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margaret mcdermott bridge is named

The Trinity Trust is delighted to announce the naming of the I-30 bridge ­ designed by world-renowned architect and artist Santiago Calatrava ­ as the Margaret McDermott Bridge. Dallas philanthropist Margaret McDermott was the first individual to make a personal contribution that ensured Dallas' ability to secure a designer of Calatrava's caliber. Margaret McDermott has honored her husband Eugene McDermott, one of the founders of Texas Instruments, by guiding the McDermott Foundation to become one of Texas' most important charitable foundations. Focusing primarily on the arts, culture, and education, the McDermott Foundation has responded to all aspects of needs and has helped Dallas emerge as a 21st century city of vision and culture. The Margaret McDermott Bridge will be comprised of sixteen lanes including an HOV lane. Drivers will cross the Trinity with the soaring white arches framing the big Texas sky and the two lakes reflecting below. Driving is an integral part of

c o n t i n u e d o n p a g e 2

Hidden deep in the corridor, the Trinity River flows gently along, unaware of the big changes in store for its waters> Here at the Trinity Trust, we live with the future all around us reflected in our full calendar. Let's take a look at the progress of this $1.7 billion, 10,000 acre project.



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CALATRAVA BRIDGES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD Women's Bridge Buenos Aires, Argentina Alameda Bridge Valencia, Spain Alamillo Seville, Spain Turtle Bay Sundial Bridge Redding, CA Alcoy Bridge Alcoy, Spain Bach de Roda Bridge Barcelona, Spain Campo Volantin Bilbao, Spain La Devesa Bridge Ripoll, Spain Lusitania Bridge Merida, Spain Milwaukee Art Museum Footbridge Milwaukee, Wisconsin Oudry-Mesly Bridge Creteil, France Puerto Bridge Ondarroa, Spain Trinity Footbridge Salford England Wettstein Bridge Basel, Switzerland


Dallas culture and this bridge will celebrate the art of transportation with its beauty and graceful form ­ much like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or the new bridge by Calatrava in Valencia, Spain. Construction on the signature bridge will begin in 2009. The process will begin this fall with the creation of an HOV lane. Traffic will be routed onto the new lane as half of the current I-30 bridge width is demolished. At this point, one half of the Calatrava bridge will be built. Then traffic will be diverted to that half of the new bridge while the rest of the old bridge is demolished allowing the final section of the Calatrava bridge to be built. The Margaret McDermott bridge and the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge (page 10), the first two vehicular bridges designed by Calatrava in the United States, will connect north and south Dallas, creating new landmarks and supporting neighborhood and economic revitalization.

Inset: model of the Margaret McDermott bridge

FACTS · center arches are 250 ft. above the roadway deck · signature span is 880 ft. long · uses 16,500 tons of steel

Bridge by Calatrava: Ponte sull' autostrada in Reggio Emilia, Italy







C o n t e n t s

Margaret McDermott Bridge is Named President's Letter: Gail Thomas Rescued Heirloom Bulbs are Planted in the Trinity River Corridor Wetland Cells are Built One by One Rent the Trinity Center Master Lakes Charette Brings Designers to Dallas John Todd: Master Lakes Team Interview Standing Wave Whitewater Takes Shape Trinity Canoe Trips

Let the beauty that we love be what we do.


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The Dallas Trinity River Project has been thoroughly discussed this spring. It has been the topic of conversation at dinner parties, and debated at civic meetings and Council hearings. Throughout this period of discourse and debate, The Trinity Trust has continued on its course to meet with the private sector of Dallas to encourage support of this project that will change the way we live in Dallas. Dallas is changing ­ we are anticipating over 8 million people living in the Dallas area by 2020, and that timeline is only 12 years away. Developers are anticipating this growth with the increased building of downtown apartments and condos. Businesses are moving back into the center of the city. The Center for Performing Arts will provide a new home for arts and entertainment. A deck park over Woodall Rodgers Freeway will create a seamless urban flow through downtown. In preparing for this enormous impact on our city we need to remain committed to the goals of the Balanced Vision Plan, unanimously adopted by the Dallas City Council in 2003, which include: · · · · Strengthen our levee system to prevent the possibility of a downtown flood. Increase transportation mobility, including expanding the DART rail system, developing a cross town shuttle system, and building the relief corridor for Stemmons Expressway. Create a central park in Downtown Dallas with lakes, pedestrian walkways, hike and bike trails, ballfields, and whitewater courses for kayaking and canoeing. Protect and enhance the natural environment that now exists in the 10,000 acre natural corridor running through the center of our city by restoring the Trinity River to its natural meander, building boardwalks through the wetland areas for nature walks, and creating trails into the Great Trinity Forest to use for exploration of the mysteries of nature. Establish zoning ordinances and code restrictions to protect the natural environment and spectacular view of the river, lakes, island, and trails while encouraging economic development. We anticipate an unprecedented economic impact and hope to be able to fund maintenance and security for the corridor from the increased tax revenues generated by this development.

