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System 1010N and 1010X Dedicated Clamp-On Flowmeters

The Ultimate in Wide Beam Transit-Time Ultrasonic Flowmeter Performance

Unique System 1010 Design Provides the Ultimate Clamp-On Transit-Time Performance

Controlotron's 25 years of research, development, production and the largest installed base of Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeters realizes, in 5th generation System 1010, the ultimate Transit-Time performance, exceeding both wetted transducer ultrasonic and conventional intrusive flowmeters.

Superior Technology Leads to Superior Performance

The extraordinary performance of System 1010 is based on Controlotron's unique transducer and sonic transmission system for which over 20 US and foreign patents have been issued since 1973. The impact of this technology is evidenced in the largest installed base of ultrasonic flowmeters, and its use in critical applications, such as in international petroleum pipelines and nuclear power plants. The primary promise of ultrasonic flowmeter technology is completely non-intrusive flow measurement, with its attendant benefits: ! Extraordinary reliability and low maintenance ! Simple, low cost installation ! Better performance than conventional flowmeters ! Widely applicable - almost any flow application By specializing in clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters, Controlotron has been the leader in non-intrusive flowmetering since 1973, introducing most innovations & much better performance than conventional inline wetted transducer ultrasonic flowmeters. System 1010 technology is quite different from that found in conventional clamp-on and wetted transducer ultrasonic flowmeters: High Precision Wide Beam Transducers System1010's patented Wide Beam transducers are designed to "match" the sonic wavequide properties of each pipe on which they are installed, making the pipe an integral part of the flowmeter, rather than a sonic impediment adversely affecting the sonic signal used to detect flow rate. MultiPulse Transmission Sensitivity & Accuracy Unlike conventional ultrasonic flowmeters which transmit only 1 or 2 pulses, System 1010 transmits as many as 50 pulses per cycle, resulting in over 26 times the flow detection sensitivity and stability. tion rather than Transit-Time. Reflexor technology is based on Controlotron's award winning System 190 Spectra. Simple Menu Guided Installation with Help Text Installation of System 1010 is simplicity itself, as each step is sequentially guided by an On-Screen menu and supported by keyboard accessed Help Text. Now you can lose the installation manual and still get 1010 to do just what you need, fast! And just as easy is installation of System 1010 transducers. System 1010 Mounting Frames are spaced under computer control, and the 1010 Spacer Bars insure correct location with factory precision, and without need to use a ruler. Confirmation of correct installation is easily obtained by accessing System 1010's Diagnostic Menu, which shows all aspects of equipment and process conditions. Wide Choice of Models for Fast Delivery Choose either wall mounted 1, 2 or economical 4 Channel NEMA 4X (IP65) or 1 or 2 Channel NEMA 7 (Exd) pipe mounted models. Most multi-channel models permit MultiPath operation for highest accuracy. Select from a wide choice of Standard Stock models, for overnight delivery in many cases. ! Portable, NEMA 4 & NEMA 7 Models ! Single & Economical MultiChannel/Path Models ! MultiFunction Transit-Time & Reflexor Opsystems ! Choice of Volumetric or Intrinsic Mass Flowmetering ! Pipes from ¼ inch to 30 feet diameter ! Any liquid, slurry or compressed gas ! Bidirectional flow from -40 to +40 fps, including dynamic Zero. ! Simple Menu Guided Installation ! Graphic Screen or PC online Help Menu ! Precision Spacer Bar assures correct Transducer spacing with need for location measurement Mass flowmetering is offered as an option to volumetric flowmetering for those who desire a more reliable and lower pressure drop solution than provided by Coriolis meters. Alternatively, 1010's Mass flowmetering is preferred to Coriolis for pipes above 3" OD, where Coriolis meters become very expensive, or above 6", where Coriolis meters are not available. Density is sensed non-intrusively via its intrinsic relationship to a liquid's Sonic Propagation Velocity, sensed to 1 part in 200,000 by System 1010. For ultimate Mass Custody Transfer accuracy, built in four wire RTD Clamp-On liquid temperature sensing is available. Low Cost MultiChannel 1010 models can operate in either TransitTime or Reflexor mode, simultaneously if desired. The optional Large MultiChannel Graphics Display Screen is available on System 1010N, and an AlphaNumeric data display on the 1010X. Where especially high accuracy is required, MultiPath operation normalizes flow profile to permit installation even in difficult piping configurations. Each System 1010 Flow Computer can be specified to support the new System 1010 Wide Beam transducers, or older System 990 transducers for those desiring to upgrade. Installation of 1010 transducers is simplified using new 1011MF Mounting Frames and Precision Spacer Bars, which fully protect the transducers from accidental disturbance. Transducer mounting stability is assured for decades, free from need to re-couple. High temperature transducers are available, as are corrosion resistant and submersible models.

