact Brenda Dean

Texas Ranger Association Foundation 104 Texas Ranger Trail Waco, Texas 76706 Phone and Fax: 254.752.1001 Email: [email protected]

2007 TRAF Board of Directors

COMPANY "A" Robert L. Dabney Jr. ­ Houston E. E. "Bubba" Hudson ­ Houston - Chairman Joel W. Jackson ­ Kingwood Russell S. Molina ­ Houston Henry J. N. Taub, II ­ Houston Constance White ­ Houston COMPANY "B" Danny Chandler - Dallas Gary Crawford ­ Benbrook - Secretary Gray McWhorter ­ Pittsburg Robert Nieman ­ Longview Steve Sikes ­ Ft. Worth - Treasurer Randy Watson ­ Burleson COMPANY "C" Bobby G. Day ­ Lubbock Scott Egert ­ Lubbock Joe Kay ­ Denver City Lee M. Kidd ­ Denver City COMPANY "D" Jack O. Dean ­ San Antonio - Vice Chairman James C. Hasslocher ­ San Antonio Charlie Rankin ­ McAllen Ken Rice ­ Crystal City Dr. J. Marvin Smith, II ­ San Antonio Henry Tindall - Dilley COMPANY "E" Frank Deaderick ­ Odessa Vern Foreman ­ Odessa Tom Sloan - MIdland Benny Vanecek ­ El Paso - Past Chairman Joe K. York, Jr. ­ Brackettville COMPANY "F" Jim Chionsini - Roosevelt Tom Lacy ­ Waco Mike Lam ­ Gatesville Jack Layne ­ Chilton Robert K. Mitchell ­ Waco HEADQUARTERS Tony Hill ­ Nacogdoches T. D. "Rusty" Howell ­ Marshall RETIRED RANGER REPRESENTATIVE Glenn Elliott ­ Longview FOUNDING DIRECTORS EMERITUS R.E. "Sonny" Spradlin ­ Kilgore DIRECTORS EMERITUS Bob C. Bustin ­ Kilgore Frank Camp ­ Kilgore Dr. Charles Chamberlain ­ Brenham Ben Choate - Celina Billy Crawford ­ Henderson Lee Drain ­ Dallas W. Lewis Epps ­ Pampa Ray Hargrove ­ Dallas Mark Herfort ­ Rosenberg Charles W. Mattox ­ El Paso John J. Omohundro ­ Woodlands Wendell Tucker - Kilgore



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