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10 Construction Begins on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge 10 Trinity Center Spring Happenings 11 List of Donors


The citizens of Dallas are waiting with anticipation and readiness to support this incredible endeavor.

"We are proud

to be a part of this effort to rescue Texas' heirloom flower bulbs. This site will most likely be paved over, but it's a joy to know that some of our state's natural treasures will continue to thrive at the Trinity River Project. I think of it as our own way of preserving history."

Kimberly Bird

VP for Marketing at Calloway's Nursery


Rescued Heirloom Bulbs are Planted in the Trinity River Corridor

any gardeners in Dallas realize their ideal of a sweeping lawn and beds of lush annuals through the aid of the sprinkler system. However, as Americans try to conserve water, horticulturalists are guiding Texas homeowners away from water-intensive species such as azaleas and pansies toward a yard bursting with rediscovered heirloom Texas plants. Heirloom flower bulbs have thrived in the heat of the south for at least fifty years, most having been brought in the 1800's by the first Texas settlers and these hardy bulbs are often found at abandoned home sites where only the foundation and flowers remain. These bulbs will not require fertilization, soil amendments, or other care­ a testimony to the value of selecting proper plants in areas which are becoming more conscious about water and pesticide use. Thanks to a partnership between the Trinity Trust, Calloway's Nursery, the Southern Bulb Co., the Texas Native Plant Society, the Ft. Worth Organic Club and the Dallas Master Gardeners, volunteers met on April 3rd to "rescue" hundreds of sweet smelling heirloom yellow campernelle bulbs (Narcissus x odorus) that had naturalized on a lot in Ft. Worth, Texas. The owner graciously allowed the groups permission to dig and is now offering the land for sale to be paved over for development along the busy Airport Freeway. Each campernelle bulb was carefully dug from the lot and transported to Dallas to be relocated at Crow Lake in the Trinity River. Chris Wiesinger of Southern Bulb Company thoughtfully chose a location next to the lake so that the bulbs would not face the construction once the developments along the river begin and to ensure adequate sunlight for future growth. They are now the newest landscape addition of the Trinity River Project and are a test case for the future plantings in Trinity Park, being designed by the Master Lakes Team of WRT (Wallace Roberts & Todd), CH2M Hill and LOPEZGARCIA. Come to Crow Park next February for a field of sunny yellow blooms.

LEARN MORE about xerophitic (water wise) plants: | |


Progress Report

We t l a n d C e l l s are Built One by One

Flood Protection and Environmental Restoration


he Trinity River Project is remarkable because it meets important community needs at the same time as it enhances the natural environment. An early success that demonstrates the project's environmentally sensitive design is the Chain of Wetlands, stretching through the Great Trinity Forest from the DART bridge to Loop 12. These wetlands help protect Dallas residents and businesses from flooding by providing a path for floodwaters to move more quickly through Dallas. They also re-create wetland habitat that existed along the Trinity before the area's urban development. About 190 acres of wetland pools and grassland provide food and shelter for migrating birds as well as local plant and animal species. The first wetland, Cell D, has been in operation for over two years; three more cells are nearing completion. Already, the river's natural setting is being restored and Dallas is experiencing measurable improvements in flood protection, with as much as one foot of flood level reduction upstream (based on preliminary hydraulic modeling). The Chain of Wetlands is a visible result of the benefit the Trinity project brings to people and the environment.


