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"Lighting the Pathway to those in need of Hope and Peace" June 2009

Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries

The Pathway

There is No Recession in God......

Our Mission Statement Thiessen Roadhouse is a Christian ministry focused on providing spiritual guidance and transitional housing for mothers in crisis. As for me and my household: that He may establish peace on my borders and strengthen the bars to my gates and bless the children within. He sends forth his word and melts anything against the cold, providing for His children. Psalm 14:13-21 ___________________ And I heard the voice of the Lord saying "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" Then I said, "Here I am. Send me." Isaiah 6:8

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From Our Mailbox Erin & Baby Violet Our Roadhouse Angels TRM Classes, Services & Weekly Schedule Ladies Luncheon & Tea


The word recession brings words like struggle, financial set backs, foreclosures, cutbacks, downsizing, layoffs and unemployment. As we continue to trust God and stand on His promises, words like graciousness, abundance, love, and hope describe how God is there to meet every need. The Webster's Dictionary describes recession as, "temporary falling off of business activity". When we hold ourselves hostage with setbacks, we tend to "fall away" from knowing that all we have is not ours in the first place. What has been given to us is a gift from God. In return, our gift is to keep our own houses in order by being faithful and obedient to God's Word. Giving to others less fortunate and by sharing God's love is another way to give acknowledgement. A recession is just another

Vehicle Donation Crisis to Purpose Tea & Tour Schedule Pledging Better Choices Hays Family Limo Ride with Linda Call for Board Members Oak Grove Office Report How You Can Help:


opportunity created to redefine how we choose to embrace God's gifts or how we re-examine the way we describe our daily lives, or choose to love one another. In a way, "The Recession" is a delicate blessing asking many of us to revaluate the question of needs versus wants, or how to choose hope over fear. 2009 marks the 25th year of Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries, and not once have our lights been turned off, nor have we ever gone without. God has always been faithful to see us through. Now, with our nation in a "declared recession", Thiessen Roadhouse has vowed that our doors will remain open. Our mission of housing, counseling, and educating Mothers in Crisis is needed more now than ever. We know there is no recession in God.

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A Message from Linda Wiles Thornton, Executive Director

"You are precious in my sight and I love you......" Words Spoken by Linda to many TRM Mother's When a new mother is being interviewed as a potential resident in the house, there are many factors to take into consideration. Besides the obvious need of shelter, there is even a bigger need of compassion for her situation that involves a baby. Society is quick to judge or to offer sterilized "solutions", or a quick fix that gets the mother back to her life. There are no quick fixes to "undo" a pregnancy, regardless of circumstances. Walking through, unraveling, and offering spiritual guidance is what TRM offers to a mother wanting to keep her baby. Many times the mother arrives feeling overwhelmed, afraid and confused. Being judged by others is last on the long list of her needs. Trust opens a gateway to healing. As human beings we need to be told that we are loved, we are precious, that we matter. Only then, healing begins.

"Making Big Differences in Little Lives..."



From Our Mailbox: Lovely Letters of Support Make Our Day

Dear TRM, You have been an inspiration to me and especially my daughter. I just don't know where she would have been or what would have happened to her if it was not for your kindness. Please continue to pray for her and for us to heal as a family. When I think of TRM, I pray for your ministry and what it reflects. What an amazing gift of love and grace God has given you! In return you give back to others. Thank you for letting your light shine for others to see, including me! A note received from a parent of a TRM resident mother _________________________________ Dear Linda, I do not need any recognition for what I have donated to your wonderful cause. It is more about you and what you do for those you support than anything I would ever donate. I am fortunate to be able to help someone like you and TRM. You are a true gift in what you do! God Bless You! A note from an Annual Donor who wished to remain anonymous ________________________________ "Where would I be without you? I would have been forgotten and alone.....but not now!" "Because of what I learned at TRM, I now know how to love myself & my child and trust that God has a plan for me. " "I'm thankful I found my way to TRM" Remarks from 2008-09 Promise of Life Program Graduates

Thank you to everyone who sends in letters of encouragement and support. Some of our favorite letters are updates from mothers who have graduated, from people we have never met or from new friends we have made that have come to further support the goals of the ministry. What a delight to go to the mailbox and to find hand written notes sent from such lovely people who have taken the time to say how much they care. Blessings, Linda

