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Date: 15 October 2011 Place: Benoni Homing Society (Benoni Pigeon Club) Time: Gates open 9h00 am (stall owners from 7h00 am) For the first time in South Africa Benoni Homing Society will be hosting a pigeon market (similar to the Lier market in Belgium), where local studs and top lofts will be offering babies for sale at the market, either for stock or for your race team for next season. Also on sale will be some of the latest medicines and vitamins on the market. If you have some excess babies at the end of the season that you might want to sell, phone and book your stall now, if not, come and join us for a great day out and buy your future champion as the "ANNUAL BENONI PIGEON MARKET".

For more information or to book a stall phone: Andries Small : 082 967-9954 Russell van der Merwe : 082 909-2886 NB : A food stall and cash bar will be available on the day.


1. Some of the top lofts and studs will be offering birds for sale at this year's pigeon market. 2. This is an opportunity for you to come and meet and negotiate with them to purchase some of the best performing blood lines in South Africa and the World today. 3. For the first time in South Africa an annual pigeon market will give you access to all of this. 4. The following studs/fanciers have already confirmed their "expos" at the 2011 market. a) Marius Klingbiel ­ He is the number 1 advisor to pigeon fanciers all over South Africa with his immense pigeon knowledge. b) Moreland Racing Pigeon Stud ­ Mark Raubenheimer has visited the Jansen Brothers and Louis van Loon personally and will be offering the best of these bloodlines at his stall. c) Willy Young ­ The 5 time in a row Durban Federation Champion, 2010 Combine Champion is a stall not to be missed. d) Kitchenbrand Lofts ­ The World famous South African pigeon family will offer of the best they have ­ a chance not to be missed! e) Out of Africa Lofts - A young stud by World standards but one that's made a serious impact on the pigeon sport in South Africa. Egbert O'Kelly has assured me that the birds at his stall would have been raced by him were it not for his sudden move from Springs to Boksburg. f) Joe Strydom ­ The S.A. Pigeon Institute. Joe will have some of his up-to-date pigeon medication and newly imported pigeons available at his stall.

g) Exclusive Pigeons ­ Mark King ­ Mark has travelled the World to obtain the best available bloodlines that the pigeon world has to offer. Roland Bouwer and Johan Schmidt ­ Without a doubt the most devastating pigeon partnership that South Africa has seen! Be sure to visit this stall. h) Exceeder Pretoria ­ Visit them for all your up-to-date medications, supplements and advice. i) Reinholdt Brichta ­ The German super-breeder that has made many a champion by breeding for other fanciers. j) Johnny Price ­ Selling some of the excess birds of the legendary Tom Price. k) Ronnie Huebsch ­ The Ronnie Huebsch stud has gone to great lengths to purchase and obtain the best performance bloodlines in South Africa today as can be seen by his astounding race results. l) Benoni Club Stall ­ The following have donated birds to be sold at this stall:

Ø Cyril Leibach Ø Chris Smith Ø Andries Small Ø Dr John Field (2011 Club Champion) Ø Gert De Necker and Joe Gomes Ø Piet Coetzee Ø Juan Breytenbach

Ø Fort Knox Lofts Ø Steven Dowd Ø Aubrey Gullett Ø Whitey Hattingh Ø Johan Otto Ø Frik Nel

m) Speedking ­ Zak van der Merwe will be exhibiting his Speedking racing pigeon programme. n) Food stalls and stalls for the kids will also be there on the day. So bring the whole family for the first of it's kind in South Africa ­ THE BENONI PIGEON MARKET.



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