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Volume 2, Issue 1 February 2010

The Ventura Group, a technology and management consulting firm, serves Federal and Commercial clients in 24 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Ventura is a Hispanic­ owned, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned business, that recently graduated from Small-Disadvantaged business status. Major areas of service include: Management

Services, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Program Management, and Commercial Services.


Ventura Awarded contract with the Department of Health and Human Services

sources and Service Administration (HRSA)s Office of Information Technology. This one year award has four subsequent option years and reflects Venturas sterling reputation within government contracting and rising status as an integrator. While Ventura is increasingly leveraged by industry for its expertise in health records management (HRM) this particular management and overall man management and analytical support. Ventura sees this award as reflective of the value it brings to the Federal workspace and another opportunity to provide exceptional performance at the best possible price to the US Government and its mission and serve the interests of its citizens and taxpayers.

The Ventura Group employs around 120 people across the United States and abroad.

Rockville, MD, February 2010-- The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has selected The Ventura Group, Inc. to support the Health Re-

Department of The Interior

Ashburn, the migration and consolidaVA, February tion of 13 Bureau Wide Area 2010-- Ven- Networks (WANs) into one

Agency-level Enterprise Services Network which is the WAN that now serves all DOI Bureaus. Ventura coordinates and directs the various technical and organizational interfaces that exist in the project as well as augments the project management team, is responsible for monitoring performance against the project baselines and recommending corrective actions to be taken based on actual project performance. Specifically, Ventura provides: Program/Project Management Security Services Assessment of Risk Security Control Testing Contingency Planning for IT Systems Ventura has been supporting

tura has proudly been providing technical telecommunications related professional services to DOI for approximately five years. This contract began as an 8(a) contract, and Ventura competed and won a new contract last June in a ,,full and open environment. It is Venturas intention to focus heavily on the IT and Telecom environments based on its market plan, and DOI has been a critical springboard for its success in winning other IT and Telecom contracts in the past several years. For this reason, the DOI contract is very important due to the breadth and scope of the services Ventura provides.

Maintain System Security Plans for Information Security IT Security Awareness Training Security Incident Response New Technology and Emerging Threat management Conduct annual management review of internal controls. Application of security equipment such as firewalls (Juniper and Cisco) network access control, intrusion detection systems and worm prevention systems. Bureau Support Services IPv6 Services Test Lab Services

sory Board Investigation and review of all change requests Providing recommendation regarding each change request Reporting all implementation to the ESN Change Advisory Board

Operations Management ESN Operations Manager Remedy Implementation Ventura is proud of its team at DOI and the excellence and leadership demonstrated to the client every day. Ventura looks forward to a continued long term relationship with DOI and the entire team providing technical services in this very important project.

Change and Configuration Management Establishment and oversight of the ESN Change Advi-

The Ventura Group, Inc. Newsletter

Volume 2, Issue1

In Focus... Excellence on

Ventura Projects...

Warrior Transition Brigade/Walter Reed Medical Center:

Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) is an integrated healthcare delivery system offering military personnel and their families in the Washington D.C. area, access to comprehensive medical care. Venturas specific assignment relates to supporting the Warrior Transition Brigade (WTB) which assists wounded soldiers serving primarily in Middle East conflicts. The WTB supports an aftercare program set up by Congress and the Army to provide the necessary services to help each wounded solider return to active-service or civilian life. Ventura employs 15 administrative assistants, located within four operating platoons, each working under a military supervisor. Their daily functions and responsibilities vary according to the needs of the soldiers they serve, but could include preparing daily and weekly schedules for wounded soldiers, accompanying a solider to offsite events, and assisting with the preparation of letters and other correspondence specific to a soldiers case management.

the Job

Ventura would like to thank the following employees:

HR solutions at Fort Brag

Eric Wesley

General Services Administration

Tomika Williams and Wilfred Davis Department of Interior Oren Reed, Keith Hill, Mohamed Kaloko, Walter Winbush, and Kelly George for exceeding customer satisfaction and job requirements. By being responsive to--and mindful of--customer needs, these individuals rose above expectations in the performance of their duties and exemplified Ventura's dedication to providing clients with first-class products and services. Congratulations, thank you, and keep up the good work !

Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (CHDS):

The Ventura Team at CHDS supported the Executive Defense Management Seminar, a one-week seminar comprised of four (4) eighthour sessions. Presented in Spanish, each session examined four themes using a set of point/ counter-point conferences, panel, round table, and group discussions. The speakers and experts (including several former headsof-state from South America) objectively stimulated discussions by drawing upon their vision for the future and their experiences in past administrations. Specifically, the emphasis of the seminars was the management of defense issues related to the ministerial agenda. In addition to former presidents, participants included ambassadors, former ministers, congressmen, and CHDS faculty members from Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Spain and the United States. It was held at CHDS and at the Ritz Carlton in Crystal City.

Ventura Continues Expansion; Offers Structured Cabling Service Line HR CORNER HR CORNER...

401k Plan: Enrollment open year-round for any eligible TVG employees who wish to join. To enroll or review in the 401k plan, visit and register for a new account, or contact Human Resources personnel.

