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Unlocking Procedures

Handset Model Unlocking Process

1. Insert a 3 USIM 2. Press # 3. Press * three times to get p 4. Press * four times to get w 5. Press * twice to get + 6. It should look like below: #pw+ (15 digit unlock code)+1# E.g.: #pw+123456543456786+1#

All Other Nokia Models (Except E71/E63/E72/6760)

E71 / E63 / E72 / 6760

It has a QWERTY keypad so unlocking steps are different

1. Insert a 3 USIM 2. Press # (Shift + J) 3. Press p 4. Press w 5. Press + (Shift + I) 6. It should look like below: #pw+ (15 digit unlock code)+1# E.g.:#pw+123456543456786+1#

If an incorrect SIM Lock code is entered three times the handset will be permanently locked and cannot be unlocked. Authorized Repair Centre/ 3 Service Centre will not be able to fix/repair a handset that has been permanently locked. This is not covered under warranty. If you are unable to unlock the device then please visit 3 Service Centre or call 3 Care on 13 33 20.

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