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Working TogeTher For SucceSS

Success means different things to each of us and this partnership allows you to reach greater personal and business success. Powerful coaching principles and tools are used to empower you and to restore a vibrant state of balance in the key areas of the your life.

you Will be challenged!

Throughout the coaching relationship, Nicole Greer, PPCC will engage in direct and powerful questioning, and may, on occasion, be directive. You can count on Nicole to ask honest and straightforward questions designed to open new pathways.

WhaT oTherS are Saying abouT Their experienceS WiTh VibranT coaching...

"Nicole, thanks for another great coaching session. It's so nice when the herd-o-guilt walks out the door. This IS who I AM! Be in process!" ­ Tiffany Montavon, Faith at Work Emerging Programs Coordinator "This is GREAT! I can't wait to show you my mind map! Can't wait `til our time together tomorrow! THANKS!" ­ Pastor Jason Yon, Director of Children's Ministries, Grace Covenant Church "Thank you for your part in inspiring me. You ARE an inspiration and your enthusiasm is contagious. Tell all the old ladies that you run into that it's never too late!!" ­ Linda Gromko, 64 Year Old Grandmother with a new Career in Modeling "You are truly one of our most professional, valued and admired trainers. Thank you for your excellence and continued team spirit. Blessings!" ­ Laurie Beth Jones, Best Selling Author of `The PATH' and `The Four Elements of Success' "Your talents are great and your mind so sharp. Just one hour you spent in my office that day helping me talk about how to find our audience was the final piece that brought clarity to me. You were my coach that day. WIN is forever better for it." ­ Jane Boston, CEO, Motivations, Inc. Author, Featured Entrepreneur in Entrepreneur Magazine February 2007 "Thanks for working with me, I am really enjoying it to the max!" ­ Dan Ryan, Owner ADCO Chemical Services, Atlanta GA

iT'S eaSy To geT STarTed...

Coaching can be done over the telephone or in person by appointment in 1 hour sessions. Call Nicole at: 704-502-4953

Schedule a "Try on" coaching SeSSion including The pepTM aSSeSSMenT.

Using the PEP rich with highly visual and universally understood elements of; earth, water, wind and fire, we'll discover who you are at the core. This Path Elements Profile assessment, a $50.00 retail value is included in the hourly coaching fee. Taking the PEP on-line is simple and can be done in less than 20 minutes. At completion, you'll simply print out the 13 page assessment, read through it and follow the instructions by circling the strengths & challenges that `speak' to you. When this is completed, we'll coach around your profile to see your natural style and pinpoint areas that need awareness. This work will uncover unnamed irritations and verify your power point. The PEP instrument measures the Four Elements of Success found in each human being. Nicole will challenge you to look to the elements of creation to find a wisdom that is profoundly simple. With her trademark enthusiasm and refreshing emphasis on speaking to the possibilities of success, Nicole facilitates movement and influences you to define the next right step.

One-On-One COaChing

Nicole Greer

wit h

You Are Your Possibilities

Move Forward With Authenticity, Skill, And Confidence One-On-One Coaching Creates The Conduit To Release All That You Want To Achieve

ContaCt niCole today To geT on The paTh To your FocuSed and VibranT FuTure.

E-mail: [email protected] Cell : 704-502-4953 Home Office: 828-478-9229 Web:

Nicole's MissioN...

Is to energize, impact, and influence people to live vibrant lives through engaging the possibilities.

