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Local Teacher Defeats Billionaires In LAUSD School Board Race

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By Luis Sanchez El Sereno Resident and Educator


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On July 1st, history was made when Echo Park Resident Bennett Kayser was confirmed as a board member to the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education. He is a former LAUSD secondary Health and Science teacher, and former charter reform commissioner (who advocated for neighborhood councils). Kayser recently won a highly contested election for the school board district 5. His election to the school board should have made national news. His opponents had outspent those that supported him three to one. I once read in college, of the "Wealth Primary." That is, in approximately 95% of the primaries in Congress elections, the candidate with the most

money wins. This can probably apply to local and state elections as well. This can be verified on the City Clerk's web-site, in practically all local elections, a candidate who has raised and spent the most money, wins. In reality, most people know very little about school board candidates and their elections. Very little is publicized about local school board election races. There are very few candidate forums for candidates to debate the issues, and few people attend those candidate forums. THE VOICE COMMUNITY NEWS and LA-32 Neighborhood Council deserve credit for holding the most well attended school board candidate forum in District 5. It was also the only candidate forum sponsored by a neighborhood council in the district. The forum helped give people the opportunity to learn about the candidates and to give under-funded candidates the opportunity to get their message out. A candidate running for the community college school board district was in attendance at the forum and commented, "This is great. I wish someone would organize a candidate forum for my community college district race. I wish I could communicate my message to the public at something like this." An event, where the public can gain information, ask questions, and be more engaged with the local government and community issues, is what the neighborhood councils are supposed to do. Most people only learn about candidates from mailers sent by

them or groups that support them. Thus, if a candidate does not have the money to pay for mailers, the public will never learn about him/ her. Candidates who have raised the most money or whose backers have, are able to send glossy brochures and postcards that inform and influence voters to vote for them. During this past election cycle, voters in School Board District 5 were bombarded with mailers paid for by independent expenditure funds. When a group or individual is able to secure money for a candidate, clearly, that candidate owes something to their donors. In this way, large donors can buy positions in local, state, and national government. That's exactly why Bennett Kayser's election was so significant. Not only was he outspent, but he was outspent big time. The Coalition for School Reform, a political action committee that's raised millions and bought most seats on the school board was beaten by a candidate that initially had no funding. The main reason this political action committee exists, is because L.A. City Mayor Villaraigosa was unable to conduct a power grab to control the school district when he first got into office. Wealthy groups and individuals, who may have nothing to do with education, never taught and will never teach children anytime in their lives, have given millions to this coalition seeking mayoral favor, and conduct business with the city or school district. This Coalition for School Re-

form places handpicked candidates who support the mayor's agenda: blaming public schools and their hardworking educators who educated every student that enters the building, reconstituting schools (letting go all educators from a school), and diverting public funds to charter school operators that push out unwanted students (ESL, special needs, gang members, unmotivated and lazy kids, and kids with poor attendance). The Coalition's candidates soundly outspent and defeated their opponents over the last six years of school board elections. This year, Tamar Galatzan, an attorney who has never taught, and probably never will, had $424,000 from the Coalition, and $61,000 contribution to her campaign. In comparison to her opponent, Louis Pougliese (a National Board Certified elementary school teacher and college professor) who only had $421,000 in funds available for his campaign. The result was 63% to 37%. Similarly, Richard Vladovic, who has not taught in 20+ years, received $576,000 spent by the coalition on his behalf and received $92,000 to his campaign. Roy Love had $7,500. Vladovic receive 63%, Roy Love received 22.5%, and a third candidate that dropped out of the race, received 14.3%. However, the District 5 race was different: The Coalition for School Reform raised and spent $2.2 million for Luis A. Sanchez, and another $266,000 was raised CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Community Photographer and Volunteer Richard Canales is Honored