Meet TRM Mother & Baby: Erin Zumwalt & Violet

support. Through word of mouth, she was led to Thiessen Roadhouse. The several months that followed took a lot of trust, hard work, and concentrating on the TRM agenda. Searching for spiritual guidance and a sense of belonging, she eventually sat her feet on solid ground. There was nothing but love, forgiveness and acceptance at TRM. Erin has spoken about her life and circumstances at two TRM fundraising events and courageously shared her story of wrong choices, unwise decisions, and trusting in the wrong people. That all changed when she came to TRM, where she knew she was safe. She stated, "I am in a home where I could be myself, and have a "Mom" who is always there to make me feel loved along with spiritual guidance. TRM has truly changed my life. I have grown into a mature, independent adult, making new decisions with confidence. I have learned new parenting skills, and know that I can now achieve my goals." We thank you Erin for having the courage to tell your story. There is no turning back for Erin. She envisions only a productive life ahead, filled with all the dreams she once had now becoming a reality. Erin will graduate this July from the TRM Promise of Life Program, enter her housing program with continued help with support in raising her little girl. Violet Lorraine will turn two in June. Erin is now filled with anticipation and is excited to make this transition to reunite with her daughter. We fall in love with each mother, and when the time comes, it is always difficult to see them leave. We do however rejoice in the healing of each heart, knowing they have accomplished their goals. This makes it a win/win situation for both the mother and Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries. Our prayers are with you Erin as you and Baby Violet reach for your goals together!

Pictured: Erin with Violet Lorraine A year ago, Erin Zumwalt came to Thiessen Roadhouse. She had become homeless, was coming out of an unhealthy relationship filled with domestic violence, resulting in the removal of her 1 year old baby girl Violet Lorraine. With Violet being temporarily placed in a foster home, Erin was devastated and had no place to go. She was at the lowest point ever in her life and confused with no



Our "Roadhouse Angels"

The following excerpt was taken from a writing given by Stacey Boyko after her many visits to a friend who was a TRM resident. Stacey commented, "There are so many angels at this home, some you can see and some you cant." Her words eloquently described her experience: have set the example of what it means to be a "Roadhouse Angel". · Alan & Victoria O'Kain for always seeing possibilities and for finding joy in being of service. For being resourceful and for inviting like-minded people into the ministry. For finding joy, compassion and strength in doing God's work. Ted Winkels for coordinating the mailing data base for almost a decade. For lovingly giving of his time, helping with ongoing communication and computer needs. For his steadfast, strong caregiver attitude with a "Teddy Bear" demeanor. Judy Koski for serving the ministry with her steady encouragement and quiet discernment. For all of her unconditional love for our mothers & babies. For being a prayer partner in sustaining the ministry. Connie Franks for helping with event coordination. For being the example of what the combination of team work and tenacity look like. For her gracious personality and strong spirit to be of service. Mike and Michelle Schwab for creating partnerships, linking resources and community outreach. For 10 years of giving love, devotion, and talents to the ministry. For creating a sense of belonging and family while being of service. Jamie Berry for giving 17 years of her time and follow through. For being a sweet spirit who is resourceful and dedicated. For being a person who can always be counted on. Genie Cochran for being an energetic woman of purpose. For having a determined and courageous heart. For wearing smile on her face while using her hands to make a difference. Fallon Burk for her dynamic creativity in marketing and promotional material. For being a strong, sincere, devoted and generous spirit. For her ability to bring love and light to almost any situation. Mel & June Stiehl for over 25 years of sharing their family, being of service, and for always being resourceful. For holding the vision and being dedicated to the mission. For having true compassion and graciousness with the mothers and babies. TRM Quilters for giving the gift of love in every stitch. For sending the message of comfort and security. For giving the best of what they have for the TRM Mothers & Babies they may never meet. Steve Millard for fixing what is broken, restoring what has lost it's luster, and for being able to jump over tall buildings....For being our Superman Angel for over 25 years. For being a quiet man of God, with a desire to be of service to woman and children. Mike and Jinny Cowher for believing in possibilities. For showing up early and staying late. For recognizing and sharing the mighty hand of God. Helen Heydel for sharing her talents and signature style. For being a light filled spirit of joy to everyone she meets. For being a reminder that "Jesus is your re-set button for life". For Anonymous Angels who pledge gifts every month by providing resources, underwriting services, and giving gifts that fill needs as answers to prayer. So me times envelopes with offerings or boxes of food and clothing are dropped off with a note of encouragement. We don't even know who sent the gift, but we know it comes from the heart.


