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VILLAGE GREEN ... A 12 Month Quilt Pattern Series The Village Green Quilt can be used as a Block-of-theMonth, or as the basis for Thimbleberries Quilt Club 2010. Customers will need to purchase all 12 Monthly patterns to complete the quilt. The patterns can be ordered from Thimbleberries or pattern distributors ($3.00 ea. whsale). VILLAGE GREEN ... Bonus Projects The 12 Monthly patterns each include a Bonus Project making the patterns a great value. Normally this kind of pattern wholesales for $4.50 each. The Village Green Patterns wholesales for only $3.00 each.



Village 2010 Village Green Quilt Club Highlights Green

Now that you have had a chance to read through your 2010 Quilt Club Registration Packet . . . here are a few Important Facts. VILLAGE GREEN ... Fabric Shipped by Trimester Fabric will be shipped by trimester, not by quarters as in previous years. To keep the fabric collection as small as possible for the Village Green Quilt, we repeated the use of various fabrics, rather than adding another bolt of a similar color to the collection. By repeating the use of many prints, the collection is only 17 pieces per coloration. Therefore, you use more fabric on each bolt, lowering your fabric and shipping costs for the year. VILLAGE GREEN ... Club is Reserved for Brick and Mortar Establishments Club is reserved for brick and mortar establishments who hold club meetings period! If you are an on-line shop only, the Village Green - Block-of-the-Month approach is for you. No registration is needed for this option.

VILLAGE GREEN ... Auto Ship Program Cal Thimbleberries to receive the Village Green 12 Month Quilt Pattern Series on our Trimester Auto Ship Program (just like the fabric), or call to order your patterns monthly (not on Auto Ship). You can also order the patterns from distributors who generally carry our patterns. VILLAGE GREEN ... Is For Everyone! The Village Green fabric and the patterns can be sold to your entire customer base. VILLAGE GREEN ... Color Fabric Reference Chart Added bonus - The Color Reference Chart is included with most monthly patterns for easy reference. VILLAGE GREEN ... Quilt Assembly and Finishing Instructions Assembly and Finishing Instructions for the Village Green Quilt are included in Month 12.

VILLAGE GREEN ... Kit Klub Fabric The Kit Klub fabric line is an EXTRA feature this year. The Kit Klub fabrics used in the Bonus Projects are a collection of recent Thimbleberries fabric that you may still have on your shelves. Referring to the Kit Klub Color Fabric Reference, look over your stock and only order the fabric you need. This is a great opportunity to move older stock. Or, you can use other Thimbleberries fabrics for the Bonus Projects. This is simply another way for you to make extra money with the Village Green monthly patterns and maybe fabrics you already have.

VILLAGE GREEN ... Club Door Prizes Door Prizes can be purchased for a nominal fee from Thimbleberries. We will post the choices on the official Quilt Club website in mid-November.

VILLAGE GREEN ... Shops have access to the Quilt Club website, (for your eyes only). The user name and password can be found in your Quilt Club Packet. The Newsletters and the Quilt Club website will include meeting ideas and projects. These generally are posted a month in advance of the upcoming meeting, giving you time to prepare samples, kits, etc. If you don not have access to a computer, call our office at 800.587.3944 and we will mail them to you.

VILLAGE GREEN ...Exclusive Projects for Quilt Club Members The Queen Variation, the Throw Variation, the Alternate Block Setting Option, and the Quilt Club Newsletters which will include additional small projects are all Exclusive items for Club members.

1. Village Green Quilt - using Midnight, Dawn or Dusk Coloration

RJR Fabrics and their Distributors


Available from

2. All 12 Bonus Projects - using Kit Klub Fabric Line 3. Village Green Queen Quilt, (Club Membership ONLY) using Midnight, Dawn or Dusk Coloration

4. Village Green Throw Quilt, (Club Membership ONLY) using Midnight, Dawn or Dusk Coloration

call Thimbleberries at 800.587.3944 call RJR FABRICS at 800.422.5426

or your RJR Distributor. Questions relating to FABRIC, FABRIC KITS and FABRIC DELIVERY,



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