The Trinity Trust Foundation is pleased to offer the use of the Trinity Center, its boardroom and gallery to other groups in the community when the time is not in conflict with our mission and programs. All reservations may be placed with the Center's Facilities Manager, Cindi Welsh, at 214 740 1616, [email protected] Thanks to Bob Meckfessel for pro-bono design of the space, to Emily Summers for her generous donation of interior design, and to Brandon Bolin for overseeing the entire project.


"We are grateful to The Trinity Trust for their involvement in the design charette. The Trust hosted a cocktail party and an end of day brainstorming session. In addition, they rented vans and coordinated the levee tour for all of the designers. The event was an immense success for everyone involved and inspired the team to make this project be the ultimate field trip for Dallas."

Don Raines

local lead designer for Wallace, Roberts & Todd


Master Lakes Charette Brings


n March, the design team for the Trinity Park converged on The Trinity Center from all over the United States for a three day design charette. The workshops were an historic moment for the project because for the first time, the newly selected design team assembled together to start detailing the downtown park area. Programming, architecture, lighting, and ecology were discussed for more than forty hours along with a levee top van tour of the Trinity Corridor so that the out of town designers could get a sense of the great natural space embedded in the center of Dallas. The Master Lakes Team will follow guidelines set by the Balanced Vision Plan, created by a team including architect Alex Krieger, and approved by the Dallas City Council in 2003. The new team will create construction drawings for the park amenities: two magnificent lakes ­ a rustic landscaped "natural lake" and a formal "urban lake", a center island, a championship whitewater course linking the lakes to the river, an amphitheater, and ball-fields. The team will meet on a monthly basis in other cities and then return to Dallas in August with the first proposal drawings. Congratulations to the City of Dallas for selecting a world class team of experts to shape our future city.

Designers to Dallas

ADDITIONAL CONSULTANTS Betsy Damon artist and engineer of water gardens Los Angeles Tim Dumbleton architect with TEN Arquitectos New York City Brad Goldberg artist, sculptor and landscape designer of public arenas Dallas Alex Krieger special advisor for the City of Dallas Boston Tim Marshall public space management consultant New York City [email protected]

Ignacio Bunster-Ossa Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC (WRT) is based in Philadelphia, PA with six offices across the US, including Dallas. WRT's practice, founded in 1963, includes planning, urban design, architecture, and landscape architecture with an emphasis on designing with nature and reinforcing urbanism.

Jim Parrish CH2MHill CH2MHill is a global engineering, consulting, construction, and operations (EPC) company founded in 1946 with over 19,000 employees and offices throughout the world, including Dallas. From chemical plants in Buenos Aires to super cleanrooms in Japan, from nuclear cleanup in Colorado to wastewater treatment plants in New Zealand, solutions are crafted with sustainability ­ always mindful of government regulations, environmental concerns, maintenance requirements, and public perceptions.

Wendy Lopez LOPEZGARCIA GROUP LOPEZGARCIA GROUP is a Dallas engineering firm founded in 1988, which among other clients is working on the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, the DFW International Airport, and the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Annie and Bud Melton creators of connecting bike trails Dallas Enrique Norten principal architect of TEN Arquitectos New York City John Swieter principal, Range Dallas Leni Schwendinger principal, Light Projects, LTD New York City John Todd water ecologist Woods Hole, Massachusetts


M a s t e r L a k e s Te a m I n t e r v i e w

Throughout the project, a different member of the Master Lakes Team will be profiled. This issue showcases John Todd of Todd Ecological in Massachusetts.

J o h n To d d


Q You are a pioneer in the emerging field of

ecological design and engineering and have won many prestigious awards and honorary degrees. Tell us a little about yourself.

of raw sewage canal in Phuzou, China; the "14-hole pond" at the Four Seasons Resort on Hawaii; and the Tyson chicken slaughterhouse on the Chesapeake Bay to name a few."

A "Hi, I'm John Todd. I wear many hats. One is as

a professor at the University of Vermont. Another is the head of an NGO, Ocean Arks International, and finally my entrepreneurial hat as the founder of Todd Ecological, which is a design company that deals with all kinds of issues from an ecological perspective, but does it commercially. So that's me, three hats."