By Carlos Morales Community's Memories Caught Thru a Camera Lens Richard Canales, a volunteer photographer for The Voice Community News will be celebrating his 81st Birthday on August 15th. Most eighty-one year old's stay home and watch TV, but Richard says, "I'm not that (kind of) person. being active is the secret key to life. Sure there are times I feel the aches and pains. But I really enjoy getting out in our community to take photographs." Richard is a proud, full blooded Apache Indian. He has lived in El Sereno since 1958. He attended Lincoln High School, and was on the All City roster for track and football from 1945 to 1947. Richard shared that when he left high school, he could not read or write. "I was determined to learn on my own and I did, I wanted to be successful. Success means many things for many people, for me it's having peace of mind and enjoying nature. I don't steal or lie, and that's my peace of mind. El Sereno has plenty of beautiful scenic hills where you can observe nature on any given day. You can see owls, hawks, coyotes, raccoons and lots and lots of squirrels." Canales has been capturing community events for thirty years. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

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El Sereno Bicentennial member Amed Lopez Present's Richard Canales with an Award at El Sereno Independence Day Celebration

Photo: Carlos Morales

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All returning 7th-12th grade students are required to have the Tdap (Pertussis) Vaccine.

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Richard Canales "The Man Behind The Lens; Photo Documenting Our Communities Evolution"

Richard pictured with several awards and recognitions that were given to him decorate the walls in his home. Richard in his El Sereno back yard

Richard Canales taking pictures at the El Sereno Parade CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1

He started with his children's school accomplishments, then proceeded with his Grand-children and now he spends most of his time with his Great-Grand Children. Richard the slender calm and collective senior smiles at me and said "I put down the beer can and picked up the camera, and that's has changed my life forever. Photography has been good to me." said Canales. He's often seen at El Sereno Park or Lincoln Park, or at our local schools and at many public meetings taking photographs. He most enjoys taking action sport shots, particularly baseball, basketball, football, volleyball and track are some of his favorites. Canales said, "In sports the action is quick, it keeps you on your toes because if you're not ready, you've lost the shot, I have been doing this for such a long time that I can often anticipate and prepare for that golden once in a lifetime moment that is captured at the gentle press of a button." said Canales. Canales purchased his first home in El Sereno in 1958, then his second, and finally where he resides today with his wife Virginia. The hillside residence is also home to their grandson Joseph, granddaughter Joanne, great-grandson Brandon, and great-grand daughter Taylor. "When you get to my age, everything sneaks up on you, but life is still beautiful. Many people search for happiness and it is found all around us, and life is too short to be frustrated. I come across young people working at stores, and they have long faces. You can tell they're not happy. They must first change their attitude, and that is the first step to change the circumstances around them. Then they can enjoy life every day. I enjoy what I do. When kids see themselves in my pictures, it produces many smiles, and I enjoy seeing that. I know I'm doing something right when it puts a smiling glow on people's faces.... my reward is that simple. One day I was walking through the Wilson High School courtyard, and all of a sudden, kids started clapping, cheering and calling out my name. That's an experience I'll always treasure, it's priceless. All the years I spent taking photos, makes it all worthwhile if just for moments like that." said Canales. Richard has attended high school graduations for decades and said, "Most people cry at weddings and funerals. I cry at all the graduations because I've seen these kids grow up. I see them at school plays, playing sports at the local parks, then at Wilson or Lincoln High Schools. There's always been a rivalry between these schools, but for me, they are both a place I call home." Over the years, Canales has received numerous recognitions from various community organizations, sports teams, and politicians. Most recently, the El Sereno Bicentennial Committee honored him with a plaque at our Independence Day Community celebration for his many years of service. A plaque was presented to him by Amed Lopez, Board member of the Bicentennial Committee, and Eddie Santillan, El Sereno's Honorary Mayor. Canales started to volunteer to photograph for THE VOICE COMMUNITY NEWS and many of his photos have been published in the paper. His plans do include slowing down a bit, but not giving up yet. He is in the process of learning how to operate a computer, and loves to see his photos on the computer screen. He says, "Technology is a wonderful thing, I was so used to taking my film to get processed and developed at nearby stores, Now everything is all here" (As he holds up a computer HD flash card) and continue to say"I am fascinated with the Apple IPad and I plan to buy one soon." Thank you Richard for being an active participant in our community. Happy Birthday from the community and the staff at THE VOICE!

