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May 2013

A word from the President...

In spite of the longest winter it is soon time for the the Memorial Day Celebration on Sunday 26th. The Parade is scheduled for 2pm start, and we are looking for the most decorated patriotic citizens, children, pets and "rides" as prize winners, with George Day as the Grand Marshall. George is a life long resident, from childhood on, and will be a wonderful addition to a long list of honored men and women of Thornburg. The tennis tournament on Saturday and Sunday is being coordinated by Vince and Janice Coppola, so contact them if you are interested at [email protected] The Falks will provide stirring music before the parade and picnic from their front yard, and Tom and Judy Thompson will provide a shady place in their garage for adult beverages. Nice that you will be able to hear the music from across the street. Check out the schedule inside this issue; the joust is back, mini Olympics, Carnival, along with burgers and dogs and side dishes in the pavilion. The good times will continue to roll as well as some new fun. The Chiodis will entertain during dinner, and Simon and crew will regale us with rock and roll. ALL OF THIS FOR ONE DOLLAR PER PERSON...This will be a great time for all. Hope to see you there with your side dish and red/ white &/or blue shirts! Now is the time for all good neighbors to come to the aid of the Community Club. We are always looking for ideas and additional help. Our next meeting will be Thursday, May 23, at 7:30 in the evening. The nominees for officers are Kelly Chiodi, President, to be determined, Vice President, Suzy Golitko, Treasurer, and Gretchen Moore, Corresponding Secretary. All residents of Thornburg are invited to participate. Come and vote in your new leaders for next year. The clubs activities provide numerous opportunities for teens to get service hours. Help is always appreciated and we sign service slips at each event. Hoping to see you in the Park if not before, Rosemarie McShane

Community Calendar

Thornburg Boy Scout Meetings Every Wednesday 7:30 pm in the Community Building Borough Council Meeting Monday, May 13 7:00 p.m. in the Library Thornburg Boy Scout Spaghetti Dinner Thursday, May 16 6:00 pm in the Community Building

TCC Community Meeting Thursday, May 23 7:30 pm in the Community Building Memorial Day Festivities Sunday, May 26 In the Thornburg Park Parade at 2:00 p.m. Covered Dish Dinner at 5:00 p.m. Summer Solstice Bonfire Friday, June 21 8:00 to 10:00 pm in the Conservation Park Borough Council Meeting Monday, June 10 7:00 p.m. in the Library The Aviary Takes Wing Wednesday, July 10 9:30 ­10:30 In Conservation Park Contact Janice Coppola to sign-up Dave Koz and Friends Summer Horns Tour 2013 Friday, July 12 7:30 p.m. at Robert Morris Contact Maureen Scanlon fir tickets. .... With more to follow in the Fall....

May 2013


Triplets Reegan, Raleigh and Ridley Carmichael were born on February 21, 2013. They are the children of Hermie and Tammie (Dillon) Carmichael iof Emsworth and the nephews of Sam and Lorraine Runyon of Princeton Road. Mom, Tammie, was a summer worker in Thornburg in 1995 working with Rob Murphy, Sammy Pace, Korel Tunador and Hilary Kimblin. The triplets have 2 big brothers, Rowan (6 and ½) and Ryker (19 months) The hospital staff arranged them in an "Easter Basket" for this picture, taken on 3/15/13 before two of them came home ­ the last baby came home a week later.

~Neighborly Notes~

Welcome to Neighbors: As Vice President of the Community Club, I have the best task in the world. I'm the welcome wagon. It's been such a thrill this year for my family (you don't think they'd let me have all the fun alone, do you?) and me to show up at the door of unsuspecting new neighbors to Thornburg. I love telling them about what a gem of a neighborhood they've landed in and hearing their stories about what brought them here. Here's a little rundown on the neighbors we've had the pleasure of welcoming: The Lukes, John and Melanie and their sweet little boy, built a lovely new home at the end of Lehigh Road. The Currans are in the Cartier House on Princeton. Ron and Kelly can be seen walking the streets of Thornburg on many a morning with their pup. The Holmes family are residing on Harvard in the Wosiak House. Mack, Erica and their 2 sons moved from sunny Florida. Jonathan and Kristen Carothers and their little boy moved into the Gordon House on the corner of Hamilton and Cornell. They're newly-arrived all the way from Crafton. The Abbotts, Cindy and Paul, formerly of Heidelberg are still transitioning into the new house on Tech. We hope to see all of them at the Memorial Day picnic or any other upcoming events so everyone can give them a Thornburg welcome. To our new neighbors reading this, It was wonderful meeting each and every one of you. Please, if you haven't already, email me with your personal info (phone numbers(s) and email addresses) so we can get you into the directory. [email protected] If anyone else has new neighbors moving in, please let me know so we can give a welcome ASAP.