Ashburn, VA, August 2009 --The

Ventura Groups telecommunications service division, now offers an array of cabling solutions, each modified to allow Ventura to meet the diverse and unique requirements for individual business needs. Ventura provides inclusive, structured cabling systems for all stages of network development from the initial consultation and design, to installation and maintenance of com-

If you have additional questions regarding benefits, payroll, or administrative items Please contact your Human

Resources representative

plex voice- and data-network infrastructures. The industrycertified technicians at Ventura have experience in essentially every kind of work setting: corporate, medical, education, industrial, and retail, and they take great pride in providing structured cabling solutions that meet or exceed the customer's expectations--no matter the job size. Whether it is large cable plants, small moves, adds, and changes, Ventura will tailor to the specific and unique requirements of each project. In addition,

every installation includes testing of all voice, data circuits and fiber optic strands. Entirely dedicated to quality and professionalism, Ventura offers the finest data and network cable installation service possible. Ventura's goal is to provide exceptional equipment and service, develop and maintain constructive partnerships, and build enduring business relationships while delivering value-added business solutions

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The Ventura Group Newsletter

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More Ventura Projects...

Praxis Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software. In an effort to continue expansion in this area of business, Ventura has successfully completed two new Praxis EMR implementations in 2009, and anticipates the completion of five or more projects in 2010. Earlier this year, Ventura was recognized by InforMed (developers of Praxis EMR) as the first Praxis-certified systems integrator in the United States, based on demonstrations of technical expertise and support in the deployment and maintenance of the Praxis software. As a result of this recognition, Ventura formed a strategic partnership with a number of Praxis "Value-Added" resellers for whom Ventura provides any necessary technical and implementation support for Praxis clients with three or more physicians.

As part of an initiative to provide software, network implementation, and support services to healthcare clinics, The Ventura Group continues to provide both technical and application support services to its client base of physicians currently utilizing Praxis

Department of Veterans Affairs--Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services

Washington, DC, October 2009 --

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has awarded a new, multiple-year contract to The Ventura Group, Inc. The contract originated from the Veterans Business Administrations (VBA) Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service (VR&E), or the VR&E Remote Counseling Pilot Project. The project will implement and document a two-year pilot program focusing on improving veterans access to mentalhealth counseling, and also improving the overall counseling experience utilizing Video Conferencing Technology. This state-of-the-art technology will allow VA to make services more accessible to all veterans--especially those in remote locations--while retaining the private, personal counseling experience that faceto-face sessions offer. This pilot project will run for a period of two years and be conducted in four of the principal VBA operating regions. Venturas project objectives will be to help the VBA select the video TeleConferencing technology, work through the Security Certification and Accreditation; monitor the usage and customer satisfaction of the designated technology, provide training for the VA counselors and veterans; and evaluate and recommend viable video teleconferencing technology for use in the second iteration of the pilot program and beyond. The communications technology will be selected from the two predominant video conference manufactures, Polycom and Tandberg.

Battalion Application Trainers--US Army Recruiting

Washington, DC, October 2009 --

The Ventura Group is currently assisting the United States Army in its effort to ensure that recruiters are able to maintain proficiency in the technology and software used in the performance of their duties, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the entire recruiting system.. To this end, The Ventura Group provides one Battalion Application Trainer (BAT) for each Recruiting Battalion, and one BAT per Medical Recruiting Battalion. BATs are responsible for ARISS and any related software application training needed including: New software application training Maximization of software applications if any shortfalls are identified Training on updated software applications as necessary, or any application that will increase productivity Identification of training needs and schedule coordination with the Battalion Master Trainer Obtain performance reviews from trainees and After Action Reviews Determining best training methods to qualify to be a BAT the employees are required to attend a 3-week training program covering basic Army Recruiting Information Support System (ARISS) and ARISS support applications. The training also includes basic troubleshooting strategies to be used in identifying systemic issues and notifying the appropriate group to provide resolution. . Our BATs have been an integral and vital part of the recruiting family. Each BAT travels thousands of miles per month updating and training recruiters on new software application. The employees long hours and dedication to their jobs have made this program successful for Army Recruiting and The Ventura Group alike.

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The Ventura Group, Inc. Newsletter

Volume 2, Issue 1

Dept. of Housing and Urban Development­

NEW HIRES Welcome New Employees!

Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies Denise M. Alvarez

Department Of Defense

Marion J. Alexander

Department of Interior

Darrell L. Garnett

General Services Administration

Kendra D. Williams

Health Resources and Service Administration

Yared F. Kabtiyemer Michael L. Penn Matt Stromer James Slawinski

The Depart- Energy Independence Act ment of of 2007 Housing Section 154 of the Energy and Urban Policy Act of 2005 Developments Section 229 of the Consoli(HUDs) Office of Public and dated Appropriations Act, Indian Housing (PIH) pro2008 vides funding and regulatory oversight to approximately Energy Action Plan Imple3,200 Public Housing Agenmentation Plan FY 2007cies (PHAs), representing 2008 about 1.2 million public housing units. The Ventura Group In addition, this project supports HUDs program activiwas selected as a contractor to ties and the general affordableassist in HUDs effort to imhousing industry in such areas prove the tracking and monias: the development or adoptoring streamline energy performance contracting in public tion of energy standards, "green" building guidelines, housing. The reforms will satmortgage and financing opisfy the following statutory tions, population sampling, mandates:

creating statistical tools for HUD to better assess energy performance, and utility benchmarking, cost/benefit analysis of "green" building practices, documenting best practices etc. Upon completion, HUD will have received products and services resulting in reduced utility expenses through energy conservation measures and energy efficient design. Support for the project includes conducting training exercises, workshops, and updating several guidebooks and other documentation.

The Ventura Group

Andrew S. Martin Huong T. Ta

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Garcia C Smith Frank W. McGurk Jan2 Jan 6


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