OPINION: South Pasadena's Deal with A 710 Devil

By Dr. Tom Williams El Sereno Resident and LA-32 Neighborhood Council Member South Pasadena City Council agreed to gut their position of NO on 710 construction above, below, or ground level. They also chose to not actively oppose the 710 Tunnel (SR-710; I-710=Surface Freeway) unless environmental review shows it to the contrary, that is, negative environmental impacts. This appeared to be done to get the City of Alhambra, Assemblyman Gil Cedillo 45th District, South Pasadena Mayor Mike Ten and 710 supporters to MAYBE stop all further consideration of a 710 fwy surface route. With this in place, MAYBE Assemblyman Cedillo will return the gutted Assembly Bill 353 to its original allowance for ANY government to refuse any Caltrans projects forever, but Cedillo gutted that, and formed a trafficcheckpoint law, yeah they do some weird things in Sacramento. Maybe Cedillo will change for the 353 tunnel bill, maybe not. How does that affect El Sereno and Sheffield ­ MAYBE,-if Caltrans proceeds to the tunnel from Hellman Ave in Alhambra to California Blvd. in Pasadena, then Caltrans will sell the Caltrans' 710 properties. Can we believe anything Caltrans, Cedillo, MTA, Huizar, or LADOT says regarding 710 ­ NO WAY!

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The LA Fire Department is offering a FREE CERT training course in Hermon. This 7-week course will provide attendees with information to help yourselves, family, and community during times of a disaster. All citizens 18+ years old are invited. No experience necessary! Topics include: · Disaster Preparedness · Fire Suppression · Triage & Patient Assessment · Light Search & Rescue · Incident Command System · Disaster Psychology · Terrorism Class takes place on Weds, September 7th - October 19th from 2:30pm-4:30pm at: Fresco's Community Market 5914 Monterey Road, LA 90042 This course is recommended for all LA residents 18+ years old. Pre-registration is required for this course. Please RSVP by emailing [email protected] or by calling Mark at 323.895.6275.



The Eastside Bike Club (ESBC) will lead a bike ride for LA City's successful anti-gang youth program, Summer Night Lights (SNL). The community ride is scheduled for Wednesday, August 24th. The ride is perfect for a summer evening ride with your family and neighbors. This is a progressive ride where we pick up groups of riders along the way. The ride starts at Ramona Gardens at 7pm, then will travel to El Sereno Park and pick up more families at approximately 7:30pm and continue to Lincoln Heights and pick up more families at the corner of Broadway and Griffen at approximately 8pm. The ride will continue back to Ramona Gardens where SNL will servce Ice cream / Popcicles for all participants. ESBC will also be hosting a FREE BIKE SAFETY TRAINING on: Wednesday August 17th, at Ramona Gardens, Thursday August 18th, at El Sereno Park, and Friday August 19th at Montecito Park. For more info: (323) 572-8211

911 Memorial

The Alhambra American Legion Post 139 will host a 9-11 Memorial scheduled for 8:30AM, Sunday, 9/11 at Alhambra Park, at the corner of Alhambra Road and Palm Ave. The public is invited to pay their respects.




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Inhalant Abuse; Our Community Under Siege

LAPD Hollenbeck Division Unveils Memorial For Slain Officers

The Memorial wall is located at the Hollenbeck Community Police Station in Boyle Heights By Carlos Morales Two of LA's finest were remembered by the LAPD Hollenbeck Division. Patrol Officers Jerry Maddox and Steven Gajda, were killed in the line of duty several years ago but were honored with a memorial wall located in the lobby of the Rudy de Leon Hollenbeck Community Police Station on July 14th. Several dozen community members, police officers and family members of the officers were gathered for a brief ceremony remembering their service to our community. Among those in attendance were LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck, As-

Family members view fallen officer memorial wall after unveiling He died from that injury on New Years Day, 1998. The event concluded with the unveiling of the wall, and family members of both of the fallen officers placing white roses at a bench pedestal at the memorial. The memorial wall includes LAPD's motto that is seen on every patrol car in the city, "To Protect and To Serve," along with a photograph of both of the fallen officers, their badge and medals they each earned. Although these murders happened many years ago, this memorial serves as a reminder of the dangerous job that police officers face on a daily basis.