"Professional coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses and organizations. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life." ­ International Coaching Federation

MeeT nicole greer, ppcc ­ buSineSS and liFe coach

For more than 20 years, Nicole Greer, PPCC has helped individuals, corporations and churches become the people they were created to be through defining and fulfilling a mission, to work better in teams, and exemplify excellent leadership. Nicole has worked as a coach, marketing director, master of first impressions, and sales trainer in the many facets of business. Her experiences working with all kinds of people led her to found Vibrant Coaching. Nicole is a speaker, trainer, facilitator, life and business coach. Nicole serves as a lead trainer for Laurie Beth Jones Inc. (NY Times Best Selling Author) National Training Team across the United States. Nicole is a strong coach. She has the "Edge." Nicole holds her clients in high esteem and strongly encourages commitment from them as she makes them ask themselves hard questions that inevitably lead to growth. Nicole's purpose is to facilitate movement...significant movement. Movement that will make significant changes in your life. Nicole realizes that her clients are experiencing some fear around the goals and dreams they have for their lives. In fact, some clients look for a way out, even to the point of trying to distract Nicole by changing goals. A coach with the "Edge" just doesn't go there. This saves everyone a lot of time, money, and energy. A key part of why individuals hire a coach is to hear the coach's opinion about their goals, situation, problems, dynamic or lifestyle. With your permission, Nicole will provide support, wisdom, structure, questions, understanding, strategies, ideas, synergy and yes, opinions. If you seek clear direction, Nicole can help you and your team determine objectives, set goals and accurately monitor performance, motivate and encourage team members, identify and meet people's needs, understand how personality types interact, and build quality relationships.

WhaT iS one-on-one coaching?

My unique program generates energy and delivers powerful results. Strategic in nature, coaching provides leadership and accountability. People long to be led by someone who will save them time, give them new ideas, connect on a personal level, and stay with them on the journey through all the twists and turns. Time spent with Nicole, as your life and business coach is filled with years of working-world wisdom, humor, and the power to inspire.

VibranT coaching pinpoinTS Four diSTincT STraTegic areaS oF TranSForMaTion:

FOCUS AND MEANING to define what is most important and never stray from the path. Focus coaching is all about letting you discover yourself in terms of where you are today, the influences at work in all parts of your life, and the possibilities that you have for living the full measure of your creation. BALANCE to understand how to be stable in an unstable world. Balance coaching is about moving to a place where choices are based on a longer view of life. Nicole's clients get in touch with the power of their imagination, perspective, and discover mind-mapping. These `smart' approaches to choices are the substance of bringing order and balance to their living. PRODUCTIVITY to constantly expand the possibilities. Knowing what to do and actually doing it is the hallmark of productivity. Clients begin to create and apply the energy necessary to produce results in life. You'll identify issues of life that get in the way of productivity and hinder the potential of your future. FULFILLMENT to find joy and celebration. A coaching relationship with Nicole Greer will provide a unique opportunity to fill your life with more of what you want, than what may simply appear. Fulfillment is beyond success. At this level Nicole's clients have made a shift. They are experiencing the thrill of overcoming challenges, maintaining integrity, and viewing life as an opportunity.

The FiVe VibranT coaching SySTeMS

Vibrant Coaching integrates five systems into your life to release possibilities to become realities. Vibrant Service -- Give What You've Got Vibrant Leadership -- Forward Your Future Vibrant Living -- Do It Now Four Elements of SuccessTM -- Profound Performance The PATHTM -- Clarify Your Life

Who can beneFiT MoST FroM one-on-one coaching?

People who work with Nicole Greer, PPCC are forward thinking individuals. They care about their clients, associates, and personal relationships deeply. They want to make a unique mark in the world with their birthright gifts, talents, and deepest calling. Nicole's mission is to energize, impact, and influence people to lead vibrant lives through engaging the possibilities. Taking the "next right step" through individual coaching and team training, Nicole Greer jump starts productivity and brings authenticity to your life and team. Vibrant Coaching serves individuals who know they are capable of doing more but don't know the next right step. They want a life and business that has significance and power. They seek excellence. Nicole provides structure, communication, and foundational systems that improve relationships, teamwork, and provide an atmosphere of trust. Individuals who work with Vibrant Coaching: · experience RESULTS through accountability · QUICKLY learn how to interact with individuals for positive outcomes · discover HOW-TO deliver your ideas to the market place · and LIVE A VIBRANT LIFE!


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