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"Lighting the Pathway to those in need of Hope and Peace Fall 2010

Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries

The Pathway

Athletes of God; Running the Race of Life

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The Letters of Thanks We Receive Anya & Baby Timothy The Gray Gables Estate Mercantile Update Ladies Luncheon TRM Waiters Riding for Miracles Everyday, Mothers Day WCI Recognition Pledging for a Better Choice TRM Tea & Tour Support Opportunities

_______________________ I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same. In each, it is the performance of a dedicated precise set of acts, physical or intellectual, from which comes shape of achievement, a sense of one's being, a satisfaction of spirit. One becomes, in some area, an athlete of God. Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired. Martha Graham 1894-1991 Martha Graham was an influential American dancer, teacher, and choreographer of modern dance. _______________________

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How many of us can look back and almost count the obstacles of life's challenges and remember what we had to endure to achieve them? If we think about them seriously, maybe not achieving them the first time was a blessing. Enduring, trying time after time until we accomplish what we set out to do actually in turn strengthened us for going through the experience. Achieving goals or dissolving an obstacle may not have been easy, perhaps it was very painful, but enduring the impossible sends us a strong message. There should be no obstacle, no challenge, no mountain that we can not go around or over. To take ownership, this is where the practice comes in, the endurance race of life. Our mothers of Thiessen Roadhouse challenge life everyday, especially in birthing of their newborn. Endurance to run this race of life is the challenge. Not only homeless, but sometimes broken and abandoned,

Our Mission Statement Thiessen Roadhouse is a Christian ministry focused on providing spiritual guidance and transitional housing for mothers in crisis.

they do not give up. We as their mentors and voice, do not give up either! We choose to run right along side of them and at the same time compassionately hold them up, giving hope to their weariness. Our problems pale in comparison to others who struggle. Sometimes failing to see the finish line, we wait upon the Lord with attention on the overwhelming darkness of human suffering. We at Thiessen Roadhouse will continue to challenge any obstacle that hinders our vision, integrating new challenges and looking ahead to make sure our way is straight. We want to always be out in front, 30 lengths ahead, as we humbly "practice and perform" in our goal: The Finish Line! This will not only strengthen us but will renew our faith, bringing peace within. We know that we have been appointed to run the race of life daily. Commitment is our guiding principle that makes our household "Athlete's of God",

A Word from Linda Wiles Thornton, Executive Director

"Are you hungry Brother?" I asked a drug addict who was living in a dumpster. I offered to share my lunch with him and he sat down with me. Talking during the meal, Ed shared with me how his life had brought him to that moment before I had met him. Ed shared that he was a heroin addict, an alcoholic, and his girlfriend was 6 months pregnant. He was in despair, and at his lowest point. In a moment of grace, Ed accepted Jesus into his heart, sitting on a sidewalk next to a dumpster. TRM was able to get his family the assistance they needed. Ed has gone on to live a clean and sober life, being a devoted man of God. The question of "Are you hungry Brother?" was asked in the context of "What are you hungry for?" I wasn't asking Ed if he was hungry for food, but if he was in need of spiritual food. Who will you share your lunch with today, and what are you hungry for?



