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Forthcoming Services at St Andrews will be "group" ones where other villages will join together for a service and will be on Sunday 29th May at 10.30 Thursday 2nd June at 7 pm for Ascension Day Sunday 31st July at 10.30 From the Thursford Archives St Andrews: 1916 directory St Andrews Parish Church is an ancient building of stone in the early English style, consisting of chancel, nave and aisles, north porch and an ancient embattled tower containing one bell. There are tablets to Charles Guybon d. 1760; Thomas Sheringham d.1754; Susannah Sheringham d. 1758; Francis Stevens d. 1790; a cenotaph to George William Chad envoy and minister plenipotentiary to Dresden and afterwards to Columbia. The church was restored in 1872 and the tower in 1920. There are 150 sittings. The register dates from 1692. In the 1845 Directory the Church is mentioned as having 2 bells. At this time there was an allotment of 20 acres awarded at the enclosure and there are 3 pubs in the village Golden Lion, Craw Fish and the Bell. Mobile Library Service changes NCC has advised the following changes from 21st March 2011. Service days are now: 6th April, 4th May, 1st June, 29th June, and 27th July. With Station Road stop at 15.05 (10 mins), Clove Cottage stop at 15.20 (15 mins), Council Houses stop at 15.40 (10 mins), Unicorn Cottage stop at 15.55. (30 mins). A poster will


go up on the Parish notice boards about this.

Sheep keeping watch over St Andrews February 2011 News from the Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 7th February Present: Cllr J Bolam (Chairman), Cllrs Green, M Perry, C Ross and M Sheekey. Parish Clerk, 9 members of the public. Working Party in the Cemetery. This was confirmed as Sunday 6th March 10.00 ­ 12.00 at the cemetery, to be followed by refreshment at Holly Lodge. The Chairman asked everyone for their support and hoped people would bring their own equipment and wear suitable protective clothing. The purpose of the Working Party was to tidy up the cemetery, and cut back lower tree branches and ivy. Cockerels There had been some recent control on the situation. Environmental Health at NNDC had advised that they could assist if the matter was uncontrollable.

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Brockley Bridge (situated on the north side of the A146) This action was questioned in the current financial situation of the County Council. The NWT had yet to conduct a bat survey on the under part of the bridge, and subject to the outcome of this, NCC would be demolishing this small bridge. An opportunity for members of the public to raise questions or concerns There were concerns expressed about a right of way by presumed dedication on the road from Heath Lane to the Church There was concern at the revised planning application for Lime Kiln Farm and noise disturbance arising from the business, and activities on the site Finances There was a balance in Cash Book Community account of £5069.98 and a balance in NSI Account £912.34. Quotations for grounds work in 2011 were considered. The quotation from Mr M Woodhouse was accepted. Planning Matters Revised application for Lime Kiln Equestrian Centre. There were concerns at the level of noise from the site. Objections would be raised because of this. It appeared that the planning application had been approved without going to committee because the Highways officer had agreed that he would raise no objections subject to the building of a concrete apron and angled lights. There was concern that local objections had not been taken into account. Station Road Single storey side and rear extension. There were no objections. The application at 6 Station Road Erection of single storey front and rear extension. Village name signs. The Chairman advised that he had not progressed this matter as the total cost of the signs,

when supporting poles and erection costs were added, was likely to be in the region of £1000. It was AGREED not to progress the matter for the time being. St Andrews Church The Chairman closed the meeting to give Steve Yerby an opportunity to update the members on the meeting held last Monday concerning the Friends of St. Andrews Parish Church. The recent public meeting had been very well attended with 30 people now signing up to support the project to replace the electrics in the Church and undertake repairs to the roof. The possible total to be raised was £70,000. It had been agreed that a Friends Group should be set up independent from the Church of England to help raise money for the PCC. It was the PCC who had the legal commitment to maintain the church fabric, and any work done would need to go through the Diocese to obtain a faculty. The Friends would become a registered charity with their own constitution and bank account and already a great many ideas had come forward to help raise money. In the meantime £5000 would be needed to progress the charity and this money had largely been raised as interest free loans. Chris Rheinberg had offered to be Treasurer. The next meeting was 28th February . Parish Website Chris Rheinberg was anxious to see more use of the site BT Box. It was noted that it had now been formally adopted. Ideas for its use and also offers to refurbish it would be advertised on the website. The Chairman advised that an idea had already been put forward to use it as a home for a defibrillator.

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Letter from Victory Housing Trust. The letter advised that a recent inspection of the property had taken place and a request to tidy the property had been made. The Clerk was asked to contact VHT to see what progress had been made. Copy of the definitive map received from NCC. The route used as a footpath from Heath Lane to the Parish Church had been the cause of some concern. A notice had been placed on it "Private drive". It was explained, by the owner of the Hall, that the road from Heath Lane to the Hall was owned by the residents of the Hall and there was a vehicular right of way to the Old Coach house, but there was no bridleway. The lane to the Church was a permissive route. Registering it as a public footpath could be done but it was AGREED by the Parish Council not to progress this for the time being, while people remained able to walk on the route unimpeded. The Clerk was asked to clarify the position in respect of Parr Lane. To note the date of the next meeting Monday 21st March 2011 The Chairman asked if any members were going to stand down at the forthcoming election, is so they should advise either himself or the Clerk. Meeting date - May 16th Annual Parish and Annual Parish Council Meeting Houghton Hall Stately Home Car Boot. Sunday 30th April 2011 Something special gathering dust in your attic? Let the experts take it and sell it for you. Contact Jill or Stella on . 2 Hairy Bikers eat your hearts out ­ here is an extract from the diary of our very own 2 Antique