By Denis Quinones Boyle Heights Coalition for a Safe and Drug-Free Community Inhalant abuse is a silent epidemic in our community. An epidemic that is destroying and claiming lives right in our community. In 2009 the Boyle Heights Coalition for a Safe and DrugFree Community worked closely with the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, LAUSD and other partners to pass state legislation to prevent minors from accessing inhalants. Due to these efforts California Penal Code § 381c (2010) was enacted, although it is a step forward on preventing inhalant abuse; much education and awareness is needed to keep preventing youth from accessing these dangerous products. What is inhalant abuse? Inhalant abuse refers to the deliberate inhalation or "sniffing" of fumes, vapors or gases from common household products for the purpose of becoming intoxicated. There are many street names and slang words for the inhalant abuse; Sniff, Bang, Texas, Shoeshine, Whippets, Kick, Glue, Poppers, Huff, etc. If you suspect someone is under the influence of an inhalant: Immediately seek medical assistance. If someone is unconscious, call 911 immediately. Keep them calm to reduce cardiac stress. Whenever possible, identify product(s) to facilitate emergency response. Contact the Poison Control Center at (800) 222-1222 or the "800" number on the label of the product. There is a big misunderstanding about Huffing will get you high. Inhalants are not drugs, Inhalants contain toxic chemicals that when huffed, can poison our bodies. Chronic inhalant abusers may permanently lose the ability to perform everyday functions like walking, talking and thinking.

Inhalants enter the blood stream and travel through the body in seconds. Sniffing large amounts can cause a heart attack or death from suffocation because inhalants replace oxygen in the lungs. Inhalants are dangerous at anytime and they can kill you even the first time you try it. You can die by suffocation, choking on your vomit or have a heart attack. There has been a several kids in our communities that have died from this over the years, most readers can testify that they have known someone, a of a family member, a friend or neighbor who has died because of inhalants. As a parent, What signs should I look out for? · Decline in school performance · Disorientation, dazed appearance · Slurred speech, lack of coordination · Chemical odor on clothes and breath · Red spots/sores around the mouth/nose · Paint or stains on face/hands · Loss of appetite, lethargy · Headaches · Irritable and aggressive Change in friends and /or interests Please Be Proactive! Inhalant abuse as you do about the dangers of illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol abuse. Visit the at and the Boyle Heights Coalition website for detailed information and what you can do to help prevent inhalant abuse in your home and community. The Boyle Heights Coalition for a Safe and Drug-Free Community will continue to work with its members and partners to bring education, awareness, code enforcement and prevention opportunities, but we need you to begin the prevention process at home with your kids, with your neighborhoods, with your agencies, with your family and friends.

sistant Chief Earl Paysinger and Councilman Jose Huizar. Tony Valdez, the host of Fox's "L.A.'s Most Wanted" news segment MC'd the event. Los Angeles Fire Department officials hung a huge American flag from two ladder trucks in the middle of First Street at the front of the station. Both officers were killed in the line of duty by minors in two separate incidents nearly thirty years apart. Officer Maddox was shot in the back during a foot pursuit of a suspect in Pico Aliso projects on August 19, 1969, and Gajda was shot in the head thirty years later on New Year's Eve in Boyle Heights also a foot pursuit.

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WHS Class of `91 is organizing the 20th Year Reunion which will take place on Saturday, October 8th at Tropico De Nopal from 7pm to Midnight. Come and reacquaint yourselves with your classmates. Cocktail Attire PRICE: $70/TICKET: DJ, dancing, open bar while supplies last, reconnecting in an intimate setting, appetizer buffet... Contact Lydia Aquino for more information and / or to pay online with paypal with a credit card at: [email protected]


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Bennett Kayser; Beating The Odds