Letters of Thanks We have Received

There are many times that the trip to the mailbox holds a lovely card from either a supporter or past resident. These notes mean so much and give us a smile each time they arrive..... It was my pleasure to join you and friends for your Ladies Luncheon Tea! As always I had a great time! You are doing such a great service for the community and the tremendous help you to young mothers. God Bless you! Bea Thank you for the newsletter! I would like to volunteer in your organization. I will call and set up a time to meet. I think what TRM is doing is a great service! Linda What a small world, as I was at a Trinity Road Riders meeting and your groups charity motorcycle ride was mentioned. I am 77 years old and its been 50 years since I have spent anytime as a passenger (never a rider) but the moths aren't circling yet! I had read The Oregonian article, my dear friend John sent me a link to your website, and I want to meet you as I can relate to parts of your testimony. Hoping to meet you sometime, Lord willing. Chickee (Update: Chickee has since taken a 1600 mile motorcycle ride with her son and is an avid shopper at the TRM Mercantile! She is also a supporter, donor and advocate for the ministry. She will be hosting a table at the annual TRM Auction on Dec 4th. We love you Chickee!) My church, Grace Pointe, began the "Leaven Project". I received a $50 bill over a year ago and have carried it around in my Bible in hopes to be directed to place this contribution where it would help someone continue Gods work. I believe it was directed to you through my prayers. Thank you again for all you do. I believe the Lord trusted me with this mission for a long time because He felt I would see His purpose. I think I am beginning to. I hope to be able to continue to help your ministry in the future. Keep me apprised of your "Wish List". Jana (Note: Thank you Jana for your spirit filled letter and loving contribution! The $50 dollars was used to transport Mothers & babies to doctors appts, to church and for an outing for ice cream. The mothers have heard & love your story.)

Baby Timothy: September 17th, 2010 at 7 Pounds 5ozs

We would like to congratulate TRM resident, Anya Williams on the birth of her son Timothy, born on September 17th, 2010 weighing a healthy 7 pounds, 5 ounces. Anya lived at Thiessen Roadhouse for 3 months while pregnant with Timothy. Anya was sponsored into the Promise of Life Program and responded well to counseling. As a resident, Anya enjoyed sharing her talents of crocheting and has been finding quiet moments to crochet baby hats to donate to the new TRM Mercantile store front. Through numerous emails, Anya has kept in touch regarding how her new Learning how to be nurturing, allowing trust and being open to healing, Anya found out just how precious life was as she prepared to birth her son. Through TRM's supporters, was able counseling to be program, with Timothy's family. father and has since family is doing and has sent moved to New York to be closer to his numerous photos of Timothy. She comments, "Thiessen Roadhouse (TRM) has taught me so much about myself.. I'm very happy to have Frankie and his family in my life, especially Timothy, you have no idea. I am a totally different person now than I was before!" Anya and her new family are doing extremely well. TRM offers a full range of Christian counseling services as well as Doula services to residents. Parenting Classes in the Promise of Life Program are designed to assess each residents needs, offering support and resources to new mothers as well as family members.

resources and God's grace, Anya reunited



Gray Gables Estate:TRM Supporters with Elegance and Style!

For the past 8 years Tom Rodrigues of Gray Gables Estate has contributed its stretch limousine for the Live Auction package "Limo with Linda" at the TRM Auction. Tom believes in the mission of TRM and is eager to donate annually for this anticipated auction item. Tom has an outgoing personality and always makes the limo ride engaging and fun for the guests. Tom pays attention to detail and makes everyone excited about the destination as well as the return trip. Tom and his family are active members in the community and routinely step out to help those in need. With there caring spirit it is no wonder that they have devoted their skills to making Gray Gables a premier wedding and event center. Gray Gables is a beautiful 2-acre venue in Oak Grove that is cleverly hidden by tall firs and Chestnut trees. Gray Gables is a family business since 1998 and has hosted over 1000 weddings and receptions. Anna, Tom Rodrigues' wife, has always cared about weddings. For years they went to Do-it-yourself weddings and Anna would instantly volunteer to make sure the bride had the right photographs and that the attendees got to participate in the various components of the rite of passage. Anna knew how important memories are. It was because she saw how much stress the bride and groom had to deal with that she knew there was a market for stressfree weddings. So Anna and her sister, Carol, talked Carol's husband Clem into quitting his job to go into the wedding business. So Tom, Anna and Clem are dealing with the day-today issues and Carol who works for Intel, gives her advise as time allows. In 1998 they bought the old Westervelt estate. Dr. Westervelt was a horse-and-buggy doctor from England who built the manor house and carriage house in 1911. There are rumors that Franklin Roosevelt stayed with the Westervelts when he dedicated Timberline Lodge. In 2000 the two couples built a 6,000 sq. ft. building (called Westervelt Hall) to have weddings and receptions indoors. This allowed for the wedding party to move indoors from the outside venue in case of rain. It also provided a year round space for weddings as well as corporate events like banquets, seminars and auctions. Last year Anna started the Gray Gables Academy of Etiquette. She is a certified etiquette consultant. The major focus is hands on experience for middle school children but she offers an adult 5-course dinner tutorial and high school programs. Along with TRM, a few of the groups Gray Gables has assisted include: Doernbecher hospital, Athey Creek Christian Fellowship, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Clackamas Women's Services and CCI Enterprises. We encourage you to visit the Gray Gables Estate either in person at 3009 SE Chestnut Street Portland, Oregon 97267 or take a virtual tour online at