Q What is your design for the Trinity River


A "The conceptual design is a series of Restorers

Q Exactly what is your business based on? A "We've developed a technology for dealing

with polluted bodies of water that is distinct from strict sewage treatment, and we call them Restorers. The Restorer Eco-Machine floats on the water and it supports a wide variety of life forms that are water purifying, including higher plants. These are being employed to restore a number of polluted lakes in various places in North America and other parts of the world."

Q What are some examples of projects you have

cleaned using Restorers?

that will draw water from the bottom of the lakes through the planted root ecology of the Restorer and circulate it continuously between the bottom and surface aerobic ecologies of zooplankton, benthic, and bacterial communities. We use an air-lift pump which lifts the water up, creating a vacuum­a system which is the most cost-efficient and effective for the least amount of horsepower. Since the Trinity Lakes will be filled with treated water from the wastewater treatment plant, there will be quite a bit of phosphorus in its composition. When phosphorus is exposed to sunshine and nitrogen in the air, algae mats grow so our Restorers will prevent the algae, promote bio-diversification, and create a healthy fishing area." Thanks, John. We are excited about seeing what you create for us in Dallas.

Learn more about John Todd at

A "Residential, commercial, and civic: several ponds


on the Bush family property in Kennebunkport; a mile


S t a n d i n g Wa v e Whitewater Ta k e s S h a p e


own beneath the future Trestle Trail Bridge running path and the DART bridge, will be a new "Standing Wave" feature built in the flowing water of the Trinity River this summer. Gary Lacy, a whitewater expert from Boulder, Colorado, has designed the water feature which is essentially two "drops" in the river creating whitewater pools and eddies for paddling. The structures will be built of natural stone anchored into the banks of the river and designed for use in multiple flow rates with all sorts of craft ­ canoes, kayaks, inflatable rafts. A bypass to one side will allow beginner paddlers to go around the whitewater while intermediate to advanced freestyle paddlers can learn to "surf" within the standing wave for long periods of time, going in and out of the gushing eddies, until as Gary Lacy, says. Construction will take two to three months and the area will have parking, trails, and boat access. It will be part of the new Moore Park trailhead at the entrance to the Great Trinity Forest. Good safety requires a helmet and a life jacket and in the winter, cold water gear should be worn.

"All my kids are out of school and I don't know what to do with them in the city!"

Take them on a Trinity Canoe Trip or off-road levee tour. Call Erika Huddleston at the Trinity Center to arrange a canoe trip or van levee tour for $35 per person. 214 740 1616 Pinkston High School seniors and juniors were first time canoers and learned that their West Dallas school is right next to the levees and the future park.


"you get so hungry you have to get out and eat!"

Lyda Hill and friends from Colorado enjoy canoeing their first Texas River.


UTD McDermott Scholars come from Richardson and see the Trinity Corridor up close during a van tour with Mary McDermott Cook.

[bottom] 9



Construction Begins on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

he Margaret Hunt Hill bridge construction has begun. Currently, Singleton Blvd. in West Dallas is being widened by one lane to accept the approaches to the bridge which will connect Woodall Rogers (SH Spur 366) in downtown to Singleton across the Trinity. The steel for the soaring landmark is being made in Pordenone, Italy, at the Cimolai factory, which frequently manufacturers steel for Calatrava's projects such as the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece. The contract for the construction was awarded to Williams Construction which will mobilize the job-site by June to start on the approaches. The bridge will be up and open in 2009 and will be complemented by the historic Continental Bridge nearby which will be converted to a footbridge for walkers and bikers.

Tr i n i t y C e n t e r S p r Happenings


"Cablestayed" bridge W hotel : 439 ft. Apex-height : 400 feet (122 m) Total length : 1,870 feet (570 m) Main-span : 1,197 feet (365 m) 6 lanes, 3 lanes each way 5 miles of cable 5800 tons of steel $69 million, on budget Groundwork Dallas Buckeye Trail Guided Hikes | March 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th : beautiful buckeye blooms on the Rochester Park trail led by Naturalist Jim Flood Operation A.C.T. Clean-Up | March 31st : removed between 2 and 3 tons of trash from the Rochester Lakes area of the Great Trinity Forest Trinity Strand Trail Open House | May 19th : all you ever needed to know about the new Strand Trail linking the Katy to the Trinity River Park along the original river meanders Texas Horse Park Buffalo Soldiers Trail Ride | May 26th : civil war lineage and lots of horsemanship tips to share with new riders Trinity River Audubon Center Audubon Groundbreaking | June 12 : first spade of dirt tossed in the sky City of Dallas Orienteering Day | February 3rd : over 100 participants including members of ROTC and Boy Scouts navigated the Great Trinity Forest Trinity River Levee Run | March 4th : 2nd annual held by City of Dallas with lots of doughnuts and live music afterwards Sign-up at to receive our e-newsletter with news of these events so you can join in and participate.



