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The Truth About Elevator Maintenance


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Get the Facts on Elevator Maintenance

At ThyssenKrupp Elevator we are committed to providing customers with the utmost in personal service and professional care for their elevator system. Regardless of the brand of elevators you own, before you make a long-term decision on elevator maintenance, we encourage you to consider the following eight facts.




Fact: Elevators are a major Fact: The only way to get top Fact: Low-dollar service can capital investment and a vital performance and long life: end up costing you more. part of your building's Preventive Maintenance. operation and image. You get what you pay for. Any machinery that gets Cut-rate elevator service The cost of your elevators is a constant use needs constant means someone is cutting significant part of the total cost care. For elevators, that means corners somewhere, usually on of your building. Taking care of regular inspection, adjustment preventive maintenance. And those elevators comes under and lubrication. Preventive sooner or later the effects of this the heading of protecting your maintenance keeps elevators cost-cutting are going to show investment. More than that, operating at their best, it helps up in the form of expensive elevators represent your building avoid major replacements and repairs and/or replacements. to the people who live or work it prolongs the valuable life of From our years of experience, there. The way these elevators your elevators. ThyssenKrupp ThyssenKrupp Elevator knows look, how smoothly they run, Elevator's maintenance plans the time and technology it how fast they answer calls, how provide dependable, reliable takes to maintain your elevators often they're out of service--are maintenance for your elevators. properly, and our realistic price facts which help or hurt your is based on this experience. building's reputation and its marketability.


Hydraulic Elevator

Fact: ThyssenKrupp Elevator's maintenance plans keep your system in peak condition. Here's what ThyssenKrupp Elevator can do: ·Examine, lubricate and adjust your elevators on a systematic, regular schedule. ·Repair or replace parts subject to wear as needed. ·Conduct periodic safety tests as outlined by ANSI/ASME A17.1. ·Provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our commitment to maintaining your elevators, escalators and moving walks is spelled out in our Elevator Maintenance Agreement. It tells you exactly what we'll do for your elevators. There will be no surprises to your budget down the road.

Door operator Signal Fixtures

Leveling accuracy

Door protection system


Jack Safety switches

Traveling cable

Valve pump oil level Controller



Traction Elevator

Hoisting machine Motor Brake

Fact: From pit to penthouse, ThyssenKrupp Elevator inspects, maintains, services and repairs. Every element of an elevator system should be inspected for wear and performance on a regular schedule. These two diagrams show the areas that receive the careful and systematic attention of a ThyssenKrupp Elevator maintenance technician.



Governor rope

Hoist ropes


Door operator Signal Fixtures

Leveling accuracy

Door protection system

Safety device

Safety switches

Traveling cable



Fact: ThyssenKrupp Elevator technicians get the best training in the business.


ThyssenKrupp Elevator's training specialists provide regular training seminars at our International Technical Services Center. These special ThyssenKrupp Elevator-designed training sessions encompass the latest in technology for all types and brands of elevators, as well as industry advancements. This keeps our technicians educated on all technical aspects of the elevator industry. This comprehensive training program turns out the sharpest, most well-informed technicians in the industry.


Fact: ThyssenKrupp Elevator's Fact: A ThyssenKrupp Elevator factory connection means fast contract is as user-friendly as service on parts and expert, the service it provides. up-to-date information. Most contracts are written in Nobody knows an elevator like "legalese," which makes them the Americas' leading elevator difficult to comprehend. At manufacturer. Since every ThyssenKrupp Elevator, we've ThyssenKrupp Elevator office taken steps to create a service maintains an extensive inventory agreement that's both easy to of spare parts and has access read and easy to understand. Of to our national parts distribution course, when you sign a contract system, there is never a delay with ThyssenKrupp Elevator, you on spare parts. Because of know we'll be around to fulfill our maintenance technicians' it. And just as your building's extensive experience in the reputation depends on how elevator industry, our ability well it functions, our reputation to service elevators produced depends on how well the by other manufacturers is elevators function. Serving you unsurpassed. well is good business for us.

All illustrations and specifications are based on information in effect at time of publication approval. ThyssenKrupp Elevator reserves the right to change specifications or design and to discontinue items without prior notice or obligation. Copyright © 2007 ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation

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