Phase Correlation Assures Accurate Sonic Velocity

MultiPulse also permits installing coded Markers in the transmit signal enabling precise detection of the sonic signal arrival time, essential for accurate flowrate computation. Phase Detection instead of Amplitude Detection Ordinary ultrasonic flowmeters detect flow by Amplitude detection of the sonic signal, like static prone AM radio, subject to failure when liquids become aerated or non-homogeneous. System 1010 detects flow by Phase Detection, like Hi-Fi FM radio, and is almost immune to liquid aeration. Unique Automatic Transmit Frequency Selection Conventional ultrasonic flowmeters operate at a single pre-determined frequency, not the frequency that the pipe "likes". On first installation, System 1010 checks the pipe's sonic waveguide properties and then operates broadband 1010 transducers at the preferred frequency to enable accurate performance even if liquid conditions change. Fast Fourier Transform Reflexor For those applications which require doppler flow detection, such as heavy sand slurries, System 1010 lets you choose Reflexor opera© Copyright 2000 Controlotron Corporation


MultiFunction System 1010DN NEMA 4X MultiChannel and /or MultiPath Volumetric or Mass Flowmeter

The System 1010N Flow Computer is available in Single, Dual and Four Channel and/or Path versions. Each channel supports Clamp-On Transit-Time, or optional Reflexor (Fast Fourier Transform Doppler) operation. All industry standard Analog and Digital data output formats are provided.

PinStop Spacer Bar Assures correct transducer spacing without cumbersome pipe measurement.

Quick Mount Choose either stainless steel chain or strap mount. Simple Installation Data outputs are easily accessed via internal QuickConnectors, which greatly simplify installation of the NEMA 4X rated flow computer. Large MultiGraph Display Visible from 40 Feet Controlotron's optional Graphic Display provides a variety of user selected Digital and Analog display options. Digital data is displayed in large 1 1/8 inch characters, easily visible from as far away as 40 feet (12 M). 1010's analog displays make flow and liquid data trends instantly visible, to enable operating staff to see liquid & process operating conditions.

Mounting Frame Assures rigid long term mounting and protects transducer from accidental disturbance. Advanced Hardware & Software Design System 1010 uses the latest surface mount components for highest reliability. Multi-Function capability is provided by 1010's advanced Field Programmable Gate Array technology, permitting instant conversion of circuits from TransitTime to Reflexor configuration under Software control. Transit-Time and Reflexor can operate simultaneously in MultiChannel models. All computer modules are under metal shields to protect against accidental damage.

Integral Keyboard Access Site Setup menu either through Keyboard, PC or Remote Phone Modem.


Internal Shields

Insure compliance with CE EMI/RFI Specs.

System 1010 Provides Advanced Flow and Process Control Functions

System 1010 is much more than a flowmeter, providing a variety of advanced data functions not available from conventional instruments. These functions provide valuable information on liquid and process conditions permitting substantial operating economy and improved product quality.