TOT Publication Schedule:

Community members are welcome to contribute articles of interest to the community. Articles should be sent to [email protected] The due date for the last issue of the TOT for this year is Friday, June 7.

Condolences: Our sympathy is extended to the Horstman family of Stanford Road on the March 27 death of Rose Horstman. Rose was a long-time resident of Thornburg living on Stanford Road. Currently her son, Dirk,, his wife, Adele, and their daughter, Shai Lin, live in the family home on Stanford. Also, condolences are given to the Paul family of Lehigh Road on the recent death of Amy Paul's father.

TALK of the TOWN is published by the Thornburg Community Club to inform Thornburg residents and

Community Club members of Borough news and Community Club activities and events. Do you have any ideas, suggestions, or articles? Please send them to [email protected] If you have any questions regarding the delivery of the TALK of the TOWN, please contact: Kathy Pyros 412-928-0532 (for paper delivery) [email protected] (for electronic delivery)


May 2013

Borough Council Notes: May 2013

Borough Council meetings are held the second Monday of each month, at 7:00 p.m. Your attendance and participation are welcomed and encouraged.

Dear Neighbors, As summer approaches, neighbors are out-of-doors, as are the raccoons, and other creatures-of-the-night, so please pay special attention to putting out and removing trash cans on trash day. As a reminder, our ordinances require that trash cans and recycling containers cannot be placed at curbside (including ALL streets) until 6 p.m. on Thursday evening, and must be removed by midnight on Friday. Except for this time, trash cans must be stored off of the street and "out of view." For further information, please visit the Thornburg website, and check out Garbage and Recycling Schedule and Information. We also want to remind residents that food should not be left out to feed wild animals such as raccoon and deer as this creates both health and safety issues for all of us. Last year, the borough instituted a permit requirement for all dogs in the Thornburg Conservation Park. That system will continue when the current permits expire on May 31. If you are interested in a permit for the 2013-2014 permit period, submit your application to the borough secretary as soon as possible, since the new permits become effective June 1. As a reminder, no dogs are allowed in the park on Wednesdays and Sundays, with or without a permit. Permit applications and a list of park rules and regulations are available on the borough website "Poop" is funny as a punch line to a 9 year old's joke, but not so funny along walkways around town and in and under bushes. After the snow melted many "surprises" appeared on upper Hamilton (woods side) as well at the path around the maintenance garage and into the woods. Please take special care to "clean up" after your dog during walks through the community. It is required by ordinance. See you at the Memorial Day parade. Mark Perrott, on behalf of Borough Council


May 2013

Troop 867 Fundraiser Spaghetti Dinner!

Homemade meatballs & sauce, salad, Italian bread, and desserts!

Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 6:00

Adults: $12, Children 6-12: $8. Five and under are free. Tips accepted! Pay at the door. All proceeds will be used to defray the cost of summer camp at Heritage Reservation.

Thornburg Auditorium and Park

RSVP's are not required but are helpful for planning! If you can please RSVP to [email protected] or 412.921.4111 by May 5th. Thank you for your support!


May 2013

Memorial Day

Schedule of Events Sunday, May 26, 2013 Raindate: Monday, May 27

1:00 ­ 7:00 pm 2:00 pm

Open House in the School: See Kindergarten Room Tennis Tournament


Meet at the corner of Hamilton and Smith before 2:00 pm Remember to show your patriotic spirit! Prizes will be awarded for: Best Decorated Girl's Bike Best Decorated Boy's Bike Most Patriotic Boy Most Patriotic Girl Most Patriotic Adult Most Patriotic Pet Parade Followed by: and



fun games for children 7

3:00 pm


First graders and older welcomed to participate. Folks of all ages encouraged to watch and cheer! Sign up following the parade. Includes races, obstacle courses, and other fun games!

5:00 pm


Please bring a side dish to the park pavilion before 5 pm. TCC will provide hot dogs, watermelon, and beverages. Donation of $1 per person, payable at the picnic.



May 2013


Thornburg will again host its annual tennis tournament over the Memorial Day celebrations. All levels of play welcome - it's all just for fun. We will have all forms of play: men's and women's singles and doubles. All you have to do is reply to Janice at [email protected] so we may add you to the list. Your friends and visitors are also welcome, so tell them too. Extra rackets will be provided if you don't have one of your own. -Janice Coppola

Summer Solstice in Thornburg

Lower park June 21, 2013 8-10pm


Bring your own chair and bug spray!


