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306 (THREEOHSIX) Elliot London [email protected] THE ADONIS FACTOR Christopher Hines [email protected] THE ADULTS IN THE ROOM Andy Blubaugh [email protected] AFTER LUNCH Paula Pripas [email protected] AJUMMA! ARE YOU KRAZY??? Brent Anbe [email protected] THE ARCHIVIST Katie Scoones [email protected] ARIAS WITH A TWIST: THE DOCUFANTASY Bobby Sheehan [email protected] com AT NIGHT I WAS BEAUTIFUL Steven Wilsey [email protected] BABY JANE? Billy Clift [email protected] BEARCITY Lewis Tice [email protected] BEYOND GAY: THE POLITICS OF PRIDE Bob Christie [email protected] BIRTHDAY Thom Palmen [email protected] BLACK OPS ARABESQUE Nathaniel Eyde [email protected] BLACKMAIL BOYS Morgan Jon Fox [email protected] BLOOMINGTON Fernanda Cardoso [email protected] BOOTS FOR TULA Malic Amalya [email protected] BROTHER TO BROTHER Jeffrey Winter [email protected] BULLIED Maureen Costello [email protected] org BYE BI LOVE Giovanna Chesler [email protected] CAKES AND SAND Christoph Scheermann [email protected] CECILIA Emily Ray Reese [email protected] CHAINED Betsy Kalin [email protected] CHECKPOINT Alex Muir [email protected] CHILDREN OF GOD Kareem Mortimer [email protected]risingmedia. com CHLOE: COMEDY Jim Hansen [email protected] CLOSE Weronika Czolnowska [email protected] COLONIAL GODS Nekisa Cooper [email protected] com COME LONTANO (AS IF FAR AWAY) Doug Ischar [email protected] COMMUNITY STORIES: QUAKE RUGBY Shannon Gee [email protected] COPS Malic Amalya [email protected] CRIED SUICIDE Lauren Palmigiano [email protected] CURIOUS THING Sivan Schlecter [email protected] DANCING TO HAPPINESS Larissa Fan [email protected] THE DEATH & LIFE OF BAILEY/COY BOOKS Shannon Gee [email protected] DEEP RED Michal Sinai [email protected] A DIFFERENT KIND OF LOVE Personal Traps [email protected] DINNER DANCE OF DEATH Juxtapose My Ass [email protected] DOOR PRIZE Zsa Zsa Gershick [email protected] DYKE DOLLAR Larissa Fan [email protected] ELENA UNDONE Jeffrey Winter [email protected] ELOISE'S LOVER Jonathan Hertzberg [email protected] EMBRACE Aitor Saraiba [email protected] EYES WIDE OPEN Jeffrey Winter [email protected] FAGNEY & GAYCEY: HOT FLASH Mike Rose [email protected] FAMILY IN FRAME Neelu Bhuman [email protected] FERMENT ME MY HEART Louije Kim [email protected] THE FISH CHILD Andrea Krauss [email protected] FIT Laura Doughty [email protected] FLORENT: QUEEN OF THE MEAT MARKET Jeffrey Winter [email protected] FOREVER'S GONNA START TONIGHT Kim Klausner [email protected] THE FOUR-FACED LIAR Jeffrey Winter [email protected] FOURPLAY: SAN FRANCISCO Kyle Henry [email protected] FRESH AIR THERAPY Larissa Fan [email protected] FRIDAY'S CHILD Larissa Fan [email protected] FULL OF PRIDE The Wreck Family [email protected] GALACTIC DOCKING COMPANY Alex Muir [email protected] GAY = SIN Matthew Brown [email protected] GAYBY Jonathan Lisecki [email protected] GAYSHARKTANK.COM Jordan Seltzer [email protected] GEN SILENT Stu Maddux [email protected] GENDERBUSTERS Sam Berliner [email protected] GENTLY Diane Shorthouse [email protected] GET OUT OF THE CLOSET Jarrod Gullett [email protected] GIRL BUNNIES Sarah Deragon [email protected] GIT ALONG LIL DOGIES Kate Lain [email protected] GO GO REJECT Heath Daniels [email protected] HELLO MY NAME IS LESBIAN Gitte Randloev [email protected] HENS & CHICKS Becky Lane [email protected] I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS Meghann Burns [email protected] I SAW U Ruth Gregory [email