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Smarty update for DUMMIES

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Click on Downloads:

Step 3:

Click on S-67ME

Step 4:

Scroll to the bottom of page and click on " ZIP"


Step 5:

Click on the first Download link

If this appears at top of screen, click on it and choose "Download File..."

Click Run Continue through the install until complete button appears.

Step 6:

Return to the Downloads Page (hit back button twice) and Click on SmartyUSB.exe under Tools:

Click Run

When finished, you will see this:

Minimize this, you will need it later.

Step 7:

Under Software Upgrade on the Downloads page click on the file: S67V607CDR07ME.7z

Read the terms of the agreement, if you accept them, click on "I agree with the terms" You will then be directed to the Instruction page on how to Disable the EGR System Properly. Read these directions thoroughly, failure to follow these will result in a Check Engine light and possible damage! At the bottom of the page you will find a link, click on Download Smarty S67ME Update File.

Click Save

Select Desktop as the desired location, then click Save.

After download completes, click Close.

Step 8:

Find the file you just downloaded titled "S67V607CDR07ME.7z" and click your RIGHT mouse button on it:

Hold your cursor over the "7-ZIP":

Click on "Extract Here":

A new file will appear on your desktop that looks similar, except its description ends with ".smt"

You can then delete the file ending in ".7z

Step 9:

Pull up your "Smarty ­ USB Update"

Click "File" then click "Open..."

Find the file "S67V607CR07ME.Smt" Located on your Desktop, Select it, then Click "Open"

Click "Send"

After Update is complete, you'll see this:

Step 10:

Remove Smarty from your computer and Download Software to Vehicle. Refer to for more information on power levels and how to install and use the Smarty S-67 Middle East Version.


Microsoft Word - SMARTY update for DUMMIES.docx

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