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Official Newsletter of Thompson Ag Center · Greenwood, MS

Machinery's Ag is Thompsoncontinue to provideCenterwith the pleased to you best in equipment and services. Among recent developments, AgChem, a division of AGCO, has named us their authorized service center for RoGators and TerraGators. Further, AGCO has announced the introduction of their new Challenger MT600B Series Tractors. This should prove to be a popular choice for many of our wheeled farmers. Available in four sizes, the MT600B Series wheeled tractors

range from 180 to 240 PTO hp. Standard features include all-wheel drive, a deluxe operator's seat and four-wheel braking. Powered by a new Challenger engine, the MT600B Series features the innovative TechStar CVT (continuously variable transmission). Challenger is the first in the industry to offer CVT's in this horsepower class. The engine and transmission combination gives these tractors superior power delivery to the ground and afford best-in-class operator control at speeds from 60 feet per second to 25 mph.

Other standard features include economic fuel modes of operation, implement control memory, and unequalled control of hydraulic flow. With the addition of the 600B's, CVT transmissions are now available in both the 600B and MT500B series tractors. Let us know how we can help you and your operation. Sincerely, Hank Williams Greenwood Branch Manager.

Thompson Machinery

Tracks &

Fioranelli Brothers

The principals at Fioranelli

Brothers Farm in Cleveland, MS, have long been believers in the abilities of CAT Challenger track tractors. They were among the first to buy one when they were introduced -a Challenger George Fioranelli and Thompson's 45. Today Parker Barrow give his largest they operate tractor a quick inspection. six Challengers on their 6,000 acre rice and rained. We couldn't get soybean farm. along without these track tractors. Gary, Wayne, George, and George's son Eric "Also, the MT855 utilizes Fioranelli count on their Challenger AutoGuide Challengers for planting system to increase producand harvesting. They have tivity by increasing swathtwo Challenger 45's, two ing accuracy. 55's, and now a Challenger MT765 and an MT855. "The 30" tracks are wide to fit the drive wheels, but not George says, "We replaced too wide to disturb our a large four-wheel drive planting," he said. "Both tractor with the MT855 because we needed a higher horsepower tractor. We knew we couldn't go wrong with the track Challengers. We pull a 60' field cultivator and a 35' disk with it. It lets us work earlier in the season and on days when it has recently

George likes the power and production that his 460 gross hp (385 PTO hp) MT855 provides.

the 765 and the 855 have a smooth ride with their improved suspensions. "Another thing I like about them, particularly the 855, is their `roadability.' Our fields are fairly well spread out. This machine has a max speed of 24 m.p.h. on the road. That enables us

to get from field to field very quickly."

Georg e MT's " also likes t he roadab ility."

George continued, "We expect to have these for a long time and get our money's worth from them. Our four older tractors -the 45's & the 55's all have over 5,000 hours on them and their running on their original tracks."

& Wheels

Farm Manager Brent Cobb

n's Thompso l Michae Presley.


This MT665 wheeled tractor is the newest one of four MT665's owned by Cole Lake Plantation. Here it's planting over an old catfish pond.

Cole Lake Plantation

The 7,000 acre Cole Lake

Plantation in Belzoni, MS, is comprised of three entities. They are Greg Burton Farms, John T. Shelton Farms, and W. R. Shelton Company which is run by farm manager Brent Cobb. Between the three farms, the company owns four MT665 tractors. The newest one was received in February of this year. At this site, operator Walter Thomas is using the 665 to reclaim an old

catfish farm. Brent explains that they went without an auto-guide system because Walter is so experienced. With over forty years experience farming, Walter calls the new tractor the best he's ever been on. He says, "This tractor has a very smooth ride and pulls great. It has much better suspension and cushioning than other tractors." Brent said the pond land features richer soil than some others, but also has its drawbacks. He held up a clod of soil and displayed what he called Delta Buckshot Gumbo. He said, "This field was

under 8" of water this time last week. Planting beans here today we'll go from mud puddles to `concrete' within a just few feet. "To help us in the soft parts of the field, we have dropped the air out of the tires a little bit and it drives like a `Cadillac.' It softens the cushion and lets it sit up on the ground better because of a wider track. This is the strongest tractor we have on the farm." "We're planting beans on this 800 acres," Brent continued. "We've already converted 600 acres of this farm from

Walter 665's Thomas lik comfo e rt & po s the wer.

catfish to beans. The old catfish fertilizer and natural nutrients have remained deep in the soil and the water table helps make better beans."

Brent shows why his Delta Buckshot Gumbo soil requires a lot of horsepower.

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Columbus, MS 662-327-3083 Greenwood, MS 662-453-5233 Tupelo, MS 662-844-1634 Camden, TN 731-584-2732 Clarksville, TN 931-552-5496 Cookeville, TN 931-646-3200 Jackson, TN 731-988-4240 LaVergne (Nashville), TN 615-251-8610 Manchester, TN 931-461-5000 Memphis, TN 901-332-3051

· · · · · · · · · · Just ask Stephen

Fontenot of Hollandale, MS. The partners of Fontenot

Every Farmer Needs A Hoe.

& Fontenot Farms discussed back and forth whether they really needed a backhoe. "Now we can't do without it," explains Stephen. "We've run it every day since we bought it. "We use it for everything from butting rice field levees to cleaning ditches to laying pipe. We even use it around the shop for changing weights on our tractors and moving tires.

Stephen Fontenot

"We bought it used from Thompson Machinery's rental fleet. It had only 300 hours on it, and it's been a charm! It's simple and easy to use. It's also easy to maintain." Thompson has a number of other construction-type pieces of equipment that find themselves at home on the farm. Check out our line of dozers, small excavators, skid steer and multi-terrain loaders. Call your Thompson representative to find out about renting, leasing or buying.

Alex Fuencats uses Fontenote's 416D to backfill a trench and well on one of their rice fields.

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