How System 1010 Achieves Industry Standard Accuracy

Phase Marker Accurate measurement of liquid sonic velocity is required to achieve accurate flow measurement. Conventional ultrasonic flowmeters do this by trying to detect the very low amplitude and uncertain "leading edge" of the sonic signal. This results in substatial calibration variation. System 1010 avoids this problem by detecting a Phase Marker precisely injected into the sonic transmission which is not dependent on signal amplitude, (see page 6). Pipe Matched Wide Beam Transducers " No Error Producing Sonic Signal Distortion "###Greatest Possible Signal Amplitude with Safe Low Sonic Transmission Signal Amplitude " Automatic Pipe Sonic Property Detection Diagnostic Menu Assures Proper Installation " System 1010 Operating Condition Published " Application Process Conditions Published AutoZero Avoids Need for Flow Shutdown " Since clamp-on transducers can be installed without stopping flow operations, AutoZero precludes need to stop flow for Zero flow calibration, regardless of the flow rate at time of installation. Choice of Volumetric or Intrinsic Mass Flowrate For applications requiring Mass rather than Volumetric flow measurement, Controlotron's 1010DV models permit sensing liquid density directly from the measured liquid sonic velocity, without the pressure drop of Coriolis meters. Standard models determine liquid density from the measured liquid sonic propgation velocity, or from external density data input. Wide Choice of Data Display and Outputs System 1010 provides all standard digital and analog data outputs, plus a choice of Graphic or AlphaNumeric displays. Typical outputs include: 4 to 20 mA Alarm Relays 0 to 10 Volts RS-232 Serial Data Pulse Rate Liquid Sonic Properties Site Setup Data Diagnostic Data


1010 Sonic Data Outputs Permit Valuable Process Control

The sonic signals used for flow detection provide valuable process condition information not available from conventional flowmeters. Measured Liquid Sonic Propagation Velocity, Vs, is a measure of: " Liquid density, permitting intrinsic Mass flowmetering " Liquid non-homogeneity, indicating non-uniform product conditions Measured Vs is used for: " Liquid type/grade identification " Mix Ratio Control, permitting Online product blending Sonic signal Amplitude is used for: " Amplitude modulation detects liquid aeration " Amplitude level and Vs indicates viscosity

Alternative Award Winning Fast Fourier Transform Reflexor for Slurry Applications

" Fast Fourier Transform makes Doppler spectrum visible to permit filtering error producing noise signals

Remote FlowTalk® RS-232 World Wide Communication Capability

" Spectrum distribution display enables flow profile compensation "##Phone Modem permits world wide access to Site Setup and Diagnostic menu

Extensive Datalogging Capability

" Use Keyboard or PC for Site Setup and Site Setup Memory " Up to 1 MegaByte Internal Programmable Datalogger Memory, with event recording, printable and remotely accessible

NEMA 7 1010X Flow Computer is Available in Single or Dual Channel Models

1010X models have similar functions and features as the 1010N NEMA 4X model. Its compact NEMA 7 package installs easily in the field, mounted either to the pipe, or nearby structure. Flow Computer installation can be as far as 1000 feet (300 M) from 1010 transducers.

Rotatable Display Permits Horizontal or Vertical Flow Computer Mounting.

Password Protection

AlphaNumeric Display Backlit LCD display provides real time data and convenient menu supported Site Setup via behind the glass arrow keys.

Simple Field Installation 1010X Flow Computer mounts to pipe or to nearby structure, but can be located up to 1000 feet (300M) from transducers.

Simple Setup Control Magnetic Wand Menu keys can be disabled to protect against tampering.

Easy Wiring Access Wiring to external power and control outputs is simplified by large connector access box containing Safety Interface.

Safety Interface

Permits location in hazardous areas.

Optional PC Site Setup System 1010X Site Setup is provided via RS-232 serial communication from a PC, either locally or remotely via phone modem, with Startup and Operating controls provided via a sealed Magnetic keyboard. Site Setups can be memorized internally or in the PC, for transfer to many 1010X models to assure commonality.


