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RMS Adapters

These adapters provide useful threadings to adapt standard microscope objectives (RMS), SM1 (1.035"-40) series products, or D.I.N. microscope objectives (M25-0.75) to each.

RMSA2 ITEM# RMSA1 RMSA2 SM1A4 $ $ $ $ 19.00 19.00 23.00 £ £ £ RMSA1 £ 12.00 12.00 14.50 SM1A4 17,70 17,70 21,40 ¥ ¥ ¥ RMB 181.50 181.50 219.70 DESCRIPTION Internal RMS to External M25-0.75 Thread Adapter External RMS to Internal M25-0.75 Thread Adapter Internal SM1 to External RMS Thread Adapter

Mounting Basics Optical Rails Mirror Mounts Lens Mounts Filter Mounts Rotation Mounts Adapters V-Mounts Apertures & Iris Diaphragms

SM1-Series Internal Thread

Internal and External Thread Variations Spanner Wrench Slots and Knurled Ring Provided for Ease of Use

SM1 to M25-0.75 Thread Adapter

0.14" (3.5mm) 0.29" (7mm) SM1-Series External Thread 0.29" (7mm) 0.12" (3.0mm)

Lens Tubes Cage Systems



Ø1.21" (30.7mm) Ø0.95" (24mm) Ø0.86" (22mm) Ø1.21" (30.7mm)

M25-0.75 Internal Thread

0.13" (3.3mm)

SM1A11 Adapter Designed with SM1 (1.035"-40) Internal Threads and M25-0.75 External Threads SM1A12 Adapter Designed with M25-0.75 Internal Threads and SM1(1.035"-40) External Threads

$ $ $ 18.40 18.40 £ £ £ 11.60 11.60 17,10 17,10 ¥ ¥

M25-0.75 External Thread

0.13" (3.3mm)

Our new M25-0.75 thread adapters provide an interface to our SM1 threaded optical mounts.

RMB 175.70 175.70 DESCRIPTION SM1 Internal to M25-0.75 External Microscope Objective Adapter SM1 External to M25-0.75 Internal Microscope Objective Adapter


Olympus Microscope Adapters

Support for SM1, SM2, and 30mm Cage Systems Easy-to-Use Mechanical Interface Allows Thorlabs Construction Systems to be Applied to Olympus Microscopes



The SM1A14 and SM2A7 adapters allow certain Olympus microscope ports to be integrated with the SM series threads utilized in our lens tubes and cage systems. Both adapters mate to the reflected light lamphouse port of current generation Olympus IX and BX microscope models. Any existing lamphouse needs to be removed from the microscope before using the adapter.

The SM1A14 adapter mates with our SM1 (1.035"-40) series threads as well as the 30mm cage rod system. The SM2A7 adapter mates with the SM2 (2.035"-40) series threads featured in our lens tubes, cage plates, and optic mounts.

$ $ $ 37.83 37.83 £ £ £ 23.80 23.80 35,20 35,20 ¥ ¥ RMB 361.30 361.30 DESCRIPTION Olympus to Internal SM1 Thread and 30mm Cage System Olympus to Internal SM2 Threads


Camera C-Mount Adapter


External C-Mount Threads (1.00"-32)

0.17" (4.3mm)

0.29" (7.4mm)

0.13" (3.3mm)

External 1.035"-40 Threads (SM1)

SM1A10 ITEM# SM1A9 SM1A10 $ $ $ 18.90 18.40 £ £

These C-mount adapters are ideal for either integrating camera lenses into the SM1 series system or adapting the SM1 series of optical assemblies into camera systems.

£ 11.90 11.60 17,60 17,10 ¥ ¥ RMB 180.50 175.70

Ø1.21" (31mm)

Ø0.90" (23mm)

Internal Ø1.21" 1.035"-40 (31mm) Threads (SM1) 0.13" (3.3mm) Deep

Ø0.95" (24mm)

0.29" (7.4mm)

Internal C-Mount Threads (1.00"-32) 0.14" (3.6mm) Deep



Internal SM1 to External C-Mount Thread Adapter Internal C-Mount to External SM1 Thread Adapter




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