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Current Contracts

Field Installation and Readiness Support Team (FIRST) Contract No: W911SE-06-R-0012 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: 2006-2011

Contractor(s) performance may be required in the following task areas, but is not limited to: - Contract and task order management - Logistics program support - Logistic supply and maintenance - Logistic management and support - Business process re-engineering and functional process improvement - Training support - O ce automation and help desk support - Systems network support - Strategic planning program, assessment and studies - Computer center technical support - Media learning center support - Integrated logistics support - Logistics veri cation and validation and quality assurance - Total quality management and continuous process improvement

CONUS Support Base Service Contract (CSBS). Contract No: W911SE-05-D-0008 Contract Type: IDIQ POP/Ceiling: Base period of performance is 1 July 2005 through 30 June 2006, with four one-year option periods The intent of this contract is to relieve Reserve Component (RC) soldiers who initially resourced garrison sta s for mobilization and deployment purposes of forces during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and later Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). These soldiers are assigned to Garrison Support Units (GSU) and other CONUS Support Base (CSB) organizations. They have been mobilized for some time and may or may not be available to support future mobilization, deployment, re-deployment and demobilization cycles. Awarded Task Orders Fort Bragg POP: 2006 - 2010 Fort Dix POP: 2006 - 2011

Operations, Planning, Training and Resource Support Services (OPTARSS) U.S. Forces Command Contract No. DABK01-03-D-0010/ OPTARSS-SC-0016 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: 2003 - 2008 TLC is a subcontractor on Anteon's OPTARSS Team providing War ghter Training Support Services in two major areas: - Training Integration - Installation Level Training Support

FORSCOM Training U.S. Department of the Interior Minerals Management Service Administered by: GovWorks Acquisition Center 4% Handling Fee Contract No. GS-35F-0531J, BPA 36358 Contract Type: BPA POP: 2003 - 2008 US Army Forces Command Logistics Training Support - Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS) - Supply Training - Formal classroom environment on government site STAMIS Supply Training - Web-based and CD-ROM

GSA Schedule 70 132-51 Information Technology Professional Services Contract No. GS-35F-0531J Contract Types: FFP, T&M, Labor Hour POP: 1999 - 2009 - IT Facility Operation and Maintenance - IT Systems Development Services - IT Systems Analysis Services - Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services - IT Network Management Services - Other Information Technology Services, Not Elsewhere Classi ed

Awarded Task Orders Warehouse Operation Support, RBC, Fort Bragg (Readiness Business Center)

PRIME (Restricted Suite) SUBCONTRACTOR ITT, Battelle, & S3 TLC Project Manager: Frank Diaz (910) 482-8084, ext. 282 [email protected]

PRIME TLC Project Manager: Brian Allin (910) 482-8084 ext. 252 [email protected]

SUBCONTRACTOR To General Dynamics Information Technology TLC Project Manager: Brian Allin

(910) 482-8084 ext 252

PRIME TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]

PRIME TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]

[email protected]

Security Assistance Training Management O ce Contract No. DABT60-02-D-0009/100018-SC-002 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: 2002-2008 TLC is a subcontractor to Anteon on their SATMO Team. SATMO is a TRADOC organization tasked with executing the Overseas Foreign portion of the U.S. Army's Security Assistance (SA) training and Assistance mission. TLC's areas of support include: - Air Defense Maintenance - Logistics and Supply - Mechanical Maintenance - Petroleum and Water - Quartermaster - Transportation

TACOM - Focused Sustainment Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command Contract No. DAAE07-98-D-T063 5600-02-98-0033 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: 1998 - 2008 TLC is a subcontractor on LESCO's Focused Sustainment team. Focused Sustainment is TACOM's sustainment integrator for all TACOM Equipment. It is a national level e ort focused on 4 primary areas: - Field Maintenance Evaluation & Assistance - Equipment Modi cation - Material Fielding - Equipment Training

C4ISR Enable Mission Support Contract No. N65236-06-R-0763 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: 2008 - 2011 The mission of SSC Charleston is to enable knowledge superiority for the Joint Warfighter through the development, acquisition and life cycle support of effective, integrated Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Information Technology and Space capabilities. The majority of the work performed under this contract will fall within the following areas: - Program, Project and Acquisition Management - Material and Equipment Procurement - Engineering and Testing Support - Integrated Logistics Support - Maintenance and Technical Support - Configuration Management - Information Technology

Fort Knox Logistics Support Services Contract No: DABT6001C0001 Contract Type: CPAF POP: 2006 - 2011

The contractor will be required to provide logistics and public works functions for Fort Knox, Ky. Services include installation transportation (transportation motor pool operation, passenger services, personal property movement, and freight services), base supply (unit and activity supply advise, customer requests for supplies and material, requisition and purchase, receipt of supplies/materials, issues, items in transit, stock control, asset reporting, cataloging, tracking, storage operations, movement, property books, turn-in, central issue facility (CIF), clothing initial issue point (CIIP), ammunition supply point (ASP), bulk fuels, fuel distribution and petroleum, oil, and lubricants (POL) points, reparable exchange (RX), and hazardous material control center), material maintenance (production, planning, and control and direct support/general support maintenance).

SAMS-E Training and Support Contract No. GS-35-F-0901 Contract Type: T&M POP: 2005 - 2009 Support Project Manager Logistics Information Systems (PM LIS) to continue the e ort to comply with the Chief of Sta of the Army's "Good Enough" guidance which allows SAMS-E to act as the bridge between current functionality and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Support SAMS-E elding planning and strategy, provide support for elding, implementation training, and data conversion and provide functional and technical software development and Sustainment support, which includes requirements determination, con guration management, testing, security, training, documentation, and customer ass istance. Provide program security management support and information vulnerability management support necessary to sustain, modify, and improve the deployed system s operational software.

