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Timothy Christian School

Curriculum Guide Summary for Parents Preschool - Eighth Grade

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Timothy Christian School

Preschool - Eighth Grade Curriculum Guide Summary for Parents


Curriculum Guide Purpose

The purpose of the Curriculum Guide is to help parents and the Timothy community understand the overall curriculum of Timothy Christian School in grades preschool through eighth grade. As a summation of our major learning objectives, it shows examples of what students learn in each subject through eighth grade.* This chart does not list all the concepts students are taught or all the skills to which they are exposed. Instead each content area box shows some skills most students can do after they have successfully completed each grade. Although the objectives are listed as separate skills within each subject area, they are integrated and taught in conjunction with one another so students can comprehend the relationships among the various subjects. Study skills, problem solving, and critical thinking skills are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

* Curriculum development is an ongoing process at Timothy Christian Schools. Therefore, this guide and its contents are subject to change when deemed appropriate by the curriculum department and the school administration.

Our Philosophy at Timothy is:

At Timothy Christian Schools we believe that God, the creator and ruler of the universe makes Himself known through the creation, through history, and, most clearly, through His infallible Word - the Bible. The Bible and the Reformed Confessional Standards drawn from the Bible provide the basis for our instruction. The Bible teaches that God established a special relationship or covenant with believers and their children. The connection between this covenant relationship and education began when God gave parents the responsibility to train their children in the way of the Lord. As an extension of the home, we believe that educating the total child is best achieved when the home, school, and church work in a dynamic partnership. The Bible teaches that the heavens, the earth, and all that is in them belong to the Lord. Although sin has spoiled everything He made, God's plan, working through His people, is to restore and reclaim it all. Therefore, as part of this plan, we are a Society, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, dedicated to equipping students to be academically prepared, Christian disciples.

Timothy's Mission: Timothy's Vision:

Serving God and His people, Timothy Christian Schools develops academically prepared Christian disciples who embrace Christ's call to transform the world.

Timothy Christian Schools will be distinctly Christian in its community, curriculum, character and convictions. ~ We reflect God's kingdom by serving Christian families from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds and students who possess a wide range of abilities. ~ We cooperate with Christian homes and churches in the education and faith development of our students. We demonstrate love for one another in our work and play. ~ We challenge students to serve in a global community. ~ We teach and study in the Reformed Christian tradition which drives us to be Biblically based, culturally engaged, and always reforming. ~ We nurture creativity and curiosity through meaningful curriculum and effective instruction. ~ We develop and encourage the gifts and talents of one another to serve Christ and renew His creation. ~ We seek wisdom that applies knowledge to gain understanding and spiritual discernment. ~ We prepare students to be articulate defenders and models of the Christian faith in thought, word, and deed. ~ We inspire all students to be counter-cultural disciples who are beacons of light in the world.


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