"The Roadhouse Angels" Angels have put their hands into the hard work Bamboo, lilacs, violets, ivy and angels surround the house The "Head Angel" will meet and greet you saying "Welcome!" There are so many other angels that help with the ministry. All the angels are saying, "Welcome, come on in" "Welcome" to the mother and child that is scared, that has no place to go You wont see tears anymore, you will see many Angels to help








Many people who have visited Thiessen Roadhouse have made similar comments such as, "There is such a sense of peace when you walk in the door, an unexplainable light, a feeling of being surrounded by safety, love, and angels." Our vast volunteer base of "Roadhouse Angels" create this feeling in the home. Each one brings love and understanding with them as they show up to share their gifts of time, money, energy and talents. At Thiessen Roadhouse, we believe that we are merely instruments doing God's work, guided by the Holy Spirit. Our volunteers and supporters all have one thing in common: They arrive with a Servants Heart. The following people







There are indeed many seen and unseen Angels that surround us at Thiessen Roadhouse!



TRM Scheduled Classes & Services

TRM Woman's Group Domestic Violence/Anger Mgt., AA/NA Victorious classes Tuesday evenings 7 PM to 8:30 PM

Bring a friend that may be in need of support and fellowship. All classes give documentation for personal & court purposes. Bring your favorite snack.

confused world? Need a friend or know someone in need of friendship? You will find encouragement and love of the sisters at TRM no matter what the circumstances are in your life. We pattern our lives today after the women of the Bible, of their strength and courage to endure.

matters of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Drug Addictions, Marriage/ Relationships, Sexual Abuse, and Art Therapy for Traumatized Children. No one is ever turned away for not being able to pay for a session.

TRM Heart to Heart Counseling Sessions By Appointment

As well as in house counseling, we also reach out to serve those in need in the community. Offering Certified Christian Counseling by striving to connect with the client, bringing a better understanding of the importance of their lives. TRM counsels in areas of family and individual

Labor Doula Services By Appointment

Doula: a Greek word for women helping women during birth. Doula's assist midwives and mothers in the birthing process. TRM offers Doula Services to residents in the house as well as non resident clients. Fee's are arranged by ability to pay. To inquire about classes and services please contact Linda Wiles Thornton at 503-653-0450

Women's Bible Study Friday evenings 7 PM to 8:30 PM

Please, come and study with us! Want to learn more about the Bible and the bonding of the sisterhood, in today's busy and

TRM Promise of Life Weekly Schedule for Residents

What does a week look like in the TRM Promise of Life Program? A set schedule is a must to keep everyone productive and the house in good working order. Residents know what to expect and they learn planning techniques that are crucial to help them graduate, as well as living a productive life outside of the ministry. 2008-2009 revised scheduled format will be as follows:


A Group Session is conducted at 7 PM to 8:30 PM.


Residents are encouraged to take personal time and have 2 days of rest and family time. For residents needing Doula Services appointments can be made.



Open day for residents to accomplish their daily obligations and program goals. Individual counseling appointments for residents are available after 7:30 PM.




All residents are invited to attend either the 10:00 AM or 6 :00 PM service at New Song Community Church, (or their church of choice), with transportation being provided by the TRM van. As residents excel in their Promise of Life program they are also encouraged to become involved in the various New Song classes and women's groups. Residents have Sunday evening to prepare for the week ahead. The Promise of Life program is a full week of learning complimented with support and encouragement!



9 AM "Morning Tea Time" to review the upcoming weekly schedule of each resident, review the weekly household chore list, and the ministry schedule such as upcoming tours or volunteer projects. Individual counseling appointments are available for residents.


· ·

Individual counseling appointments are available for residents. Special Focus Projects are scheduled such as grocery shopping outings, resume writing classes, meal preparation, parenting instruction, or techniques for personal relaxation.





Residents work on weekly individual goals and schedule counseling times to help complete their program.

Friday & Saturday's:


Women's Bible Study Group meets from 7 PM--8:30 PM.