Advanced High Precision Wide Beam Transducers permit High Accuracy Performance

Controlotron's advanced Field Programmable Gate Array hardware provides the ultimate in Flow Computer versatility, reliability and computing power. But it is the Patented Wide Beam Transit-Time Transducer Technology and MultiPulse Phase Correlation System design that provides the extraordinary performance and wide applicability that distinguishes System 1010 from any other type of ultrasonic flowmeter.

Ultimate Accuracy and Economy

Controlotron's independent research into pipe ultrasonic physics, begun in 1968, led to the discovery that all pipes are actually Ultrasonic Waveguides, on which many Controlotron design patents are based. To obtain the ultimate accuracy and operating margin against changing application conditions requires that the Transducer "Match" these pipe waveguide properties, which are determined for each pipe by its wall thickness and material. Matching requires that the transducer operate at the frequency that the pipe "likes" and that its propagation parameters match the pipe material's natural sonic propagation characteristics. In portable applications it is not always known in advance what pipe will be encountered. Therefore, in addition to providing high performance portable models, Controlotron offers a single transducer system for the logistic convenience which it provides. But Controlotron's Dedicated System 1010 Models, intended for use on individual pipes whose size is known in advance, are all of the High Precision type, since the correct "matched."

Wide Beam transducers provide substantially superior accuracy and application margin. In addition, they provide a high amplitude sonic signal with a detectable coded Phase Marker as shown in the figures below.

1011HN High Precision Wide Beam Transducers

High Precision 1011HN Wide Beam Transducers provide an exact match to your designated pipe's Wall Thickness and Material, providing the best possible Clamp-On Transit-Time performance. It is recommended for most applications, but especially where high accuracy is important, for financial or other reasons. 1010HN Systems usually outperform any conventional intrusive flowmeter, even in its best application. Standard Controlotron Wide Beam transducers are in stock, or available on short delivery, for essentially any pipe size and material. When installed on pipes of different than rated dimensions, 1011HN transducers operate in Universal mode.

MultiPulse Flow Detection

Precise detection of phase marker permits high accuracy

MultiPulse 1010 Transducer Waveshape


MultiPulse Phase Marker Detection

System 1010 is Applicable to Essentially Any Pipe and Any Liquid


Pipe Material


Sonic Conductivity

System 1010 can be used on any sonically conductive pipe material, such as metal, plastic and glass. In general, slightly higher signal amplitude is achieved on homogeneous, small grained materials, like steel, and slightly less, but more than adequate, on large grained materials .

Wall Thickness

Essentially all liquids and liquefied gases have sufficient sonic conductivity for 1010 operation.

Aeration/Solids Content

System 1010 can be used on any pipe whose wall thickness is greater than 0.02" (0.5 mm), and depending on pipe material, on wall thickness up to 3" (76 mm), using appropriate transducers.

Pipe Diameter

Both Aeration and Solids Content tend to decrease the sonic conductivity of a liquid by scattering the sonic beam, dependent on the amount and particle size. Aeration and Mineral solids cause greater attenuation than Organic solids, which are closer to liquids in their sonic properties. When sonic signal transmission is completely interrupted by scattering, conditions become ideal for operation of the Reflexor, which operates on reflected sonic energy. Models which incorporate both Transit-Time and Reflexor options are ready for any application condition which may be encountered, even if unanticipated.


Clamp-On System 1010N supports all pipes over 1/2" (12 mm) OD, and as large as 30 feet (9 M) OD. For small pipes, under 1/2" OD, Controlotron generally recommends its 1010FT FlowTube System. Performance depends on pipe diameter, (D), to Wall Thickness, (W), ratio. Best performance is provided for D/W ratios of between 10:1 and 50:1 for both 1011N Universal transducers and 1011HP Wide Beam transducers. For D/W greater than 10:1 1011HP transducers are generally recommended. Controlotron application specialists assure the proper choice.