May 2013



Wednesday, July 10

The National Aviary of Pittsburgh will present "The Aviary Takes Wing" this summer in Thornburg's Conservation Park 9:30 - 10:30 on July 10th. Sign up is required for this event and you can call Janice Coppola at 412 735 5973 or email her at [email protected]

Adult Education Event

Who: Dave Koz and Friends Summer Horns Tour 2013 Date: Friday, July 12, 2013 Time: 7:30pm Location: Robert Morris University Sewell Center Arena Ticket Price: $45/each for groups of 15 or more; $50/ each if less that group of 15 people Please email Maureen Scanlon at [email protected] if you would like to purchase tickets.


May 2013


Treasurer's Corner

Finances for the Club are in order through the month of April. Expenses are recorded at $10,273 and revenues recorded at $14,647. Outstanding items yet to come before the end of the fiscal year are the Memorial Day picnic food and activities, library memorial book purchases, donations to our outreach initiatives, TOT publishing; planting for the community gardens and any outstanding receipts that committees may not have turned into me. Which reminds me to remind all committee chairs, that our fiscal year ends June 30, 2013. Please turn in all outstanding expense receipts to me for payment BEFORE June 30th. There is a green TCC box underneath my mailbox on the mudroom porch where you can leave your paperwork. For my final order of business, I would like to get some feedback from neighbors on one item in our Audit Program. There is nothing in the by-laws regarding this issue. It is informational in nature. To avoid the monthly service fee for the return of canceled checks, we now receive e-statements (electronic statements). I print the e-statement and canceled checks out each month for our files. The checks print out one per page, and some months it can be as many as 10-12 pages of checks. Currently during the audit, cash disbursements are verified, by random selection, by matching the journal entry for the expense to the checkbook or bank statement AND the canceled check. I would like to stop printing all the checks and have a lap top at the audit where the checks can be seen on-line and verified and/or print those selected during the audit process. It would save on paper and printing costs. These checks and statements are available on-line for a number of years for review. Please send comments to [email protected] Thanks for your input.

Yoga Classes

The weekly yoga classes held in the community building by Wendy Mackin have finished up. Many thanks to Wendy and the wonderful job she does keeping us bendy and healthy. There is a steady group of us who attend yoga and it seems that Mondays and Tuesdays work the best for the regulars. With that in mind, Wendy made the suggestion that the first part of the year yoga will be on Tuesday evenings and the second half of the year on Monday evenings. Everyone is welcome. This is a very gentle yoga class. Did you know that yoga has great benefits for all shapes and sizes; not flexible or very flexible; not athletic or super athletic. Some of them include a sunnier disposition and calmer attitude; reduces stress and works the kinks out of those stiff muscles; improves aches and pains; and helps you sleep better. So join us in September at 7:30 for one hour in the lower level of the community building. Our tentative start date is Tuesday, September 10th. Watch your TOT and community emails for updates closer to the start date.


May 2013

Graduation photos

Don't forget to send your graduation photo, brief summary of school activities and your upcoming plans for the June TOT. Send your photo and info by June 7 to [email protected] PS. Photos taken by a professional photographers must be accompanied by a release.


Last month our neighbor, Sigo Falk, received a very prestigious honor bestowed by the Heinz History Center as a History Maker in the field of Heritage. Sigo joined a 2013 class of five History Makers includng David Shapiro and Tony Dorsett. Sigo's name will be added to a wall of fame at the History Center that includes such past honorees as Fred Rogers, Chuck Noll, Paul Mellon, Elsie and Henry Hillman, Shirley Jones, David McCullough, Franco Harris, Freddie Fu and others who have played a significant role in Pittsburgh history. The special tribute to Sigo, presented by Esther Barazzone, President of Chatham College, noted the long heritage of philanthropy by the Falk Family Foundation, particularly in the areas of education, medicine and the arts and "more recent initiatives focusing on social justice nationally and locally under the direction of Sigo...." The Center also noted Sigo's leadership roles at Chatham College, Duquesne Light, the History Center, the Health Systems Agency of Southwestern Pennsylvania and other prominent organizations in our region. As Sigo and the Falk Family Foundation have done for Pittsburgh, the same could be said of Sigo and his family in Thornburg. The family generously helped to save the green space in the valley and developed and continue to maintain trails through the wooded areas of town.. Sigo served the youth of the community as a leader of many Boy Scout trips to PA forests as well as National Parks in New Hampshire, Tennessee, Colorado and California, sharing his love of hiking and his conservationist experience. Jean Falk served at a critical period on the Montour School Board and as a leader of the Community Club and more recently Andy and Dorothy Falk played key roles with the Boy Scouts, the Borough Council and Community Club.


