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Postal Address: Suite 117, Private Bag X10, Flamwood, 2572 Physical Address: 17 Hardekool Avenue, Doringkruin, Klerksdorp, 2571 Banking Details: Account name: TISSA ABSA, Cheque Account 407 8866 844, Branch Code 632005 OR FNB, Cheque Account 62 3333 49901 , Branch Code 250655


Brought to you by

The Income Solution SA CC


Reg. nr: 2004/079529/23

Fax: 086 654 5312 Email: [email protected] Website: Support Tel: Members Only (see FAQ)

I am earning R800 per day with DataHub!!!

Join a LEGITIMATE, REGISTERED, PROFESSIONAL company and earn money from the comfort of your home


Work with OR without a computer! NO qualification OR experience needed! Only 60min a day needed! Full email & telephonic support in English and Afrikaans! Income GUARANTEED!!!

Available to SA and neighbouring countries!!

The DataHub has created and perfected a unique system for all South Africans to earn money from home. We will give you access to a system where you will copy and paste given information into online forms. Just hit the submit button and start earning! If you do not have a computer you will be able to complete A4 worksheets by hand and submit them via fax, email or ordinary post.

Become a member TODAY and start earning!!! Earn money with our unique online copy and paste system.

This is such an easy way to make money online. You don't need any Special Skills or Experience. All you need is your computer with internet access, and our exclusive easy Step by Step tutorials inside our members area! Don't worry if you do not have a computer with Internet access yet. You can visit your nearest Internet Café or begin to work by hand and complete worksheets without a computer. Work whenever you want, where ever you want! If you're a night owl, you can work in the middle of the night. It's completely up to you! You work when it's convenient for you. Most people work for 1-3 hours per day and make great money doing so.

"How does this system work?"

When you join our unique copy and paste system, you'll get instant access to the Step by Step Tutorials in the exclusive members area. This access is good for life, so you'll have an incredibly simple way to make a never ending stream of money! It's constantly updated, so you'll be sure to always have all the latest info. Once inside you'll be given access to a massive database of companies that need you to fill out forms for them. There are literally thousands of companies to choose from. You can browse through the list and pick the companies you want to work with. We will also give you access to updated info so that you will be able to choose only the best companies to work with. Keep in mind, that there is no approval process and it's completely free to work with these companies! Every one of these companies will accept you. They NEED people like you to fill out these forms.

You can really be making money within only 10 minutes!

Next you'll create your accounts to submit data online. We provide all the info you need to submit these forms. You'll just copy and paste the info we have in the members area into the forms on these websites. Most members report back that they can't believe how easy it is to make money copying and pasting data into forms. Once you submit one form, you can start on another. You can do this anytime you want to make money. The more forms you submit, the more you can make! It's really that easy!


(We supply you with the info, you just COPY and PASTE)

Headline: Description line 1: Description line 2: Display URL: Destination URL:

http:// http://

We supply you with the info; you just have to COPY and PASTE!

These companies need people like you to fill out the forms because it helps them to spread the word about their products or services. When you fill out these forms, you'll be helping them get new leads and they'll pay you a huge percentage for it. We'll show you which forms to fill out that make you 75% of the money generated. Soon after you join, you could start getting your first money directly deposited into your South African bank account! There is no easier way to make money online, then with our unique copy and paste system!

"How and When Will I Get Paid?"

As soon as you join our unique copy and paste system, you will create your account to track how much you have made. You can login 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to see how much you'll be paid. Deposits are made every 1st and 15th of a month. You'll make between R125­R350 per transaction. The more forms you submit, the more money you can make. Members report making over R1400 per day!

Anytime you want to submit forms for a different company, you just browse through the various online catalogues and pick the ones you want. It's 100% free to work with these companies!

"Just Follow These 5 Simple Steps to Make Money Entering Data From Home!" Step 1: Choose the companies you want to work with from the online catalogue. Tens of thousands to choose from! Instantly start working. There's no approval process. You'll never be turned down by any of them. Step 2: Login to your online account. From there you access the simple

data forms to fill out.

Step 3: Copy and paste the data we provide into the forms. We give you all the text you need to enter into the forms. You just need to copy it in. Step 4: Submit the forms. The more forms you fill out, the more money you

can make.

Step 5: Sit back and relax and watch your bank account explode with money. You'll be paid like every two weeks!

You will have 24/7 support, every step of the way!!!


*To ensure an outstanding support service to our members, our Telephonic Support is a Premium Service available only to our Members.


To ensure every member's success you will have full access to online video training. Sit back and relax while we show you exactly what to do!

Can Anyone Do This?

If you have a computer with internet access (300MB per month) and you can copy and paste data into forms, then YES you can do this! Simply follow the Step by Step instructions in the members area and start making money within 10 minutes of joining! This is a rock solid way to make money online. You will be working with a registered, professional company. Your success is GUARANTEED!!! Note that if you live outside South African borders you can only work with the online part and your membership access will be send to you via email.

Complete worksheets by hand

As a member of our unique copy and paste system you will automatically get free access to work directly for us to complete A4 worksheets by hand without a computer. We will supply you with the worksheets and show you exactly how to complete them. This work is very easy and practical and you do not need any qualifications or experience!

You will start on Stage 4!

Income Level Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 8

Earnings for A4 Worksheets 50 X R18.75 = R937.70 50 X R25.00 = R1250.00 50 X R31.25 = R1562.50 50 X R43.75 = R2187.50 50 X R62.50 = R3125.00

% Earnings on Money Generated (@ 20%) R3658.00 (@ 25%) R4572.50 (@ 30%) R5487.00 (@ 40%) R7316.00

Monthly Earnings

R4595.70 R5822.50 R7049.50 R9503.50

(@45%) R8230.50 R11355.50 Calculations are based on averages since 2004 with 50 completed worksheets per month.