Higher liquid viscosity has two effects. It produces slightly higher sonic attenuation by frictional conversion of sonic energy to "heat", and somewhat increasing the amount of flow profile compensation needed. Even very high liquid viscosity can be handled by System 1010, sometimes requiring use of Direct transducer mount to shorten the sonic path. 1010 requires only Menu entry of known liquid viscosity to obtain corrected flow profile compensation automatically over the full range of flow.

Piping Configuration

System 1010 calibration is based on fully developed Axial flow. If piping does not have sufficient upstream and downstream straight run, the 1010 installation menu provides for identifying such a condition to obtain correct calibration. If flow is not axial, as may be the case for transducers mounted near bends or elbows, operating with Reflect mount transducers maximizes system accuracy. In addition, a Dual Channel model can be operated in Dual Path Reflect Mode to provide the highest immunity from flow profile effects.


Some applications subject 1010 transducers to submersion, either temporary, or continuous. Submersible 1010 transducers and cables are available, with suitable submersible coupling compounds.


1011 Transducers are provided in Standard, High Temperature and Very High Temperature models, up to 450 °F (232°C). Coupling compounds which provide long life even under these conditions are provided.

Submersible 1010 Transducer


System 1010N Specifications

Typical Performance on 6" (DN 150) Schedule 40 Steel Pipe

Selecting a Dedicated Clamp-On 1010 System*

1. Select the Desired Flow Computer

The 1010 Model Selection Chart shows all Dedicated Clamp-On System 1010 Flowmeter Families, and the Standard models offered in each. As shown, there are 3 standard Flow Computer versions of each model: Red (1): An Optimum combination of functions at moderate cost. Green (2): The Basic functions at lowest cost. Blue (3): Almost every function at somewhat higher cost. Models marked (S) are in Stock for rapid delivery. To select a model, simply add the designated option code, 1, 2 or 3 to the desired model's part number. For example, the part number for the Optimum Dual Channel NEMA 4X Flow Computer (Red) is: 1010DN1. All available features offered are listed in Column 3, and those provided by each model are identified by the feature code shown below its respective part number. Users may create their "own" model by using the Part Number System to identify their choices by entering the Code for the desired functions in any category not marked N/A. Contact your local Controlotron representative or call Controlotron direct at 1-800-275-8479 for delivery and price quotations.

2. Select the Desired Transducer(s)

System 1010 Flow Computers support 1011HN Wide Beam, and 1011N Universal Transducers, as shown on the Model Selection Chart, plus older System 991 Transducers. Call your local Controlotron representative or Controlotron direct at 1-800-275-8479 for assistance in selecting the best transducer for your application. To select the transducer yourself, follow this simple procedure: a) Decide between Universal and High Precision Transducers, (lower cost versus higher precision and resistance to changing application conditions). Request 1011 Transducer Specifications, or visit Controlotron's Website at: b) Use the 1011 Specification to identify the part number recommended for your selected transducer type, based on your Pipe's Diameter, Wall Thickness and Material. c) Identify the 1012 Transducer Mounting Accessories for the selected transducer listed in the 1011 Transducer Specification. Your local Controlotron representative will be happy to assist you in your selection, and will confirm that your selection is optimum for your needs on submission of the Controlotron Application Information Form, also accessible on the Controlotron website.