2009 Ladies Luncheon & High Tea Becomes a "Sold Out"

The second annual ladies high tea and luncheon was once again a success with fellowship, food, fashion and of course tea! The event was held at on New Hope Community Church in Clackamas on May 2, 2009 with 112 guest in attendance. The event each year is fundraiser to replenish the "TRM General Fund", again, meeting the many needs of the ministry. chocolate truffles, plus personal gifts by each hostess for her guest. This wonderful event is highly anticipation by TRM supporters. Each of our Table Hostesses serve as ambassadors and enjoy the feeling of sisterhood combine with foods, fellowship, and fun! Adding to the charm of the event were the handsome TRM waiters, wearing white shirts, black trousers, with black TRM logo embroidered aprons. Serving for the 2nd time were waiters, Mike Cowher, Alan O'Kain, Howard Mudder, Bob Hoffman, and our two newest, Alan Riley and Pete Pimentel, each one a blessing to the event!

The event started off with the invocation by Michelle Schwab, followed by appetizers during registration and bidding on the silent auction. Everyone enjoyed a catered buffet luncheon served with a variety of delicious salads, entrees, condiments, a 3 tiered fruit centerpiece with a selection of fresh fruit, and array of chips, dips and our traditional deviled eggs. Desserts included carrot cake, cheese cake, and chocolate cake. Desserts were once again graciously provided through Paul Cosby with Morton and Associates.

tinues to grow as pledges and offerings continue to arrive post-event. Thank you to all who "gave from their hearts", sharing the TRM vision. Many volunteers made event possible. Volunteers included were TRM Photographer Amanda Eckard, Helen Heydel played her accordion for the fashion show, the check out coordinator was Tim Stuart of Stuart Realty Group, Inc. and Fallon Burk of Celorie Bros. Dump Trucking created all the advertisement of programs, bid cards, welcome cards, and flyers. Thank you to Tammy Owens, New Hope community Church Event Coordinator for her gracious hospitality. Many wonderful emails and cards have been receive, with one comment being consistent, "I can't wait until next years Tea, and by the way, I want to host a table!" The 2010 event is scheduled for May 15th, again to be held at New Hope. To get on the mailing list for updates, upcoming events, or to host a table, contact Linda at TRM. Mark your calendars and join us for our next fundraiser, at the 8thAnnual "Promise of Life" Benefit Auction on Dec., 5th at New Hope Community Church, were will also be celebrating TRM 25th Anniversary.

Last year featured a Vintage Fashion Show, this year it was a "Spring into Summer!" collection. Models this year were, Michelle Schwab, Tami Lyman, Victoria and Annika O'Kain, Heather McClish, , Sylvia LaFant, Mona Portin, Genie Cochran, Marta Wicke, and Nadya and Gabrielle Kielhorn, each displaying looks from re-sale clothing, showing how women look fashionable and beautiful, without spending a fortune!" Serving as emcee was Ex. Director, Linda Thornton. Guest Speakers featured were Rose Vaida of New Song Church, a dynamic women of God who is a who shared her testimony and TRM resident, Erin Zumwalt also captivated the audience with her story. The event was highlighted by our traditional hat contest and an extraordinary 75 item silent auction. The audience responded through bidding and giving contributions of $3,100. The total con-

Without a cup of coffee in sight, the ladies survived the "High Tea", with a variety of selected teas available on each table! Each place setting was set by TRM and TRM Hostess's with Pudding River handmade



Vehicle Donation

Thank you everyone that has donated a vehicle to the ministry. As soon as we get an automobile donated, we are always able to find someone who is in need of a vehicle in good condition and in running order. These vehicles are another form of donation that contributes to the general fund, meeting our many needs. What a wonderful way to donate to TRM! If you, or someone you know would like to donate a vehicle, please call us and we will arrange for delivery. If needed, we also have resources to assist you with bringing the vehicle to Thiessen Roadhouse. Our last auto donation was a 1995 Plymouth 8 passenger van. Someone called one of our supporters, Wally and Joan Sparks, and asked if they knew anyone that would be able to use the van, and TRM was called! We were so delighted to meet and receive the van from Mr. and Mrs. Mike Reagan, DDM, also supporters of TRM for our past events. We want to thank each one of you who has donated a vehicle, for thinking of us and for being so generous!

