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BARBER DUVAL, JANET MSN, RN, Colonel, USAF NC, Ret. Greensberg, Indiana USA

Janet Barber Duval, MSN, RN, FAAFS, holds a baccalaureate degree in nursing from the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing and a Master's Degree in Nursing/Education from Indiana University. Her areas of clinical expertise include emergency, trauma, and critical care. Her involvement in forensic nursing spans two decades, encompassing education, practice and consultation. Barber Duval is a charter member of the International Association of Forensic Nursing and has been awarded the title of Distinguished Fellow. She is a Fellow within the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and holds memberships in several professional nursing and militaryaffiliated associations. In 2001, Barber Duval retired from the United States Air Force Nurse Corps with the rank of Colonel, and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Indiana University School of Nursing. Involved in forensic nursing from its earliest roots in the United States, she has developed and implemented forensic courses at the University of Texas (Austin), University of New Mexico, Indiana University, University of California (Riverside), the United States Air Force and within the Department of Veterans Affairs. Internationally, Barber Duval is associated with the faculty for forensic sciences at the Institute of Legal Medicine in Bari, Italy. Contributions to the nursing literature include numerous textbooks and articles in peerreviewed journals, newsletters and other publications. She is the former Editor for the Journal of Emergency Nursing (JEN) and has edited Critical Care Nursing Quarterly (CCNQ) for three decades. Barber Duval has contributed and edited the textbook, Forensic Nursing for Virginia A. Lynch that was released in 2005.


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