protected] I'VE GOT A SECRET Carlos Val [email protected] IF THERE BE THORNS Michael Robinson [email protected] IN YOUR FACE Tonje Gjevjon [email protected] INFLATABLE SWAMP William Feroldi [email protected] IS IT JUST ME? Jennifer Arndt-Johns [email protected] KA.KA Julián Vargas [email protected] KADEN Larissa Fan [email protected] LA ZOMBIE Robert Felt [email protected] LE TIGRE: ON TOUR Jacob Wolters [email protected] LEADING LADIES Daniel Beahm [email protected] com LESVATAR Almerinda Travassos [email protected] com LLOYD _ _ _ FEIN MUST DIE Charles Lum [email protected] LOOP PLANES Robin Wilby [email protected] LOOP-DA-LOOP AND GIUSEPPE Noel Robichaux [email protected] LOVE STORY Dean Spade [email protected] THE LUSTY GYPSIES Nikki Lee Taylor [email protected] MAKING THE BOYS Paul Marchant [email protected] A MARINE STORY Dreya Weber [email protected] THE MARIONETTES Larissa Fan [email protected] MISSISSIPPI QUEEN Paige Williams [email protected] MONSTER IN THE CLOSET Larissa Fan [email protected] MY BALONEY Malic Amalya [email protected] MY NAME IS LOVE David Fardmar [email protected] NEVER TOO LATE Wendy Weinberg [email protected] NOTHING HAPPENED Sarah Louise Lilley [email protected] OH MY GOD! Arna Marie Bersaas [email protected] ONE SQUARE MILE OF EARTH Jeff Drew [email protected] OPEN Jake Yuzna [email protected] ORGANISM Nina Reyes Rosenberg [email protected] com OUT OF ANNAPOLIS Steve Clark Hall [email protected] OUTSIDE Natalie Avery [email protected] PAULISTA Alex Garcia [email protected] THE PEOPLE I'VE SLEPT WITH Quentin Lee [email protected] PLAN B Jeffrey Winter [email protected] POSTCARD TO DADDY Michael Stock [email protected] PRETTY PARTS Jim Hansen [email protected] PROFESSOR GODOY Gui Ashcar [email protected] PUBLIC RELATIONS Gianna Sobol [email protected] THE PURPLE SEA Brandon Peters [email protected] com PUT THIS ON THE (MAP) Sid Peterson [email protected] QUEER PET ADVENTURES Veronique Courtoi [email protected] THE REAL ANNE LISTER Richard Donnelly [email protected] com RECIPE FOR A KILLING Tatiana [email protected] REEL QUEER YOUTH Reid Kunnen [email protected] RIOT ACTS Vanessa Domico [email protected] ROCK HUDSON: DARK & HANDSOME STRANGER Benjamin Leers [email protected] RUFUS WAINWRIGHT: PRIMA DONNA Tom de Grunwald [email protected] SAMARITAN Arna Marie Bersaas [email protected] SASHA Brandon Peters [email protected] com THE SECRET DIARIES OF MISS ANNE LISTER Richard Donnelly [email protected] com THE SECRET LOVES OF JESSE JAMES Larissa Fan [email protected] THE SEMINARIAN Joshua Lim [email protected] SEÑORITA Vince Sandoval [email protected] SHAVE Nancy Kissam [email protected] SHORT SHORTS Wyatt Riot [email protected] THE SISTERS Sigrid Smejkal [email protected] SKINNY FAT Andy Bydalek [email protected] THE SLEEPING BEAUTY OF EAST FINCHLEY Larissa Fan [email protected] THE SONS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS Tim Wolfe [email protected] THE STRANGER IN US Scott Boswell [email protected] THE STRING Jennifer Arndt-Johns [email protected] SWING Leon Chen [email protected] T4-2 Allegra Hirschman [email protected] TO FARO Barbara Mientus [email protected] TOO MUCH PUSSY: A QUEER X SHOW Juergen Anger [email protected] THE TOPP TWINS: UNTOUCHABLE GIRLS Kate Stevenson [email protected] UNDERTOW Jeffrey Winter [email protected] VIOLET TENDENCIES Casper Andreas [email protected] WAIT Craig Snyder [email protected] YOU CAN'T CURRY LOVE Reid Waterer [email protected]


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