Mary McDermott Cook Chairman Gail Thomas, Ph.D. President and Chief Executive Officer Dolores Barzune Jim Bass Ron Kirk Thomas C. Leppert Nancy Cain Marcus, Ph.D. Jack H. Matthews Erle Nye Albert Petrasek, Ph.D. Jeanne L. Phillips Deedie Rose Emily Summers


Mrs. Eugene McDermott Hunt Petroleum Company


The Citizens of Dallas Mrs. Eugene McDermott Mark Cuban Thomas O. Hicks SBC Foundation Deedie and Rusty Rose Mary McDermott Cook Hillwood, A Perot Company T. Boone Pickens Anonymous ALON USA Belo Corporation Nancy Cain Marcus The Meadows Foundation Caren Prothro Harlan Crow Centex Corporation Trammell S. Crow The Dallas Foundation Carole and John Ridings Lee Trinity Commons Foundation Wal-Mart GoodWorks Program Chan Krieger & Associates Ruth Sharp Altshuler Marilyn Augur The Beck Group

"Operation A.C.T. is a prime example of what a group of interested and dedicated citizens can do to leave a place in better shape than they found it." Ron Kovatis

Executive Director, Groundwork Dallas

Emily Summers TDA, Inc. JP Morgan Chase Jo Fay Godbey Alfred L. Taylor Gerald S. Hargett Phyllis Moore Jerry W. Spencer Oran W. Wilson


Karen Walz, FAICP Consultant Amber Willoughby Office Manager Erika Huddleston Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator Cindi Welsh Facilities Manager



Lead Sponsor of The Trinity Landmarks campaign

The Eugene McDermott Foundation The Meadows Foundation The Hoblitzelle Foundation Hunt Petroleum Company

Lyda Hill Elliot and Kay Cattarulla Margaret McDermott Matthews Southwest Emily Summers Albert D. Huddleston JPMorgan Chase Foundation Haynes & Boone, LLP

Levenson & Brinker Public Relations Santiago Calatrava Inc. Patricia M. Patterson Deedie Rose John and Geri Herbert Kelly Productions Sotheby's Mary McDermott Cook

Gail Thomas Douglas Newby Kevin and Patricia McBride Lucy C. Billingsley Patricia J. Brown Charles and Trudy Best Tori and Joe Mannes Michelle and Stewart Thomas Electra and Jeff Harelson Interior Resources One Arts Plaza, Lucy Billingsley Pegasus Texas Construction Plantkeeper, Inc. Stephen Stefanou Sun to Moon Gallery


ALON USA The Hoblitzelle Foundation Bank of America Foundation Garrett and Cecilia Boone Communities Foundation of Texas The Richard D. Bass Foundation Jim Bass Bob Meckfessel, dsgn associates Emily Summers, Emily Summers Design Gabriel Barbier-Mueller, Harwood International; Charie Davis Scott Deakins, David Griffin & Company Realtors Chris Peck, McCarthy Kevin Reid, Reid-Cooper Associates Ron Welch, Bauhaus Abadi Architecture & Accessibility AIA Dallas Collage 20th Century Classics Donna Collins The Container Store Tim Coursey Design Electric Dickie & Associates IAS Imaging


The Trinity Trust works closely with the City of Dallas and other non-profit organizations to achieve excellence in the Trinity Project.


1 4 4 4 O A K L AW N AV E N U E SUITE 200 DALLAS TEXAS 75207 THE TRINI T Y T R U S T F O U N D AT I O N The Trinity Trust raises private funds to implement the Balanced Vision Plan for the Trinity River Corridor.

Bridge sketch by Don Raines, local lead designer for Wallace Roberts & Todd

214 740 1616




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