From Crisis to Purpose

Over the past 25 years our home has been a lighthouse for those who had literally lost their way. God has sent numerous people, from all walks of life. As they hold onto what seems like their last hope, they some how get a glimpse that they can embrace the miracle of being healed through God's grace. After entering Thiessen Roadhouse, experiencing unconditional love and acceptance, residents reach goals that otherwise seemed hopeless. Growth and development are the two components that enable them to transition their life to its fullest. While concentrating on disconnecting from an unhealthy, painful, and insignificant past, they are enabled to connect to a desirable future. Upon entering the Promise of Life Program, our mothers are treated with that same respect that founded the ministry more than a quarter of a century ago, bringing stillness to their soul and peace to their mind. The only expectations we have of our mothers is to have respect for themselves and others along with a courtesy for the teachings of the ministry. This outlook eventually builds character and integrity in the hearts of each mother in crisis that graces our doorstep. Pain and suffering ceases and is gently replaced by competent and mature woman of purpose. Year 2009 has been a challenging one so far, yet exciting, filled with anticipation of yet another year quickly approaching. For all of our supporters, your to be complimented for your faithful partnership and having a Sheppard's heart for our mission. Thank you for your love, kindness and generosity. A popular quote resonates with the work of the ministry. "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by moments that take our breath away" In His Name, Linda Wiles Thornton Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries, Founder and Executive Director

The Moments to Praise God

Happy moments , PRAISE GOD Difficult moments, PRAISE GOD Quite moments, PRAISE GOD Painful moments, PRAISE GOD Every moment, PRAISE GOD

Rick Warren



Pledging to Give Women in Crisis a Better Choice

Most women show up on our doorstep because they are pregnant and in crisis and have no other "choice" . Most have determined that abortion is not the answer for them, but still it is a choice that they could have made in their desperation. The Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries (TRM) Promise of Life Program isn't as easy as getting an abortion, but it does provide a constructive alternative for residents who are exposed to the program. Women who graduate are empowered to move forward with their lives after their baby is born, regardless of what crisis may arise. TRM has three rooms available for housing mothers in crisis. The TRM Promise of Life Program provides the following monthly services:


Support for court related issues/assessments and documentation, monitoring & supervised visitations Transportation for medical needs, court appearances, shopping, and church related activities Support for transitioning into permanent housing along with help in job search skills and networking


$10,900 is the average cost per participant that graduates from the 6 month program $1,800 will sponsor 1 mother & baby for 1 month $900 will sponsor 1 mother & baby for 2 weeks $450 will sponsor 1 mother & baby for 1 week $200 will sponsor 1 mother & baby for 3 days $65 will sponsor 1 mother & baby for 1 day $50 will sponsor 1 evaluation & counseling session for a prospective mother into the program "Priceless" Daily ministry to serve its ing happy, healthy, cient mothers with the birthing process. prayer for our vision of creatand self suffibabies through


· · · · · ·


The cost of providing these services for one mother and child is a $1,800 monthly expense

· · · ·

$800 Housing & Food $500 Promise of Life Counseling, 20 hours monthly $200 Transportation $300 Utilities (water, gas heat, electricity, phone, sewer, garbage) Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries Sponsorship Opportunities


Fully furnished TRM housing, along with "everything a mother & baby might possibly need" Maternity and post-transitional clothing for mothers, as well as, infant clothing Proper nutrition Christian counseling, spiritual guidance/bible study Labor Doula services & birthing classes Parenting skills/classes, and counseling as needed in anger management, domestic violence, drug & alcohol, as well as, 12 steps programs including AA and NA Victorious



· · · ·

Consider sponsoring the Promise of Life Program with a one time gift or gifting a monthly pledge. Donors can specify how the donation is used or can designate TRM to grant sponsorship to residents as needed.

Thank you for a consideration to pledge monthly or a sponsorship to help mothers in crisis!


$65,500 Sponsors an average of 5 graduates of the TRM Promise of Life Program $16,400 is the cost per participant that graduates from the 9 month program


Schedule a TRM Tea & Tour

TRM Tea and Tour is an excellent opportunity to get to know more about the ministry as a whole, as well as meet our mother's and their babies. Our Tea and Tours allow the TRM program leaders and mothers to get to know our supporters in a more personal way. You get a chance to take a tour to see our home, perhaps for the first time. Take some time to slow down, put the world on hold, have a cup of tea, and at the same time "rock a baby"! The visit may also be helpful in realizing where you might serve in our volunteer or sponsorship programs. The Tea & Tour program also gives our mother's an opportunity to interact with visitors and make new acquaintances. Each visitor lends a helping hand of encouragement, essential to a mothers growth and self esteem, making her feel welcome and cared for. Your interest in the program and personal visit is extremely validating to our residents. Tea & Tours are by appointment only, and usually take less than an hour, but your welcome to stay as long as you like! Please call and schedule a time so we can anticipate your visit and prepare a personalized tea time just for you!