MONDAY The road surface degenerated into giant potholes and Belgium welcomed us with a giant diversion (weglomingg) that would have foxed MI6. Carlos, the hunky owner of the 5 football pitch sized warehouse in the back of beyond, gave us coffee and a French early 19th C canapé for 500 euros, COLD and of course coffee in the morning is fatal for ladies of a certain age, Belgian trees are thin, no modesty provided but -- onward to Chartres. My turn to drive through Rouen - done it loads of times, but big black car on my tail, turns out to be Belgian plates and nearly kills us all. I loose my cool and we get lost, sat nav having a hissy fit. Finally arrive in Chartres on a dark cold Monday night to find the van mates at the Novotel waiting for us, have a reasonable dinner and too much of the red stuff and get up at 6am in the dark with a hang over TUESDAY Stand around in a very muddy field waiting for the opening of the deballage. Now deballages open at 8am, on the dot and close at 12 noon on the dot, all the dealing is done in the 1st half hour. Two French blokes on bikes with whistles cycle by to an itinerant outside stall who has opened up early. French dealers cheer and hoot, they love a good bust up, they open, we RUN - we buy 2 chandeliers, a lantern and some smalls, the mud is so bad, I have to look at my feet. I feel like a yeti. 10am it's all overwe load the vans, drive into Chartres rock up to our favourite cafe and gossip then its omelets for everyone at Brasserie Serpette and onward to the depot vents. Four French dealers sit round an old woodstove in the first depot vent. The stock has not changed since the last visit and frankly they do not deserve to sell us anything - they don't.!! The hotel at Le Mans is a three star Logis with a decent restaurant, but we have to negotiate the lane with the angry goat with big horns and upon

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arrival at 3.30 p.m Madame who does not like arrivals until 5.30p.m!!! WEDNESDAY Le mans deballage , more van mates, in fact every English decorative dealer known to mankind- there are inside stalls and outside stalls, if you're inside the best stuff will be outside and vice versa, we buy a manky nicotine coated 1950s standard lamp which then turns out to be a named piece, we rejoice!! The man on the gate indelibly stamps us so we can get back in after loading , it usually takes three weeks to wash off. We get in the van and drive to Lyon it's a long way. THURSDAY Lyon is the home of a thriving antiques area based in Villeurbanne, king of this is an Irishman called John who arrived 40 yrs ago as an 18yr old and has made a fortune. He is bonkers, he gives us bread, pate and ham with rough red wine at 9 am sings us a song `knick knack paddy wack' actually, sells us a fantastic 1930's reverse glass print, 2 chandeliers and gives me some comports. I love him and he loves me (and every one else who buys his stuff)!! 6 hrs later we are at the tunnel customs man says " Where have you been?", we reel it off, and he looks incredulous. "What's in the back of the van?" he says, "antiques !!" and he is out of his booth so fast we hardly have time to open back door, perhaps he was expecting a couple of Tintorettos and a 17th century commode, in any event he looks sarcastic, "Fakenham the centre of the antiques business" he sneers, I restrain Maurice and we drive on - till the next trip. Thursford Allotment Committee Minutes held on Friday 18th February 2011. Allotment rents for 2011. It was agreed that rents would stay the same at £15 a half plot. It was agreed that the accounting year end would be 31st March, and current funds were £302. The Committee would apply for

membership of the Fulmodeston Food Club at a fee of £14. Plan for 2011. The Shed Event would take place on Saturday 11th June at 4.00 p.m. (tea and scones). A Fencing / Guttering / Shed Surround Working Party would be held on Sunday 20th March at 9.30 a.m. Next meeting ­ August. Solar Electricity John and Deirdre in Balls Lane, have had installed a 16 Panel Solar Electricity system which is estimated as capable of generating 2452 Kilowatts of electricity per year. Under a government scheme known as the "Feed in Tariff" (FIT) they will be paid 41.3 pence for every kilowatt produced and a further 3 pence for that part of the electricity (estimated at 50% of the electricity produced) exported to the National Grid. In addition, all the electricity the system produces is available to be used by them at no further cost. It is estimated that this will reduce their electricity bill by half. Panels were installed in November 2010 and started producing straight away but the main generation will be in the nine months of Spring through to Autumn when the sun is above the horizon for sufficient time to generate a reasonable amount of electricity. The best day in November 2010 generated 9 Kilowatts. For further information ring John and Deirdre on 01328 822312 or e-mail on [email protected]

On Your Bike!

Interested in spending a few leisurely hours cycling our delightful Norfolk Countryside - join our Village Bike Ride in July. For more information contact Parish Clerk 712149

ELECTIONS May 2011 If you would like to make a difference in your community and help make the decisions which will shape the future of your community then please let us know Councillors have a term of 4 years from May 2011.

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