We will pay you per entry on your work sheet. There are 25 entries per A4 worksheet and we pay up to R2.50 per entry (Stage 8). Note that you can do this part AND the online part at the same time. You can create two streams of income for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to pay upfront? Can't you deduct the fee from my first income?

We need to charge a membership fee because you will have access to 24/7 support. This type of support is an expensive service and we need to cover our expenses. We have a business to run and we need to pay our research team and webpage designers that make sure our website are updated with the latest content. As you will have access to all these services and we have no guarantee that you will start working we cannot offer this opportunity to you without a small upfront payment.

Why don't you need my banking details at this stage?

You will supply us with your banking details when you submit your first work. Banking details can be changed at any time.

Why is there no telephone number on the brochure?

Our website and marketing brochures reach literally thousands of people and we cannot employ the needed support staff to handle the thousands of telephone calls each day. To ensure excellent, cost effective telephone support to all our members, only our members have access to our telephone support.

How do I know that this is for real?

We are a fully registered business since 2004, Reg. nr: 2004/079529/23. When working with a registered business you are guaranteed that we cannot disappear with your money and that you will receive everything as advertised. We only offer real income opportunities with proven success.

I want to become a Member TODAY!!!

You will get access to our unique online copy and paste system PLUS you can complete worksheets by hand for a small once off fee of only That is only R390 for lifetime DataHub Membership!



If you have followed our easy 5 steps and you earned less than R1000 in your first week you will get a FULL REFUND!!!

You can deposit the R390 into our bank account (we prefer electronic transfers) or pay with Postal Order or Cash (remember to register your post!). For direct deposits remember to use your SURNAME as deposit reference. For faster response fax or email your order form with proof of payment. Your order will be ready to ship within 48 hours. You will receive a confirmation SMS once your package is ready to ship.

If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation SMS, please SMS `DataHub' and your NAME & ADDRESS to 071 219 7988 (SMS ONLY!). We will investigate and get back to you!!! Please complete the order form and send it with your payment / proof of payment to:

Fax: 086 654 5312 Email: [email protected] Postal Address: Suite 117, Private Bag X10, Flamwood, 2572

Account Name: TISSA Code: 632005 Type: Cheque Number: 407 8866 844 Account Name: TISSA Code: 250655 Type: Cheque Number: 62 3333 49901


Title: _______

DataHub Order Form

Surname: _________________________________ Postal Code:

Initials: ____________

Postal Address: _______________________________________

Delivering Options:

Email (24 hours) ­ R0 (free) Email:______________________________________

Ordinary mail without tracking number (5-15 days) ­ R30 (SA only) Registered mail with tracking number (5-15 days) ­ R50 (SA only) Speed Service (1-2 days) ­ R85 (SA only)

Post Office for collection

(Speed Service Only):

(ALL Countries)


Postal Code:

Included is my payment of R390 PLUS R _______

I paid by Direct Deposit / Internet Transfer ABSA FNB

extra for delivery.

Postal Order Cash


Cell: __________________________ Date: _________________________

Your SMS confirmation will be send to this number!

Email: ____________________________________

Signature: ________________________________

Please activate my VIP membership at only R59pm (optional) YES



If YES your bank account will be debited by Netcash on the 1 working day of every month with an amount of R59. You may cancel the debit order and VIP membership at any time, giving 30 days notice.

With VIP Membership you will receive SURVEY365 & JOBSFORSA with your DataHub package. (See last page for details)

Account Name: __________________Bank: _____________ Account nr: _________________________ 6 Digit Branch Code: Account Type: ________________________

Fax: 086 654 5312

Email: [email protected]


EXTRA income opportunities to VIP Members!

CREATE 3X Income Streams!!

With VIP Membership you will receive SURVEY365 & JOBSFORSA with your DataHub package.

Get optional VIP membership at only R59p.m

The cost of the DATAHUB Package is R390 once off. At only R59p.m. extra you can get VIP Membership!


Earn Money 365 days

Brought to you by

of the year! Everyone accepted!

Work directly for us as a Survey Assistant!

The Income Solution SA CC Reg. nr: 2004/079529/23

Help us so that our surveys reach as many people as possible and we will pay you accordingly. Active Survey Assistants get paid R4000pm in advance PLUS commission! [NO COMPUTER NEEDED]

Get paid to take FREE Paid Surveys for Cash!

As a member of Survey365 you will get access to Survey Companies that will pay you cash for taking free online surveys.

Get paid to read Emails!

Our members can earn money just for reading e-mail advertisements and visiting websites! FOR FULL INFORMATION SMS `Survey365' & YOUR NAME & POSTAL ADDRESS OR EMAIL ADDRESS TO: 071 219 8522 (Example: Survey365, M. Ross, Box 45 Johannesburg 2000 / Survey365, M. Ross, [email protected])

OR send an email to [email protected]


Members earn up to R1500 per day!!


Brought to you by

The Income Solution SA CC Reg. nr: 2004/079529/23

Our members have access to ALL of the following jobs:

Global Data Entry (Now in SA!!!) Online Data Entry Clerk Data Entry Marketing Web Research Assistant Article Typist Credit Card Application Processor

OR send an email to [email protected]

Secure your JOB TODAY!!!

FOR FULL INFORMATION SMS `JobsforSA' & YOUR NAME & POSTAL ADDRESS OR EMAIL ADDRESS TO: 071 219 8522 (Example: JobsforSA, M. Ross, Box 45 Johannesburg 2000 / JobsforSA, M. Ross, [email protected])


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