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Research Pedigree - 5 Generation

Summer Wind's Lord Rex

Reg Name: Summer Wind's Lord Rex Reg #: DL562298/04 Breed/Variety: German Shepherd Dog Birth Date: 12/31/1994 Sex: Male Colors/Markings: Black & Tan Breeder(s): Miriam Nichelson/Annette M Wahler/Terri & Robert Pughe Summer Wind's Summer Wind's Lord Mauri Wills DL444200/05 Rex DL562298/04 03-94 Black & Tan Black & Tan OFA24E OFEL24 CH Utopia's Eliminator DL359456/01 09-92 Black & Tan OFA24G OFEL24 CH Lochwood Sundance V Stutgart WD792154 06-78 Black & Tan OFA24 CH Caprice Kitty Hawk WE168262 07-80 Black & Tan OFA25

CH Nike Clayfield Andretti D484251 11-87 Black & Tan OFA43G

CH Stuttgart's Sundance Kid WE676475 07-81 Black & Tan OFA27

CH Covy's Mazarati Of Tucker Hill WE220879 CH Clayfield 11-79 Allways A Black & Tan Lady OFA26 WF241732 07-84 Clayfield Black & Tan Smithfield OFA37 Jordan WE795089 10-82 Black & Tan OFA39

CH Randheim's Gilley's D641507 0189 Black & Tan Randheim's OFA24G Restless Heart D801078 07-91 Black & Tan OFA34G OFEL34

Von Ivo's Tru Spirit Of Jericho D309098 1286 Sable OFA24 OFEL24 Randheim's Windiana Jones D240613 1287 Black & Tan OFA24

CH Sukee's Mannix WE703358 10-81 Mariners Madonna Of Black & Tan OFA42 Randheim D422959 08Mariah's 87 Love Song Black & Tan WF090100 09-83 Black & Tan OFA33 CH Proven Hill Jock Hoheneichen WE614553 11-81 Black & Tan Proven Hill Keepsake V Sandon WE731870 02-82 Black & Tan

Summer Wind's Innsbruck D870731 0792 Black & Tan OFA35G OFEL35

Proven Hill's Justin D182088 10-86 Black & Red OFA37G

CH Proven Hill's Up N' Adam WF078778 08-83 Black & Tan

Proven Hill's A Sun Hawk WD991898 Proven Hill's 10-79 Black & Red Jillian WE748147 CH Proven 10-83 Black & Tan Hill's Sunshine WC724352 06-76 Black & Red CH Woodacre's Dakota WE909628 12-82 Black & Tan OFA25 CH Scherzar's Nefertiti WE349917 07-82 Black & Tan OFA56

CH Scherzar's Decision D091393 1284 Black & Red OFA24 Summer Wind's Odessa D496945 10-89 Black & Tan OFA24F

CH Randheim's Nevada Smith Rainbow's A WE637265 02-82 Mimi Lady Black & Tan Star WF068015 Pacifica's E 02-84 Rainbow Of Black & Tan Choi WE452917 04-82 Sable OFA29

Summer Wind's Sheridan D946702 0394 Black & Tan OFA62G OFEL62

CH Marlin's Bertrum Of Mi-Lyn-Mar D233445 0386 Black & Tan OFA29

CH Tara Bella's Impresario WC676704 08-78 Black & Red CH Sukee's OFA34 Mannix WE703358 10-81 Black & Tan OFA42 Sukee's Windy WD999631 03-80 Black & Tan OFA41

CH Hollamors Judd WA972355 02-70 (Canada) Black & Gold Aleman's Beri Von Steinhuegel WB115262 06-71 Black & Tan CH Doppelt Tays Hawkeye WC978054 04-76 Black & Tan Sukee's Gretchen WD106107 04-77 Black & Tan

Lee Ray's Brandy Of Mar-Lyn WE905545 10-82 Black & Tan OFA45

CH Frack Von Rosshaus WD069431 Quando Von 04-78 Fuerstenberg Black & Tan WE108874 06-80 Bela Von Black & Tan Fuerstenberg WD605241 02-79 Black & Tan OFA42 Lee Ray's Dynomite WD967363 08-79 Black & Tan Jester Of Victrix WD281356 01-78 Black & Red


CH Lee Ray's Nirvaana Maarvale WC264241 11-76 Black & Tan CH Karagin's Crusader WD973382 07-79 Black & Tan OFA32 Asgard's Dale Of Katzenjamer WD897596 04-80 Black & Tan CH Kubistraums Kane WD056587 11-76 Black & Tan OFA39 Scherzar's Mischief Maker WC536317 10-74 Black & Tan CH Doppelt Tays Hawkeye WC978054 04-76 Black & Tan

Summer Wind's Odessa D496945 1089 Black & Tan OFA24F

CH Scherzar's Decision D091393 12-84 Black & Red OFA24

CH Woodacre's Dakota WE909628 12-82 Black & Tan OFA25

CH Scherzar's Nefertiti WE349917 07-82 Black & Tan OFA56

Rainbow's A Mimi Lady Star WF068015 02-84 Black &

CH Randheim's Nevada Smith WE637265 02-82


Black & Tan

Tamarack's Taste Of Honey WD174639 12-77 Black & Tan CH Wellspring's Ironsides WD768353 06-79 Black & Tan Dapamo's Mecca Of Pacifica WD794136 04-79 Sable

Pacifica's E Rainbow Of Choi WE452917 04-82 Sable OFA29

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