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Schonell Spelling Test B

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Schonell Spelling Test B

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Schonell Spelling Test B Procedure With all standardised tests it is essential that there is no teaching to the test and you should wait at least six months between testing. Test the entire group at one time. The children should be seated sufficiently far apart in order to prevent them from being able to copy from each other. On the `Spelling Grid' (20 x Rows and 5 x Columns) should be written N: Child's name D: Date dd/mm/yy (and later) DOB: Date of Birth Score: xxx/100 Explain the procedure Words dictated by teacher and marked in groups of ten Call out each word, starting at the top and going from left to right (i.e. 'see') Use the word in a sentence so that its meaning is clear (i.e. "I can see the bird.") Say the word again - "see" Child continues test until there are 10 mistakes in succession [To ease the checking, make a transparency of the test to lay underneath the spellings.] Scoring Keep a running total as you mark each group of ten (i.e. 10 20 26 30 32 36). Take the raw score (the total number of words spelt correctly) divide by 10 and add 5 i.e. 36 + 5 years = 8.6 = 8.7 (converted to months). Conversion Table: Tenths to Months 1 = 1 month 2 = 2 months 3 = 4 months 4 = 5 months 5 = 6 months 6 = 7 months 7 = 8 months 8 = 10 months 9 = 11 months


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