TRM Mercantile Update

In our spring newsletter we let you all know that a long time vision of Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries was to someday have a storefront to sell our over flowing donations from the community. We no longer had the desire to fight the "rain, sleet, and hail" of a yard sale. No more tents, tables, or adverse weather was ever going to discourage us again. Well, praise be to God, that vision came to pass! Our TRM Mercantile Grand Opening took place July 10th, 2010! Our "Boutique, Antique, and Gift" shop is now in full swing, catering to the community, new clients, and you our faithful supporters! We are amazed at the response and comments from those who have shopped, frequented, and are excited about making the Mercantile, one of their favorite places to "run away" to. If you have not had the chance to visit, as of yet, be prepared to set an hour or so aside some time for yourself to capture some quiet time to come and shop! You will first be greeted by our Mercantile volunteer staff, usually accompanied by a friendly greeting and a hug! You will be directed to "browse and lose yourself" as Sometimes that treasure is our amazing volunteer staff that always is eager to help or just to listen. The store front has been a wonderful meeting place for new friends to get to know each other. We have come to the conclusion, "The TRM Mercantile is about selling, but it is also about touching hearts". Our store has already created a following and many have commented on the Mercantile, "This is just what we needed in the neighborhood for a long time, now", or "This is the most incredible store. Everything is so nicely arranged and displayed, I had no idea", "I will definitely be back, bringing my friends with me, they just have to see this"! Our desire is to create a fun shopping experience and most of all to have you return! We also has a successful "VIP Open House" on Sunday afternoon, October 24th, with a 30% discount given to all everyone who received an invitation. Sales were steady as we served appetizers and hot apple cider. Shoppers had fun while listening to live music played by guitarists Thomas and Cole. Thank you for all who came out to support and patronize us, it was a memorable time. We so enjoyed seeing you again and also meeting new friends. Our long term goals and continued vision of the TRM Mercantile is something that we will be sharing with you as we, ourselves, see it unfold. So, for now, come visit us soon. You will see our "eyecatching", TRM MERCANTILE sign, displayed front porch, colorful banners, wind socks and streamers.

you enjoy soft music, a cold water or hot cup of tea, or a See's chocolate bar. Fellowship is "what we do", to get to know you better and see if your having a nice shopping experience. With "A little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That", (our slogan), there is bound to be that perfect "something" you'll find to treasure.

Please Note: We have turn around parking in the back, so pull straight in, park, then when leaving, turn around and head out on 82nd for safety. It is the best courtesy not to park on the paved driveway, this will give others accessible entry, (thank you)! We are all volunteers; if that is something that interest you, and would like to offer of your time, please contact Manager Linda Thornton at [email protected] or directly at 503.719.1114



Ladies Luncheon Served in Style by "Waiters Extraordinaire"