TRM Invited to Celebrate a Special Baptism with the Hays Family

Tom Rodriques of Gray Gables, has generously donating his beautiful Limo to the Annual Thiessen Roadhouse "Promise of Life" Benefit Auction for the past seven years. The limo has always been packaged as a Live Auction item and sold as "an exclusive, uninterrupted, adventuresome, enchanting getaway with Executive Director Linda Thornton. The all inclusive package encourages the high bidder to bring a camera, an appetite, friends, family, and prepare to experience an unforgettable and memorable time in a Limo, leaving the cell phone and cares at home! The Hays Family did just that! They picked the date, the time, the place, and along with Linda they boarded a black Limo at Gray Gables in Milwaukie, Oregon, and drove off with their chauffeur, John! This was not the Limo's average guest ride, it was the entire family Hays Family of Portland, Oregon including Dan & Jane and their five children. Linda was thrilled to have such a fun family to share the adventure with! She said, "When I was introduced to Dan and Jane for the first time, they had this spirit of joy that radiated around them. I knew I would want to get to know them more personally, and that held true." Dan and Jane are new supporters of TRM, in fact, their first time to one of TRM events, they came as guest of hosts Mike and Michelle Schwab, both of New Song Community Church. Dan & Jane showed their support through out the evening, bidding like they were pros. The were determined to get Live Item # 8 "Limo with Linda" They knew what they wanted and why...... Now why would someone, new to a ministry, not personally knowing Linda, with a family of seven want to go on a limo ride? It later became clear why they were so adamant about getting this package. It was a thought out, planned, confirmation for their special day, the family's "Celebration of Baptism", of all the five children. In the past six years, the Limo Ride had been traditionally been purchased by supporters who were couples, corporate, and individuals. This time Linda would be a guest to celebrate a family baptism! Sunday April 19th was scheduled and preparation began to honor this family's special day. Catered foods, choice beverages, chocolate and desserts, with special attention being given to especially selected varieties of "kids treats". Linda was greeted with hugs from Dan and Jane, then came the rest of the Hays Family of Nathan, Elizabeth, Alecia, Tanuyah, Coige, and Limani, who were full of smiles and anticipation. As everyone found their seats, there was plenty of "exploring" being done inside the limo along with lots of questions. The grown ups knew the destination but the children did not. The journey was punctuated all the way with, "Where are we going?", "Is it very much farther?", "Are we there yet"? As the scenery passed by there was dining, fellowship, trading places, and talking to John through his "privacy" window. He even let the children poke their heads up through the sunroof to let their hair blow in the wind and to wave at passerby's! As the designation came into view, fields of colorful flowers could be seen along with bumper to bumper traffic. What a day to have a chauffeur as the whole world seemed to be at the Tulip Festival in Woodburn The entire day was filled with fun, fellowship, flowers and of course, family. This personal designed holiday was not only a spiritual blessing of baptism for the Hays family, but for Linda as well. Linda commented, "The day was filled with one of the most enjoyable limo ride yet! The children were so well behaved in the 6 hours of travel in a limousine. John even complimented the children's manners. Dan and Jane planned the perfect day to specially commemorate their family's day. I appreciated so much for being included. Thank you for letting me get to know you in a more personal way. Your celebration of baptism and sharing your children was a beautiful day." There is no doubt that the annual "Limo with Linda" package will continue to be a highlight for the auction, as the experience just confirms the precious connection of hearts, sharing the love of Thiessen Roadhouse and the supporter!

