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WindoWs and Patio doors


You owe it to yourself and your project to consider the performance, quality and value of Timeline Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors. Whether the application is residential or light commercial, new construction or replacement, there are Timeline products to admirably fill your need. As the market demands an increase in product versatility, performance and appearance, Timeline steps forward with more design flexibility, superior test results and a multitude of options. When windows and doors are built applying stringent production requirements while simultaneously addressing the specific requests for the application, they become truly custom products for each project. With choices of color, style, shape, hardware and trim. You will see how fulfilling selecting Timeline Windows and Patio Doors can be.

Energy Efficient Glass

Glass is undeniably the most thought about, debated and prevalent component of a

Solar energy rejected by LoE insulating glass

window or patio door. We use double strength (or thicker) glass on every product we manufacture. Heavier glass is more resistant to stress cracks and seal-failures, the leading causes of glass issues. Overall insulated glass dimensions are 3/4" on double hungs, single hungs, sliders, casements and patio doors. Direct sets, double hung studio units and casement studio units are 1". Combined with warm edge spacer technology, our glazing systems start showing their true potential. An insulating glass unit (glass, spacer, glass) has a significant influence on the energy performance of the total window. This important factor is why we offer several different glazing choices. Choose our standard glass or a combination of the options for appearance, performance and comfort.

Room-side heat reflected back into room by LoE insulating glass

Energy Efficient: Clear IG, Lo², Lo³-366TM & Dual Low-E. Low Maintenance: Neat® & Preserve®. specialty: Tinted, Patterned, Laminated, Tempered & More.

We are proud to be a Partner with ENERGY STAR® and an NFRC (The National Fenestration Rating Council) member - Both designed to assist consumers in the recognition of energy efficient products

Beautiful Exteriors and Interiors

Vinyl Compound & Color

Fusion Welding: Welded frame and sash corners join profiles that create independently sealed chambers for superb energy performance and superior durability. The thermal fusion process also limits air infiltration while providing consistent product quality. Colors: All of our windows and patio doors meet or exceed the seven AAMA & ASTM industry standard tests. Beyond these standard tests, our vinyl is subjected to seven additional requirements that insure only the highest quality products get into the field. Color stabilization means that the three available colors stay true year after year. Also, the solid color throughout the extrusions minimizes the appearance of scrapes and scratches. trim: Add that finishing touch to the exterior of your windows by trimming them with brickmould and casings. Along with enriching the aesthetics of your home, these factoryapplied trims reduce the installation labor and hassle. Choose brickmould, flat casing, sill nosing and J-Channel. Additional attachments are also available to make finishing your project a simple task. dP-50 Mulls: Provides additional structural integrity (horizontal and vertical).

White Sandstone Adobe

DP-50 Mull

interior Jamb Extensions

Wood species: Nothing enhances the look and feel of a room more than the richness and natural beauty of wood. With that in mind, we offer six luxurious wood species. Vinyl: White vinyl wrapped jambs are also available. This pre-finished jamb option has a slightly textured appearance, is low maintenance and does not require painting. Finishes: Define inner beauty by choosing a time saving, factory applied interior finish of primed or FirstFinsh - a factory applied secondary coat of water-based acrylic latex primer intended to prep the unit for the final top-coat of paint.. trim: We offer interior trims in ten profiles for radius products. The benefit to our customers is the ability to shape the trim at the time the unit is produced. In addition, plinth blocks are available, to facilitate joining radius to straight trim.

White Vinyl

Due to printing limitations, all colors shown are for representation only.







