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MIL-C-D38999 Cables

MIL-C-D38999 Assemblies ­ An ideal product for mission critical interconnects in demanding environments. Timbercon MIL-C-D38999 assemblies are designed to provide durable, precision optical and/or opto-electrical connections in a multitude of applications from military to industrial environments. Timbercon MILCD38999 products incorporate MIL standard qualified connectors and components with the latest in optical cabling technology, manufacturing processes, and ruggedization methods to create a product well suited for the rigors and requirements of the most demanding environments and applications. Timbercon MIL-C-D38999 assemblies are available with a wide variety of fiber types, shell sizes, pin/socket configurations, ruggedization levels, and custom options to suit your exact requirement. Custom Products Timbercon specializes in custom designed products for application specific requirements. Contact a Timbercon representative to find out more about how Timbercon can customize a MIL-C-D38999 cable assembly for your application.

Increased durability Improved repair and re-polish capability


Provide precise optical alignment and connection Versatile industry standard optical & electrical termini Single assembly can provide optical and electrical connection Application specific solutions available with custom design



Military / Defense Harsh environment Shipboard Industrial Aerospace / Avionics

Ruggedized assemblies Removable termini Precision channel alignment MIL-PRF-29504 compliant MIL-STD-1560 compliant Optical/Electrical hybrid options Custom design options

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MIL-C-D38999 Cables




A - Connector Series

02 03 07 08 09 99 MIL-PRF-28876 MIL-C-D38999 Expanded Beam MIL-DTL-83526 Hermaphroditic Custom

D/E - Connector

000 003 004 007 008 011 012 013 014 019 021 022 025 026 027 045 047 050 051 052 053 070 072 080 200 No Connector FC FC APC N LC LC APC MTP (F) MTP (M) MTP Elite (F) MTP Elite (M) MU SC SC APC SMA 905 SMA 906 ST MIL ST COTS ST MPO (F) MPO (M) MPO Elite (F) MPO Elite (M) LC Arma LC Arma (Short) SC Arma 38999 Plug (P) 201 207 208 210 211 214 215 220 221 227 228 234 235 240 247 254 260 267 300 301 400 407 414 999 38999 Plug (S) 38999 Receptacle (P) 38999 Receptacle (S) 38999 Inline Rec (P) 38999 Inline Rec (S) 38999 Jam Nut (P) 38999 Jam Nut (S) 28876 Plug (P) 28876 Plug (S) 28876 Receptacle (P) 28876 Receptacle (S) 28876 Jam Nut (P) 28876 Jam Nut (S) 83526 Plug 83526 Receptacle 83526 Jam Nut Hermaph. Plug Hermaph. Jam Nut Siemon LC MM Siemon LC SM HMA Plug HMA Flange Mnt HMA Jam Nut Custom

F - Length

Enter unit length in whole numbers. Use block (G) to specify unit of measure. EXAMPLE: 10 Meter Cable = (F) 0010 (G) M

B - Fiber Type

1 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 MM 100um MM 400um MM 50um MM 62.5um OM3 MM 50um Hybrid SM 9um Custom


G - Unit of Measure

N F C M K Inches Feet Centimeters Meters Kilometers

C - Channel Count

Enter the fiber count in whole numbers (002 216). Use (0) as a place holder, if necessary. EXAMPLE: 12 Fiber Cable = (C) 012


Insertion Loss (Typical) MIL-C-38999 FC, ST, SC, LC, MU MTRJ Arma SC, Arma LC Mating Durability (Cycles) Temperature Range*

SM 0.30 dB 0.15 dB 0.30 dB 0.15 dB 500** -40°c to 85°c

MM 0.30 dB 0.35 dB 0.30 dB 0.35 dB 500** -40°c to 85°c

*Wider temperature range available upon request **Per BA-455-21 Standard

Founded in 1997, Timbercon, Inc. is a fiber optic product and solution manufacturing company providing a vast array of connectivity solutions to the data storage, telecommunications, military, industrial, broadcast and networking industries. In addition to standard fiber optic patch cords and attenuated test cables, Timbercon has pioneered proprietary products, many of which are now considered to be an industry benchmark.

17387 SW 63rd Avenue · Lake Oswego, OR 97035 · USA | 503.827.8141 · 800.221.6992 · 503.228.6747 fax | · [email protected]



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