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The preeminent source for the science and practice of Global leadership

Our vision is to be known by scholars and practitioners around the world as the preeminent source of the science and practice of Global Leadership.

Our focus is to: 1) Define, 2) Measure and 3) DevelOp Global Mindset and its relationship with successful global leadership.

1 ) DefininG G l OB a l Min D seT Defi nin G GlOBa MinD se T

Global Mindset is a set of individual characteristics that help global leaders better influence individuals, groups, and organizations that are unlike them. Eight Thunderbird professors have interviewed over 200 global executives and collaborated with other distinguished scholars around the world to define the concept of Global Mindset and develop metrics and scientific instruments to measure an individual's and a group's profile of Global Mindset.

fOr MOre infOrMaTiOn COnTaCT: [email protected]

Thunderbird school of Global Management 1 Global place Glendale, aZ 85306-6000

*Global Mindset is a registered trade mark of Thunderbird.

The Scientific Structure of Global mindset

A SAmp l e of C omp A nieS W H iC H HA Ve USe D THe G mi

Intellectual Capital

Psychological Capital

Social Capital

Global Business Savvy

Passion for Diversity

Intercultural Empathy

Cognitive Complexity

Quest for Adventure

Interpersonal Impact

Cosmopolitan Outlook



Gmi is available in three versions: corporate, non-business and student (master and undergraduate).

2) m e A S U R in G G lo B Al min DSeT

Thunderbird Global Mindset Inventory® (GMI) is an Internet based survey developed through a rigorous scientific process including a series of pilot tests with over 1,000 global managers. It takes an average of eight minutes to complete. It is designed to measure an individual's and a group's profile of Global Mindset in terms of Intellectual Capital, Psychological Capital, and Social Capital. The instrument is available in two formats: Self-assessment and 360°. Over 11,000 individuals in many parts of the world have completed the survey. ·

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The institute's major activities

· ContinuationoftheThunderbirdGlobal MindsetResearchProgramtofurtherdevelop ourunderstandingofthefollowingtopics: · · Metricsanddeterminantsofleadership effectivenessincrossculturalcontexts. Theoreticalandempiricallinkages betweenGlobalMindsetandeffectiveness ingloballeadership. Theoreticalandempiricallinkages betweenGlobalMindsetattheindividual, group,andorganizationallevels. ApplicationofGlobalMindsetandGMI toMBAprograms,andnonprofitand governmentsectors. Designofsolutionstohelpmanagers andcorporationsadvancetheirprofileof GlobalMindset.





LargescalestudiesusingtheThunderbird GlobalMindsetInventory(GMI)indifferent contexts. Supportforotherresearchersworldwide,with aninterestinGlobalMindset. DisseminationofthefindingsofourGlobal Mindsetresearchtoacademicandpractitioner audiences. Designofleadershipdevelopmentofferings suchascourses,workshops,andprograms onGlobalMindsetanditsmainareasof IntellectualCapital,PsychologicalCapital,and SocialCapital. Designofcourses,workshops,andmodules onGlobalMindsettobeofferedwithinvarious Thunderbirddegreeprograms. DesignofGMI-basedlearningoutcome assessmentsforuseinMBAprogramsat Thunderbirdandotheruniversities.

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3) DeVelop inG GloBAl minDS eT

Global Mindsetcanbedevelopedandimproved!To enhancedevelopmentofaGlobalMindset,wedesignand offeraportfolioofexecutiveeducationprograms,coaching solutions,andindividualizedactionplanstopersonelland organizations.Weofferaone-dayworkshoponDeveloping GlobalMindset.UponcompletingtheGMI,theparticipants willattendtheone-dayworkshopto: · · · UnderstandtheirownprofileofGlobalMindset Understandtheirgroup'sprofileofGlobalMindset ExaminetheimportanceofGlobalMindsetintheir organization Developactionplanstoenhancetheirown,theirdirect reports',andtheirorganization'sGlobalMindset