SUBCONTRACTOR to General Dynamics Information Technology TLC Project Manager: [email protected]

Brian Allin (910) 482-8084 ext 252


PRIME RLM SUBCONTRACTOR to Northop Grumman TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]



TLC Project Manager: (Frank Diaz (910) 482-8084, ext. 282 [email protected]

TLC Project Manager: Frank Diaz (910) 482-8084, ext. 282 [email protected]

TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT SUPPORT SERVICES 2 (PMSS-2)-, ITEC4 Contract Number: W91QUZ-08-D-0008 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: 2008 - 2013 Program/Project/Product Management; Business Process Reengineering (BPR); Information Systems Security; Contingency Planning; Physical Security; Enterprise Design, Integration, and Consolidation; Systems Operation and Maintenance; Integrated Logistics Support; and other information technology related Services for the life cycle activities that are required by the organizations.

STRATEGIC SERVICES SOURCING (S3) Army, U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) Contract Number: W15P7T-05-R-E401 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: 2005 -2010 The US Army Communications-Electronics Command in coordination with the Fort Monmouth Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) community has a requirement for a contractor(s) to provide a broad range of valuable services to meet the needs of all C4ISR customers at Fort Monmouth, NJ.

ITES 2 Information Technology Enterprise Solutions Contract Number: W91QUZ-05-R-0004 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: 2006-2014 ASCP is the Army's Commercial Center of Excellence for Information Technology (IT) products and services. This web site is designed to assist customers in obtaining information about ASCP and about our Information Technology Contracts and Blanket Purchase Agreements. ASCP is now aligned under the Program Executive O cer, Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS)

Alliant (Pending) Contract Number: TQ2006MCB0001 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: (Pending) Alliant is designed to provide the greatest amount of exibility possible to e ciently and e ectively support the federal government's needs in its daily operations, its protection of infrastructure, the ght against terrorism and the development and marketing of emerging technologies. Alliant was created to full ll Technology (IT) requirements of GSA and other Federal Agencies. Work may be performed at headquarters and/or eld o ces located throughout the world, as speci ed in each task order, to provide a variety of IT support services, including new and emerging technologies which will evolve over the life of Alliant SB. SUBCONTRACTOR to ITS Corporation

AMCOM Express Contract Number: W31P4Q-05-A-0017 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: 2006 -2011 The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) has an ongoing requirement for technical support services and advisory and assistance services to the AMCOM mission, PEO/PM organizations and Tenant Activities. BA1 Strategic Planning BA2 Communication Support BA3 Conference Support BA4 Business Management Support BA5 Process Improvement Support BA6 Financial Management Support BA7 Property Management Support BA8 Human Capital Management BA9 Organizational Development Support SUBCONTRACTOR to Advanced Engineering and Planning Corporation, Inc & Analytical Services, Inc. (ASI)

SUBCONTRACTOR to Wyle Information Systems, LLC



TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]

TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]

TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]

TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]

TLC Project Manager: Frank Diaz (910) 482-8084 ext 282 [email protected]

1st TSC Contract No. W912D1-05-C-0039 Contract Type: FFP LOE POP: 2008 - 2011 This augmentation will include highly skilled employees providing critical capabilities in the following missions: - Fleet Management - DODAAC Management - Depot Level Repairable (DLR) Management - Ammunition (CLASS V) Management - Ammunition Standard Army Ammunition - System-Modernized (SAAS-MOD) Operations - CLASS IX-Air General Support Management

US ARCENT G4 - Log Automation Contract No. W912D1-03-C-0024/W912D1-04-C-0028 Contract Type: T&M POP: 2003 - 2008 USARCENT G4 is the lead agency responsible for logistics supply support for Army forces deployed to South West Asia. The Automation Branch of G4 provides material support and integration of the Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS) in Theater. Speci c tasks include: - Maintain optimal STAMIS operations in Theater - Recommend policies and plan for STAMIS improvement - Over-the-shoulder and Hands-on STAMIS training - CSSAMO support

DISTRIBUTED LEARNING AND EDUCATIONAL COURSEWARE PRODUCTS (DLETP) Contract Number: DABT6000D0002 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: 2005-2010 The contract provides for development of courseware, training products and services related to ATXXI or DLXXI.

PEO CS &CSS Contract Number: TQ2006MCB0001 Contract Type: IDIQ POP: 2007 - 2012 Work in support of the PEO O ce (Warren, MI) Program Executive O ce Combat Support & Combat Service Support Mission: Develop, acquire, eld, and support materiel solutions that optimize the "System of Systems" approach to project and sustain joint forces worldwide with 3 Project Management O ces. Tactical Vehicles (Rock Island, IL), Future Tactical Systems (Warren MI), and Force Projection (Warren, MI & Natick Labs, MA).

GSA Logworld Contract Number: W91QUZ-05-R-0004 Contract Type: IDIQ POP:2005-2009 Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) is intended to provide federal agencies and others with a quick and e cient means of managing their logistics needs. This contract vehicle provides clients with services spanning all aspects of logistics, including supply and value chain management, acquisition, distribution and transportation, deployment and training.

PRIME TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]

PRIME TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]

SUBCONTRACTOR to Karta TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]



TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]

TLC Project Manager: Robin Beth (804) 524-2300 [email protected]

The Logistics Company, Inc. 6200 Ramsey Street · Fayetteville, NC 28311 · 910-482-8084 ext. 272 · [email protected] ·


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