If you missed the 3rd Annual Benefit Ladies Luncheon and High Tea, you missed an exciting and fun filled day! This annual fundraiser highlighted an unforgettable gathering of ladies and girls (10 years and older) coming together for fellowship and "just getting to know each other" mind set in support of Thiessen Roadhouse. Serving as our Master of Ceremonies was long time TRM supporter, Mona Gelow. Composer and Pianist Cordell Thornton filled the room with beautiful music during the bidding at the silent auction and luncheon. With a Hawaiian Theme the event was a memorable day. Entertainment included hula dancers and several guest wore their "grass skirts and coconuts"! These authentic outfits, hats and accessories made you think you had just stepped off the plane into a Luau! The costumes added to the annual hat judging contest with prizes ranging from most creative to most original style for a Hawaiian hat! Guests became creative and used exotic flowers to feathers. There were also prizes for the little ladies as well, who have learned by watching their mother's, grandmothers, and friends! The prizes for best hat were tea cups and teapots to go along with the tea party atmosphere. Photos were captured by our TRM in-house photographer Amanda Eckard. At the luncheon we took time to highlight and honor our TRM mothers. Mothers share their personal stories, reminder of her message. Another highlight of the luncheon would be our handsome waiters, wearing the traditional black TRM aprons. This year the men got to dress for the occasion in their authentic Hawaiian shirts and shorts. Pete even adorned his shirt with a pair of wooden coconuts, which of course made everyone laugh. Each year the waiters add that "certain something", not only waiting on the entire group of ladies with style, but each gentleman gets to wait upon his wife's table. They volunteer each year to make our event that much more special. They serve as waiters in addition to setting up and cleaning afterwards. The luncheon could not have happened without our "Waiter's Extraordinaire"! and the thankfulness they felt for the hope found at Thiessen Roadhouse. Speaking this year was Cassy Kaegi, who graduated from TRM's Promise of Life Program in 2002. Her story really touched the hearts of everyone present! Our professional and inspirational speaker this year was Jet Haggerty, who presented a talk about how "Life is Beautiful". Each guest was presented with an inspirational hand written card as a take home

Our next year's theme will be an all out Mexican Fiesta! We talk about what the next year's theme will be before this years event happens, that's how excited everyone gets! We are in hopes to see you there next year, "get your sombrero and castanet's ready! The venue remains at the same location, the Oregon City Pioneer Community Center.

Attitude of Gratitude

The Prayer of Saint Therese 1873-1897 May today be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be confident knowing that you are a child of God. Let this presence settle in to your bones and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us.

"I want to spend my heaven doing good on earth." Saint Therese



"Riding for Miracles" Motorcycle Run

Why do people who ride motorcycles like to ride? It is either to "get out of town", experience the open rode to try out that new bike, or is just for the sense of freedom. We know the "Miracle Riders" of Thiessen Roadhouse have chosen to ride because they believe in our mission of creating miracles. The TRM 1st Annual Benefit Motorcycle Rally took place on Saturday, May 28, 2010. The rides was one of the most fun times we all have experienced ever! Our other fundraising events have been yard sales, car washes, ladies luncheon and benefit auctions. Even though the other events have been successful, the motorcycle rally was a great addition. We had a great turn out with over 15 bikes and 23 riders, with enthusiasm and adrenalin flowing, we were ready to ride! The meeting place for registration was at Rhonda's Coffee Shop. Rhonda made biscuits and gravy and latte's to get us ship along with a group picture. Thank you to Dennis Koch for playing acoustical guitar fireside. Thank you to the Feasers for their incredible hospitality. And to Amanda Eckard for her professional photography skills, "capturing the moment"! In August, we decided on another Fun Run and had an equally great ride of 128 miles through Troutdale, up the scenic highway, past Crown Pointe, and past the amazing Multnomah Falls. A lunch break was taken at the Char Burger. Our travels then went over the Bridge of the Gods to the State of Washington side. Following the Gorge to I-205 we all parted our separate ways, anticipating our next ride which is scheduled on June 2011. Our route will be cruising somewhere out Silver Creek Falls way, in Silverton, OR . Visit TRM on the web or call to get on our "Miracle Riders 2nd Annual Motorcycle Rally List, looking forward!

jump started! At 9 am Terry Feaser joined everyone together for prayer, then with bike's revving up, helmets in place, we were ready to hit the open road. We followed the route out Highway 212 to the scenic Carver and Estacada area, round to Canby 99e then through Oregon City to Redland Road to the bonfire at the Feasers' home. Chili dogs, corn bread and appetizers warmed us up by the fire as everyone relaxed after an enjoyable ride totaling 112 miles. There were door prizes and fellow-

Every Day is Mother's Day!