Hi Linda, Here are a few pictures of our wonderful limo ride. The kids said it was the best time ever "riding in a limo with Linda!" Thank you again for blessing us. Dan & Jane



Accepting Applications for 2010-2011 TRM Board of Directors

Thiessen Roadhouse is in need of five interested people to serve the ministry on the Board of Directors. In the past 18 months we have been blessed with our wonderful "hands on" 2008/2009 TRM Board of Directors! Their contribution, loyalty, and dedication surpassed any expectation of TRM growth, development, and future. They got the job done! Event planning, financial support, direction & planning for the ministry with great results. Their teamwork together validated their own special talents and insights that insured TRM continued success. Thank you TRM Board for building awareness and enthusiastically always being there. Thank you for your years of devotion and service to the ministry: · · · · · June Stiehl Genevieve Cochran Helen Heydel Victoria O'Kain Mike Schwab board member serves for a two year term. If you are interested and led to serve, "coming on board" and partnering with us, we would be honored to meet with you. (Please call Linda for an appointment and written details/information of the positions listed above.)

This means that we are now taking applications for TRM 2010 New Board Members, from June until December of 2009. This will give us heads up of those interested parties that may want to "follow in the footsteps", taking a new pathway, a new approach, of past members, bring a freshness, new ideas, and unchartered challenges into the ministry for year 2010/2011. Each

TRM Oak Grove Office: Private, Personal and Productive

Thiessen Roadhouse Ministries' "new" counseling office in Oak Grove has been productive for the pasts 12 months. We are thankful for the graciousness of the Lord to bless us with this beautiful extension of the ministry. The extended office has served and ministered to established clients, as well as new clients, with individual and family counseling. The office has served it's purpose of strengthening and rebuilding lives. With the shift and the economy and with job loss, the need for counsel has increased demand. No one is turned away for inability to pay, sliding scale is arranged, or an offering is accepted. 100% of all donations go directly into the general fund to benefit Thiessen Roadhouse. If you, or anyone you know of who would want to come and share in counsel, please do not hesitate to make an appointment, scheduling is always open to meet the growing need in this area. Confidentiality is always respected. The new location has also become a place of importance and is essential for accommodating TRM board members, conferences, and event meetings. The professional setting provides a neutral and private space to conduct meetings and planning sessions without interruption. The office provides two rooms to accommodate a dual purpose. The main entrance leads into a room used for family counseling or for meetings with board members or for planning. Seating for up to six guests is available around a beautiful table donated by the O'Kain Family. French doors lead into a separate room that serves as a private office for Linda with a desk and seating for up to two clients. The space also provides a much needed retreat for Linda to finish paperwork, have a quiet moment or to prepare for whatever the day may bring. To make a donation to help defray the cost of providing the counseling office for the ministry or to provide counseling for those in need please contact Linda:

Office 503.653.0450 Cell Phone: 503.719.1114 [email protected]


Mailing Label

Almost everyday someone inquires, "What can I do to help TRM"

Diapers & Unscented Diaper Wipes:

Any brand of disposable diapers, sizes newborn to 1 year. We average around 25 diapers daily, 150 weekly, and 600 monthly. Unscented wipes are needed. "Each mother would appreciate something new for herself or for her baby!"



We need a new computer and printer for the house for the mothers, HP Printer Photosmart C6150 Cartridges, (black and color) Reams of paper, post its, pens,

binder clips, file jackets, 3 ring binders, personal stationary, greeting cards, stamps and tape are all useful in preparing classes, counseling, and resumes. We need a volunteer (s) who are skilled computer organizers and can list and manage donated items on Craig's list.





TRM uses Melaleuca products exclusively. All ingredients are naturally derived, biodegradable, ph neutral and non-alkaline which makes them baby safe. For $30.00 a month you can provide all cleaning supplies and personal care items for the house. All orders are placed monthly through the house distributorship. If you also use Melaleuca in your home then consider placing your orders through TRM and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the ministry.














Ongoing volunteer help is needed with event planning, auction committee support, grant writing, coordinating sponsorships, and of course helping out with our "fellowship & fundraising" summer events of yard sales, work day BBQ, or car washes.

Staples such as sugar, flour, bread, butter, and baking supplies are always welcome. Baby food in stages 1-2, Enfamil Iron based formulas, fresh fruits and garden vegetables along with canned & frozen varieties are also needed. Consider putting together your favorite recipe and bringing a "potluck over" and one for the freezer. Accomplished cooks are encouraged to come and teach meal planning & nutrition as well.

Rock a Baby or be a "Mother's Helper":

The mothers in the TRM "Promise of Life" program have a set schedule of responsibilities and counseling sessions to fulfill before graduating. Consider coming over to rock a baby while a mom studies, counsels, take her to an appointment, gets chores done or just relaxes for some quiet time to herself. Consider pledging 1 to 2 hours.


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