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April 10, 2007 Update #1: Introducing the RDIosTM


Dedicated, On-line Suite of Tools Integrated with the RDI® Program The RDIosTM (Relationship Development Intervention Program Operating SystemTM), scheduled for launch in the summer of 2007, will be a private, secure, on-line site for parents and Certified Consultants (and Consultants-in-Training under supervision), which will bring together the entire world-wide RDI® community. It will provide exclusive text, audio and video content, plus on-line education, specialized message boards, resource libraries and other tools for support, on-line progress tracking and collaboration. INTRODUCING some of the FEATURES of the RDIosTM EXCLUSIVE TEXT and VIDEO CONTENT Never again wonder, "what am I working on, exactly?" The completely revised RDI® Program curriculum, RDI "5.0" includes over 900+ objectives organized into 12 stages, specifically addressing all the core deficits of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Far more user-friendly and precise than any previous version of the RDI® Program, this new 5.0 curriculum will only be available on the RDIosTM in an on-line multimedia format, so it can include both text and video. This revolutionary presentation of all the updated objectives will provide you and your Consultant with a powerful educational tool that will guide you every step of the way. Your Consultant will be able to explain to you in plain English exactly what cognitive process you are working on, and will be able to show you related video clips so you can see exactly what your objective looks like, in action. A picture is worth a thousand words ... The always-growing collection of video clips will provide your consultant with an exhaustive video library to make recommendations tailored for your family, based on where your child currently is in the RDI® Program and related to your specific goals. You and your Consultant will be able to discuss highly targeted clips ranging from "emerging" to "mastery" as well as video clips of typical children showing what mastered objectives look like in real life. ON-LINE EDUCATION and RESOURCES Access to self-paced learning materials (called "eLearning") Can't make it to a 2-day Introductory workshop? The eLearning modules on the RDIosTM will be the next best thing. Learn at your own pace; review as often as you want, and then use the message boards to discuss your thoughts with others working on the same material. Share this information with others in your child's world You will also have the option of giving family members, friends, etc., access to the same eLearning courses that you receive. This will give you the ability to help educate the people who are invested in your family and in helping your child. Attend live, on-line continuing education seminars (called "webinars"). With the text-based, on-line chats Dr. Gutstein has done for years, you couldn't see his expression, hear his tone of voice, watch a video clip with him while he explained it, or get your question answered by a quick diagram sketched "on the fly." All of this becomes possible in a "webinar," and the RDIosTM will offer real-time classes with Dr. Gutstein in the convenience of your own home. (continued on page 2)

This update introduces some of the major features of the RDIosTM:


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page 2, April 10, 2007 Update #1: Introducing the RDIosTM

Access a huge Resource Library with powerful search capabilities. All resources (newsletters, webinars, e-Learning, blogs, Powerpoint presentations, documents from parents and professionals, etc.) will all be available "under one roof" with sophisticated searching and sorting capabilities so you can easily find the exact materials you are looking for. SPECIALIZED MESSAGE BOARDS Get exactly the support you need. The "RDI-Yahoo groups" have been critical in providing information and support for both parents and professionals, and the RDIosTM will provide a place for even more targeted and precise support. Want to talk to other parents of twins on the spectrum? Or other parents working on Stage 1 with a 6 year old girl? Or parents of boys just entering adolescence? Or other divorced parents doing RDI? No matter where you are on the journey, you will be able to find others in the community to share experiences with. ON-LINE PROGRESS TRACKING & ACCOUNTABILITY Have all your digital communication with your Consultant automatically organized in one place, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. The RDIosTM Client-Consultant Communication System will automatically compile all the communication between you and your Consultant, including a list of every objective mastered, or in progress. Use your on-line journal (called a "web-log" or "blog") to stay on track. Keep a complete, running record of your successes, challenges, and insights through a daily journal entry. Getting into the habit of reflecting even 5 minutes a day will be a great support to your progress. You can keep your blog private, or allow others to "subscribe" to it and read your posts. ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS Upload the video clips you send to your Consultant to a secure site. No more shipping costs and the hassle or delays of mailing tapes or DVDs. (For those currently using the Connection's Center ftp service, there will be no more separate ftp charges.) Instant organization! Your personal home page on the RDIosTM will show your personal calendars and reminders and you will be able to have your RDI®-related files, whether video or text, chats or blogs, favorite newsletters, etc., all organized in one place. COLLABORATION TOOLS Share your child's progress with others in the form of a Multimedia Portfolio. At any meeting with access to the internet­such as Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings)­ you will be able to show your child's progress through video clips and Consultant notes. You will also be able to show clips of other children at the next stage (thanks to parents who explicitly sign consent to allow this) to help give others a preview of what comes next. SECURITY Feel secure that your information is safe The RDIosTM will be a completely private, secure site, which will allow professionals to comply with HIPAA regulations. [The landmark "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act" (HIPAA) was passed by US Congress in 1996 and addresses the privacy and security of electronic health data.]

Feel confident you are receiving quality RDI® Program services Only qualified Certified Consultants (and Consultants-in-Training under supervision) will be permitted access to the RDIosTM, providing quality assurance to parents that they are using the most up-to-date and effective version of the RDI® Program with a professional who has met demanding, annual recertification requirements.



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