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 by his campaign. Bennett Kayser had $804,000 spent on his behalf by the Political Action Committee of Educators (classroom teachers that pay extra for political campaigns) and $31,000 raised directly for his campaign. It is amazing that so much money is being raised for a $45,000. a year job with term limits. Kayser was outspent 3 to 1, and this was the first time a candidate supported by the Coalition for School Reform was defeated. It would be hard to find an election where someone was outspent 3 to 1 and still wins. Many complained that Meg Whitman was buying the CA Governor election by spending about $50 per vote cast. Luis A. Sanchez had almost $350 spent on his behalf per vote cast. Not only did Mr. Sanchez have an unprecedented amount of money spent on his behalf, but he also had the endorsement of the LATimes, LA Opinion, Eastern Group Publications, Mayor Villaraigosa, and just about every Democratic legislator in Los Angeles. These included Los Angeles City Council members Gil Garcetti, Jose Huizar, and Ed Reyes; School Board Members Monica Garcia and Nury Martinez, Congressmembers Xavier Becerra and Judy Chu; State Senator Kevin De Leon, State Assemblyman Gil Cedillo. You'd think the election would have been a landslide in favor of the candidate that the billionaires and political establishment supported, but regardless, Kayser won 52% to 48%.. Besides the money Kayser received, he also benefited from the many classroom teachers' efforts who volunteered walking precincts and phone banking on his behalf. Because the margin of victory was so small, these volunteer efforts probably helped push Kayser over the top. On the contrary. Even though he was greatly outspent in terms and proportion of money he had, he still had a significant amount. reminiscent of Emanuel Pleitez, an El Sereno resident who deserves credit for raising over $400,000, and recruiting 60 full time volunteers in the Congressional election in 2009. He was outspent by his opponents who raised over $900,000 and he received only 12% of the vote. If $400,000 and 60 full time volunteers for a respectable candidate only gets 12%, then our government is definitely controlled by moneyed interests or the ability to raise money. This is the case throughout our nation. The local Congressional representatives are not term limited. So incumbents will probably keep raising funds and getting free publicity and name recognition, and beating any would-be opponents for the next 10-15 or longer, until they move on or retire. State assembly and state senate representatives recently got into office and will continue to get the perks of being incumbents, and probably have no significant challengers, so they remain in office a full six or eight years. So those in power probably stay in power, unless something dramatic happens. The election of Bennett Kayser to the School Board is also significant because an educator, a recent classroom teacher is now in a leadership position. Barack Obama appointed Arnie Duncan, who has never been a teacher, to be the Secretary of Education for the United States. Mayor Villaraigosa, who has never taught, wants to control the LAUSD. Many school board members, who have also never taught, or taught in 20+ years, want to make policy decisions and huge public expenditures concerning education. In what other industry or field do people with no experience in the field, leading that field? What if the Surgeon General of the United States was never a doctor? Is it sensible for lawyers to be lead by someone who was never a lawyer? For engineers to be lead by a non- engineer? The purpose of schools is to educate youth. School district leaders should do that before getting elected, and afterwards. If they never attempted to educate youth, then they should defer to those who do that daily. The district may be better served being lead by teachers with recent classroom experience. In the 1950s, W. Edward Deming took his organization model to Japan and helped create car parts and cars more efficiently. A large part of his model is that ground level employees evaluated the company, and made recommendations on creating their product. Who better to give input on how to make cars than those making the parts and assembling them daily? Because employees were in the mix, their recommendations were considerate appropriate, so production could be more efficient and effective. That is what made the Japanese car industry thrive. That's what would make our school district thrive. Educators who do the real work in the schools directly with students should be invited to share their recommendations to what would make better districts, and more student achievements. Educators should be running the school district, not politician's operatives who have no education experience. If anyone wants to support education, they should support the teachers doing it daily.



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323/572-8211 - SAVE THIS NUMBER ON YOUR CELL PHONE! The Delightful Butterflies are Back

ing of butterflies is a special event. So when hiking in Ascot Hills Nature Park early this July, you can imagine my delight when I saw a Monarch butterfly fluttering along its way down to and then alighting on a milkweed flower. Milkweed is "must" for Monarchs they must lay their eggs on specific species in the milkweed genus for their larvae to feed. It is sort of a special relationship. The Milkweed sap is juicy and nourishing to the Monarch caterpillars, but the sap is bitter and deters many birds from preying on the larval stage caterpillars. Monarchs are a migratory species, traveling up to 1,900 miles heading north for the summer and back south in the winter. In their spring migration it takes 3 or 4 generations for the Monarchs to make their way from their winter habitat in the State of Michoacan, Mexico all the way to Canada. So in addition to seeking out nectar food for energy, the Monarchs must find milkweed plants to lay their eggs to complete their migratory cycle. In Ascot Hills Park, milkweed is one of the native plant species that is coming back in great numbers, now that management of the land has changed. For years, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power annually plowed the hills in what was thought to be necessity for fire suppression. And, this practice lead to fewer numbers of native species and greater abundance of annual exotic weeds and grasses. In summer of 2007 the Department of Recreation and Parks continued this practice, and I pointed out that this was not consistent with managing the park for wildlife habitat, and ultimately Recreation and Parks agreed to limit the plowing to only areas necessary for fire fuel management. We are now observing many native plant species that were reduced in numbers to relict clusters, in areas that were too steep to plow, are coming back throughout the park. The species of native plants that are the pioneers, coming back to their former turf, usually have "weed" in their CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