Calibratable Accuracy... Universal, 1% to 2% High Precision, 0.5% to 1.0% Ultra Precision, 0.2% to 0.5% Resolution ...................... 0.01 ft/sec (.003 m/s) Repeatability................... High Precision, 0.15% Universal, 0.25% Flow Slew Rate .............. 80 ft/sec2 Pipe Diameter Range .... 0.5 inch to 360 inches (12 mm to 9.1 M) Wall Thickness Range ... 0.02 inches to 3.0 inches (0.5 mm to 76 mm) Data Outputs .................. RS-232 Serial Digital Port 4-20mA, 0-10 Volts, Assignable Pulse Generator (0-5000Hz) Relays (Alarm/Status/ Total) Data Inputs (Optional)... RS-232 Port RTD Temperature Sensors 4-20mA (Pressure, Viscosity, Density, Aux) Totalizer Commands (Clear/Hold) Datalogger Memory ..... 160 kbytes to 1 MegaByte Displays.......................... Graphic - 240 x 128 pixels AlphaNumeric -16 x 2 lines Cable Length.................. To 300 ft (91M), without factory approval, 1000 ft (300 M) maximum Temperature Range, 1010N and X Flow Computer With display .................... 0ºF to 122ºF (-18ºC to 50ºC) Without display .............. 0ºF to 140ºF (-18ºC to 60ºC) Transducer Applicability 1011N Universal ............. To 250ºF (121ºC) 1011HPN Wide Beam ..... T1: -40ºF to +150ºF (-40ºC to 66ºC) T2: 60ºF to +250ºF (15ºC to 121ºC) 991N Universal ............... S = 250ºF (121ºC) max H = 375ºF (191ºC) max VH = 450ºF (232ºC) max


*Controlotron is currently preparing a Windows based automated order entry

system to help ensure correct selection of your flowmeter system.

Dedicated System 1010 Flow Computers

1 (Standard Models) Selection Codes Standard Model S=Stock Model Function Included Color S Code 2 3 4 5


1010 Family Categories >>>>> Dedicated Clamp-On Models Multifunction Models Environmental Rating >>>>> NEMA 4X NEMA 4X NEMA 4X NEMA 7 NEMA 7 NEMA 4X NEMA 4X Number of Channels/Paths >>>>> 1 2 4 1 2 1 2 Applications >>>>> All Liquids and Compressed Gases All Liquids and Compressed Gases Volume + Optional Mass Wall Mount 1010AN 1010ADN 1 2 3 1 2 3 S S NA R H NA NA M NA NA NA NA NA T1 T1 T1 T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 T2 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA SPL SPL NA SPL SPL SPL SPL SPL SPL K K K K K K K K K K K K K K K NA NA D D D D D D SPL SPL SPL SPL SPL SPL X F F F F F F G G G G G G NA NA G G NA NA NA N N N N NA B B B B B B S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S NA NA NA NA NA NA SPL SPL 1011N 1011HN T1 T1 T1 NA NA NA SPL K K K D SPL X G F G NA NA R R H NA NA R H

Function Available Blank Function Unavailable NA Special Order SPL P/N Category Code Model A

Flow Service >>>>> P/N Code=1010AB-CDEFG-V/M Case> Standard Model Part Numbers >>>>> Standard Model Option Code Number >>>>> Stock Model Identifier >>>>> Optional Functions and Features Code Thickness/Flaw Gauge Program T Reflexor Program R RTD Temperature Sensor Circuit + Pgr H H+Full Thermal Energy Program/Displa E M H+Full Mass Flow Program Clamp-On + InLine Transducer Capabili T1 Clamp-On Transducers Only T2 Flow Tube or Clamp-on Spool, per mod T3 T4 T2 + Interface Detector Transducers Analog Output with Hart Protocol A SPDT Dry Reed Relay, 4 or 1 Open Col K NO Mercury Wetted Relays (4) K1 Upgraded Datalog/Site Memory (1 MByt D Modbus Communication L Generic Analog Input (4), [2x4/20+2x0/1 X X+Temp/Dens/Press/Visc/Mass Algorit F Full Graphic Display (240x128 Pixels) G AlphaNumeric Display (16 Char x 2 Lin N B Blind-- With CDU Display Connectors 90 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz S 10 TO 18 VDC, Portable's Power Suppl Z 9 to 36 VDC Power Supply, Dedicated Z1 Transducer Type Universal Clamp-On High Precision Clamp-On Flow Tube Clamp-On Spool Reflexor Clamp-On RTD Temperature Notes

Volume + Optional Mass Wall Mount Pipe Mount 1010DN 1010MN 1010X 1010DX 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 S S S S NA R R H NA NA R R H NA R NA NA NA NA

1010N 1 2 3 S NA R



Transducer Operation Support


Data Output Options Standard = RS-232 + 2x 4 to 20 mA + 2x 0 to 10 VDC + 2x 0 to 5 kHz Data Inputs Displays







To select Transducer, request Transducer Selection Chart for desired model.

