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Standard DS1® Fourth Edition Overview

What are the major enhancements for DS1® Fourth Edition compared to Third Edition?

· Volume 1: o Align DS1® Standard Level requirements with API Specifications 71 and 72 including addition of HWDP and stabilizers. o Add section on hardbanding including material selection, geometry and application. o Add new NWDP and TWDP. Volume 2: o Incorporate Connection Fatigue Index ("CFI"; reference IADC/SPE Paper 112105) for drill collar connection selection based on relative fatigue performance. o Add section on Landing String Design. o Add dimensional and load capacities for new NWDP, TWDP and proprietary connections. Volume 3: o Add procedures cover hardbanding (reapplication and inspection) and tool joint build up. o Expand dimensional and visual inspection procedures for new proprietary connections. o Move seven procedures covering Specialty Tools to Volume 4. Volume 4: o Add Volume 4 to DS1® to address the unique requirements for qualification of specialty tools. o Incorporate STC1TM and portions of DS1® Third Edition Volume 3 to establish requirements for design, inspection, assembly, function testing, shipment and use of specialty tools. o Provide requirements for qualification of selected tool families.




What are the cost and obligations as a Sponsor?

The cost is $15,000. Each Sponsor is encouraged to participate in the Steering Committee which is estimated to include four days reviewing proposed content and two days attending meetings.

What are the benefits of sponsoring DS1® Fourth Edition?

· · · · · Each Sponsor is provided a seat on the Steering Committee which oversees development of the standard. One hundred volumes of the standard are provided to each Sponsor representing a minimum value of $15,000. Sponsors receive a 15% discount for public training courses for DS1® Fourth Edition. Sponsors can purchase additional volumes at a discounted price not to exceed $150/volume. Sponsors are listed at the front of each volume.

13100 Wortham Center Drive, Suite 300 · Houston, Texas 77065 · Tel (281) 671-5700 · Fax (281) 671-5394 [email protected] ·


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