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By Jerry Schneider Ascot Park Community Park Advisory Board member I often refer to my wife as my butterfly. She is a social person and flits here and there. Often, I loose sight of her in crowd, and never know when she will pop back into sight. So it is with real butterflies. They rarely fly in straight lines as they flit here and there, looking for places to feed or land. And in the process of flitting here and there, they often disappear from view as they go from sunlight to shadows. In our urban environment, the sight-


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To Mari and Roberto Valdivia with the birth of their baby boy "Xol" Ronaldo Valdivia who was born on June 3, 2011 @ 12:04am (The first baby born that day) weighing 8-lbs 12-oz and was 18 inches long. To Vincent Calderon for earning the coveted Eagle Scout Award The ceremony took place at Holy Family Church, St. Joseph Center in South Pasadena on June 25th, 2011 The ceremony was conducted by Bob McClain, Troop 333 Scout Master. Vincent was joined by 2 fellow Boy Scouts:Nikolas Dunkel and Thomas Placido all from Boy Scout Troop 333. For every 100 boys who join Scouting only 4 will Vincent Calderon make it to the Eagle Scout Honor Court. Vincent's Eagle Project was carried out at All Saints Catholic School in El Sereno. It involved three separate projects. The first project was the construction of recycling bins. The school collects newspapers, bottles and cans for school supplies. The second project was the construction of a children's play structure, the school purchased the play set for the younger students to utilize during their recess. Under Vincent's supervision the play set was successfully assembled and can be seen in their playground across the church. The third project was repairs made to the schools computer lab classroom. CONGRATULATIONS!

Didia "Dee" Yanez Aparicio, age 92 Died At Home with Her Family By Her Side

Didia "Dee" Yanez Aparicio, age 92, of Los Angeles, California, passed aw peaceably on away August 4, 201 at her home in 2011, Montebello surrounded by her su loving family. She was born on May 23, 1919 in Clifton, Arizona, and came to Ariz Los Angeles with her family at w the age of 3. M Aparicio is preMs. ceded in death by her loving husband, Ignacio " "Nash". always She will alwa be remembered with much love and affection by lov her surviving f family who include daughters Rosalie (Mike) Herrera, Rosa Eleanor (Celedon) Chavez, Sandra (Celedo Aparicio, son, William (Lucia) Aparicio, 9 grandchildren, 7 great gra grandchildren, and 4 great great grandchildren, a brother Alfred Jr., and many relatives. re Anyone who knew Dee, knew of her passion for gardening and maintaining her beautiful home and her great love for all her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren. She was always there to lend a helping hand to everyone in her family. She enjoyed her many trips to Yosemite camping and hiking, and at the age of 78 she still could make the hike to the top of the Vernal Falls. She enjoyed the many holidays and special events together with her family. Dee was blessed to live as she wished by herself and to die in the home she loved so much. We will all miss her so very much but we will have many fond memories to remember her by.


To Deana Martinez and Anthony Ortiz for getting married on July 23, 2011.

R Ready For Retirement?

By Mario Valdez Juarez Are you ready t set course for reto tirement? Then follow the advice of entertainment icons George Takei and Patty Duke and Boldly Go to The two celebrities have teamed up in a new campaign to help Social Security promote its online services as an easy and secure way for people to apply for retirement, disability, Medicare, and so much more. Those ready to retire, apply for disability benefits, or delay retirement and apply only for Medicare, can do so from the comfort of their home or from any computer. And don't forget to sign up for direct deposit so you'll get your benefits at warp speed. Already receiving Social Security benefits? Go online to let Social Security know about a change of address or phone number, start or change direct deposit, get a proof of income letter, or replace a lost Medicare card. As Patty tells George, Social Security's website "is for everyone." Workers can get an online estimate of their future retirement benefits and use Social Security's planners to plan for a secure retirement and "Young people can help their grandparents with retiring online or getting extra help with their Medicare prescription drug costs." To which George concludes, "Everyone, of all ages, should go to www.socialsecurity. gov." So Boldly Go to Like George, you may find yourself saying, "Oh my!" Then, in retirement, live long and prosper.