Durable Hardware, Gorgeous Finishes

Casement & awning Windows

A low profile folding handle in six finishes. Advantageous for use with some window treatments and a lower clearance for easy removal of window screens.

double Hung, single Hung & slider Windows

Available in three hardware finishes, two low-profile pick resistant locks are used on units with 32" rough opening and wider/taller. Units smaller than 32" have one lock. Spring loaded double hung tilt latches are set into the check rail of the bottom sash and concealed in the top rail on the upper sash. We also offer color-matched night latches. This release mechanism allows you to keep the window from being opened no more than four inches, while also allowing the window to be fully opened for quick emergency exits.

slide Patio doors

Secure two-point locking hardware is both functional and attractive. Standard Allure handle sets in White, Sandstone, Adobe or Faux Bronze are painted metal on the interior and exterior. Keyed cylinders are available. Optional Signature handle sets are available in twelve finishes. Keyed cylinders are standard. For additional security, we offer an optional footbolt in Sandstone or White.

Hardware finishes




Polished Brass

Oil-Rubbed Brass

Antique Brass

Satin Nickel

Antique Nickel



Due to printing limitations, all colors shown are for representation only. Not all hardware styles are available in all finishes shown.

Brushed Chrome

Polished Chrome

Faux Bronze

Matte Black

Replacement Product

Out with the Old and in with the new!

Do you live with any or all of the following: (1) high energy bills due to heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, (2) fogging glass or water damage caused by condensation, (3) chipping paint or rotting wood, (4) difficulties with opening and cleaning, (5) excessive air and noise penetration, (6) fading window coverings, carpet and upholstery? You don't have to! Over the years, windows and patio doors can become worn from continual use and exposure to the elements. In addition to being hard to operate and looking unattractive, they are not usually energy efficient. By simply replacing old windows and patio doors, you can easily eliminate these problems and increase the energy efficiency, comfort, appearance and value of your home - all in record time with little or no inconvenience to daily living. Whether your remodeling project consists of replacing a few windows, adding on a room, bringing your home up to code or making historical renovations, we have the product that will meet your exacting specifications. Revitalize your home!

Options, Options and More Options

Lites and Grilles

We offer three styles of lites when you wish to stay historically accurate, are looking to make a statement or prefer the ease of cleaning. Utilize our standard lite divisions or create a unique appearance using custom lite patterns.

Simulated Divided Lite

Internal Aluminum Grille


screen Mesh

BetterVue is our standard screen mesh. It has thinner strands and a tighter weave than traditional fiberglass screen providing better visibility, increased light transmittance, greater airflow, improved curb appeal and enhanced protection from small insects (no-see-ums), debris and dust. UltraVue is the least visible of our screen mesh options. The strands of UltraVue are even thinner than BetterVue, providing even better airflow, optical clarity and insect protection. Choose our aluminum (charcoal wire) mesh screen for increased durability.





And a Wide Selection of Windows

Casement & awning Windows

Traditional, Segment Top Casement, Awning Picture Units, Bay, Bow, Replacement

double Hung & single Hung Windows

Traditional, Segment Top Single Hungs, Bay, Replacement

and Patio Doors to Meet Your Needs

slider Windows

Traditional, Triple

sliding Patio doors specialty Windows

Studio, Transom, Shape, Direct Set, Sash Set Traditional, OXXO

Additional information on our products and options can be found at an authorized Timeline dealer or online at

Looking for all wood windows and patio doors? Visit our sister company at:

When only the best will do.

Choose Timeline for your new construction, remodeling or even light commercial projects. With over 64 years of manufacturing experience built into every unit, we engineer our windows and patio doors for visual appeal as well as outstanding performance. In addition, Timeline backs it up with exceptional customer service before and after the sale. We are continually expanding our list of product offerings, options, and accessories and are confident that we have the perfect window or patio door to harmonize with your ideas and designs. Committed to protecting and preserving the environment.

Timeline Windows is committed to environmental stewardship. As responsible corporate citizens, we are dedicated to manufacturing energy efficient products and managing our resources in a manner that reduces our impact on the environment.

Timeline Windows is an Energy Star Partner.

Many of our products carry certification by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

timeline Wood Products, inc.

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Timeline products carry an extensive warranty. Ask your dealer for complete information.

2011 Timeline Vinyl Products, Inc. All rights reserved. Product specifications subject to change without notice. Photography used may not represent current Timeline product features and options.


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