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Tink Roll-Out Bucket Add Dump Height And Reach To Any Loader

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Tink Grabber Grab A Bigger Bite And Compact Loads

The Tink 12 yard Roll-Out bucket shown above on a 6 yard loader has a 17 ft. dump clearance. The 6 yard loader on the right has less than 9 ft. of dump clearance. The added dump height and reach enables the loader to easily fill 13'6" trailers from one side and build larger stockpiles. Tink Buckets can be manufactured to fit most any loader.

The grapple helps move Pushing loose material down The Grabber's added dump more material in less time with into the trailer can provide enough height allows you to load a high a minimum amount of spillage compaction to bring the trailer sided grinder. The grapple makes thereby increasing productivity. load to legal maximum capacity. sure it's a full load every time.

Tink Claw Efficient Collection Of Leaves And Brush

Load leaves and brush into garbage packer trucks. A Tink Claw equipped loader pushes loose material into a pile. When the operator actuates the loaders hydraulic circuit the Claw's pincer jaws undercut and compact the leaves. The operator is now able to lift and carry a full load of what used to be loose material and place the load into a garbage packer or open top truck. For many municipalities, the use of the Claw has proven to be the most costeffective method of removing vegetative waste from city streets. Load vegetative waste or Tink Buckets are available with pin-on or quick coupler mountings. snow into open top trailers.

Tink Trash Clamp Move More Trash In Less Time

The top clamp allows you to grab a bigger bite so you can move more material in less time...increasing productivity and improving your bottom line.

Curved tines are used at transfer stations for general purpose work. Flat tines are used at a facility that has a push floor.

The Tink Roll-Out Bucket adds dump height and reach to any loader. Originally developed by Tink in 1976, the Tink design offers more dump height, greater dump angle and more strength per pound than any other high dump bucket on the market. Available for most wheel loaders.

(Pat. No. Des. 332,271)

A patented breakthrough in bucket design, the Tink Roll-Out Grabber adds dump height and grabs more payload ...saving time, money and energy. Tink's innovative design is a reliable material handling alternative used in transfer stations, recycling centers and compost facilities. Available for most loaders 3/4 through 7 yard.

(U.S. Patent No. 4,071,155)

A special loader bucket that scoops leaves and loose yard waste out of the gutters and into packer or open top trucks, greatly reducing the cost of removing vegetative waste from city streets. For most 3/4 through 21/2 yard loaders.

Tink's Trash Clamp Bucket has been specifically designed to handle trash at transfer stations and recycling facilities. The conventional bucket features a unique clamp design that enables the operator to securely grasp uneven loads. For most 3/4 through 7 yard loaders.

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