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DRAFT Press Release

25 March 2008

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Thorn mobile showroom revamped for 2008/9 road tour

For those lighting enthusiasts unable to attend April's L+B 2008 Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, the Thorn Travelling Light III roadshow will be the ideal opportunity to see the new products for the first time. Furthermore, by using a 10m diameter hemispherical-shaped structure, rather than a customised vehicle, Thorn offers customers a better experience, however dull the weather is outside. The spacious interior is split into two sections: the centre core is a hospitality reception zone, complete with display screens, with the products placed around the edge. Customers can check out almost everything, from downlights and controls to hostile environment luminaires and urban LED lanterns.

The demo tour is scheduled to visit 70 major cities and select Thorn distributorships across 15 European countries come May.

The mobile exhibition will be supported by product handling sessions, and a series of presentations of PEC (Performance, Efficiency and Comfort) - the dynamic, resultsorientated programme that underpins Thorn's approach to delivering better lighting, better efficiency and a better environment, sustainably. All products shown embody the PEC spirit.

Customers may make an appointment to visit the tour via their local Thorn representative. To find out when the truck will be in a city near you, check the schedule below:


TLL/1711 Media Contact Hugh King, Thorn PR Manager Tel: +44(0)20 8732 9800, Fax: +44(0)20 8732 1911 Mobile: 07788-566187 E-mail: [email protected]

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