May 2013


Thornburg Community Club

Annual Meeting Thursday, May 23, 2013 7:30pm

School House Auditorium

Officer Nominations 2013--2014

President: Kelly Chiodi Vice-President: to be determined Treasurer: Suzy Golitko Recording Secretary: to be determined Corresponding Secretary: Gretchen Moore

A vote will be taken on the above slate at the general membership meeting scheduled for May 23, 2013. We hope you will attend and cast your vote. If you are interested in serving as either the Vice President or Recording Secretary, contact

Rosemarie McShane.


May 2013


Corner Gardens help is always needed by anyone who is willing to pull weeds. The Borough pays for the annual and perennial flowers that are planted and bloom for 8months of the year. All work in the gardens is volunteer. If you would like to help with any of these contact Rosemarie McShane. Having three people at each space would be a blessing for each gardener and all neighbors. The gardens are located at the entrance to Thornburg at Baldwin and Harvard across from the Club entrance and at the lower intersection of Harvard and Tech. In addition there are gardens at the entrances to Thornburg on Princeton and Cornell (across from the end of the Thornburg Bridge) and at the corner of Cornell and Yale. Volunteers also maintain the gardens at the school/community building and in the Park. We'd like to give a special thank you to Eagle Scout Peter Gordon for naming and mapping and walking trails in the Thornburg Conservation Park. See the wonderful guides before beginning your next walk in the park!!


Brenkle's Nursery is located on Mt. Troy Road in the North Hills. The Thornburg Community Club has been partnering with them for years, beginning with the flower/plant sales we used to hold in the spring. Brenkle's VAST selection of gorgeous, high quality, fair priced items are worth the short trip across the river. If you purchase a gift card from our Community Cub you help to raise money to keep programs going that aid to the civic beauty and improvements. If you are going to buy BEAUTIFUL flowers, plants, herbs, shrubs, creepers, etc... it really supports your community if you buy it by using these gift cards. All you have to do is contact the Grefenstette family at GIRL, at [email protected] or at 412 919-0567. Tell them how much you want to spend, in $25 amounts, write a check to the Thornburg Community Club, and you will get the gift cards very quickly.

Want to Relax by the Pool this Summer?

Are you new to Thornburg and not sure about the summer swim scene... Our neighboring communities generously allow Thornburg residents to join their pools . For information: Rosslyn Farms for information and application Crafton Pool--Contact Borough Secretary office for pool pass information at 412-921-0752 Ext 10


May 2013


Saturday, May 4th was a glorious sunny day to be out-side with friends and neighbors helping Thornburg prepare for "a walk in the park`'. Our main concern was to try and remove some of the invasive weeds and plants which grow so profusely in the rich top-soil of the park. Rob and Alan once again lent a variety of tools for our use. With time and patience we hope to slow the rate of growth of the Japanese Knot Weed. This entails chopping down the young stems of this rapidly growing weed in the spring, and again in the fall. In between times Rob aims to mow it down several times over the summer. Two other plants are also high on our agenda for removal: Wild Garlic Mustard and Japanese Honeysuckle. Wild Garlic Mustard at this time has pretty white flowers and stands from 1 -3 feet tall. It was easy to pull out these plants by the roots and to toss them into plastic bags to prevent germination of the seeds. It is amazing to note that their seeds can remain in the ground for up to 10 years and still germinate! With respect to Japanese Honeysuckle: In the fall this shrub is covered in bright red or orange, attractive, berries which the birds love. BUT, alas, the berries only contain water and have no nutrients. As a consequence birds are unable to gain weight before winter sets in, or obtain the energy they need for migration. If this shrub is present in your garden please consider either removing it or cutting off the flowers before they form the many seeded berries. Unfortunately the seeds are easily spread by wild life and the seedlings grow rapidly. However, the shrubs are easy to pull out when small. A VERY BIG THANK YOU to the more than twenty people who were whacking and weeding on clean up day. The borough was well represented by Gina Caliguire, Bill Cullen, Susan Kelly, Jean and Sigo Falk, Suzy Golitko, Clive Kimblin, Laurel Leithauser, Jeff Leithauser, Eileen and Tom Mackin, Rosemarie and Mark McShane, Judy and Tom Thompson and Marie Urick . In addition a VERY BIG THANK YOU to non-Thornburg dog-walking friends Jane, Kevin and Vicky and Nick Feeney. Their help was much appreciated. Judy Kimblin



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