Metro Reduces Price of the Day Pass



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Beginning August 1st, Metro is lowering the price of the Metro Day Pass from $6 to $5 and will also make the Day Pass available on TAP cards sold on buses at the same time. The new program is part of a 1-year test to determine whether the price roll back and convenience changes will encourage more commuters to try the Metro system. "Given the current economy and the high price of gas, a temporary price reduction could help make life a little easier for our existing customers and attract new riders," said Metro Board Chair and L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe. "If the test is a success, it's our hope that Metro will have the financial capability to continue it and make travel easier and more economical for everyone." The new program will be closely monitored for revenue and ridership impacts. After six months it will be analyzed and the Metro Board will decide whether to continue it past the 1-year test. Also as part of the test, Day Passes loaded onto TAP smart cards will be available for purchase on board Metro buses. The TAP card/Day Pass combination will be sold for $6. (Those who already have TAP cards will pay $5 for the Day Pass.) Currently TAP smart cards can be purchased at 22 ticket vending machines, at approximately 450 Metro pass sales outlets throughout Los Angeles County and at four Metro Customer Service Centers. They cannot be purchased aboard buses. The Metro Day Pass was introduced in 2004 as a replacement for transfers. It proved immediately popular. In 2009, customers began loading Day Passes onto their TAP smart cards. It wasn't until 2010, as Metro was fighting a multi-million dollar budget deficit, that the Day Pass price rose from $5 to $6. At that time, the price of the $1.80 Senior/Disabled Day Pass. "As the Metro system matures and becomes more efficient and seamless, bus and rail connectivity is becoming more common," said Metro CEO Art Leahy. "We want to make it easier for customers to have a convenient alternative to transferring within the system and we think this new reduced-price Day Pass along with its availability on buses is going to help make that happen." For more information on the TAP smart card go to

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Profiles Within Our Community; "Lincoln Heights Is My Home"

By Hugo Pacheco LA32 Neighborhood Council Board Member Hard work and dedication molds a young boy into a man. President and CEO Juan (John) M. Menchaca of "El Arca" ( East Los Angeles Remarkable Citizen's Association, Inc.) success can be atributed to his willingnees to meet challenges through hard work. It is the experience of hard work that has allowed him to oversee the operation of "El Arca", a nonprofit organization located near the corner of Selig and Mission Roads in the Lincoln Heights Neighbohood of Los Angeles. "El Arca" with 4 service programs and a staff of 50 employees has been well served through the 18 years that John Menchaca has been involved. John was born in Tepehuanes, Durango, Mexico. Then when was 9 years old his family immigrated to the United States, the land of dreams and opportunites. Growing up in Lincoln Heights he got a job as a newspaper boy for the Lincoln Heights Bulletin and the Los Angeles Herald. John remembers waking up each school day at 5:00 AM and completing half of his route before attending class at Griffin Elemntary School. Earning approximately $50.00 a week he would share half of it with his father to help support the family needs. John attended both Lincoln and Wilson High Schools. Like many an immigrant teenage student John remembers spending arduous summers picking and cleaning in the fields of Lompoc and Santa Maria. After graduating from High

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John Menchaca 13 Years Old

School, he continued to work while putting himself through College. He attended East Los Angeles College and then went on to Cal-State Los Angeles where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree. In the mist of all of this activity John still found time to be active in the community, he volunteered many years both as a youth and adult at the Los Angeles County / USC General Hospital. He began his career as a Teacher's Assistant at Hoover Elementary School where a Teacher informd him about an employment opportunity at a place called "El Arca". Little did he know that in 1992 he would be drawn back to the Lincoln Heights community, his community, the community where he grew up. At "El Arca" John started as an instructor, then promoted to Director of Adult Day Programs. Within a few years "El Arca" created the position of Vice President, offering it to John. During his tenure as

John Menchaca CEO El Arca

Vice President, John continued his educational persuits and earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration. In 2008 because of his education and experience he was offered the poistion of Interim CEO of "El Arca". He took on the challenge of leading the organization at a time when the State Financial Crises began to negatively affect program budgets. No stranger to hard work John takes his current job of President and CEO of "El Arca" seriously. As he says, "He looks forward to coming to work every day" dedicating himself to obtaining the necessary programs for developmentally disable persons but equally important for low-income developmentally disabled persons. John is extremely proud and grateful of having the opportunity of serving in the same community where he as a youngster worked hard delivering the news on his bike to his neighbors.