Thunderbird Global Mindset institute Team

Dr. Mansour Javidan, Garvin Distinguished Professor & Director of the Global Mindset Institute Multiple award-winning executive educator and author whose teaching and research interests span the globe, Dr. Mansour Javidan received his MBA and Ph.D. degrees from the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota. He is former Dean of Research at Thunderbird and is currently the Garvin Distinguished Professor and Director of the Global Mindset Institute. Mansour is the Past President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the world-renowned research project on executive performance and leadership, titled GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness). He was the primary editor and writer of the recently published GLOBE book which was the recent winner of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology's (SIOP) award competition for "The M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in The Workplace." His publications have appeared in such journals as Harvard Business Review, Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Perspectives, Leadership Quarterly, Management International Review, Organizational Dynamics, Journal of Applied Behavioral Sciences, Human Relations, and Journal of World Business. Dr. Javidan has been designated an Expert Advisor (Global Leadership) by the World Bank and a Senior Research Fellow by the U.S. Army. He is also on the Board of Directors of International Leadership Association. He has designed and taught a variety of executive development programs, offered and facilitated workshops, conducted consulting projects, and made presentations in 25 countries. Dr. Joy McGovern, Manager of Business Development, Global Mindset Institute [email protected] 602-978-7182 Héctor GuTierreZ, Manager of Global Mindset Inventory

Héctor GuTiérreZ is responsible for Operations and managing the Global Mindset Inventory on-line survey. Héctor has been with the Global Mindset Institute since 2008 when he took on the responsibility of building the operational framework and systems needed to expand with the growth of the Institute. Prior to joining the Global Mindset Institute, Mr. GuTiérreZ has been a sought after management strategy, business operations and structures expert consultant. His clients include a broad list of companies from blue chip to the small family business, in several countries. He has helped his clients build strategic management direction as well as establishing common processes and information platforms across their businesses. Héctor is also an avid entrepreneur who has startedup seven different companies in four countries focusing on international business development. Héctor has his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a graduate degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

Joy is an industrial/organizational psychologist who has spent the last twenty years as a leadership consultant and business developer to Fortune 50 corporations, non-profits and universities across a wide range of industries and services. She most recently was the practice leader for the Northeast Region of the US for Right Management Consultants. As a consultant Joy won several President Club awards for her sales results. Prior to that Joy spent ten years working inside organizations, specifically for NJ Transit and for GTE Data Services in leadership development positions. Joy is a sought after and frequent presenter on her work and has presented to the American Psychological Association (APA), the Society of Industrial/ Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), the New York Metropolitan Society for Applied Psychology (Metro) as well as numerous other professional conferences. She was the author of the Return on Investment Study of Executive Coaching. Early in her career, Joy won the Yoder-Henneman award from the Society of Human Resources Management for creative applications of personnel research.

Dr. Mary Teagarden, Professor of Global Strategy

Mary Teagarden, Ph.D., is a world-renowned thought leader and educator in the areas of global strategic management and strategic human resource management. She is recognized and sought after in academic, corporate and government sectors for her teaching, executive training and consulting. Dr. Teagarden received her Ph.D. in Global Strategic Management from the University of Southern California. She has published more than 70 articles, book chapters, and case studies in the area of strategic management Dr. Teagarden has lived and worked in 11 Latin American countries, five European countries and eight Asian countries ­ in addition to the United States and Canada.

Dr. David Bowen, The G. Robert & Katherine Herberger Chair in Global Management

Dr. Bowen is the Dean and Chief Academic Officer. His most recent research focuses on "Global Mindset" and global leadership. He recently co-authored, "The Role of Global Mindset in Leading Change in International Contexts" in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 2009. He has also done considerable research and consulting on how organizational behavior and human resources issues influence employee and customer satisfaction. In 2008, David received the "Christopher Lovelock Career Contributions to the Services Discipline Award" from the American Marketing Association. David received his Ph.D. in Business Administration (1983) and his MBA (1977) from Michigan State University. His B.A. (1973) is from Alma College, Alma, Michigan.

Post Doctoral Research Fellow Rebekah Dibble · Email: [email protected]

Executive Assistant - Jeannie Barbes Email: [email protected] · Phone: 602-978-7311

Thunderbird school of Global Management 1 Global place Glendale, aZ 85306-6000


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