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Tha nk yo u for p urchasing a Sinister Manufa cturing Comp any EGR d elete kit.

Precision manu fa ctured using a irc ra ft qua lity 30 4 sta inle ss ste el an d bil let aluminum; this EGR kit is d esigned to en dure ye ars o f hea vy use. Insta lling a Sinister EG Rkit with up -p ip e on yo ur vehicle will eliminate the re strict ive d esign of t he stoc k up p ip e, allo wing yo ur turbo to ge t mo re air w hile p reventing co ola nt fro m le aking into the inta ke. The result is a slight ga in in ho rsep ower and lo ng er e ng ine life. T hese insta lla tio n instruc tions have be e n written to help you in the instal lation of your S er inist EGR ki t. Ple ase read it co mpletely before insta lling yo ur kit.

This Kit ha s b een d esig ned for: 2003-2007 Ford F250/350/ crew c ab, long bed , short bed, and Excursion eq uipp ed with a 6.0L V8 Power stroke turbo diesel engine and a utoma tic or ma nua l transm issio ns This kit ma y void facto ry wa rranty plea se c heck with manufa cturer. This kit is intended for off-ro ad use only.

Sinister Ma nufa cturin g Comp a ny rec omme nd s that a d iesel shop or professiona l after market p arts installer, who ha s a ll the necessary eq uipme nt, too ls and exp erience d personnel ne ede d for prop er in s lla tio n, ta sho uld p erform the i nsta lla tion of this system. Ho wever, if yo u de cid e to p erf orm the insta llation, we re commend so meo ne sho uld he lp yo u. Ensure the instal ler uses a l unde r c ar sa fety prec autions includ ing eye p rotec tion.

Plea se ta ke tim e to rea d and und ersta nd the follow ing...

By installing you r Sinister EGR kit , yo u indica te th at yo u ha ve rea d t his d ocum ent a nd you a gre e with th e term s stated b elow. It is the re sp onsibility of the purchaser to follow all installation instruc tion guide lines a nd sa fety iniste r EGR kit. p roced ure s sup plied with yo ur S Sinister Ma nufa cturin g Coma ny ass es no resp onsibility for da mag es o cc urring from misuse , ab use, um imp rop er insta lla tion , imp rope r op era tion, lac k of responsib le ca re, or all p reviou s st ate d reasons resulting ly fro m inco mpa tibility with othe r ma nufa cturer's p rodu cts and /or systems. i In clud ed with yo ur S niste r EGR kit i s a warra nty c ard. P se re ad it ca refully befo re you b egin any work on your lea vehicle. If you sho uld ha ve a ny q uestions reg ard ing our wa rra nty p olic y, inst allati on, or any oth er m atter pe rtainin g inister EGR kit, pl ease give us a c all a t the numb er provid ed on the wa rranty card . to yo ur new S

Please call u s at 916-960-6740 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm if you need any additional assistance. Copyright c 2008 Sinister Mfg. Company 2025 Opport unity Drive Ste 7, Roseville, CA 95678


QTY. 2 2 4 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 DESCRIPTION

5/16 NC X 1.25" 12 Point Bolts 5/16 NC X 2" 12 Point Bolts 5/16 NC Serrated Flange Nuts Worm Drive Hose Clamp 3/4" Silicone Hose 304SS Up-Pipe Assembly Ford Factory Up-Pipe Gasket Billet EGR Block-Off Plate with O-Ring Billet EGR Cooler Block-Off with O-ring and 180 Degree Stainless Steel Coolant Tube

Caution!!! Never work on a hot exhaust system. Serious injury in the form of burns c an result If the

vehicle has been in use and the exhaust system is hot, allow vehic le to c ool for at least 1 hour. Always wear eye protec tion when working under any vehicle.

Note: It is our rec om mendation that you use a hoist or hydraulic lift to fac ilitate the installation of your new Sinister EGR Delete Kit (for exhaust removal). Note: Before removing the original parts from your vehic le, please c om pare the parts you have received with the bill of materials provided on this page to assure that you have all the parts nec essary for the installation of your new Sinister EGR kit. Note: With a used vehicle, we suggest a penetrating spray lubric ant to be applied liberally to all exhaust fasteners and allowing a signific ant period of time for the c hemic al to lubric ate the threads before attempting to disassemble.

S tep 1: Disc onne c t B tteries a S tep 2: Dra in co ola nt S tep 3: R ove c lips for pla stic wire wa y loc a ted em ab o ve tu rb o. Fold to wind shield of tru c k. figure 1.0

S tep 4: Rem ove upp er fa n shroud b y prying a wa y from rad ia tor throug h slots fig ure 2.0/2.1

Step 5: Loosen hose clamp s and remove intake tube figure 3.0. T hen unscrew bolts a nd remo ve turb o inlet tube a nd PCV Valve fig ure 3.1

Step 6: Loosen cla mps and remove cha rge p ip e figure 4.0. Unb olt alterna tor and disconne ct wires figure 4.1, then tilt to ward s front of vehicle. Note: it is not necessary to loose n b elt tensioner.

Step 7: Disc onnec t downp ip e b y re mo ving v-clamp from ba c k of turbo figure 5.0 and remove the 2 bo lts from the ca talytic converter figure 5.1.


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