The following note was left with a wonderful donation by one of our long time supporters, of over 20 years, Jamie Berry. She gives several times throughout the year by giving through her companies United Way program, through prayer, and a donations to the auction. Jamie found a unique way to honor her Mom on Mothers Day, and to equally bless us with her thoughtfulness. Supporters like Jamie are so precious to the ministry. She is a faithful servant for the Lord and has a genuine, caring spirit. Enclosed is a small donation to TRM in honor of my Mom. I drove up Thiessen Road on Mother's Day, thought of her & what a perfect way to honor her memory - I know it will be used to help one of your Mothers & that makes me happy! Love, Jamie Thank you Jamie! Your gift helped a TRM resident to renew her DMV identification after leaving a domestic violence relationship while 3 months pregnant. In escaping her situation, her abuser took her ID from her, making ability to leave more difficult. Helping this mother with DMV fees enabled her to reestablish her life. Her identity was renewed in more ways than one due to your kindness. Knowing that a complete stranger helped her, made her feel loved and cared for. Your Mother would be very honored to know that her memory helped someone in need.

Thank You to Webber Consulting Inc., Celebrating 10 Years

Mark Webber of Webber Consulting Inc., (WCI), in Canby, Oregon is celebrating 10 years of "Reliable Computer Services", the company slogan he proudly carries. Mark's consulting team of quality experts does not stop there, it is "just what they do everyday!" This kind of dedicated service reaches the surrounding Portland communities and validates this incredible business of going beyond anything that you expected as a finished product. Their timing is included in their performance, realizing the crucial importance of accommodating each client by helping business's to be up and running and to "stay online"! Mark and his talented team been available for Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries, (TRM) for several years now, as our webmaster and handling our technical trouble shooting. Each project that Webber Consulting is involved in comes with 110% effort and is always guaranteed. Mark's reputation as a business man is commendable, and as a friend, he is there anytime you need him. If you choose to partner with WCI , you will not be disappointed. After meeting with Mark Webber and the WCCI team, you will be convinced they are the right choice for your computer needs! We at TRM commend you Mark for an outstanding 10 years of service and we wish you many more years of continued success! Contact Webber Consulting at 503-266­8826 or online at



Pledging to Give Women in Crisis a Better Choice. "We Need Your help!"

Most women show up on our doorstep because they are pregnant and in crisis and have no other "choice". Most have determined that abortion is not the answer for them, but still it is a choice that they could have made in their desperation. The Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries (TRM) Promise of Life Program provides a constructive alternative for residents who are exposed to the program. Women who graduate are empowered to move forward with their lives after their baby is born, regardless of what crisis may arise. TRM has three rooms available for housing mothers in crisis. The TRM Promise of Life Program provides the following monthly services: tion, monitoring & supervised visitations ticipant that graduates from the 6 month program


Transportation for medical needs, court appearances, shopping, and church related activities Support for transitioning into permanent housing along with help in job search skills and networking

· · · · · ·

$1,300 will sponsor 1 mother & baby for 1 month $700 will sponsor 1 mother & baby for 2 weeks $350 will sponsor 1 mother & baby for 1 week $150 will sponsor 1 mother & baby for 3 days $50 will sponsor 1 mother & baby for 1 day $25 will sponsor 1 evaluation & counseling session for a prospective mother into the program "Priceless" Daily ministry to serve it's ing happy, healthy, cient mothers with the birthing process. prayer for our vision of creatand self suffibabies through


The cost of providing these services for one mother and child is a $1,300 monthly expense

· · · ·

$600 Housing & Food $500 Promise of Life Counseling, 20 hours monthly $100 Transportation $100 Utilities (water, gas heat, electricity, phone, sewer, garbage) Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries Sponsorship Opportunities


Fully furnished TRM housing, along with "everything a mother & baby might possibly need" Maternity and post-transitional clothing for mothers, as well as, infant clothing Proper nutrition Christian counseling, spiritual guidance/bible study Labor Doula services & birthing classes Parenting skills/classes, and counseling as needed in anger management, domestic violence, drug & alcohol, as well as, 12 steps programs including AA and NA Victorious Support for court related issues/assessments and documenta-



· · · ·

Consider sponsoring the Promise of Life Program with a one time gift or gifting a monthly pledge. Donors can specify how the donation is used or can designate TRM to grant sponsorship to residents as needed.