>>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>> >>>>

1010N-C2 1011TN 1012T+1012TH 1012FN+1012FNH 1012BN+1012BNH

1011N 1011HN 1011FTN 1011SN 1011N-C2 1011TN

Mounting Assembly

To select Mounting Assembly, first specify Transducer Part Number Mounting Track >>>> Mounting Frame >>>> Spacer Bar >>>>

A Word About Controlotron

35 Years Experience

Controlotron introduced the world's first Clamp-On Transit-Time Flowmeters in 1972, and has led the growth of this technology since then, holding most of the patents in this field, and most innovations, such as: $ 1972 First Practical Clamp-On Transit-Time Flowmeter $ 1972 First Portable Flowmeter $ 1974 First Dual Channel Flowmeter $ 1974 First Hybrid Transit-Time / Doppler Flowmeter $ 1975 First Clamp-On Thermal Energy Flowmeter $ 1976 First Four Channel Flowmeter $ 1977 First MultiPath Clamp-On Flowmeter $ 1978 First PinStop Mounted Transducers $ 1979 First MicroProcessor Based Clamp-On Flowmeter $ 1987 First MultiPulseTM Digitally Coded Transmit Flowmeter $ 1995 First Synchronously Demodulated Transit-Time Flowmeter $#1997 First Phase Detection and Phase Marker Correlation $#1999 First Accurate Flex Tube Clamp-On Flowmeter Controlotron has the largest installed base of ultrasonic flowmeters in the world, and the most application experience. This enables Controlotron to recommend the most appropriate model for your application conditions, and provide you with a full Application Guarantee. A highly skilled and experienced Controlotron Flow Specialist is always available to assist you in obtaining the best model for your applications, and can arrange for either Site Survey or Rental to let you see System 1010 performance for yourself. Controlotron has established support capability in all continents, and the extraordinary communication capability installed in Controlotron instruments permits direct phone line support for Installation, Startup and Maintenance direct from a Controlotron technical center. Controlotron's innovations are protected under a number of United States and Foreign patents. Controlotron products meet a variety of international quality assurance standards, including ISO 9000 and CE requirements.

Worldwide Support

Controlotron's customers are supported by a network of company offices, representatives and distributors covering the entire world. Corporate Headquarters Hauppauge, NY (631) 231-3600 Domestic Offices Houston, Texas (281) 334-6288 Baton Rouge, Louisiana (225) 752-8939 Los Angeles, California (805) 461-1707 Buffalo, New York (716) 763-0295 Controlotron International Japan, Inc. Osaka, Japan 81 798725801 Controlotron Europe GmbH Munich, Germany 49 89 54370720 To contact Representatives and Distributors throughout the world, please call or fax Controlotron in New York or visit our Website at

Services Include...

% Site Survey and Performance Guarantee % Installation Planning and Supervision % OnSite and Remote Equipment

Your Local Representative:

Monitoring and Maintenance

% Flow Survey Reports % Training and Indoctrination

Covered by one or more of US Patent Nos. 4,232,548, 4,333,353, 4,373,401, 4,425,803, 4,467,659, 4,475,054, 4,556,813, 4,929,368, 5,001,936, 5,117,698 & 5,271,267. Other patents pending. All trademarks are property of their respective holders.


155 Plant Avenue, Hauppauge, New York 11788-3801 (631) 231-3600 Fax: (631) 231-3334 Email: [email protected]

ISO 9000 Registered

© Copyright 2000 Controlotron Corporation

1010N SB-3 10/99

01/20/00 Data subject to change without notice


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