Tr i ms Tap er s Li ne Up s Cl e anu p s Be ar d T r i m R azo r Fade s S c i sso r C u t s



T i nt s T r i ms Hi ghl i ght s T her mal St y l e Hai r E xt e nsi o ns F u l l Fac e M ake Up Hai r C u t s/ B l o w D ry

Butterflies Are Back

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 common names. So, we now see greater coverage of native plants including Jimson Weed, Telegraph Weed, Deer Weed, and Milkweed. There are three species of Milkweed in Ascot Hills Park, two of these, Narrow-leafed and Indian Milkweed, are food sources for the Monarch caterpillars. There are other plant species in the park whose populations are recovering other than Milkweed that support butterflies other than Monarchs. I remember meeting a young man in hiking in the park with his girl friend who told me how as a youth he sneaked into the then fenced off LADWP property to hike the hills and how he then observed many butterflies. He was fond of seeing a small blue butterfly in great abundance, and he lamented that those blue butterflies are now very scarce. I am reading about native plants and the insects they sup-


204 South Ave 20, Lincoln Heights, CA 90031


Poetry In The Heights

Poetrypalooza 2011 tour will make a stop at Cafe In The Heights on Friday, August 26; 6pm - 10pm. Poetrypalooza features the The Zzyzx Writerz; Therese Hernandez-Cano (Poetry Workshop Instructor); Crystal V. Cotton (Live Theater Performer); Alice and the Rabbit (Musician)

port. I remember that our native buckwheat species attracts many butterflies, especially the blue butterflies. I am observing two species of buckwheat in the park that are coming back from small relict stands to more areas of the park. So as I hike the park and see the numbers of native plants recovering, I also many insects, including butterflies, in greater numbers. I am looking forward to meeting the young man who lamented about the lack of his favorite blue butterflies and telling him, the butterflies are back! Take time out of your busy schedule and take a hike in our local hills.

Water Heaters, Floor and Wall Heaters, Copper Repiping, Disposals - Sewer Cleaning, Water and Gas Leak Detection Air Conditioning and Heating Morris Valdez

Plumbing & Heating


You can find out more about the tour at: index.html And you can also find our Zzyzx Writerz group at: http:// w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / p a g e s / ZZyZx/222482261099468?sk=info

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Serving the Northeast Los Angeles Community Since 1986

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AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Specializing in: Tune-ups, Brakes, All Major Repairs



Cafe In The Heights 3510 Broadway

Lincoln Heights, CA 90031

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4793 Valley Blvd El Sereno, CA 90032 (Corner of Eastern and Valley)


(323) 227-4774

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SERVING THE COMMUNITIES OF LINCOLN HEIGHTS & EL SERENO SINCE 1968 Open Everyday 5am - Midnight WORLD FAMOUS Pastrami * Burgers * Chicken Phone Orders

2817 North Main Street, Lincoln Heights, CA 90031



u r g e r



101 North Avenue 18, Lincoln Heights, CA 90031 Phone: (213) 250.0143 * Fax: (213) 250.4360




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The Overstreet Family from University Hills took THE VOICE COMMUNITY NEWS along on their vacation on a recent trip to Scotland and England. Pictured above are Rosa and Mark Overstreet at the entrance to Scotland's Sterling Castle. This castle is one of the largest castles in Scotland and was the site of many historic sieges and battles in the early 1300's through the 1,400's. It stands boldly on "Castle Hill" known for its large rocky volcanic geography, surrounded by steep cliffs on three sides making it ideal for defensive battles that were depicted in Mel Gibson's movie "Braveheart" It is a prime tourist destination.

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NEW METRO Tile Company Since 1982



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4838 South Huntington Drive El Sereno, CA 90032

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C Covina St. Covina St.


"Where Neighbors & Friends Meet"

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Located across from Lincoln High School


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