Thank you for a consideration to pledge monthly or a sponsorship to help mothers in crisis!


$48,750 Sponsors an average of 5 graduates of the TRM Promise of Life Program $11,700 is the cost per participant that graduates from the 9 month program $7,800 is the average cost per par-




Schedule a TRM Tea & Tour

TRM Tea and Tour is an excellent opportunity to get to know more about the ministry as a whole, as well as meet our mother's and their babies. Our Tea and Tours allow the TRM program leaders and mothers to get to know our supporters in a more personal way. You get a chance to take a tour to see our home, perhaps for the first time. Take some time to slow down, put the world on hold, have a cup of tea, and at the same time "rock a baby"! The visit may also be helpful in realizing where you might serve in our volunteer or sponsorship programs. The Tea & Tour program also gives our mother's an opportunity to interact with visitors and make new acquaintances. Each visitor lends a helping hand of encouragement, essential to a mothers growth and self esteem, making her feel welcome and cared for. Your interest in the program and personal visit is extremely validating to our residents. Tea & Tours are by appointment only, and usually take less than an hour, but your welcome to stay as long as you like! Please call and schedule a time so we can anticipate your visit and prepare a personalized tea time just for you!

Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries

4630 SE Thiessen Road Milwaukie, Oregon 97267

Linda Wiles Thornton Executive Director Certified Christian Counselor & Birthing Labor Doula [email protected] Phone: 503.653.0450 Fax: 503.387.3204

"Jesus Loves the Little Children.....!"

Almost everyday someone inquires, "What can I do to help TRM"

Here are the many ways you can be a part and support Thiessen Roadhouse:

Diapers & Wipes, Always!: Disposable diapers for newborn to 1 year. We average around 25 diapers daily, 150 weekly, and 600 monthly. If you have diapers, you must have wipes! (Quality or new baby items would be appreciated, newborn to 18 months). Donate Office Supplies and Help: Reams of paper, HP Photosmart C6150 (black & color) cartridges, post-its, pens, binder clips, binders, stationary, greeting cards, stamps and tape are all useful in preparing classes, counseling, and resumes. We need a volunteer who would like to sell TRM items on Craiglist. TRM Pantry Replenished: Staples for baking supplies & cooking, (our mothers love to bake!), are always welcome. Baby food in stages 1-2, formulas, fresh, vegetables, canned & frozen varieties are always needed. Consider putting together your favorite recipe and have supper with us! Attention cooks: come and teach meal planning & nutrition, this would be so helpful! Lawn Care and Maintenance: All seasons create opportunities for yard work and the regular maintaining of the grounds. Personal Care & Cleaning Supplies: TRM

uses Melaleuca products exclusively. All ingredients are naturally derived, biodegradable, ph neutral and nonalkaline which makes them baby safe. $30.00 a month helps supply our needs, with orders placed on the 15th, monthly. If you use Melaleuca in your home then consider placing your orders through TRM, a portion of the proceeds benefit the ministry.

TRM Fundraising: Event

planning, auction committee support, grant writing, coordinating sponsorships, mailings/distribution/flyers, summer events of yard sales, work days, and car washes. Now our new storefront, TRM Mercantile, has many areas of opportunity, "where can you volunteer and shop at the same time"! .

"Rock a Baby" or Mentor a Mother: The mothers in the TRM "Promise of Life" program have a set schedule of responsibilities and counseling sessions to fulfill before graduating. "Rock a baby" while a mom studies, counsels, take her to an appointment, gets chores done or just relaxes for some quiet time to her self. Our mothers love company and attention, mentoring can be fun, or "Let's do Lunch"!


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